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Ukraine war: 'Ukrainians discussing how to survive a nuclear blast'

  • Published on Oct 5, 2022
  • "If somebody says they're not bluffing, most probably they are bluffing," said Vadym Prystaiko about the threat of President Putin using nuclear weapons in the war against Ukraine.
    "If anybody in this world understands what nuclear disaster is it's Ukrainians, maybe Japanese, so we do know, we don't have to be told," he said.
    Ukraine's ambassador to the UK also told Kay Burley he was observing Ukrainian news outlets discussing how to survive a nuclear blast, including how to find your children if they're at school when a strike happens.
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Comments • 541

  • Robert Strong
    Robert Strong Month ago +165

    “We cannot become them” well said sir

    • d-criss-b
      d-criss-b Month ago

      Yet, we have become them.
      Our identity, is lost.
      We can only use their identity.

    • d-criss-b
      d-criss-b Month ago

      @Mary F.
      "Provoke" is much more than attacking with bombs !

    • d-criss-b
      d-criss-b Month ago

      No Running is involved,
      and might never be !
      As one side increases it's attacks,
      the other increases it's responses.
      -- Mutual benifacting pact
      -- Complete conquest of 1 side
      -- Complete elimination
      ( to the depths of the ocean)
      of Ukraine
      -- Constant imcreasing war

    • LW1zFog
      LW1zFog Month ago

      ‘Fallujah Babies’ Robert ?

    • LW1zFog
      LW1zFog Month ago +1

      ‘cannot become them’ ..... hmmmmmm, ok, so what’s your take on the USA’s actions at Baghuz on March 18 of 2019 then Robert ?

  • Ian Shaver
    Ian Shaver Month ago +125

    Ukraine has reached and passed the point where they are determined to continue fighting even if Russia goes nuclear.

    • sol
      sol Month ago

      @Glen Bolderson 🤣😂😅 nice one👌👍

    • sol
      sol Month ago +1

      @DOT Marceo well said 👌👍

    • sol
      sol Month ago

      then the Russians will finish them and the war will end and Ukraine will be declared a "No Go Area!" 🇷🇺✌

    • Simon Norris
      Simon Norris Month ago

      @D O T Marco - Russian troll so spotted

    • DOT Marceo
      DOT Marceo Month ago +2

      This is not a football match. Ukraine must remain neutral and not anti-Russia. Accept the new borders and the operation will be over and not escalate into a war.

  • Trev S
    Trev S Month ago +46

    Few ambassadors project their case as clear and articulate as this

    • Trev S
      Trev S Month ago

      @Glen BoldersonNo professor plum in the hall with the lead pipe!

    • Glen Bolderson
      Glen Bolderson Month ago

      CIA bot.

  • Danesovic
    Danesovic Month ago +72

    This guy is very well spoken. No wonder she invites him often.

    • LaTroy Oner
      LaTroy Oner Month ago

      @Cliff Santos that supposed to be funny?youre talking like someone who doesnt even thinks.....

    • Cliff Santos
      Cliff Santos Month ago

      @LaTroy Oner calm down calm down your talking like a school lollipop man.

    • Lancer Evo
      Lancer Evo Month ago

      @LaTroy Oner if Ukraine's school janitor is well-spoken, why not?

    • LaTroy Oner
      LaTroy Oner Month ago

      it has nothing to do with how he speaks.... he is the elected official from ukraine to the UK... who else was she suppose to interview?ukraines school janitor?

    • Leon Leon
      Leon Leon Month ago

      No fool, it’s because he bangs he every time he is there……

  • SlaughterWare
    SlaughterWare Month ago +28

    this guy is great, so intelligent and easy to listen too. What a great asset.

  • Chop in Suey
    Chop in Suey Month ago +124

    I live in China. Everything is miserable here, but no one dares to complain.
    Seriously if there is next life, I wish to be born in any other country, except China...

