Between The Legs - Award Winning Tamil Short Film

  • Published on Jul 15, 2019
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    Between The Legs - Award Winning Short Film Directed by Anand
    Script & Direction
    Anand K
    Arul Moses
    Sumesh Kumar
    Teja Venkatesh
    Rail ravi
    Meow raja
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Comments • 474

  • BehindwoodsTV
    BehindwoodsTV  Month ago +33

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    • Shameem Saliya
      Shameem Saliya 25 days ago


    • Mohammad Abdul Gaffar
      Mohammad Abdul Gaffar Month ago +2

      Extremely strong content, writing, screenplay, music and execution. Applause to the team for all the effort. Strong content. We need more. :)

  • Archanaa Archanaa

    The ending is not completed is it to take the second part

  • Dinesh B
    Dinesh B 15 hours ago

    Hello unga aellaarukum sethutha soldren.. love pannaa mattu neenga sikka maatingalaa? Love pandra ponnu aerkanave nadanthatha aellaa sollitutha ungala love pandraanu nenaikuringalaa? Aemaaranunu unga thalaila aeluthiruntha arrange illa love mrg kuda savakulithaa.. Pasangalum appuditha irukaanunga pala per kuda uravu vechukitu oru nalla ponnoda vazhkaiya keduthurraanunga.. Orey valitha iruku.. Ungaluķu ivathaanum avaluku neengathaanum mudivaaitaa athukappram neenga rendu perum orutharukoruthar unmayaa irunthaaley pothum.. bcoz mrg munnaadi neenga avakitayo illa ava ungakitayo nee virgin ah nu keka mudiyaathu Tamil culture la.. So past is past.. Kedacha life la nermayaa dhrogam pannaama vaalunga.. Avlotha..

  • Irfana Fathima
    Irfana Fathima 16 hours ago +2

    Sema ending

  • Jaya Suriya
    Jaya Suriya 18 hours ago +1

    Intha film ku ellam evan da unlike lam podravan

  • Ramesh Iyer
    Ramesh Iyer Day ago

    Convoluted & confusing storyline. IMO, the mother is as disgusting as lusty Kavin or the drawing master. As I understand, Kavin seems to be Riya's biological father, while Fasil 'thinks' he's Riya's father. The mother should know better, which she's hidden from both her husband and daughter. Moreover, the mother character is shown as giving in to Kavin's demands presumably to protect her daughter from him. But sexual perverts like Kavin don't give up on their desires so easily. Moreover, by giving in to Kavin, she's being unfaithful to Fasil and continuing an illicit relationship which could ruin her marriage. I don't think women like her who make such compromises can avoid the inevitable consequences. Instead, I wish the film had shown her confronting Kavin firmly and threatened him to stay away from her and her daughter, and also confided in Fasil about her own past (which may include Riya's true parentage too). That would have cleared the air for everyone involved and prevented anyone like Kavin from blackmailing her forever. As the Ogden Nash poem states, a stitch in time saves nine....

  • ThE WHipeR
    ThE WHipeR Day ago +2

    Between The Legs
    Title ye bayagrama irruku.😏

  • veeramani veera
    veeramani veera Day ago

    It's good work

  • Mari Muthu
    Mari Muthu Day ago

    Idiotic and Nonsense

  • Rajini Rajendrakumar

    This is worst in one bad surrounding fake life

  • unknown person
    unknown person 2 days ago +1

    ஐயோ நான் singleve இருந்திரேண்டா 😰😰😰

  • Cinema World
    Cinema World 2 days ago

    site kuuu poitu sekerama vanga paaa ila na uncle varuvaru!!!!!!!!!!

  • Yousuff E
    Yousuff E 2 days ago

    இவன் கில்லாடி கிங் தான் கார்லேயே வேலை முடிச்சுட்டானே

  • Nataraj Suraj
    Nataraj Suraj 3 days ago

    முதலில் குடும்பத்தில் உள்ள பெரியவர்கள் அதாவது (அம்மா மற்றும் அப்பா ) ஒழுங்காக இருக்க வேண்டும். Lovers ah irukkum pothu Vera.., அதுவே ஒரு கணவன் மனைவியாக மாறிய பின்பு தான் மேலும் ஒழுக்கத்துடன் இருக்க வேண்டும்..

