The Game That Kobe Bryant Faced PRIME Dwyane Wade! EPIC Duel Highlights 2008.12.19 - MUST SEE

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
  • Dwyane Wade 35 pts, 6 reb + clutch shots vs Kobe Bryant 28 pts Full Game Highlights | Miami Heat vs Los Angeles Lakers | December 19, 2008 | 2008-09 NBA Season | HOH Throwback
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  • Lai Saechao
    Lai Saechao 12 hours ago

    Kobe does take a lot of shots yeah but they are contested shots so 44% might not be bad.

  • Ken Weezy
    Ken Weezy 2 days ago

    Kobe Did not want to loose this game Epic Battle though

  • Roberto Tabornal Jr
    Roberto Tabornal Jr 3 days ago +2


  • TheRdfrota
    TheRdfrota 4 days ago +1

    Saw this game live. Payed 20 bucks. Good times

  • Adrian Shields
    Adrian Shields 6 days ago +1

    OMG . Dwade he had the bag of tricks. Some doctor at Marquette convinced wade to let him operate on dwade knee I think took out a lagament or something. It came back to haunt him latter. That's why we say prime dwade vs LeBron yrs Dwade. My player

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?

    D-Wade's moves remind me a lot of Jordan's. Very similar.

  • IsThisTheKrustyKrab?
    IsThisTheKrustyKrab? 7 days ago +1

    Without D-Wade, this 08-09 Heat arguably matches their previous season record of 15-67. They were 43-39 and a 5th seed playoff team that lost in 7 games to the 4 seed ATL Hawks.

  • Shin TV
    Shin TV 11 days ago

    Kobe is more skills

  • Jaughn Meshack
    Jaughn Meshack 12 days ago Kobe Mix

  • BayArea -To- Manila
    BayArea -To- Manila 12 days ago +1

    My two favorite players... Include Jordan... Men... They're unbeatable

  • Justin Vaughan
    Justin Vaughan 18 days ago

    I remember watching this game on a Friday night in my grandma bedroom 😔 those were the good times

  • KenArt 3
    KenArt 3 19 days ago +1

    My top 2 favorite players of all time!!! GOAT's

  • Elijah crump
    Elijah crump 19 days ago

    7:11 pretty much sums up dwade in one play

  • Kaeden Rukawa
    Kaeden Rukawa 21 day ago +1

    Prime Dwade = 2nd Prime Kobe

    Difference is, Wade only sustained it for only good 5 years. Kobe did it on 2 peaks of his career. Both are "carry type" of players, much like MJ. As for Lebron, his more of a facilitator type.. like Magic Johnson.

  • sandok sampalok
    sandok sampalok 23 days ago

    Did anyone notice the commentator saying micheal jackson??😂😂 5:54 listen well

  • Giordano Talavera
    Giordano Talavera 24 days ago

    When the NBA was popping and all of the superstars were spread throughout the league

  • Show Genius
    Show Genius 24 days ago

    Imagine if bron and wade paired up sooner😶

  • David Pena
    David Pena Month ago

    Brus waves are bangin

  • Shaquill Branch
    Shaquill Branch Month ago +1

    Jerry West
    A.I or Drexler

  • Reggie Spear
    Reggie Spear Month ago

    I love both but I'll take kobe hands down

  • Raphael Gonzales
    Raphael Gonzales Month ago +1

    Dwyane aka "The Flash" aka "Father Prime" Wadeee

  • T
    T 2 months ago



    Man! Am i the only one who thinks there were a lot of empty seats? Like i wish i could have been there to see this matchup

  • Stanley H
    Stanley H 2 months ago

    D wade is Trash

  • King Tutt
    King Tutt 2 months ago

    kobe was a str8 magician at getting to the hole.