    • Ever Ready
      Ever Ready Month ago

      @Paul Bendikas 100%. Tragic for Ukraine. Western crocodile tears will be flowing then! If they really cared they would've addressed Russia's security concerns years ago rather than push for more war!

    • Karyl Hogan
      Karyl Hogan Month ago

      @Southpoint Repointing 👉🏻 we only need 2 humans to survive an all out nuclear war, useing chemical and binary biological weapons too..
      Adam and Eve all over again

    • FaBB10 (FawfulSpoon24)
      FaBB10 (FawfulSpoon24) Month ago

      What about north korea?

    • Karyl Hogan
      Karyl Hogan Month ago

      @Southpoint Repointing 👉🏻 then what’s going to stop the Russians marching all the way across Europe to Portugal..?
      Nuclear weapons do.!!
      That’s life

    • Anonymous 022
      Anonymous 022 Month ago

      @ukironman1 oh for sure

  • 80 80
    80 80 Month ago +17

    "The Ukrainians defend themselves too well. We have to use nukes."

    • righthandstep5
      righthandstep5 Month ago

      Their nukes aren't capable of leveling the whole country, nevermind the world. Even at most ALL NUKES ON EARTH CURRENTLY would level at worst a country half the size of France and even then radiation would only persist for less than 10 years. This aint a nuclear power plant.

    • Kiki Devine
      Kiki Devine Month ago +5

      Weapon of last resort, because they have nothing left

  • Alexander Cluster
    Alexander Cluster Month ago +22

    The entire world has lost its damn mind.

    • LW1zFog
      LW1zFog Month ago

      only those who are still subscribing to the dying west’s laughable propaganda

    • sol
      sol Month ago

      @Alexander Cluster ..Absolutely 100% true and correct 👍

    • sol
      sol Month ago

      @a A no only Ukraine&Nato!

    • Alexander Cluster
      Alexander Cluster Month ago +3

      The fact that the entire world is willing to risk every single living thing on planet earth for ukrainian territory… Id say no the whole world. I stand by my comment.

    • a A
      a A Month ago

      No only russia!

  • Mønkey
    Mønkey Month ago +12

    Really great guest! Well done Sky News!

  • Jonas
    Jonas Month ago +44

    Brilliant spokesperson. I hope European countries do everything to help, history books will not be kind to those who don't.

    • Klaus
      Klaus Month ago +3

      I ain’t helping, sincerely a uk citizen bored of the whole charade

    • Glen Bolderson
      Glen Bolderson Month ago +2

      CIA bot.

  • Giordano Hernandez
    Giordano Hernandez Month ago +3

    No, contrary to the title, nothing was said about how to survive a nuclear blast. The statements made on that subject were few, general and uninformative.
    I grow tired of misleading titles on these videos. Thumbs down for that.

  • Carlos Cupertino
    Carlos Cupertino Month ago +27

    Fear is your enemy's best weapon

    • BlueMarlin81
      BlueMarlin81 Month ago

      @Sean Murray Putin evil but he isn’t suicidal or insane, so he won’t order the use of use nukes, because he knows he’d be killed by his own people or by a counterstrike. But he also knows there’s a lot of utility in making the rest of the world think he’s crazy and would use nukes. The only scenario-albeit an unlikely one-where he stays alive and in power is one where NATO and Ukraine back down and allow him to keep his illegal conquests. Long story short, he’s definitely bluffing, because it’s his only chance to stay alive and in power.

    • Arise Arise
      Arise Arise Month ago


    • Sean Murray
      Sean Murray Month ago +4

      no, nukes are stronger than fear

    • stick studios
      stick studios Month ago +1

      Very well said 🙏

  • Sand Hanitizer
    Sand Hanitizer Month ago +14

    Glory to Ukraine

  • J Harmon
    J Harmon Month ago +11

    He made a funny. Most important to not have more than 100% support.

  • Michael Hughes
    Michael Hughes Month ago +10

    The real villains are people that are doing immoral actions when they are not forced to. For fun, greed and revenge. These are the people that need to be stood on trail.

