• Published on Feb 9, 2019
    In this video, we will teach you how to reuse different items in order to save a lot of money and help the environment. You will find different useful crafts from empty toilet rolls, Kinder surprise yellow capsule, old clothes, and drinking straws.
    Check out surprising ways to reuse a Kinder surprise yellow capsule:
    - Make a toothbrush case. Cut a hole in one side of a capsule and place your toothbrush inside. Your toothbrush is ready for traveling in this simple and cheap case. The same idea could be used to store a lollipop
    - Use yellow capsules to store such tiny items as pushpins, earrings, buttons and more
    - Make a cool pencil sharpener, drill a hole in a capsule (the same size as ordinary pencils). Glue little sharpener inside the capsule. Now you have a container for shavings that is easy to clean and forget about the mess on your desk
    - Use a capsule as a container for headphones and now you don’t need to spend time searching in a bag
    - You can put inside some gift with a message for a special person and it will be a cool surprise
    Don’t throw away empty toilet paper rolls as they are a surprisingly versatile and free item to reuse at home. We share unexpected ways to use empty toilet rolls: create cute floral wall decoration using a toilet paper roll; lovely marionette toys; storage solution for belts and ties; cheap organizer for your makeup tools.
    Find more cool recycling ideas you will totally love: reuse your old jeans and create a shopping bag, regrow vegetable scraps; make cheap face scrub from coffee and a collection of ideas how to reuse plastic bags and drinking straws.
    00:41 Clever way to reuse Pringles can
    02:04 Kinder egg hacks
    02:16 Organize tiny things
    03:16 Toilet roll crafts
    05:08 Handmade toys
    16:10 Reuse drinking straws
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  • 5-Minute Crafts
    5-Minute Crafts  4 months ago +51

    12:45 A solution to keep your toys in order
    More ideas with toys ru-clip.com/video/bV_nCfuxaMI/video.html

    • Rose fun
      Rose fun 7 days ago

      This dumb

    • Teena Courtney
      Teena Courtney Month ago +1

      5-Minute Crafts And how exactly can we make money from these...?? The title's just a tad bit misleading, don't you think...
      You also repeat a lot of your stuff in different videos...

    • Mr Redhand
      Mr Redhand 4 months ago

      good how are you?

    • malak Ahmed
      malak Ahmed 4 months ago

      اللي اللي في قبل لو ضعيف قغفبللغبمتكةوكنزكنوكاااغتتةكتمت
      بهءببؤببللفببقؤبؤبؤسلئفي ببمبتت غماتتااغققتالتلالالتةااتارعغاتا
      يللللغافتووةغتفاعاقللالقلعاباتاملتنفىعلفل غقرلض فىتالؤلصعل غ

  • FireFlyBlueSun FruityOatyBar

    I don't know why my kids make me watch these. The first toothbrush so-called hack was disgusting. Since most people don't put the lid down when flushing, your poop particles fly around the bathroom so why would you want your toothbrush hanging on the wall and not safe in a cabinet? Watching this videos is like taking a HOW TO class on teaching your elementary school kids an art class. I think I'm going to go tell my kids to get a life.

  • Laurie Vifquain
    Laurie Vifquain 9 days ago


  • คนรัก อิสระ

    👍👍👍Good job!!!!

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  • Masika Mahabir
    Masika Mahabir 17 days ago

    Anytime I start to worry I'm wasting my life, I'll remember this video and that there are people out there actually using their time on this planet to do any of these "crafts". Thank you.

  • Leah Williams
    Leah Williams 23 days ago

    The jeans bag looks weird.

  • Sloan Logan
    Sloan Logan 25 days ago +1

    I'm just imagining that someone out there are several people out there have an entire house decorated with toilet paper rolls

    • Sloan Logan
      Sloan Logan 22 days ago

      @Florence Pierce true, very true lol

    • Florence Pierce
      Florence Pierce 22 days ago +1

      Just as long as there are actually only 'several' people out there and not several million!

  • Unfathomable Reasons

    For anyone watching this... Don't put your toothbrush into plastic casings. You would be creating an incubator for bacteria.

  • Cindi Barton
    Cindi Barton Month ago

    you know what her family and friends get for x-mas and b-days lol

  • LuLu Lu
    LuLu Lu Month ago

    Oh no my bag is ripped of and somethin fell out from it pls wait one our to make a new one

  • Baller2130
    Baller2130 Month ago

    These crafts are cool and all but I just wanna know who tf has sooo many coffee grains in the bottom of there coffee

  • cooking with gramma

    unless you make these things and sell them at a craft show or yards ale you can't make money. there are some cool things but not big money makers

  • Emelda Chocolaty
    Emelda Chocolaty Month ago

    How on earth can someone make money from all these nonsense... U should change the thumbnail, every time you guys do the same thing

  • Zak House
    Zak House Month ago

    **Brushes teeth with air**

  • Jo S
    Jo S Month ago

    These items are embarassing. I wouldn't show them off to the world; they are crooked, cheap and you can see it's just badly repurposed garbage. Cudos for tying however (I guess?). And what's up with that title lol!

