Hey Steve: A Hater Gonna Hate

  • Published on Aug 12, 2019
  • Her “friend” is taking photos off of social media to use against her. Should she block her to avoid a face-to-face confrontation?
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Comments • 174

  • Lisa Marie
    Lisa Marie 6 days ago

    If someone actually has time to do that I say GET A LIFE GIRL. A FUN life as hers is boring I guarantee. This girl needs to do nothing as the other girl is only giving to herself and you can’t give to others. Definitely jealousy. This girl is stunning and has a life and is beautiful on the inside too..

  • Chiara Tosti
    Chiara Tosti 12 days ago

    This girl seems really sweet and kind hearted, she got it all... they jealous.
    A lot of girls are pretty ugly.
    Having a pretty face is not the ticket to a pretty heart.

  • Endy M
    Endy M 15 days ago

    Loud speaker

  • euphoria kz
    euphoria kz 15 days ago

    I wonder if she were black, what would she do!!?🙄😂😂

  • Lori Luo
    Lori Luo 17 days ago

    Hit the like when he says 'beautiful ugly people...'

  • Chen Wills
    Chen Wills 19 days ago

    Steve spoke some truths here!!

  • Brock Freeman
    Brock Freeman 21 day ago

    She sexy af hit me up @brocktheamazing

  • Kyreese W
    Kyreese W 21 day ago

    3:02 dont get shot Steve look on his right side of his chest

  • Cedy Seb
    Cedy Seb 21 day ago

    0:34-0:36 LOUDER STEVE🔊

  • M Jenneker
    M Jenneker 22 days ago

    What’s her @

  • Telly Man
    Telly Man 22 days ago

    Even better put her number and those pictures online with a nasty line and her phone will be blowing up for no reason. Take it even dangerous and add her address and she’ll get some scary people on her doorstep

  • Kezia Joseph
    Kezia Joseph 23 days ago

    Steve is soo over the top!!!!

  • Sally Siegel
    Sally Siegel 23 days ago

    She loves knowing a "friend" is jealous.

    • SoLiTaRyBoNe
      SoLiTaRyBoNe 23 days ago

      Not the case at all. You're a nasty human being if you jump into this poor girl's intentions and assuming that about her

  • MBL
    MBL 24 days ago

    I wish my crush would see this from 0:41 hahahahah

  • 1castellp
    1castellp 25 days ago

    Meme college

  • Ka Ri Na
    Ka Ri Na 25 days ago +9

    That's right....that is true there is alot of attractive people with ugly souls.

  • HeatherG 3003
    HeatherG 3003 25 days ago

    I've been doing alot of emotional and mental purging lately. The memories, programs, belief systems, and things people have done to me are downright vile.
    My "friends" in high school used to make fun of me constantly. Why?
    Insecure then, and insecure now.
    Not cool, EVER!! 1💜

  • Salvatrice Desiree
    Salvatrice Desiree 26 days ago

    I Hope that friend sees this

  • Maree Bhuu
    Maree Bhuu 27 days ago

    Thats why i dont have friends. These females fake and miserable.

  • Kwesi Ansah - The Journey

    Uncle Steve is super funny

  • deadandgone70
    deadandgone70 27 days ago +1

    “It’s time to change” 😂😂

  • Endy M
    Endy M 28 days ago +1

    That is so Dirty she's a bullying she has a personality disorder she's jealous why would she be picking on you behind your back she's a backstabber... and she can sue her to for defamation of slander of her character without her permission

  • X_LucasDaGOAT_ X
    X_LucasDaGOAT_ X 28 days ago +1

    0:34 Facts

  • Adnan A
    Adnan A 29 days ago +1

    Backstabbers are the worst

  • Victor Jeffers
    Victor Jeffers 29 days ago

    Friends don't treat friends that way dump her

  • Happy Girl
    Happy Girl 29 days ago

    Steve that’s a bad advice! Lol funny though.

  • dsetgetatme
    dsetgetatme Month ago

    😂😂😂😂😂 Steve right about the eyes though.. My left eye is a little lazier than my right!! I know someone caught that....hahahaha!!!!

  • Slantx Evan
    Slantx Evan Month ago

    wow she is really beautiful 😍❤️

  • vicky mbugua
    vicky mbugua Month ago

    That part about eye ...yea early this yr was looking at an old pic and noticed the eyes are not exactly same and i was shocked😊

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  • MrBrandon330
    MrBrandon330 Month ago

    She seems so nice but this is funny haha

  • Bossmane Don
    Bossmane Don Month ago

    I like this girl she needs a man like me I wouldn’t allow people to play with her she is two nice to be getting picked on

  • Mike Nelson
    Mike Nelson Month ago +1

    She thinks that girl who is doing that is pretty but I don’t believe her. The only person who does that is ugly and sees her as competition and is jealous. Cut toxicity out of your life, girl. You probably have a lot of friends and guys probably hit on you a lot and she hates that.