    • sol
      sol Month ago

      @Andi Lamh Absolutely 100% True and Correct 👍

    • Andi Lamh
      Andi Lamh Month ago +1

      Yep the leaders of the US and UK fit your description.

  • Gooner 72
    Gooner 72 Month ago +17

    Stand and stay strong with Ukraine, Free World.......
    Слава Україні, Героям Слава!!🇺🇦🇺🇦✌️✌️

    • Andi Lamh
      Andi Lamh Month ago

      What free world? They all ruled by the US Empire.
      Russia, China, India, N.Korea, Iran are true free countries that are not under the control of America.

  • Reginald La Grone
    Reginald La Grone Month ago +5

    Sky News anchor leading your guest in dialogue to project a nuclear war is a careless and reckless.

  • Mihu Hih
    Mihu Hih Month ago +18

    there is also big need for psychological help for millions of people who have war trauma

    • Brad Nixon
      Brad Nixon Month ago

      @XBSER bot

    • oldbloke135
      oldbloke135 Month ago +1

      People who are actually in a war don't have the luxury of being able to have "war trauma". They are too busy avoiding death while finding food and water.

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago +1

      @Mihu Hih Russia should. When it looses the war. Consider it war reparations

    • Mihu Hih
      Mihu Hih Month ago

      @XBSER European Union or US should provide some help

    • XBSER
      XBSER Month ago

      Who cares? Not worth tax money

  • James Dawson
    James Dawson Month ago +16

    first time the french have been fast in sending anything to Ukraine

    • James Dawson
      James Dawson Month ago

      @Irina Melnichenko fair enough, I will say nothing more against the few who help, regardless of quantity or support

    • Irina Melnichenko
      Irina Melnichenko Month ago

      Please stop joking about this, we are so grateful to brave french professionals who helps us in this hours of horror

    • James Dawson
      James Dawson Month ago

      @XBSER hopefully to the russians, who seem willing to destroy their own country in the attempt to destroy another. Need some good old french spinelessness over there

    • XBSER
      XBSER Month ago +2

      Are they sending their military strategy of surrendering immediately?

    • James Dawson
      James Dawson Month ago +3

      @Psyko Sonic I don't know. They surrender pretty damn fast

  • David Bennell
    David Bennell Month ago +2

    The ambassador is great, kay burly is getting on my nerves coming over as condescending and disinterested, like this is just drama far beneath her that she has been forced into covering.

  • Aquilino Machava
    Aquilino Machava Month ago

    Nice words!

  • Jamie *
    Jamie * Month ago +3

    I like this guy

  • 조영찬
    조영찬 Month ago +28

    Glory to Ukraine.

    • Swagger BOB LEE
      Swagger BOB LEE Month ago +1

      @Hans Weissmann_XVIII yes there is...
      No glory in slavery!🔥🔥💙💛✊🇺🇦🇺🇸🇪🇺🇬🇧🇺🇳..🔥🔥

    • Adam
      Adam Month ago +1

      @Hans Weissmann_XVIII better dead than living under Russian control

    • Hans Weissmann_XVIII
      Hans Weissmann_XVIII Month ago +2

      No glory in death.....

  • Andrei PPK
    Andrei PPK Month ago

    Slava Russia 🇷🇺

  • UrQuattro1983
    UrQuattro1983 Month ago +35

    I tried to use "Russia" as password. App said "Too weak"

  • sam wathen
    sam wathen Month ago +11


  • Lister Smeg
    Lister Smeg Month ago +8

    Burleys style of question is awful - she manages to sound condescending even in this interview... why?

    • Klaus
      Klaus Month ago

      She is a clueless thick evil woman

    • Titik Dua
      Titik Dua Month ago

      Last fight ru-clip.com/video/vxSj4UiPEK0/video.html

  • thunder prince
    thunder prince Month ago +23

    Hang on it won't only be Ukraine that will disgussing how to survice Nuclear war it wil be the whole world right

    • Rondo Cat
      Rondo Cat Month ago

      @Jusk A Husk The real problem with global nuclear war is the nuclear winter that will follow and kill most of the population that will starve to death...

