How To Season a Lone Star Grillz 20 inch Offset Smoker

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
  • I give you a tour of my new Lone Star Grillz 20x36 Offset Smoker and show how to season it for the first time.
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Comments • 486

  • Pickles BBQ
    Pickles BBQ Year ago +15

    Man, that’s the Ferrari of grills. I love the nameplate too.

      T-ROY COOKS  Year ago +2

      Thanks Pickles, I'm loving the new pit!

  • purleybaker
    purleybaker Day ago

    Thanks for sharing this information. I'm in the market for another cooker and have just about settled on this one. I almost pulled the trigger on a PCB because it's so much less money but realized that I'll ultimately end up with a stick buner and believe this one is ideal.

  • Benjamin Roberts FBA
    Benjamin Roberts FBA 12 days ago

    Here’s some 👍🏻👍🏻 for ya! Great video!

  • Mike Rolon
    Mike Rolon 20 days ago

    Just ordered mine a week ago (20" x 36") 10 week lead time. I also got the grilling grate for the main chamber. I can't wait to cook on it.

  • Curtis Bunyard
    Curtis Bunyard Month ago +1

    With luck, my 20x42 will be here by Xmas 2019!

  • J BL's
    J BL's Month ago

    looking forward to you putting this smoker to work.
    t-roy fan

  • Dogwood
    Dogwood Month ago

    A two minute video that took 12 minutes. Did you say little bitty? You sound like a drunk.

    ELVISRN1 2 months ago

    How can you not love the T-ROY COOKS VIDS?????THEY ARE AWSOME.!!!

  • Small Town Texas BBQ
    Small Town Texas BBQ 2 months ago

    Looking good T Roy!!!

  • Really BadAim
    Really BadAim 3 months ago

    Where do I get tritip in Texas? H-E-B??

  • linda parker
    linda parker 3 months ago

    Love the grill, Wow ! What a cooking machine ? Pit & grill ! Did enjoy it !!

  • Lindsey John
    Lindsey John 3 months ago

    I'm saving up my monies to get one. I want the 20 X 36 Lone Star Grill.

  • Michael Duncan
    Michael Duncan 5 months ago

    I would use duck fat! 😂

  • Steve Gabrielidis
    Steve Gabrielidis 5 months ago

    T-ROY, I am looking to purchase an LSG 20" and curious why you chose the 36" over the 42"?

  • Lasone Scott
    Lasone Scott 6 months ago

    T ROY, About to order this Smoker, good choice?

  • Kevin Fox
    Kevin Fox 7 months ago

    T-Roy when are you gonna talk about the Gator pits built in Houston Texas that are second to none?

  • gordon farmer
    gordon farmer 7 months ago

    Troy what is your thoughts on an reverse smoker that recyles its own smoke?

  • DeWayne Andrews
    DeWayne Andrews 7 months ago

    I saw ur video on how to season ur lone star grillz offset smoker & was wondering why the folks @ long star grillz only sprayed high heat paint on the welds on the inside of the lid ; instead of spraying it on the entire lid on the inside

  • KTownFishing
    KTownFishing 7 months ago

    Hey Troy! It's been a while. Loven that Lone Star buddy!! Keep those videos coming!

      T-ROY COOKS  7 months ago

      Hey brother, great to hear from you! Thanks for watching!!!

  • opeepingtomo
    opeepingtomo 9 months ago

    T-ROY any regrets going with the 3/16” cooking chamber over the 1/4” models ?

  • david gibson
    david gibson 9 months ago

    the instructions i got were to spray the outside of the firebox with a 50/50 water/cooking oil every time you use it - do you do that too?

      T-ROY COOKS  9 months ago

      I do try to spray it down with that mixture each time, but sometimes I forget. LOL

  • Frank Rodriguez
    Frank Rodriguez 9 months ago

    Great vodeo.. grill is osome.

  • Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q
    Mick Cotton Bar -B - Q 10 months ago +1

    I’m Seasoning my New LSG 20”x42” Right Now!! Thank You T-Roy for your Great Advice & Videos Cheers 🍻

  • Bud Woodman
    Bud Woodman 10 months ago

    Pam has a special High Temp spray, which is perfect for this application.

  • steve handley
    steve handley 10 months ago

    Glad to see you upgraded from that Yoder pit

  • dan theman
    dan theman 10 months ago

    Hey T-Roy, how often do you clean that smoker and how do you do it? Do you just drain out the grease or do you hose it out? Muchas Gracias dude!!!

  • Brad Helfrich
    Brad Helfrich 10 months ago

    Hey Troy, I love your new LSG I know you said it was a 24×36 what were the options that you put on it? Thanks, love your channel...

  • Dman Johnson
    Dman Johnson 10 months ago +1

    I think u should of kept the Yoder. You went from plenty of room and space to being cramped.

  • Poppi3579
    Poppi3579 11 months ago

    Logs are way to big.

  • fins-feathers -and-fur
    fins-feathers -and-fur 11 months ago

    Very nice.what did that go for t-Roy

  • MJ 2017
    MJ 2017 Year ago

    @T-ROY COOKS I am in the CC areas as well looking into the Lone Star Grillz. Would you recommend the 48x24 or would the 42x20 be just as good, asking because good price difference. I know the cooking areas is larger obviously, but just for back yard BBQ I am torn between those two. Thanks

  • Small Town Smoker

    did you pick it up or did you have it delivered? if delivered how is it shipped?

  • Lasone99Jasmin
    Lasone99Jasmin Year ago

    Nice Nice Blackness!

  • gregory saint-victor

    Hey Troy, thanks man for all you do and Good info you put out. I'm looking to get an offset, do you prefer this lone star over the loaded witchita? i'm between buying one or the other. Help!