  • darkshadow yt
    darkshadow yt Month ago

    Pl talk

  • Rebekah Crook
    Rebekah Crook Month ago

    Click bait

  • Kathy W
    Kathy W 2 months ago +31

    Title is misleading. Theses are reuse hacks, NOT a way to make money. :(

    • CrissyCross YT
      CrissyCross YT 6 days ago

      Kathy W the one With the pencil sharpener I put paper clips erasers etc I made at least 500$ one year

  • Jana Akoum
    Jana Akoum 2 months ago

    So you're telling me that making those hacks makes money
    2 hours later
    ( Why is the title like: *MAKE* money, not *SAVE* money) 😑😑😑😑

  • Bunnoo 777
    Bunnoo 777 2 months ago +1

    :( :( :( :( :(

  • Bunnoo 777
    Bunnoo 777 2 months ago +1


  • T Volk
    T Volk 2 months ago +28

    Just the same stuff they have had forever 🙄😑

  • cheyanne johnson
    cheyanne johnson 2 months ago

    A little bit ago I watched a video from these guys on how to make money but it wasn't anything about making money just tricks for friends or something

    PΞENDAM 2 months ago

    This is saying money dummya

  • Jennie Darling
    Jennie Darling 2 months ago +3

    Anyone else think 5 minute craft should go plastic free?

  • Jacqueline Falco
    Jacqueline Falco 2 months ago +1

    misleading title

  • Ashley Ramana
    Ashley Ramana 2 months ago

    the person doing this must be obsessed with green

  • Cash it or Trash it
    Cash it or Trash it 2 months ago

    Trash it!

  • ZAIN 1972
    ZAIN 1972 2 months ago

    probably the best crafts video ive seen

  • Elian Montecillo
    Elian Montecillo 2 months ago

    Where is the cap from use that not the coke bottle

  • Godplays312
    Godplays312 3 months ago

    I wonder how much that girl got paid to rub coffee grounds on her face for no reason

  • Bobi Bojce
    Bobi Bojce 3 months ago


  • Zoe Skaggs
    Zoe Skaggs 4 months ago

    They opened it from the WRONG END!!!! 6:21

  • Márcia Patrícia Pinheiro Furtado


  • Jane Ferraz
    Jane Ferraz 4 months ago

    More cool and some very cute ideas. Thanks to all people putting on 5 minute crafts. Happy belated Valentine's day. Hope you all had lots of love.

  • Pilar Moreschi
    Pilar Moreschi 4 months ago

    No.muestran nada nuevo una bronca

  • Amy Chan
    Amy Chan 4 months ago

    6:47 Uh, the greens I buy never have roots like that....

  • כוסאמק7
    כוסאמק7 4 months ago +1

    if u realy want to make money try this: bit.ly/ifyouwantezmoney

  • Alex Boqdjiev
    Alex Boqdjiev 4 months ago


  • creativity with krishna

    From which app you are editing videos

  • aggsimalone
    aggsimalone 4 months ago

    Oh jeez. They put pins in a Kinder Egg.

  • Ciara Wilson
    Ciara Wilson 4 months ago

    Yeah, love your videos but your titles need improvement

  • Fraususemil
    Fraususemil 4 months ago

    9:13 aus Leder!


    I collect kinder eggs... I put my mini figure lego inside

  • Lori Strout
    Lori Strout 4 months ago

    for safety the straws on the lights can only be used on LED or you will burn your house down unless that is exactly what you want

  • Lori Strout
    Lori Strout 4 months ago

    the first on I just did that to my shampoo bottle only I used the bottom because all of the soap is in the sponge i want to keep it in the sponge not down the sink drain

  • Char Wilcox
    Char Wilcox 4 months ago

    ok that yarn and bottle one is pretty awesome1

  • Jennifer Garreton
    Jennifer Garreton 4 months ago

    Can we agree that some of these bags are hideous and this doesn’t make money, it saves money.

  • Cody Banks
    Cody Banks 4 months ago

    what a waste of a good sweater 😐

  • amos precio_1
    amos precio_1 4 months ago +5

    Just get some air pods!! 😤😂

  • Chloe Miller
    Chloe Miller 4 months ago +1

    It’s kinda annoying when they repeat the same things over and over again cuz a lot of the times when I get a notification from 5 minute crafts and I’m excited to see the new vid, it turns out I had already seen half of the crafts from other 5 minute craft videos 😑

  • Ariella Bessette
    Ariella Bessette 4 months ago

    These are fake and boring and lazy so don’t try them

  • Auto Cad
    Auto Cad 4 months ago

    bu gavur kadınlarıda amma maharetli ha. bunlardan birisi ile evli olsam iyi ticaret yaparım.