    • Jusk A Husk
      Jusk A Husk Month ago

      Radiation will spread around the world.

    • Rajveer kanojiya shorts
      Rajveer kanojiya shorts Month ago

      @The Rogue Empire BRUH

    • BlueMarlin81
      BlueMarlin81 Month ago

      @The Rogue Empire He won’t even use them in Ukraine. Putin basically has 4 options. (1) Back down or lose in Ukraine. (2) Use a tactical nuke in Ukraine. (3) Use strategic nukes in Ukraine or on a NATO country. (4) Make a bunch of threats about nukes in the hope that Ukraine and NATO will back down. Number 1 will end with Putin out of power and possibly dead. Number 2 will lead to a massive conventional strike by NATO on Russian forces in Ukraine, which means Ukraine wins easily. All Russia’s pseudo-allies abandon it, and the economy crashes hard. If Putin’s own people did’t just remove/kill him after he gave the order, they probably would after NATO’s response. There’s a remote chance he could survive and try to escalate to #3, but then his own people would almost certainly remove/kill him because they don’t all want to die with Putin in the massive counterstrike (or maybe even first strike if NATO intelligence defects launch prep by Russia). Number 4, while unlikely, is the only option in which Putin has a chance at surviving and remaining in power. He has no intention of using nukes and destroying himself and all that he knows in the process. He just knows there’s utility in making people think that he would. Every person who buys into his threats (despite the fact that he’s lied about this many times before) is only helping his cause. He’s bluffing. The only thing that could change that is if we actually gave nukes to Ukraine.

    • The Rogue Empire
      The Rogue Empire Month ago +3

      no, only ukriane. russia is not stupid enough to escalate by throwing nukes at big countries with nukes.

  • Grant Hearn
    Grant Hearn Month ago +7

    The ambassador is great; the interviewer needs to find a job she actually likes.

  • Rogelio Rodriguez
    Rogelio Rodriguez Month ago +1

    There’s only one way to survive it, refrigerators.

  • Mike Cardenas
    Mike Cardenas Month ago +9

    Ashamed in this day and age that we have to be talking about this!

    • Michel Calombo
      Michel Calombo Month ago +1


  • Crystal Gamer
    Crystal Gamer Month ago +1

    The interviewer seems no energy asking questions lol I love amanpour

  • Kyle in Christ
    Kyle in Christ Month ago

    I'd survive by taking it all back then head to Moscow. I doubt they would use nukes in moscow

  • INDIA the GreAt
    INDIA the GreAt Month ago +3

    Hey my Indian's brother In 1971 there was No Russia it was USSR and the Leader Of USSR of that time who helped India was from present day Ukraine.

  • Robert Lewis
    Robert Lewis Month ago

    Kay Burley's detached interviewing style comes across as arrogant and like the topic is of little importance.

  • Stuart Hayward
    Stuart Hayward Month ago

    Any other country? How about Ukraine or Russia?

  • wespeakforthetrees
    wespeakforthetrees Month ago +3

    Appreciate the honesty!

  • NELLEKE 🕊️
    NELLEKE 🕊️ Month ago +2

    ‼️ America the Great ‼️🙌🙏❤️

  • S Jackson
    S Jackson Month ago +5

    He is so humble. God bless Ukraine. I will ignore all the negative comments to this post.

    • Prem Prakash
      Prem Prakash Month ago

      Signs of helplessness and weakness not humbleness 😂😂😂

  • Steve Great
    Steve Great Month ago +4

    He has class.

  • Ján Mikula
    Ján Mikula Month ago

    If Russia uses nuclear, it will prove they fight because power and hatered not because they wanted to save russian in Ukraine

  • Steve Haw
    Steve Haw Month ago

    This interview is painful to watch. Channel 4 wipes the floor with Sky.

