Fans who sent mean tweets about kickers try to make real field goals | Always Late with Katie Nolan

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • On Always Late with Katie Nolan, college football fans who sent mean tweets about kickers are invited to kick real field goals.
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Comments • 9 633

  • Connor Kilgour
    Connor Kilgour Day ago

    Katie Nolan has gotta be the most annoying girl to work at ESPN

  • Thinner Gorilla
    Thinner Gorilla Day ago

    It's funny because the professionals are paid to do this and are fucking PAID to practice.

  • Tyler Chazotte
    Tyler Chazotte 2 days ago

    These are only somewhat real FGs. It is easier with cleats, and you definitely don’t kick FGs off of a kickoff tee. Also all of those attempts looked pathetic. Lol. The 52 yarder is no joke to actually make, but the sub 35 yarders aren’t too bad.

  • Jennifer Schlicht
    Jennifer Schlicht 5 days ago

    This is beautiful. Thank you!

  • Adam Gliddon
    Adam Gliddon 5 days ago

    This chick should make videos about how women say they love each other and then show them videos of how much shit they talk behind each other’s backs and them fucking each other’s men. She’s better qualified for that than this.

  • XCAltoona
    XCAltoona 7 days ago

    This is how we should start treating all needlessly shitty people online

  • Timely J96
    Timely J96 9 days ago +1

    Meanwhile she wouldn’t be able to kick the ball

  • Edp 445
    Edp 445 12 days ago

    this chick's head is actually hollow

  • bills4th
    bills4th 12 days ago +4

    This is amazing. Keyboard warriors get their comeuppance.

  • Seannputt
    Seannputt 13 days ago

    it’s bc they’re kicking for a kick off tee lol

  • George Pelekis
    George Pelekis 14 days ago

    This annoys me so much. College Kickers get scholarships to go kick at D1 schools, half of these guys haven’t played football since middle school. Cody Parker gets paid millions to kick in the NFL.

  • jacob82821
    jacob82821 15 days ago +2

    Marry me katie. Also "divison 3" weird flex bro

  • Jack of all trails
    Jack of all trails 18 days ago

    Epic win!

  • Ricardo Galiano
    Ricardo Galiano 19 days ago

    first dude at 5:43 "I just missed that kick with nobody at me" huh?!? I don't think he knows the difference between missing a kick and not being able to kick a kick 😂🤣😂🤣
    Ps. 31 yards, no problemo for me 😉

  • mae2759
    mae2759 19 days ago

    Those kicks are even easier in the studio because they are on a tee. The real ones are from the ground.

  • Vedraj r.m
    Vedraj r.m 19 days ago

    She's laughing
    Bet she'll do worse than them

  • Cut-throat 305
    Cut-throat 305 20 days ago

    Amazingly only 3 missed and the rest made it 😂🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Luke Hills
    Luke Hills 20 days ago

    Lmao kickers were complaining meanwhile they kick all day and get pampered like qbs

  • Eric Read
    Eric Read 20 days ago

    This woman is incredibly rude.


    She’s annoying. Have her go kick it and see what happens.

  • Freesh Avaacadooo
    Freesh Avaacadooo 21 day ago

    Look, I may not fucking play football, but I damn sure have an opinion when a professional starts to suck ass. Don't put me up to the plate because I think they are underperforming at their rank... Why don't you try any of the challenges, bitch?

  • Logan Kennedy
    Logan Kennedy 21 day ago

    She’s a cunt

  • Sean Cuvanov
    Sean Cuvanov 21 day ago

    They have the worst shoes

  • Carlos Soto
    Carlos Soto 21 day ago

    They should do one of these with people who say they could've caught an incomplete game winning pass

  • iiDefied
    iiDefied 21 day ago +4

    It's completely fair to talk shit about someone who sucks at their job.