  • Nataraj Suraj
    Nataraj Suraj 3 days ago

    Hey..! *What is this....? Kevalama irukku oru vishiyatha clear ah solla vendiyatha clear ah sollunga....., Plz..... Kalla kathalina....., kalla kathali, apdi illa na child obvious na, child obvious but ithula Vera Dialogue Na Ellama Epdi Poranthaaa.....? What is this...?mathiri padatha eduthu ichi...... Ethula Vera best award Vera echa.......mathiri irukku*

  • siva ranjani
    siva ranjani 3 days ago +4

    Wow, Parenting is very very important for children life

    JAOATAIATARAKAUS 3 days ago +2

    Cheaters must be killed we need law Arabic lae


    How to stop cheating and how to find cheating oru filing edugada

  • Prabu jothi
    Prabu jothi 3 days ago

    Pochu mari iruku concept

  • Andrew Barrington
    Andrew Barrington 3 days ago +2

    Brilliant short film

  • Padma Ramamurthi
    Padma Ramamurthi 4 days ago

    As a mother she is concerned about her child ' s mind and safety. She sees that the child is made aware and able to protect herself. However I don't understand why she still wants to involve with her old friend when she is now well settled. I think the director is confused between two different issues. Children will definitely be impressed by what they see, but whether they will draw and expose. No this child will confront the mother.

  • ish k rajan
    ish k rajan 4 days ago

    absolute bullshit.
    what are you trying to prove here guys?? in what way does a mermaid have to do with moms activity. could have been more precise

  • vasanth j
    vasanth j 4 days ago +1

    கேவலமான படைப்பு... இத எடுக்கதுக்கு பதிலா டரைக்டர் தூக்குல தொங்கிருக்கலாம்

  • Ranjih Kumar
    Ranjih Kumar 5 days ago +2

    Nice climax

  • Abhirami S Aji
    Abhirami S Aji 5 days ago +1


    RAHULRAJ IAS 5 days ago +1

    Very nice..

  • Gaya Thri
    Gaya Thri 6 days ago +5

    Seriously semma mass pa... Nalla film...vera level.... Heart melted ...😍😍😍👌👌😦😦😦😦👌👌

  • Sagaya rani
    Sagaya rani 7 days ago

    Kadaisila antha drawing pakathathu dan missing..

  • Anandh Selvan
    Anandh Selvan 7 days ago +1

    This short film shows
    👉illegal Father abuse sexually daughter
    👉Mother accepts her illegal husband sexual with daughter
    👉Mother is a prastitute
    👉Child born illegal affair
    👉Father is a joker

  • Koluthi podu
    Koluthi podu 7 days ago

    I was reviewed your film...Please watch and give your response...

  • Pavithran G
    Pavithran G 7 days ago

    Feminism eppa pesa aaramichamo apaiye ellam...maritichu

  • Sridhar s
    Sridhar s 8 days ago +1

    Good msg congrats anand

    INDHU A 8 days ago +1


  • megala s
    megala s 8 days ago


  • guna nidhi
    guna nidhi 8 days ago

    children's learn from what they saw what they hear they try that soon so pls keep children out of bad things thank you.

  • DotNet magics by Sowmiya
    DotNet magics by Sowmiya 8 days ago +31

    I don't want to get married 😂

  • Dency Dency
    Dency Dency 9 days ago +6

    Excellent writting.. Hats off bro :(

  • sridharan cool
    sridharan cool 10 days ago +1

    Awesome touching

  • Easy Preventive and Social medicine Art of Iearning

    Super love from Kerala

  • be happy
    be happy 10 days ago

    Yabba deii kadaisi vara enakku kaiye pothum da... Kalyanamey vendam😥😥

  • raJa
    raJa 11 days ago

    True fact, but ithellam pakumpothu edhuku mrg edhuku love. Edhula unmai iruknu namakulae oru kelvi varuthu?