  • adrian adi
    adrian adi Month ago

    Putinski…be ready the time is coming 😭

  • jailbreak
    jailbreak Month ago +5

    The US dropping a nuke could happen again, but it's a different world now. The US public had very little say in that, nor did they understand the kind of devastation it entails

    • Daniel Lissenburgh
      Daniel Lissenburgh Month ago

      This time nukes are 1000 times more powerful, but the US and Nato have been pushing for this for years!

    • cullum frunk
      cullum frunk Month ago

      We were the only ones with nukes back then there will be no public opinion after one gets launched

    • Sean Murray
      Sean Murray Month ago +1

      what, the public has a say now? dont be a fool, we dont have a say in anything that happens. russia will nuke ukraine and win the war, the us will not retaliate. no one will, because they cant, not without world decimation. actually its probly 50/50 whether it goes all out nuke off. although maybe we could do with a little apocalypse right now.

    • jailbreak
      jailbreak Month ago +5

      @tonupharry I don't know, we'd be better without nukes. St. Petersburg would like to be part of Europe, but Moscow holds everyone back

    • tonupharry
      tonupharry Month ago +4

      A world without putler moscow and st petersburg , cool 😁

  • Treyc Akua
    Treyc Akua Month ago

    So sad

  • Liu
    Liu Month ago

    Russia🇷🇺 should Fire low power nuke on Kiyv and other main city ukraine,while strategic nuclear weapon ready to fire to NATO regions had given weapon to ukraine.without nuke russia against 30 countries allies backup ukraine is not balance,wish glory Russia, as soon as nuke is used on europe war

  • Imello
    Imello Month ago

    Survive?, Clearly not.....

  • kevinlee45
    kevinlee45 Month ago +3

    Done with sky news....idiotic questions

  • John Ruiz
    John Ruiz Month ago

    Pretty soon everyone will be talking about the same thing...💀

  • Auria Coelho
    Auria Coelho Month ago +1


  • David Griffiths
    David Griffiths Month ago +2

    England and USA will be at the top of the target list.

  • Lisa Burt
    Lisa Burt Month ago

    I can imagine life without maskoffweb they are the best website I have ever seen in my life thank so much

  • Straight out of Stockton

    Man I miss the 90s

    • Straight out of Stockton
      Straight out of Stockton Month ago

      @Francisco absolutely man outside playing with friends better music for sure Saturday morning cartoons no civil war everything was better

    • Francisco
      Francisco Month ago

      Music was better, my parents lived in a better apartment at the time. We played in the street, we laughed face to face.
      Everything was pretty good.

  • shane clarence
    shane clarence Month ago +2

    Sorry I though the interviewer was a police interrogator demanding answers 👮‍♀🥱

    • Victoria VK
      Victoria VK Month ago

      There was such (104% or 107%) results with counting in couple of Crimea regions in 2014... russians just over thrown papers with "Yes" and than realised that results does not match to voting population of that areas ...so he's not joking 😂😂😂
      P.s sorry for my English 😏

  • eem
    eem Month ago +25

    Use of nuclear weapons on smaller country like Ukraine indicates how desperate Russia is

    • Titik Dua
      Titik Dua Month ago

      Last fight ru-clip.com/video/vxSj4UiPEK0/video.html

    • Ricky Wright
      Ricky Wright Month ago +3

      @Anthony Love Anthony Love go home Ivan, then prepare to be drafted.

    • Anthony Love Anthony Love
      Anthony Love Anthony Love Month ago +1

      Just like the US against civilian targets the US was desperate couldn’t win a war with conventional weapon

    • d-criss-b
      d-criss-b Month ago

      @Paul Heydarian
      Science experinent of nuclear war ?
      Are we talking the same thing ?
      Once started, it can only result in causing Earth to be a radio-active
      mass in our solar system.

    • d-criss-b
      d-criss-b Month ago

      "Smaller" country ?
      By what measures ?
      By Total area ?
      By area controlled of the Black Sea ?
      By numbers of military ?