  • Will Be FAMOUS
    Will Be FAMOUS 21 day ago +3

    I could've made that kick😂🤣😂🤣

  • Sam Dyer
    Sam Dyer 22 days ago

    I hate that bitch, who hasn't said something in frustration of course there is alot of pressure on kickers but of course the viewer is going to feel like they could've made it; its just showing they are interested in the game. I would've loved to watch that bimbo attempt the same FG

  • Mike Barnes
    Mike Barnes 22 days ago

    She is beautiful!

  • Joe Chavey
    Joe Chavey 22 days ago

    The kickers JOB is to make field goals these guys don't practice everyday.

    • Owen Rodgers
      Owen Rodgers 20 days ago

      And all kickers kick more accurately than these people... What's your point?

  • Rob C
    Rob C 22 days ago

    Deadass I dgaf. I got 20 yards all day

  • Peter 888
    Peter 888 22 days ago +1

    Go into women’s sports, dumb bitch

  • Zoo
    Zoo 22 days ago

    If you brought me to kick and make a field goal I’d miss but if you deposited millions of dollars in my account I’d make it every mofo time I promise

  • mrmacross
    mrmacross 22 days ago

    None of these are as funny as the lady who insisted to get an NFL tryout, and couldn't even kick the ball thirty yards.

  • jp have
    jp have 22 days ago +1

    Hoes mad x 10

    • Owen Rodgers
      Owen Rodgers 20 days ago

      It's called being a tv presenter ...

  • HyperMous3
    HyperMous3 22 days ago

    Do they only pick the non-Athletic people? I could make all those kicks with ease. No cap.

  • I am epic man blurryface trench

    They aren’t college kickers tho

  • Girl Who Talks A Lot
    Girl Who Talks A Lot 22 days ago

    These comments further prove her point

  • Username79
    Username79 22 days ago

    Y’all prolly cut out all the people that made it lmao

  • Bflo23
    Bflo23 22 days ago

    At 5:20, I think the wind blew it a little wide.

  • Mark Alvarez
    Mark Alvarez 22 days ago

    They need cleats. I speak as a varsity high school kicker. I could make both those kicks, but I don’t blame the kickers because no one can make every kick.

  • Synyster Hope
    Synyster Hope 22 days ago

    They wouldn't dare choose someone who at least looks athletic.

    • Synyster Hope
      Synyster Hope 20 days ago

      @Owen Rodgers Non athletic looking people couldn't kick the ball, so they only proved the obvious.

    • Owen Rodgers
      Owen Rodgers 20 days ago

      Looking athletic and kicking a football have almost nothing in common...
      Your comment proves why this segment existed

  • Jude Mullette
    Jude Mullette 23 days ago

    I want to see the guy who made it

  • AZ Graphix
    AZ Graphix 23 days ago

    It really isnt that hard lmao

  • Meme Republic
    Meme Republic 23 days ago

    I hate this lady

  • Nicholas Bowen
    Nicholas Bowen 23 days ago

    My farthest make is 55 from the left hash

  • Isaiah West
    Isaiah West 23 days ago +1

    Yall know this fake right? Lmaooo how they all wear college football shirts

  • Paul Stiles
    Paul Stiles 23 days ago

    Actual kickers dont get the benefit of kicking off a tee either

  • Rob Burig
    Rob Burig 23 days ago

    Bahaha 53 yards is four football fields. Someone should have stayed in school.

  • Juicy James
    Juicy James 24 days ago

    That chick is suck a bitch

  • balti4s #79
    balti4s #79 24 days ago

    She's cute and knows sports nice

  • X MappleDee X Field
    X MappleDee X Field 24 days ago +1

    The thing she doesent get is that these are a bunch of real pro nfl kickers they should be making those 30 yard kicks

  • jeff ferguson
    jeff ferguson 25 days ago

    Lol these guys are lames, i was a beast when in school and now im a 40 year old alcoholic lazy bastard and even i can still kick a field goal🤣🤣🤣🤣 i still got hella hops for a short chubby bastard too.

