10 NEW Tech Gadgets 2019 | Available on AMAZON

  • Published on Sep 11, 2019
  • 10 NEW Tech Gadgets 2019 | Available on AMAZON
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    WOPET Automatic Pet Feeder - 10% OFF CODE: lucky10 bit.ly/2kbVNNX - amzn.to/2A1xJBM
    SWASH Express Clothing Care System - amzn.to/2A4KCux
    Segwaymini Pro - amzn.to/2EcGUly
    RapidX - amzn.to/2EafMDZ
    Upright Go - amzn.to/2EbUINl
    ZUS Super Duty Cable - amzn.to/2TQt5yP
    Golden Snitch Spinner - amzn.to/2IE1WKn
    WANDER CUBE - amzn.to/2Edy3jP
    Nonda - amzn.to/2TT33uE
    Ticwatch Pro - amzn.to/2V3yPp5
    Music Credit
    Elektronomia - Limitless ru-clip.com/video/cNcy3J4x62M/video.html
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Comments • 101

  • Luke D
    Luke D 2 days ago

    Can somebody make wopet for humans please?

  • Maurice Jones
    Maurice Jones 5 days ago

    Cool Tech!! Check out the GadgetGram article. www.gadgetgram.com/2019/09/20/mobrella-retractable-car-umbrella/amp/

  • Jerry Cavanaugh
    Jerry Cavanaugh 5 days ago

    For heaven's sake, get somebody to write the script who speaks English! How annoying!

  • Kaiden Kruljac
    Kaiden Kruljac 7 days ago +2

    My dog would figure out how to use it

  • Chip Schmidt
    Chip Schmidt 8 days ago

    Nobody does spinners anymore

    BARRY B 10 days ago


  • Huds high tech reviews


  • David Laird
    David Laird 11 days ago

    為什麼您為什麼Dumb Fucks抱怨該視頻,卻全看了-如此愚蠢的American Geeks

  • Pythonaria
    Pythonaria 11 days ago +4

    Had to laugh at the pet feeder. One hungry dog being fed a few morsels of dry food...by a CAT shaped dispenser 🤣🤣🤣

  • spafro101
    spafro101 12 days ago

    I saw an iPhone 5 lol

  • Randy Phillips
    Randy Phillips 13 days ago

    Does anyone edit these scripts? It sounds like your voiceover guy is just reading the badly-translated Chinese press release.

    Gadgets AMAZON REVIEW 15 days ago


  • Edgar Poe
    Edgar Poe 15 days ago

    I know you hate me cause I'm gay. My brother is gay my sis is.
    Dad said he won't have someone to carry on his name. He doesn't know mom is bi. Guess we're dysfunctional.

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 16 days ago

    Charge your phone and transfer files at a time ?
    What time ?
    3:00 am?
    Dude learn how to speak English, you sound like a fking moron, people don’t buy products from morons .

  • dbltrplx
    dbltrplx 16 days ago

    Eventually humans will be getting around on conveyor belts and the this will be called
    Planet Amazon not planet earth .

  • Nacon Shop
    Nacon Shop 17 days ago


  • Michael Easter
    Michael Easter 18 days ago

    Want a piece of garbage? Ticwatch pro!

  • Wade Max
    Wade Max 19 days ago +8

    Welcome to the future of English.

  • Augustas Augustas
    Augustas Augustas 19 days ago

    It helps you quit smoking? Dude are you from 70s doing ads? 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Keleb Gadol
    Keleb Gadol 20 days ago

    The TickWatch Pro has an F rating at Fakespot.com. Beware.

  • Renholder
    Renholder 20 days ago

    This narrator is either a robot or retarded

  • vondahe
    vondahe 21 day ago +1

    The WOPET is the pinnacle of idiocy. Anyone who’s ever spent time with a dog know that it needs to crap less than 5 mins after eating so feeding it while you’re away is a very bad idea.

    • dbltrplx
      dbltrplx 16 days ago

      Absolutely, that’s why next they will come out with a dog
      Shitter that is automatic.

  • 🍕
    🍕 21 day ago

    What's with the fucked up English?

  • itowmyhome
    itowmyhome 21 day ago

    A commercial full of commercials

  • Nunya Beeswax
    Nunya Beeswax 21 day ago +1

    What’s with the broken English? No accent, but something feels...off

  • Wes Hubbard
    Wes Hubbard 21 day ago +23

    Thanks for just reading bad Chinese to English Amazon listings 🤦‍♂️

    • SuperXygote
      SuperXygote 20 days ago

      I know right. Cant be even the bothering to do his translate good with word his own.

  • Dick B
    Dick B 21 day ago

    Re the narrator........ek cedra ????? REALLY? And many other poor pronounciations, e.g., light weighted instead of light weight. Whoever narrated this needs some diction lessons.

  • Barrett's Stuff
    Barrett's Stuff 21 day ago

    It was not the way he talked, listen to way the words where used. Example “lightweight” 2nd example first clip, the use of cares, he should say “ who cares about your whatever product”

  • Ian Brown
    Ian Brown 22 days ago

    who is the lazy person here? why would you employ a native english speaker and then not bother to check (feedback) if the script was actually in english or if you were the voice-over artist not correct obvious errors ..? someone needs slapping ...

