NUTRALOAF Disciplinary Loaf - prison punishment food - Recipe #2: Ohio

  • Published on Jun 4, 2019
  • This recipe for #nutraloaf calls for pureeing a meal of spaghetti, bread, salad, green beans, a chocolate chip cookie, and fruit punch, and forming it into a loaf. Served in #prisons nutraloaf is used to manage prisoners' behavoir. Let's find out what punishment tastes like.
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Comments • 957

  • Cheyenne Dewey
    Cheyenne Dewey Day ago

    The first recipe wasn't as bad. It was mostly just the basics blended so they don't starve or get scurvy. This one is taking actual meals they could have just served, and intentionally making it taste bad just so the prisoners can't enjoy it

  • Melissa Burke-Littles

    That made me really sad. Just give them the food as is.

  • Phantom Alpha
    Phantom Alpha 7 days ago +1

    If Emmy goes to jail and is served this she’ll ask if she can have a bug milkshake instead.

  • XxXShevampXxX
    XxXShevampXxX 15 days ago

    I'm against this practice. You treat people like animals, they're going to act like animals.

  • Sydney Geisen
    Sydney Geisen 20 days ago

    Sounds like they dump a tray into a blender eewww

  • Coleman Prevatt
    Coleman Prevatt 21 day ago

    Is that a mr Rogers shirt

  • John Christopher Robert

    I was a deputy sheriff working in the New Orleans jail and we never fed our inmates disciplinary meals.

  • boii hiu
    boii hiu 27 days ago

    jesus that sounds nasty

  • Valeria carranza lopez
    Valeria carranza lopez 28 days ago +1

    More versions pleaseee

  • Kekistani Goddess
    Kekistani Goddess Month ago

    Shoutout to my fellow Buckeyes!

  • inue windwalker
    inue windwalker Month ago

    Serve this for dinner if your kids ever call your food bad lol

  • daddyo Thomas
    daddyo Thomas Month ago

    Stupid for adding the cookie
    Rip cookie 😭😢😢

  • Skubo Sly ice
    Skubo Sly ice Month ago

    Olive u

  • MarvelousSandstone
    MarvelousSandstone Month ago

    This would be highly illegal to use as punishment here in Germany. There are other punishments you can use instead of giving a prisoner this stuff to eat.

  • zero_sum
    zero_sum Month ago

    Not even joking, this looks like it could be great for short hiking/camping trips! I think the punishment comes from only getting it and having bad quality ingredients.
    I'm going to experiment with more vegtables, something to bring more colour and spices.

  • Fragments of Creation

    Just wanted to remind everyone that this video was about a lady basically eating a blended-up TV dinner.

  • Mae Zen
    Mae Zen Month ago

    "Like this could be a rooster or something." I love her 🤣🥰

    DAVID ROSSI 2 months ago

    So what your saying is, of you have to get arested. Do it in Maryland, they have the best loaf😋

  • sabrena cst
    sabrena cst 2 months ago

    Emmy I worked in a prison kitchen supervising the inmates cooking and we would also puree the food like that for people that couldn't chew. It was more liquid and not baked

