Microwaved vs. Oven-Baked Snack Taste Test

  • Published on Dec 11, 2019
  • Is the oven always better than the microwave? Today, we're going through beloved frozen foods and testing which heating mechanism is better. Check it out on today's taste test, Microwaved vs. Oven-Baked Snack! GMM #1657
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Comments • 3 967

  • Keeroe
    Keeroe 3 hours ago

    I'm seeing a major lack of Pizza Rolls...whole episode is a sham :P

  • Dr. Killson
    Dr. Killson 5 hours ago

    Next episode is it better in the deep fryer than the microwave or oven

  • Lillie Karn
    Lillie Karn 6 hours ago +1

    Link: dresses like my 90 year old grandmother 😂💀

  • mel morales
    mel morales 11 hours ago

    Or will it soup

  • mel morales
    mel morales 11 hours ago

    U guys should do a will it spaghetti

  • Trevor Zipprich
    Trevor Zipprich 12 hours ago

    If you make pizza in the microwave your a sick person

  • eT Jdubs
    eT Jdubs 13 hours ago

    Y’all forget about the best snack of them all? Pizza rolls

  • Marc Venturini
    Marc Venturini 14 hours ago

    Link : "Tastes like Satins Stock"

    Rhett : "Haha thats something else"

  • violinplayer101
    violinplayer101 15 hours ago

    Before I even started watching it, I was thinking they would be able to tell just by the fact that the oven tends to get things crispy, and the microwave makes things more gummy/ chewy...Also Totino's Pizza rolls are way better than Bagel bites, just saying...

  • Brycen Studer
    Brycen Studer 19 hours ago

    Air fryer vs toaster oven

  • HSaulter80
    HSaulter80 21 hour ago

    Deep fry vs oven. Mozzarella sticks, pizza logs etc

  • Demonic Goblinz
    Demonic Goblinz 22 hours ago

    How do you not do try pizza rolls? They're the best possible choice for this video

  • Gabbykinnss
    Gabbykinnss 22 hours ago

    Oven vs deep fryer

  • Denny Farting
    Denny Farting 23 hours ago

    I was thinking how do rett and link split a microwave 2 ways

  • BlinkinFirefly
    BlinkinFirefly 23 hours ago

    This was too easy. Everyone knows microwaves make things soggy and rubbery. Ovens make things nice and crispy.

  • zach johnson
    zach johnson Day ago


  • Jeremiah Conley
    Jeremiah Conley Day ago

    Oven vs air fryer

  • Savanah Viola
    Savanah Viola Day ago

    not gonna lie, i’ve never thought about cooking hotpockets in the oven lmao.

  • ireland mattocks

    Air fryers give you the quality of oven cooking but timing of a microwave, they're great

  • Zoe Morgan
    Zoe Morgan Day ago

    Me and my boyfriend have an ongoing debate on stovetop or microwaved instant ramen! Stovetop forever!

  • Marla Rinehart
    Marla Rinehart Day ago

    I’m more of a tater tot deep fryer type of person so

  • Gary Oak
    Gary Oak Day ago

    Wtf. No pizza rolls or fish sticks?

  • R.R. R.
    R.R. R. Day ago

    Get a air fryer

  • Lisa Roman
    Lisa Roman Day ago

    Maybe using a toaster oven is faster since it’s smaller

  • THR333 DOG
    THR333 DOG Day ago

    Why broccoli and cheese

  • Void Wolf
    Void Wolf Day ago

    Im hoping for a blind pop tart taste test. There's a variety of interesting flavors that would make it for a interesting video :)

  • gabrielle labbe
    gabrielle labbe Day ago

    You didn’t do pogos 😩 my friends and I always fight on if logos are for the microwave or oven! I’m team oven 🤟

  • Musical
    Musical 2 days ago

    Tbh I think this was pretty obvious... microwaves heat up the water molecules in food, an oven cooks the food it's pretty obvious which is better imo...

  • Jason Gagnon
    Jason Gagnon 2 days ago

    Rhett buddy.... you look like you've given up on the hair and beard. Trim it up brother.

  • KingCudii7
    KingCudii7 2 days ago +1

    Man these dudes still going strong, props to them.

  • JR SmileyFace
    JR SmileyFace 2 days ago

    Taquitos are better fried

  • razorbackblood06
    razorbackblood06 2 days ago

    The tater tots should be deep fried.

  • Oliver Queen
    Oliver Queen 2 days ago

    Try an AIR FRYER!!

  • Luci The Sick
    Luci The Sick 2 days ago

    I think the food that needs heating up is always worth waiting for from the oven. Oh, especially like frozen pizza. Mmm

  • Troy Hawkins
    Troy Hawkins 2 days ago

    Nice video

  • Gage Young
    Gage Young 2 days ago

    What about a toaster

  • Alex ware studios
    Alex ware studios 2 days ago

    I think they should have done pizza rolls as well

  • Cody Hartnett
    Cody Hartnett 2 days ago

    Tougher challenge= oven vs. Air fryer

  • ItzBarbarian2625
    ItzBarbarian2625 2 days ago

    Oven stoffers mac and cheese and microwave mac and cheese shouldve ben there. That wouldve been hard

  • wasup
    wasup 2 days ago

    Deep frying is always better though

  • Laralyn McPherson
    Laralyn McPherson 2 days ago

    cooking in the oven is 100% better

  • Toni Tenney
    Toni Tenney 2 days ago

    Now for testing the air fryer

  • JoeVybz
    JoeVybz 2 days ago

    Haven't even watched the video yet. But I don't cook anything in the microwave

  • Shannon McGavin
    Shannon McGavin 2 days ago

    I think we need one where you use an air fryer

  • Quinlan
    Quinlan 2 days ago

    You should do an air fryer.

  • MTUS Aqua
    MTUS Aqua 3 days ago

    They should do air fryer vs oven or air fryer vs deep fryer

  • Capital Food Adventure

    Answering the most important questions.

  • Austin Hendry
    Austin Hendry 3 days ago

    I know the answer, why do I watch? I’m faded at 3 am and have no food in my house

  • NorthStar Racing
    NorthStar Racing 3 days ago

    Toaster oven: am I a joke to you?

  • Rin TinTin
    Rin TinTin 3 days ago

    I AM SO HAPPY! The clean sweep is so satisfying! 😌

  • Mario Martinez
    Mario Martinez 3 days ago +12

    If you don’t eat Wings like Rhett you’re a chump and don’t deserve wings

  • Keondrea Hampton
    Keondrea Hampton 3 days ago

    most of these would taste better than both in the air fryer lmao

  • Malik Rogers
    Malik Rogers 3 days ago

    This was the easiest challenge

  • Blake Ruble
    Blake Ruble 3 days ago

    Did anyone else learn how to pronounce "Orida" tator tots from this video?

  • Rainbowriders
    Rainbowriders 3 days ago +11

    i feel like this needs a do-over, but with an air fryer vs oven.

  • Zero Two
    Zero Two 3 days ago +1

    Just use a microwave oven

  • Katie Marshall
    Katie Marshall 3 days ago

    the microwave is clearly the superior appliance since it’s an onomatopoeia

  • Lori Daniel
    Lori Daniel 3 days ago

    So many “W”’s in the ep😂

  • Ethan Powers
    Ethan Powers 3 days ago

    Toasted vs not toasted

  • vidcooler
    vidcooler 3 days ago

    You should do air fryed vs normal fried