  • John
    John 22 days ago


  • Barrett's Stuff
    Barrett's Stuff 22 days ago

    Where ever you went to school to learn how to speak English , I suggest you get your money back...

    • Nelsonj Velazquez
      Nelsonj Velazquez 21 day ago

      His first language was probably English so dont judge people on how they sound

  • Bill Gargan
    Bill Gargan 23 days ago

    Commercial, Commercials, Amazon Agenda...

  • matthew gardiner
    matthew gardiner 23 days ago


  • Picky pathfinder
    Picky pathfinder 25 days ago +5

    Sounds like a bot🤔

  • Brian Waterman
    Brian Waterman 26 days ago +8

    I like how there are commercials in the middle of this commercial. Commercial Inception. What a time to be alive.

  • rgnestle
    rgnestle 27 days ago +1

    Nice video, but please edit the dialogue before giving it to the narrator. It sounded VERY unprofessional. And, Narrator, don't be afraid to say something when the copy sounds like nonsense!

  • Peter Winter
    Peter Winter 27 days ago +4

    Many gadgets are no longer available shortly after the release of the video, usually far too expensive or simply garbage! 😆

  • Shaggy Shaggums
    Shaggy Shaggums 28 days ago

    Was this read by a Chinese guy that can phonetically sound like he was speaking English? Because some of the words spoken are incorrectly used like it's his first time saying them in a sentence. Example, it's Google assistant and not Google assistance. Sounds so creepy like an AI or something.

  • Charlie Tapley
    Charlie Tapley 28 days ago +2

    wow do you have enough ads? im unsubscribing

  • King Eris
    King Eris 28 days ago +1

    I bought the WoPet and 2 months after I bought it I came home from work to find out my dog learned how to use it and ate all the food.👍👍😀

  • M Newman
    M Newman Month ago +1

    English is not the first or second language of who ever put this video together. It’s not as annoying as thoughts defence review video though.

  • PerspectivE
    PerspectivE Month ago +1

    This is the dumbest shit I've ever seen lol. For example, that cable. "65,000lbs of force." 65,000lbs force of what? In what way? And how the FUCK does the spinning snitch help me quit smoking? I get so bored I just kick the habit? 🤣

  • Dan Harmon
    Dan Harmon Month ago +14

    Well on the plus side I'll never buy any of this garbage!

  • TheDerpTurtle
    TheDerpTurtle Month ago

    51 comments 1k likes 315k subs.....very sus

  • Victor Supreme
    Victor Supreme Month ago +8

    It's bad enough reading Chinglish don't really want to hear it as well.

  • Kyle vs world
    Kyle vs world Month ago

    none of this is new god tech is geting boring

  • rokaya hamadi
    rokaya hamadi Month ago

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  • Mostapha k
    Mostapha k Month ago

    Awesome Tech Gadgets !!!

  • Spyrokeet
    Spyrokeet Month ago +1

    Do you have a Chinese guy write your script... in English?

  • thirdeyezoodotcom enjoypeacelovelightdotcom

    Golden Takeshi69 Spinner. Too soon? Jokes. Anyway... I feel like I am watching the dubbed kung fu of you tube with this narrators English. LOL!

  • Alexandru Danciu
    Alexandru Danciu Month ago

    I couldn't give it a like. To much adverts in ten minutes. You've ruined my joy. Screw you.

  • Paul D
    Paul D Month ago +2

    The pet feeder looks like it’s for cats...it’s shaped like a cat and gives very little food for dogs.
    The clothing thing doesnt clean quickly - granted, if you just have 1 item that you absolutely must wear within 15mins then you could argue it’s fast BUT if you have several items then it’s a stupid idea.
    That Segway thingy is not allowed in most countries on roads or pavements because it’s dangerous - here in the uk there’s very few places you can ride them in public.
    The car charger thing is stupid... similar things have been out for ages.
    The upright go has been proven to be absolutely useless.
    Zeus cables are a lot more expensive...most people will be fine with a normal cable...the lifetime guarantee has many limitations.
    The wonder cube has been out ages and has failed to take off.
    The nonda is just an adapter...nothing new or special about it apart from it’s price.
    Tikwatch pro does not let you answer calls on an iphone and has limitation...Fossil is far better

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    Mohamed Abdillahi Month ago

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  • Manlee
    Manlee Month ago +6

    5:50 bold of you to assume I have friends

  • computerjantje
    computerjantje 2 months ago +1

    added channel to my blocked (never see again in search results) channels. What a waist of time and click-bait thumb

    • Mr.E
      Mr.E 2 months ago

      Lol someone doesn't like getting clickbaited

  • Florent z
    Florent z 2 months ago

    you wake up my google🙄

  • Witness101
    Witness101 2 months ago

    Why are you reading like an idiot ?!

    CAKO MUSIC 2 months ago

    This long ass commercial..

  • The Punt Expedition
    The Punt Expedition 2 months ago

    Best product