  • Northern Hardcore.
    Northern Hardcore. Month ago +20

    Slava Ukrainii! 👍🏻🇬🇧❤️🇺🇦✌🏻

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan Month ago +2

    Russia already won

  • Petronilo Buan
    Petronilo Buan Month ago +1

    Yah surviving nuclear blast! I would rather gladly blasted into oblivion! To go straight to Heaven rather than become a mutant and suffering from debilitating diseases for lifetime till thy Kingdom come thy will be done on Earth as it is in Heaven! The cowards die a thousand deaths but the valiant only taste death but once! Julius Caesar

  • Maria E Felices
    Maria E Felices Month ago

    Keep going utin cracking,will implode ,slava ukraine 💙😅😊😅🌹

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan Month ago +1

    Waste of time 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • iva taiwan
    iva taiwan Month ago +1

    Talk is cheap 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • The Secret Life of a Nomad

    Trying not to get over 100%!!! LOL

    • Victoria VK
      Victoria VK Month ago

      There was such (104% or 107%) results with counting in couple of Crimea regions in 2014... russians just over thrown papers with "Yes" and than realised that results wasn't match to voting population of that areas ...so he's not joking 😂😂😂
      P.s sorry for my English 😏

  • Joe's Banjo Interests

    The Wagner group should be named in the atrocities as well as the chechens

  • Dirty Harry
    Dirty Harry Month ago

    ⁉️Why USA and allies hesitates to give Attack MS to ukranian army ? Things would be over yestarday

  • philip bellamy
    philip bellamy Month ago +2

    Her attitude is painful!

  • Belinda Spechtenhauser

    The writing's on the wall and it's not going to be pretty folks 🤪

  • robert oakley
    robert oakley Month ago +3

    Easy to flatten Russia without nuclear weapons/ they know that/

  • lifeafterdamage
    lifeafterdamage Month ago +1

    Hahahaha...wont work

  • luke gordon
    luke gordon Month ago +1

    Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇬🇧

  • RTK
    RTK Month ago +10

    How much more humiliation can Russia take, this won't end well.

    • righthandstep5
      righthandstep5 Month ago

      Not much more.

    • Irina Melnichenko
      Irina Melnichenko Month ago

      Rozzia is humiliating itself with all war crimes and genocide so successfully, it can be dead pride of itself

  • Doug
    Doug Month ago


  • Stuart Hayward
    Stuart Hayward Month ago +11

    How to survive a nuclear blast? There’s no surviving a nuclear blast! How to survive the nuclear fallout, outside of the blast range, is a possibility though.

    • Stuart Hayward
      Stuart Hayward Month ago

      @Xzavia Yifu Agreed!

    • Xzavia Yifu
      Xzavia Yifu Month ago

      @Stuart Hayward Those bombs were nowhere near the power of what are available now. If they were I doubt any of us would be here with this technology to speak to each other.

    • tukangketik
      tukangketik Month ago

      @Stuart Hayward north Korea nuke Japan Korsel fight with Rusia is nuclear war happen

    • Richard Rose
      Richard Rose Month ago

      Wrap a wet rag around your face will help a lot

    • Stuart Hayward
      Stuart Hayward Month ago +2

      @M S R Um, here in Japan, hundreds of thousands were able to survive just outside the blast. And they weren’t given Iodine tablets either.

  • Robert Bazelaire
    Robert Bazelaire Month ago +3

    Ukraine has no choise but win

  • Melwe Consultancy
    Melwe Consultancy Month ago

    There is too much devastation. Better talk peace with Russia. The rule of the game has changed. The four regions annexed by Russia accounts for 90% of Ukraine GDP. Russia is likely to change the special military operation to counter terrorism operation. In that case, whole of Ukraine will be devastated. Just some though

    • John Ruiz
      John Ruiz Month ago

      So will the whole of Russia...🤣💀

  • luke gordon
    luke gordon Month ago +3

    I have always like this guy . Come across well 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇬🇧

  • Lee Song
    Lee Song Month ago +2

    THE trident sub at sea and ready and we should be deploying Nuclear cruise missiles to all ships that can fire them!