  • Hakeem Alexandria
    Hakeem Alexandria 2 months ago

    hahaha.. he is way too far from kobe.. anytime is kobe’s prime time.. imagine if kobe made that 2 point.. lakers will win the extra time.. and dwayne wade will suck it

    • Jon Omega
      Jon Omega 3 days ago

      Hakeem Alexandria keyword “imagine” yeah cry again

  • Jeremiah Tompa
    Jeremiah Tompa 2 months ago

    Crazy that D Wade is retired now

  • Louie zavala
    Louie zavala 2 months ago

    2008 dwade was so underrated and the next year he got bron and bosh!

  • KYZ21ness
    KYZ21ness 2 months ago

    Pink Diamond D.Wade!!

  • Sanchit Gupta
    Sanchit Gupta 2 months ago +3

    D Wade was a video game type player in his prime.

  • Monkey D. Garp
    Monkey D. Garp 2 months ago

    Feels like i just watched it yesterday

  • Shawn Lilo
    Shawn Lilo 2 months ago

    Thank you wade 😢🙌🏽

  • Berserker Gaming
    Berserker Gaming 2 months ago +2

    Whose watching this after wade retired 🤧

  • Tris Matu
    Tris Matu 2 months ago

    Bruh Kobe was just too smooth with it, footwork with finesse

  • Slim Chain
    Slim Chain 2 months ago

    2 crunch time killers

  • Christian Oh
    Christian Oh 2 months ago +53

    Wade is now proclaimed as the Best Shot-Blocking Guard of All Time.

  • Thaw Oo
    Thaw Oo 3 months ago

    Damn that last shot Kobe took was so close to going in

  • Char Jara
    Char Jara 3 months ago

    Miss them Days

  • Troy Addict
    Troy Addict 3 months ago

    1:44 Kobe was mad the center blocked his shot he was about to throw the slam on that nigga if he didn’t foul him
    Lmao 🤣

    And I can do with out these fucking reply’s bruh you so fucking bad at making videos homie don’t quit your day job

  • Bra Flo
    Bra Flo 3 months ago

    The degree is difficulty in both wade and Kobe’s shot.

  • Josh Pineda
    Josh Pineda 3 months ago +3

    Miss how physical and personal these battles were we just don’t have the same type of alpha to alpha physical battles anymore. I remember watching these guys go at it simply to be better than the other. Miss this level of competitiveness both these guys were monsters. Same with Carmelo, Bron, KG, Dirk, Tmac , Gilbert arenas all those guys 💪🏽

  • Jets Set 5.0
    Jets Set 5.0 3 months ago

    i thought haslem was kawhi

  • Edward Brink
    Edward Brink 3 months ago

    Why the hell are the seats so empty? Guess Wade vs Kobe just doesnt sound that exciting to people in miami

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago

      Do you know how congested traffic is around the American Airlines Arena.

  • Ben Miller
    Ben Miller 3 months ago +1

    DWade is probably the most mentally fierce nba player of my lifetime(along with Kobe). His body isn't as good as others, but his basketbal logistics mind is all-time great, from my view.

  • andruha1067
    andruha1067 3 months ago +2

    For the dudes who hate on Kobe's shot selection and why he took so many shots, see second to last Laker possession. When Kobe gave up the ball his teammates often failed him. That's why the man retired with 5 chips because he knew he could bet on himself more than on his teammates most of whom were underachievers.

  • Clutchless19
    Clutchless19 3 months ago +3

    Wade is shorter michael jordan

  • Ahmad2423
    Ahmad2423 3 months ago +1

    The real '09 MVP!!! D-Wade aka...Flash"

  • Prime Choi Min-ki
    Prime Choi Min-ki 3 months ago +1

    Final score wasnt 160-158? These guys are trash

  • yueekian tian
    yueekian tian 3 months ago +1

    Suprisely, I feel nervous about the result when I saw this video just now.