  • Kannan Geetha
    Kannan Geetha 11 days ago

    ethalm oru metterah....oruthiku.....2purushan erukanum....kandipa

  • Suresh Kumar P
    Suresh Kumar P 11 days ago

    Best short movie, I loved a lot 👌👌👌 good direction

  • Shobana Shobi
    Shobana Shobi 11 days ago


  • Achmad Thoufik
    Achmad Thoufik 11 days ago

    Please come to my channel :)
    there you will see how hot and exotic women are in Indonesia, don't forget to subscribe :)

  • Priyanka S Nair
    Priyanka S Nair 11 days ago +2

    Good...u convd everything right...direction ws excllnt...D overall theme and story r of huge imp...👏🏻hats off to d entire crew....

  • Titus Samson
    Titus Samson 11 days ago

    Title ah "kavatai ku naduvil" nu tamil la vachiruntha innum neraya perku reach aairukum

  • Mahenthirarasa Tharsalan
    Mahenthirarasa Tharsalan 12 days ago +12

    Every child learn from their parents have to keep good behaviour and It was best story.

  • Vinoth R
    Vinoth R 12 days ago

    Ayyoooooo😥😥😥 romba bayam Yena da idhu life 😦😦😦

  • Suro Vaani
    Suro Vaani 12 days ago


  • Shri kanth
    Shri kanth 12 days ago

    I hate that lady how could she cheat her husband I get anger seeing this lady and that guy

  • Raheema Mattummal
    Raheema Mattummal 13 days ago

    Ending not good husband should see the drawing

  • Aravind arnd5397
    Aravind arnd5397 13 days ago


  • Saubhik Mukhopadhyay
    Saubhik Mukhopadhyay 13 days ago

    Wife is cheater

  • tamil love status
    tamil love status 13 days ago +1

    Enaku onnum puriyala..

  • Artistic Angel
    Artistic Angel 14 days ago


  • Kowsaliya Kowshi
    Kowsaliya Kowshi 14 days ago

    Ennada nadakathu inga😥 ivan pontati ah aven vachurukenugra aven pontati ku pathila iva baby vachurukan..story engayoooo poguthu😰chaaaaaa sari illaye...but husband la alert ah irunga.. Future epdi iruka poguthooo

  • Suba Hema
    Suba Hema 14 days ago

    Balance story please

  • Ellie
    Ellie 14 days ago +2

    Y he be touching his daughter like that then????????

  • smart Jay
    smart Jay 14 days ago

    Nalla adjust panradi .. nambuna husband fool enna wife d ... fuck off

  • gopika gopi
    gopika gopi 15 days ago

    Not only adults every child should watch this movie

  • Sobiya V
    Sobiya V 15 days ago

    today's children are very cleaver they get more experience within the few years that make them towards right way or wrong way no one can lost their good character by alone parents and society make it please save the children from these evils

  • kripali bhatia
    kripali bhatia 16 days ago

    Scripting is too poor

  • Sakthinisha Nandhi
    Sakthinisha Nandhi 17 days ago

    Finishing is not satisfied

  • shalini gowrishankar
    shalini gowrishankar 18 days ago


  • kunju vipi
    kunju vipi 18 days ago

    best short film I had ever seen hatz off to the director

  • m.mani kandan
    m.mani kandan 19 days ago

    Super da kutty child act was soo good

  • Bhuvan official
    Bhuvan official 19 days ago

    thevidiya kadha

  • Golden Toons8
    Golden Toons8 20 days ago

  • Shanmugapriya Karthikeyan

    Wonderful. I just couldn't digest the act of her mother.

  • Sudarsanakrishnan S
    Sudarsanakrishnan S 20 days ago

    What is the morale taught in this short film one child with two father

  • eyeofeagle1994
    eyeofeagle1994 20 days ago

    This Movie is shit & don't find any message in it.seems to be many character flaws in it & they only focused on making something Sensational if possible.Totally wastu, kuppa making.finally Dono what people are praising & talking about this in comments.Ovraaa Naadagam paatha buthi Buthi mangidum!unma tha pola

  • Preethi Preethi
    Preethi Preethi 20 days ago

    Great flim

  • arthika chandrakumar
    arthika chandrakumar 21 day ago +2

    Enna karumam idhellam avana pudichirudha avane klyanam pna vendi thane

  • Christina Benoy
    Christina Benoy 21 day ago +1