    PASTORI LAURE 4 months ago


  • Beast Man
    Beast Man 4 months ago

    These arent hacks. If anything they are more complicated than using the item you are supposed to use.

  • KingTapatio
    KingTapatio 4 months ago +6

    You guys keep repeating hacks !!!!

  • Tracy Puydak
    Tracy Puydak 4 months ago +2

    Misleading title and repeat craft hacks.

  • Rebecca ART. AKA ClayFeathers

    How can I make money from these?

  • merry chase
    merry chase 4 months ago

    I suspect that In many cases this video makes it look easier to cut tough plastic than it actually is.

  • ThatOneThatDoesStuff Yt

    They Reposted Some Crafts In This Vid 😆

  • brzoza11
    brzoza11 4 months ago

    Can you show chacks for dogs please?

  • TylerWhit19
    TylerWhit19 4 months ago

    That’s right little jimmy tie the toys up before your mom beats you with a FRIDGE

  • Cele Valle
    Cele Valle 4 months ago


  • Cele Valle
    Cele Valle 4 months ago

    Cuando haces un circulo fallado, minuto 0:29 a minuto 0:31

  • Anam Saleem
    Anam Saleem 4 months ago +1

    I dont know if its just me but all these diy crafts the show you can easily get from £1 shops .

  • Mahmud botaha
    Mahmud botaha 4 months ago

    اذا عربي حوط لايك

  • Pete Sutton
    Pete Sutton 4 months ago

    How are you making money off of any of these? You're just saving money.

  • Solid Kingred
    Solid Kingred 4 months ago


  • Ilze Naudiņa
    Ilze Naudiņa 4 months ago

    i tried them...didnt get any cash at all

  • drkannan natesan
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  • MeowGames
    MeowGames 4 months ago +1

    ClickBait T_T

  • Amber Baker
    Amber Baker 4 months ago

    Wait, were those thumbtacks in the kinder egg? I am confused.

  • علي محمد
    علي محمد 4 months ago

    ابداع وروعه بالتوفيق

  • Davidpanda Nguyễn
    Davidpanda Nguyễn 4 months ago

    I want to have lots of like when I go back

    VICKY ARONI 4 months ago

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  • Kelsey Crafts
    Kelsey Crafts 4 months ago

    Who else thought at 6:35 they were going to drink it 😂🥛🍌

  • Фон Гадке
    Фон Гадке 4 months ago +1

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  • Capitan - Brawl Stars
    Capitan - Brawl Stars 4 months ago

    Spañol ,?

  • Mohua Chakravarty
    Mohua Chakravarty 4 months ago +1

    Hey click here
    It will turn blue

  • When Will You Learn
    When Will You Learn 4 months ago

    Like I’m going to just randomly have this stuff

  • Ja Aims
    Ja Aims 4 months ago

    Are we suppose to sell these?

  • Average Arbin
    Average Arbin 4 months ago

    1:14 when she took the tooth brush there was no tooth paste.

  • Addison Marik
    Addison Marik 4 months ago +1

    how the heck do they have 48 million subscribers? can someone please tell me...it doesn't make any sense, they don't even take time to make videos...while there is so many people actually thinking of good video ideas

  • Jomar Camacho
    Jomar Camacho 4 months ago


  • arianna acevedo
    arianna acevedo 4 months ago

    where is my mama

  • Andrea's Bear Cubs
    Andrea's Bear Cubs 4 months ago

    If you suscribe i will suscribe too by the way i wanna hit 100 subs 🤗💗!

    TOMATO JR 4 months ago

    Forgot your tooth paste 1:14

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    João Eduardo 4 months ago +1

    A gente já viu esse último no outro vídeo que chato

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    Faisal Ahmed 4 months ago

    Dude, is this the most subscribed channel on earth???

  • BlockyShapes
    BlockyShapes 4 months ago

    You actually lose money by watching this video because now you have wasted some normal items on useless stuff.

  • DoCruz Tv
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  • MeowPlayz13 2
    MeowPlayz13 2 4 months ago

    At the 1:17 the purple brush teeth are same like me

  • malak Ahmed
    malak Ahmed 4 months ago


  • malak Ahmed
    malak Ahmed 4 months ago


    PICK JAYLEE TV XD 4 months ago

    try to press it >:)

    Read more

  • Purple Cat
    Purple Cat 4 months ago +2

    We wouldn't really make money, we'd more likely be saving it 😂

  • Bianka Ferreira
    Bianka Ferreira 4 months ago

    As ideias são meio locas