  • Harsh Patel
    Harsh Patel 3 months ago +1

    That miami heat announcer has to be the most annoying guy ever

  • Boe Nettles
    Boe Nettles 3 months ago +1

    In their 20 head to heads, Wade - 11wins, Kobe - 9 wins... Kobe has a slightly higher average in points but Wade has a higher average in assists, stls, blocks and rebounds

    • Adam Leon
      Adam Leon 3 months ago

      Doesnt mean shit
      Kobe is top 10 all time. Wade top 15

  • Antonio Collins
    Antonio Collins 3 months ago +1

    Funny KOBE use to bust wade ass on the lol

  • Adam Samuel
    Adam Samuel 3 months ago

    If this Wade was fit he would have won in 2007 & possibily in 2009 had he have a good sidekick to replace Shaq like the Splash Brothers or MJ & Scottie. He was as good as Lebron.

  • N2R
    N2R 3 months ago +1

    0:31 holy shit kobe was jacked af

  • Christoffe Laurence Latonero

    Imagine Wade and James team up on 2009

  • TehutiBrim 59
    TehutiBrim 59 3 months ago +2

    Flash was better than Bron #FACTS the real ROTY

    • Wallace Sharpe
      Wallace Sharpe 3 months ago +2

      I agree 100 percent and I live in Miami and watched both from the beginning until now and Wade should have been the ROTY in 2003/2004 and in 2009 he was the MVP and it was giving to Lebron. Wade lead the league in points, blocks and steals and didn't get the MVP.

  • Igneos Kai
    Igneos Kai 3 months ago

    Bryant with those clutch offense while wade with clutch D! Awesome duel for ages!

  • Xavi Ferra
    Xavi Ferra 3 months ago +1

    Ppl forgettin kobe is the 2nd best sg ever

  • Eugene Stanton
    Eugene Stanton 3 months ago

    Miss these days

    QUEENDOM 3 months ago +34

    Wade splits the double like no other.

  • Cyrese Luh'Head
    Cyrese Luh'Head 3 months ago +1

    I know wade about to retire but I still get scared watching this 😂 I’m scared he gone hurt his knees

  • KevinLG1990
    KevinLG1990 3 months ago

    Look at how empty that crowd is.. Miami has so many weather fans it’s embarrassing

    • Giordano Talavera
      Giordano Talavera 24 days ago

      Kevin.. As someone who pays attention to the NBA's attendance year by year, I can tell you the Heat stadium is always top 5 in sold seats and attendance. Even above the defending Champions Warriors' attendance- believe it or not. Google search is your friend. Happy trails.

    • Sam
      Sam 2 months ago

      Man shut up. As you can see by the second quarter all the seats were filled

  • Donna Dunbar
    Donna Dunbar 4 months ago +4

    Dwade shuda won mvp that season. Not lebron. Lbj clearly rob dwade for mvp that season

  • OGLT 77
    OGLT 77 4 months ago +3


  • TheDJKevin Smith
    TheDJKevin Smith 4 months ago

    Wade was an incredible player. Derrick Rose was an incredible player. Bernard King was an incredible player. But all for a short time. Kobe was great for anLONG time and played hurt a lot more. That’s what makes him top of the food chain

  • EthnHayabusa
    EthnHayabusa 4 months ago

    This is my kind of Basketball. I hate the current era. Boring, and weak.

  • Adi Kumar
    Adi Kumar 4 months ago

    The sheer athleticism is incredible, and the skill he showed is what him one of the greatest

  • read more
    read more 4 months ago

    Kobe vs Flash , Epic anytime

  • Funny Rabbid
    Funny Rabbid 4 months ago +1

    2006 Dwade vs kobe is better

  • Sung Cheung Tsang
    Sung Cheung Tsang 4 months ago +1

    both play D and no flopping

  • Pittypat Boxing
    Pittypat Boxing 4 months ago

    Pat Riley is a snake 10:00

  • FAWK Q
    FAWK Q 4 months ago +5


  • I HATE what I HATE
    I HATE what I HATE 4 months ago +3

    I was surprised to dwade's energy mygod i never knew it

  • Matthew Perez
    Matthew Perez 4 months ago


  • Andrew Whitman
    Andrew Whitman 4 months ago

    heat got lucky kobe drilled that jumper all the time the look on his face he was like “bro i make those”

  • Luke Adams
    Luke Adams 4 months ago

    Wade benefited too much from referee calls. The heat's title againist Dallas was a travesty of poor officiating. He was never quite as good as his stat sheet suggested, even in his prime. You can see here, with the breakaway dunk at 7:30, that he was so used to preferential treatment at this point that just because he flopped about like a buttered mushroom he expected to get the call. Walton wasn;t anywhere near him.