    • kallanr360
      kallanr360 Month ago

      Trident is the delivery system, there are 4 subs armed with nuclear warheads in the UK fleet, 2 at sea 2 in dock. almost always.

    • Titik Dua
      Titik Dua Month ago

      Last fight ru-clip.com/video/vxSj4UiPEK0/video.html

  • Mike J
    Mike J Month ago

    It's time to put our troops on the ground in Ukraine, not necessarily in a fighting role but as a deterrent to the use of WMD's

    • Kris Metzger
      Kris Metzger Month ago

      No that’s the worst Idea possible the smart idea would be a full blown invasion of russia since putin wouldn’t drop nukes on area’s that are full of Russian civilians cause if he did harm his own people the rest of the population would hang him by his neck

    • Gad Get
      Gad Get Month ago

      That will just speed up the WMD attack!!

  • Robbieinch1
    Robbieinch1 Month ago +35

    Just look at the difference in how the people of Ukraine behave, act and feel,
    They will never become like Putin and his evil ways
    I have such respect and admiration for the Ukrainians
    They are a beacon of hope and good for all of us. Standing up against evil
    Slava Ukraine 🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦🇺🇦

    • righthandstep5
      righthandstep5 Month ago

      @F N like the krabby patty in spongebob SquarePants, Ukraine is AN ABSOLUTE GOOD.

    • righthandstep5
      righthandstep5 Month ago +1

      Damn right us Ukrainians won't be like putin.

    • F N
      F N Month ago +1

      Everything Ukraine must be good

    • james gornall
      james gornall Month ago +5

      What about the Ukrainian oligarchs chilling out in London strip clubs as we speak? Any words of admiration for these fine people?

  • Thea 7790
    Thea 7790 Month ago

    And. The gloves come off incrementally.

  • Grant Hart
    Grant Hart Month ago

    The secret to a long lfe dont do anything to shorten it

  • Kay
    Kay Month ago

    Nobody survives nuclear!

  • Holdmy Junk
    Holdmy Junk Month ago

    I've been practicing, put my head between my legs and kiss..............

  • Skrupelloser Narr
    Skrupelloser Narr Month ago


  • Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!!

    God Please Help Them In Christ Jesus Almighty Name I Pray Amen

    • Xzavia Yifu
      Xzavia Yifu Month ago

      @Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!! Do everyone a favour and proselytize elsewhere.

    • Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!!
      Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!! Month ago +1

      @Jacky White Atheistic attacks on prayer Is like a committee meeting... Little achieved beyond people feeling good about themselves.

    • Jacky White
      Jacky White Month ago +1

      Prayer is like a committee meeting. Little achieved beyond people feeling good about themselves.

    • Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!!
      Soli Deo Gloria...!!!!!!! Month ago

      @Sam Hull The vast majority of both sides are following a false Christianity... Not that bad things don't happen to True Christians... This is Satan's world because of the fall of Adam & Eve in the garden of Eden when they obeyed Satan over God... Satan is hellbent on destroying True Christians,. He will only be destroyed at the end... Revelations tells of awful things that will happen to True Christians just before the return of Jesus Christ.

    • Sam Hull
      Sam Hull Month ago

      ...both sides believe in Jesus, now what?

  • Leon Leon
    Leon Leon Month ago

    🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃 🏃‍♂️ 🏃‍♂️ 🏃 🏃‍♀️ 🏃‍♀️ 🏃

  • Jake Cole
    Jake Cole Month ago +1

    NAFO trolls out in force again.

  • Bich Chan
    Bich Chan Month ago

    How to survive by go to American and e.u

  • Christopher Richard Wade Dettling


  • Touched By Nature
    Touched By Nature Month ago +6

    We Must Keep Up 100% Support For Ukraine To Push Russia Out Of Ukraine.

  • @josephalvinalmedatv8

    If he bluffs then he's no leader. Just hope he is a bad leader.