  • A S
    A S 2 months ago +1

    The problem with this debate is we’re all arguing different arguments.
    1. Prison is for people who have broken the law . Therefore, Nutraloaf is a punishment for inmates who have not complied - been dangerous etc.
    If you believe that the police roam the streets seeking people to arrest without cause and then be thrown in prison without due process then of course nutraloaf is dehumanising to you.
    First and foremost , society must protect its citizens from those who wilfully break the law, destroy or steal other’s property, threaten, hurt or murder etc .
    That is why we have prisons.
    They are not primarily there for the inmate to learn new skills and get qualified. They are built to protect society.
    I agree that inmates need to have second, third chances and use time to be rehabilitated.
    And most prisons do. It’s just that individuals choose not participate or if they do it’s not always successful when they’re released. That’s why recidivism is so high. I have friends and family that have done apprenticeships and degrees, completed drug programs ... and within a week of release they’re straight back to the old crowd and the old ways. Heartbreaking.
    It’s one thing to idealistically think that if we just had this kind of program and less incarceration etc etc then people would change . It’s quite another to see that play out.
    There aren’t many good news stories and it’s not for lack of trying. It takes a miracle for someone to change from a person who has zero care or regard for others and refuses to live legit, into someone who takes responsibility etc.
    there is no such thing as a victimless crime. The criminal has probably been a victim themselves earlier in their life and now they’re the victimiser.
    It still doesn’t change the fact that there are some people who need to be protected from themselves in confinement. You and i need to be protected from them because the way they’re living is dangerous.
    Separate issue that I think we all agree on is that non violent drug offenders should not be given lengthy sentences. Also, children and young adult sentences should be reconsidered.
    We all want to see people treated fairly and humanely. Including us law abiding citizens. Our rights flow from our duty to be deserving of those rights.
    Why do so many break the law? Why so many murders? Violent offences? It’s not because of the prison industrial complex. It’s because individuals have chosen to live selfishly. Until individuals deal with their own heart issue we will continue to have people breaking the law and being a law unto themselves.

  • Leigh-Anne Cooper
    Leigh-Anne Cooper 2 months ago

    You are truly so professional, every video is toned perfectly for the topic at hand.
    True poise.

  • Carli Crivelli
    Carli Crivelli 2 months ago

    “To cruel or unusual punishment” AND RAPING CHILDREN AND BRUTALLY MURDERING PEOPLE ISNT?!? 🤦🏽‍♀️ they deserve the damn electric chair, or lethal injection at that point as far as I’m concerned. 💯

  • Alex Orellana
    Alex Orellana 2 months ago

    Your voice is so soothing

  • Cameron Sims
    Cameron Sims 2 months ago

    She reminds me of the lady on sprout w the moon who told bedtime stories or something

  • gnatty
    gnatty 2 months ago

    i wanna see new york’s 😩

  • Lowkey Savage
    Lowkey Savage 2 months ago

    Please make the new york version

  • Jackson Douglas
    Jackson Douglas 2 months ago

    So.... your missing the principal punishment aspect and that is that after the loaf is prepared it is then served frozen rock hard and you are given a fixed amount of time to eat so... whatever you can scrape off with your teeth during that time is what you could eat. That’s why it’s in a loaf instead of just purée, then technically you were offered food and it is your own fault if you don’t take advantage of that opportunity.

  • Gao
    Gao 2 months ago

    The prison system is just fuckin gevil. It's despicable, greedy and the epitome of inhumane cruelty.

  • Charles
    Charles 2 months ago

    The ACLU are the people who refuse to do anything about the homeless population in denver. They are littering the streets making it very unsafe and harassing tourists. I won't donate to them.

  • Dancy Moran
    Dancy Moran 2 months ago

    I’d rather eat air and starve than eat this for god knows how long

  • Cute Pumpkin
    Cute Pumpkin 2 months ago

    I highly doubt they’re getting kale in prison.

  • heathers channel
    heathers channel 2 months ago

    Your level of respect is like therapy. Thanks Emmy
    Also maybe you would consider a hot sauce/spicy food additives episode or series :) thanks again.

  • Amber Whatwhat
    Amber Whatwhat 2 months ago

    Do you think if you used a different liquid(other than the punch),maybe it would be somewhat better?

  • Kyle Aldrich
    Kyle Aldrich 2 months ago

    I think it the koolaid and cookie were removed and water added instead, it would move over from cruel and unusual to just plain punishment.

  • Samantha Atkins
    Samantha Atkins 2 months ago

    Literally baking vomit 🤢

  • Bust Down Thotiana
    Bust Down Thotiana 2 months ago +1

    Watches all of Emmy's nutraloaf videos to decide which state is the best for me to do time in.

  • Alexandria A.
    Alexandria A. 2 months ago

    Hello Emmy! Try this Prison Fudge? 💙 Love your channel!! ☺

  • Veronica Rosso
    Veronica Rosso 2 months ago

    Love the Mister Rogers shirt

  • DocMc Stuffins
    DocMc Stuffins 2 months ago

    Cruel and unusual? All prisons should serve this all the time.