  • SteenSmokeHouse
    SteenSmokeHouse Year ago


  • David Darrow
    David Darrow Year ago

    Hey T-Roy. Just curious how you're liking this cooker. I'm getting a little more serious about getting an off-set, and just wondering how you like this vs. the Yoder.

  • The Master's Table

    Nice cooker...!! 👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾

  • jose fellipone
    jose fellipone Year ago

    Bge vs offset???

  • Riddle me this... Batman.

    Was that cooker given to you? Or did you purchase it with your own money?

  • walk6602
    walk6602 Year ago

    What is your opinion of the Yoder heat management plate, now that you have the LSG?

  • Christopher Van Brackle

    Beautiful pit T-Roy. Beentrying to decide between LSG and Gatorpit. LSG seems to give you more on their entry level models.

    • Tonio Yendis
      Tonio Yendis 9 months ago +1

      I couldn’t afford either, so i got the Texas Original, instead.

  • walk6602
    walk6602 Year ago +1

    Great video, I was just about to pull the trigger on the Yoder and you had to go and get a new pit. Now I have to rethink the whole process over again.. Thanks a lot Buddy LOL Nice pit!! Sent an email to loanestar today for a shipping quote to the smokies.

  • DS Kim
    DS Kim Year ago

    Looks super!

  • Fishman Dad
    Fishman Dad Year ago

    Hey Troy can u send me the contact number for labella in new York

  • Alan Bailey
    Alan Bailey Year ago

    Awesome. Love the name plate brother.

  • KJR Channel
    KJR Channel Year ago

    If a big box store would offer these with free shipping I might get one. Grills are like trailers , every state seems to have people that make them if you know who to ask.

  • Dirk Diggler
    Dirk Diggler Year ago

    Dude. You gota fix your logo. It looks like a weird boomerang.

  • Jon Valera
    Jon Valera Year ago

    Nice grill. More reasons to make videos on that lone star... what does something like that cost? I need that

  • warren perry
    warren perry Year ago

    HI Sir, Great video, I just ordered the same one except I got the 20x42, It is my very first offset I am excited to get it, Thanks for all the tips on how to season it, looking forward to seeing more vids on using it. I am learning a lot from you, Thank You.

  • D-Money
    D-Money Year ago

    T-Roy -greetings from Round Rock! Nice video! Where do you get your wood from here locally?

  • Jay Hickey
    Jay Hickey Year ago

    Great looking rig brother

  • Matt Baldwin
    Matt Baldwin Year ago

    T-Roy That looks like one AWESOME smoker!!! I just emailed the company asking about shipping to Ohio. I put in a word for your video!!! Any options you wish you would have gotten with it?


    Just curious if u notice the difference in taste between wood with bark and without bark my selection is small tho I got some English white oak rounds and they go ok but bitter if I leave bark on also I noticed you guys put wood under the charcoal and ur meat don’t get the black tinge on it I will try that as I normally put wood on top as u have in this video (only seasoning pit though) and meat takes on a dark colour keep your videos coming mate love them

      CHOPPER ATTARD Year ago

      T-ROY COOKS yeah not a lot of ppl talk about that I’ve watched endless videos and have just found it out now
      Smoking meats has only just taken off here in Australia
      I’ve always bbq over dry sticks and twigs for that taste but actual smoking is new territory thanks for your videos brother

      T-ROY COOKS  Year ago +1

      Yes, that is also true and that is why you want that clean light blue smoke coming out of the stack.

      CHOPPER ATTARD Year ago

      T-ROY COOKS just learned via videos that not getting a clean burn also gives a bitter taste

      T-ROY COOKS  Year ago +1

      Bark will definitely make your food taste more bitter if you have too much bark. I prefer wood without the bark, but sometimes you just have to use what you can find locally. Keep that smoke rollin' brother!

  • Jennifer McMillan

    Glad you’re back! Cool cooker. Have to catch up on your vids now.

      T-ROY COOKS  Year ago

      Hey Jennifer, great to hear from you again! Yeah, sit back and enjoy the show!! LOL Thanks!!

  • D C
    D C Year ago

    Hi T-Roy. I am considering getting the 20x36 model. I wanted to get your opinion on how well the 3/16 thickness maintain heat. The other smoker I am considering is the Lang 20x36 patio original (1/4 chamber and firebox). I like the LSG design and features much more but concern I may be losing out on the 1/4”. Your thoughts and feedback is greatly appreciated. Love your videos!

  • rugger104
    rugger104 Year ago

    Troy, Awesome looking smoker-best of luck with it! I’m thinking about getting one of these. I love how fuel efficient this bad boy is and it seems like the bark and smoke ring it produces is unmatched in a backyard cooker as compared to say a Kamado, WSM, etc. When you’ve had it a little while, can you go over any other extras that they offer and which ones you think are the must haves? The base price is very reasonable but it can get up there with all the extras. Thanks.

  • Charles Mosley
    Charles Mosley Year ago

    That nameplate is nice Troy...WOW

  • Charles Mosley
    Charles Mosley Year ago


  • Showbe Carbon
    Showbe Carbon Year ago

    Can’t wait to see more cooks on this

  • blud puuk
    blud puuk Year ago +1

    Hey there T-Roy, love your channel man. Next time your in the market for a new smoker, check out Allen's welding/woodworking on youtube. He's in Texas I believe (by Louisiana if i'm not mistaken), and makes some quality custom smokers. Keep on smoking brother!

    • Eastside Badger
      Eastside Badger 4 months ago

      Nicholas Fox He really does & they’re cheaper than TRoys new one.