    • Scary Terry
      Scary Terry Month ago

      Russians mean what they say. It's going to happen get your radioactive suits ready!

  • Yonis Harrier
    Yonis Harrier Month ago +3

    I don't think Putin is bluffing this time. When he realizes the mobilization doesn't work.

  • Sam Hull
    Sam Hull Month ago

    Gods great experiment in creating humans is failing miserably..

  • Marcus Phoenix
    Marcus Phoenix Month ago +1

    Duck and cover 🤔🤣🤣🤣

    • Marcus Phoenix
      Marcus Phoenix Month ago

      Run it under cold water tap

    • Scary Terry
      Scary Terry Month ago +1

      more like hit the bowl and get some head son!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • humanonearth
    humanonearth Month ago +1

    Very sober talk from a no bs fellow I'd say.

  • Muirton66
    Muirton66 Month ago +14

    The quicker Ukraine, the US and Russia realise this war is unwinnable the better, a blind man can see that it is an impossible situation, as repulsive as it sounds negotiation is the only way out this mess but it needs to be an effort from all sides involved, time is of the essence

    • Xzavia Yifu
      Xzavia Yifu Month ago

      @Sam Hull Honestly, if we're around to be able to pass judgement, I hope so. In theory it should be as it would destroy everything and everyone where it struck. It would kill or maim millions in the surrounding areas and then the areas where the prevailing winds blew the fallout would be affected by large amounts of radiation later leading to cancers etc. Thus, it would be killing civilians on a massive scale. However, due to the fact that there are so many nukes owned by I believe, 10 countries now, I'm not sure the ICC would prosecute.

    • Xzavia Yifu
      Xzavia Yifu Month ago

      @tonupharry It's Kyiv, calling it Kiev is disrespectful as that's the Russian name for it.

    • Gad Get
      Gad Get Month ago

      There was a deal but the UK "Boris" scuppered it!!

    • Klaus
      Klaus Month ago

      Bots galore

    • Sam Hull
      Sam Hull Month ago

      @Statthem from Ukraine ...but I've asked this question before but apparently no one has an answer for it,...if Putin uses a nuke, would it be a war crime?

  • john dean
    john dean Month ago +12

    If the videos of Russian build up on the internet are correct. Then god help the Ukraine army. Talking about it and reality are a lot different. Especially in a TV studio.

    • AngryAttackKittens
      AngryAttackKittens Month ago +1

      What, the middle aged, drunken, sick, disabled and untrained build up? 😄

    • Тэмпорал Временников
      Тэмпорал Временников Month ago +2

      I just hope ruzzians have enough packets. It's really a hussle to packet them.

    • oldbloke135
      oldbloke135 Month ago

      When the Russians built up their troops ready for the illegal invasion in February, satellite pictures of the massed troops and equipment were all over our TV screens. If the Russians were now building a significantly larger force the pictures would be out again. If Russia had this huge army ready to fight, it wouldn't be enlisting grandpas and cripples.

    • Sean Murray
      Sean Murray Month ago +1

      @Alan Maynard yep, thats why is has to go nuclear. it is inevitable, maybe it always was. question is, will it result in full out nuclear war or will the world look the other way and allow putin to do this.

    • Alan Maynard
      Alan Maynard Month ago +10

      Russians are running so fast in the other direction it's hard for Ukrainian soldiers to keep up with them

  • Rishabh Sood
    Rishabh Sood Month ago +3

    Why would Ukraine need more stronger weapons?? They are already winning let them win 😂😂😂

  • Lisa Burt
    Lisa Burt Month ago

    I can imagine life without maskoffweb they are the best website I have ever seen in my life thank so much

  • Brendan McGowan
    Brendan McGowan Month ago +2

    After finding out that Ukraine authorized an assignation within Russia borders , near Moscow… we are closer to nuclear war in my opinion

  • honey badger
    honey badger Month ago

    This guy look’s seriously pissed off

    • Steve Haw
      Steve Haw Month ago

      Kay Burley could piss The Pope off.