  • vikki Creech
    vikki Creech 2 months ago +1

    As being a previous prisoner in Ohio, were given this at the end of the week as a way to dispose of the weeks leftovers. It never looked or tasted the same, but was ALWAYS discusting! Thanks Emmie for entertaining us all! Love all of your videos!

  • Kevin Rodriguez
    Kevin Rodriguez 2 months ago +2

    hey emmy, would you be able to do a video of a NY nutraloaf? great vid!

  • Nicholas Smith
    Nicholas Smith 2 months ago

    “That is not good”

  • gatchacookies Sirls
    gatchacookies Sirls 2 months ago

    This just seems totally unnecessary. I could understand "nutraloaf" if it was an actual recipe that cut back on the cost of food, or time, etc. but this is simply the regular meal they would be given being all mixed up together in an attempt to make it disgusting, with extra time being needed to make and cook it. Necessities of life like food and water should not be used as punishment, I understand why some states banned this.

  • Ruby Kashiki
    Ruby Kashiki 2 months ago

    Looks healthier than a school lunches

  • Rebecca Gateley
    Rebecca Gateley 2 months ago

    I used to eat bread, spaghetti, and green beans together, and drink punch on the side (or milk usually) because we were sereved ALL THESE INGREDIENTS in one meal... and honestly... I am concerend

  • Crimilly
    Crimilly 2 months ago

    It's probably even worse in reality because it's not like they're using the best base products. Not just spaghetti; prison spaghetti, etc. Like the flavors on their own aren't anything to get excited about but I'm not sure if it would be blander or just more disgusting.

  • Mercy Holmes
    Mercy Holmes 2 months ago

    You have the BEST voice EVER!!

  • Lucinda Marie Del Carmen
    Lucinda Marie Del Carmen 2 months ago +2

    Whoever thought of this is truly evil

  • Nick K
    Nick K 2 months ago

    Perfect for when the kids are being bad

  • microwavebenis
    microwavebenis 3 months ago

    Some of the hamburger nutraloaf seems ok, this sounds fucking disgusting with a fucking cookie and fruit punch in it.

  • Julian Johnson
    Julian Johnson 3 months ago

    The sentence that you say right before you eat something, what does it mean? If anyone else knows I would love to learn !

  • Jade Ratliff
    Jade Ratliff 3 months ago

    This seems like something I'd be into lol (maybe without the cookie though.. Not too sure about the Kool aid, either)

  • Kees Kees
    Kees Kees 3 months ago

    Usa is barbaric .....

  • John Frazier
    John Frazier 3 months ago

    Thank you for supporting the ACLU.

  • RJinthematrix
    RJinthematrix 3 months ago

    dream wife

  • Marzena K
    Marzena K 3 months ago

    This is not only degrading but it's also wasted food. Awful.

  • bcgrote
    bcgrote 3 months ago

    Palms sweaty, Mom's spaghetti....

  • Apple Stump Bushcraft Stuff and Things

    emmymadeinjapan I did something like that to a McDonald's cheeseburger when my son was about 8 months old. He was a bit young to handle a burger right out of the bag, so I thought "why not put it in a blender so it will be smooth and easy to eat, like baby food?" He absolutely hated it. It tried a spoonful and immediately understood why. Ewwww. Seems like the nutraloaf would taste better if it were baked longer, until it became somewhat crispy, like a survival biscuit or cracker. Best wishes.

  • David Spangler
    David Spangler 3 months ago

    As a nation we in the U.S.A. imprison a greater percentage of our population than any other country. The act of imprisonment is in itself punishment: the deprivation of one's liberty, with all that entails: loss of livelihood, separation from family and friends. Isn't that enough? If people are treated like beasts in prison, how can we expect them to behave if and when they are released?

  • Science Project 99
    Science Project 99 3 months ago

    LOL that taste test. "bad. it's not good"