  • 'Ammarah May
    'Ammarah May Month ago

    Don’t ever allow someone else to change your character and morals. Just block her and move on. Don’t give her access to your socials

  • F A D E D
    F A D E D Month ago +10

    She’s definitely jealous for sureeee this girl is gorgeous and her personality shines through. Very innocent, sweet, kind, individual. What are you gonna make fun of HER for?? There’s nothing to say

  • A7_ZX3
    A7_ZX3 Month ago

    I would ruin someone’s life if they did that to me

  • Garrison Armand
    Garrison Armand Month ago

    Jealousy will eat you alive you should never be jealous of anyone

  • Theresa Purnell
    Theresa Purnell Month ago


  • weepy willow
    weepy willow Month ago

    Until it's your family and you want answers

    GM-TV OFFICIAL Month ago

    a snitches always going to snitch go watch Steve 👉🏾 ru-clip.com/video/XFkSs69H6zg/video.html

  • Lucky son of a gun
    Lucky son of a gun Month ago +1

    She has a beautiful smile .

  • Ms. Zainab
    Ms. Zainab Month ago

    Wow Steve you're getting so old 😮
    But anyway love u and ur show

  • Curtistine Miller
    Curtistine Miller Month ago +6

    The gorgeous lady is really gorgeous she ain't trying to be hateful that's right be decent and be better than that.........

  • Val N.
    Val N. Month ago

    It's a shame how jealous females can be fake and back biters. She will learn confrontation is a part of life. I was a victim of bullying until I became victorious and stood up for myself! Once a victim..the second time a volunteer. She needs to confront this girl alone and straight out say WTF? Assertiveness is your armor and your words your weapon. Intelligence always beats ignorance...and ya dont have to play rock paper scissors to know that! I love you Steve! You keep it real and put the facts out there!! But I will say this women today are stronger, bolder, classier and intelligent. So surround yourself with positive, god fearing women and we need to build each other up and not tear each other down. #byefelicia 😂

  • J. Moestadja
    J. Moestadja Month ago +1

    At the end the inside counts. Friends come and go. In the beginning of your life you will have a lot of them but end with a hand full...those are the true ones!

  • Issa Swifty
    Issa Swifty Month ago

    Social media please find me that women she is absolutely beautiful ❤️😭

  • Memory Wilkerson
    Memory Wilkerson Month ago

    That is so true .. just cause you pretty here don’t mean you pretty

  • Derrick Patterson
    Derrick Patterson Month ago +3

    Awww hell naw 🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Shaw Mou
    Shaw Mou Month ago

    Beard! Again!

  • thea imus
    thea imus Month ago

    The person II work for is trying to take over my life and my home for her and her families choosing in which I am not in the position to handle. Sincerely trying to stay afloat, and not ready to take on 6 to 1. I saw her take back an 18-pack I saw her by this to return it?/$11 sparkling water to my at home water pitcher or 1-2 times a year water to go at the $1.60 // 18 in a pack..

  • Sumit Kapoor
    Sumit Kapoor Month ago +2

    She's very pretty and Beautiful from her heart. Simply sweet girl.
    Anyone knows her social media?

  • Plan-B TV
    Plan-B TV Month ago +3

    I am just like this lady.
    Not really a confrontational person.
    I tolerate a lot but when i finally speak and take action it against the reconciliation

  • Sao Pooh
    Sao Pooh Month ago +18

    A fantastic looking woman with a good heart. She doesn't realize it, but she's already won the beauty contest, between her and ugly heart...

  • Logan Shoemaker
    Logan Shoemaker Month ago

    Been watching old ones... first time I saw the new facial hair

  • Gorgeous T-Girl
    Gorgeous T-Girl Month ago +3

    She's so pretty. Lovely personality 💕

  • Andy Evans
    Andy Evans Month ago

    Plot twist: it was probably the lady in the crowd whose been doing it!

  • The left Phalange
    The left Phalange Month ago

    She's pretty why whould anyone do this to her

  • The Hooeys
    The Hooeys Month ago +1

    So her question is: Steve I’m not gonna do anything so what do I do that I’m not gonna do? She may think she’s being sweet but she’s anointing AF. Get some spine little missy toddler!

    • Anonymous Person
      Anonymous Person Month ago

      Yeah, she has the "anointing" of the Lord all over her. She's blessed indeed.

  • joseph robinson
    joseph robinson Month ago +1

    She's just jealous that's all like Steve say block her from your life problem solved

  • Dino 55
    Dino 55 Month ago

    Did steave tell her to make a meme... A MEEEMMEE