  • Le patty Pie
    Le patty Pie 25 days ago

    Na seriously I could make those kicks like I make pie

  • Ya Boi Zeecko
    Ya Boi Zeecko 26 days ago +15

    None of them even have cleats on tho fam

  • Burtnite
    Burtnite 26 days ago +4

    Why is she so rude and condescending

  • reys GG
    reys GG 26 days ago

    I could actually make this sorry ass kick 😂😂😂😂

  • eclipsewrecker
    eclipsewrecker 26 days ago

    Somehow this show is worse than the people they are “exposing.”

  • iVxnYT
    iVxnYT 27 days ago +3

    Come on guys your using a kickoff tee

    • iVxnYT
      iVxnYT 24 days ago

      Will Maves I’m from Canada and we use a flat FG tee but not a kickoff one. That could add like 20 yards to their kick😂

    • Will Maves
      Will Maves 24 days ago

      iVxnYT that’s what I am saying u don’t kick field goals with that

  • hbr0101
    hbr0101 27 days ago

    Doesn’t help that she’s so hot

  • mayahyeet
    mayahyeet 27 days ago

    She’s such a bitch this video just pissed me off

  • Zotur
    Zotur 27 days ago

    Are they supposed to kick with their toe? Wtf

  • The Turdinator
    The Turdinator 27 days ago

    Could I start tweeting that I think I can fuck Katie better than whoever is now, and I'll get to try???

  • Jorge Baltazar
    Jorge Baltazar 27 days ago

    I play soccer kicking a football 30 yards shouldn’t be that hard

  • Keith B.
    Keith B. 27 days ago

    These are great segments!

  • Spongebob Squarepants
    Spongebob Squarepants 27 days ago

    I've seen and reseen the Cody Parkey miss, not tip but miss, did the guys finger touch the ball? Yes, did it alter the path? No. Quit making excuses for him. Kickers have 1 job and they should train year round to excel at the job. I also know kickers are human and make mistakes but still

  • J 671
    J 671 27 days ago +13

    I probably could make a 30 yard kick or less

  • Jon 9715
    Jon 9715 27 days ago +1

    I would have made then use a different tee. Or had them just hold it off the ground. I would have loved to have don’t this one as a kicker myself.

  • PhantomNico Z
    PhantomNico Z 28 days ago

    there running technique is horrible

    THEKIDFL7 28 days ago +6

    She lowkey mean lmao

  • Shea White-Toney
    Shea White-Toney 28 days ago

    bro she’s so mean

  • ImJuulThief
    ImJuulThief 28 days ago

    I bet i could make a 30 yard field goal on a good day

  • The muffin Man
    The muffin Man 28 days ago

    U know how many people made the shot but they just didn’t put it in the video

  • The muffin Man
    The muffin Man 28 days ago

    U know how many people made the shot but they just didn’t put it in the video

  • Savage Sentral
    Savage Sentral 28 days ago

    People shit on Cody Parkey because the nigga has a million dollar leg but just ends up hitting the crossbars

  • Simplicio
    Simplicio 28 days ago

    **W-w-w how do we know a billion other clips didn't make it?????**
    Okay, you're right, maybe you're favorite dickhead made it, whatever makes you feel better

    • Riley LeClair
      Riley LeClair 27 days ago

      Well if they're not going to show anyone who made the kick, then they're basically taking people on the show to publicly humiliate them.

  • Orphin #294
    Orphin #294 29 days ago +1

    Every former kicker is complaining that fans think they can kick field goals and the rest of us are just mad at the host

  • Ryan H
    Ryan H 29 days ago

    If you're a kicker you should be kicking all day everyday. You should practice for bad snaps. I would bet they brought out multiple people who made the kick lol

  • Orphin #294
    Orphin #294 29 days ago +1

    Now host

    You try

  • Zapsst
    Zapsst 29 days ago +9

    Some of these mofuckers get paid to kick a ball 20-30 yards make the kick

    • IrishknifeRD
      IrishknifeRD 27 days ago

      in this theyre talking about college football. they dont get paid unless youre talking scholarships.