  • Papa Lannister
    Papa Lannister 4 months ago

    I wish this Wade and 2011 D. Rose had of both been with Bulls together

  • Sleepy Archived
    Sleepy Archived 4 months ago +1

    Prime Wade>>>MVP Harden's double stepback

  • ron aquino
    ron aquino 4 months ago

    5:43 that ref

  • cold chillin
    cold chillin 5 months ago +1

    wade to me was doing it like jordan

  • Southcidal Music
    Southcidal Music 5 months ago +1

    The game? You would think that Wade was in his prime for 2 weeks until you go back and look at his stats throughout the years.

  • Mike G
    Mike G 5 months ago +2

    The feeling When Stephen A Smith has the nerve to compare these two to James Harden ☹️☹️☹️. Why can’t these ESPN, FOX hire pundits who really know Basketball 🏀 ??? It’s painful to listen to these clowns everyday man 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • Mr. Reid
    Mr. Reid 5 months ago +2

    Wade is the most underrated of the 2000 era. From 05-10 he was just as good as Kobe & Bron, unfortunately his body gave up on him.

  • i.e.m.
    i.e.m. 5 months ago +1

    My Favourite players ever are: Jordan, Wade, Stockton and Lebron.

  • Patrick Neal
    Patrick Neal 5 months ago +1

    two of the best shooting guards of all time

  • Moses Chan
    Moses Chan 6 months ago

    Wade is totally not comparable to Kobe

  • Jeremy Nugraha
    Jeremy Nugraha 6 months ago +1

    Man NBA at its best. No travel, no bullshit, no drama.

  • Rayno CWH
    Rayno CWH 6 months ago

    those good old days, when star vs star instead of currently stars vs stars

  • G G
    G G 6 months ago +2

    Stupid title, you'd think Kobe was still in his prime after Wade declined when kobe declined considerably befire retirement as well. Prime kobe vs prime Wade

  • Christian Tabago
    Christian Tabago 6 months ago

    10:18 just listen

  • Oof oof
    Oof oof 6 months ago +3

    thats why nba 2k Give wade 99 overall twice. 2k8 2k9 :>

  • Jayson Betorio
    Jayson Betorio 6 months ago

    DWade is very much a better playmaker than Kobe. Kobe's edge was in scoring due to height difference. I got wade on defense and bball IQ.

    • Francisco Pizarro
      Francisco Pizarro 2 months ago

      Jayson Betorio Kobe was the better scorer and defender

  • Raven Harvey
    Raven Harvey 6 months ago +1

    D wade 🙌

  • 2.0 Lyf Pop
    2.0 Lyf Pop 6 months ago

    Is this at normal speed? The speed is too fast on my end I checked the settings and it’s normal.. weird

  • Yang Li
    Yang Li 6 months ago +1

    this is the best D wade i ever seen!

    ST. AUBYN 6 months ago

    D Wade, one of the best basketball dribbler if not the best. Won the NBA skill competition couple of times. He dribbles like a soccer player.

  • Grimmjoe Jaggerjacks
    Grimmjoe Jaggerjacks 6 months ago

    Maaan, he's really fast.

  • Florida ric
    Florida ric 6 months ago

    Wade is easily top 5 shooting guard to ever play he too 3 to me

  • Sugar Ray Robinson
    Sugar Ray Robinson 6 months ago +4

    2006 - 2009 daz the prime flash ⚡️

  • TonyDracon
    TonyDracon 6 months ago

    jordan farmar is lonzo ball