  • Kjleed13
    Kjleed13 29 days ago

    You think if I mean tweet saying “I could date Katie Nolan” she’d call me out on it and let me take her out and prove how terrible I am at it?

  • Feriin
    Feriin 29 days ago

    Back when I played. Field Goals were easy in practice. When you're actually playing the game though and you let the crowd get to you, it's not easy anymore.
    This is from someone who kicked and blocked a fair number of field goals.

    • Savage Sentral
      Savage Sentral 28 days ago

      Cody Parkey though is a rare type of kicker with 99 accuracy when aiming for the crossbars

  • Dan99 L
    Dan99 L 29 days ago

    Just goes to show most shit talkers on the internet are usually fat fucking worthless slobs

  • Dario R
    Dario R Month ago

    These guys sending mean tweets aren’t getting payed millions just to kick a ball tho, they actually have other jobs. They have every right to be mad at these kickers

  • Chris Marsh
    Chris Marsh Month ago

    she’s such a bitch

  • Jayden Ortiz
    Jayden Ortiz Month ago

    u did`n t have to expose them

  • GKeeper316
    GKeeper316 Month ago +4

    i know for a fact i could have made any of those kicks... before june 16th, 2018, when i tore my lateral ligament and parineal tendon... now i can barely walk. even after surgery.

    • Pappy Tron
      Pappy Tron 28 days ago

      Sorry to hear that, gimpy. Get well soon.

  • Anthony cardinale
    Anthony cardinale Month ago

    Of course they didn’t make it that’s because they’re not in the nfl. Kickers who miss 35 yd or lower field goals are bad. They’re in the nfl for a reason because their the best of the best.

  • Vbergs
    Vbergs Month ago

    The difference is the kickers do it professionally

  • Ahan Jain
    Ahan Jain Month ago +1

    Why is she so toxic good lord

  • AJHBhuh TV
    AJHBhuh TV Month ago +1

    But can Katie make it

  • Salvador Rodriguez
    Salvador Rodriguez Month ago

    The longest fieldgoal ive kicked is 40 yards lol its much harder than it looks and i play soccer

  • KICK 98
    KICK 98 Month ago

    I’m actually a kicker for my team and I probably coulda made it

    • Alex Wilde
      Alex Wilde 28 days ago

      KICK 98 that maybe true but just remember Justin tucker had never missed a PAT and he missed one this year nobody is perfect

    • KICK 98
      KICK 98 Month ago

      You’re probably right but still every other team’s kicker would’ve hit that

    • Alex Wilde
      Alex Wilde Month ago

      KICK 98 okay still doesn’t change the fact that you couldn’t hit that kick

    • KICK 98
      KICK 98 Month ago

      Chicago is my team so I’m gonna make fun of em if I want to😂

    • Alex Wilde
      Alex Wilde Month ago

      you don’t even look like you could run 30 yards 😂

  • Wasaki
    Wasaki Month ago

    I could actually make it tho😂imma kicker, tho anyone who says "i deadass could have made that kick" isnt a kicker becuase no kicker would disrespect another kicker lol

    • Alex Wilde
      Alex Wilde Month ago

      Wasaki riiiight and I’m Gordon Ramsey

  • Luke Paige00
    Luke Paige00 Month ago

    People are so over confident. So stupid

  • Mohammad Al-Awadi
    Mohammad Al-Awadi Month ago

    1. Who the fuck is teaching these people to kick with their toes?!
    2. I would like this more if Katie wasn't acting like the tweets were criticizing her.

  • Jason Couzis
    Jason Couzis Month ago

    I mean I played soccer but there’s no way someone can be THAT bad at kicking a football.

  • Steelers are the best

    She's a bitch

  • late night with Jordan Sales

    What they do with Katie Nolan? She was much better with NFL films

  • Bobby D
    Bobby D Month ago

    Who gave this woman a job? We need to talk. It was a bad move. She sucks

  • Logan K
    Logan K Month ago

    God. That host seems like such a bitch