Steve Carell Was A Festive Mailman

  • Published on Dec 20, 2018
  • Before he was starring in big movies like 'Welcome to Marwen' and 'Vice,' Steve Carell was rural mail carrier who played along with children's letters to North Pole.
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Comments • 834

  • Keely Johnson
    Keely Johnson 13 hours ago

    parents who do 2 wrapping papers >>

  • Hi _
    Hi _ Day ago

    Steve Carell looks like that guy from “The Office”

  • Mam Z
    Mam Z 3 days ago

    The Fabio video was recorded on my first birthday!

  • SweetGinRickey
    SweetGinRickey 5 days ago

    Steve Carell + Stephen Colbert = DILF squared

  • jkljdfgffs
    jkljdfgffs 8 days ago +1

    This is the dude who came to our school.

  • victor ampuero
    victor ampuero 9 days ago

    Boring and dull..

  • freespeechisdead isdead
    freespeechisdead isdead 10 days ago +1

    I wish Steve Carell would stop lying.....we all know he's still a mail man.

  • Blu Rooster
    Blu Rooster 10 days ago +2

    This Steve guy sounds a lot like Michael Scott

  • sydney merryman
    sydney merryman 12 days ago

    steve carell's voice is so nice? it would be fun to have him in a nice animated movie just doing his normal voice (also his laugh).

  • Scott Bain
    Scott Bain 14 days ago

    Every time these two are on anything together, I drop everything and just sit in front of the screen going “STEEEEEEEEEEEVE” like Jonah Hill in Wolf of Wall Street.

  • Bobby Goldberg
    Bobby Goldberg 16 days ago

    My fav regional manager
    Micheal Scott aka agent Micheal scarn

  • Swarnalakshmi Ramalingam

    What is the track they are playing at the beginning?

  • Trippy
    Trippy 19 days ago +2

    I can’t look at him without thinking of him kissing Oscar

  • Trippy
    Trippy 19 days ago +3

    “Micheal you came!”
    “That’s what she said.”

    DOUGLAS HOTCHKISS 21 day ago

    The marwencol doc was very impressive.

  • DirtyFrigginHarry
    DirtyFrigginHarry 27 days ago

    I worked at the 7-11 that was the Tedeschis that was the store 24 that he worked at. He's a legend around here.
    Not really. Every now and then someone's like "Hey you know Steve Carrell used to work there?". Chris Evans is a much bigger deal. All the pizza plans claim that they were his favorite restaurant and he hung out there in high school.

  • Lua Harmsen
    Lua Harmsen 27 days ago

    omg they are soooooooooooooo cute

  • Ride With Chris
    Ride With Chris Month ago

    The part at the end where Steve slyly mentions his gift for Steven is in his car reminded me of the scene from The Office where Michael gives Toby a rock from his going away present then mentions he may have other more appropriate gifts in his car. 😆

  • v w
    v w Month ago

    Damn he got sexy!!!

  • zahid khan
    zahid khan Month ago

    steve, jim and the late robin. W(legend) are a class apart

  • Henrik Högberg
    Henrik Högberg Month ago +1

    That clip of Steve and Stephen playing Fabio was filmed the exakt day that Kurt Cobain killed himself. April 5, 1994.

  • Sev Strat
    Sev Strat Month ago

    The office!

  • Xristina Kon
    Xristina Kon Month ago

    Steve Carell is the worst actor ever

  • Dominika
    Dominika Month ago


  • _ roo5ter8eak _
    _ roo5ter8eak _ Month ago +1

    “It’s Britney Bitch” - Michael Scott

  • BigSis Gymnast
    BigSis Gymnast Month ago

    He was the mailman for the town I live in.

  • Houssam Hiani
    Houssam Hiani Month ago

    NOOO , GoD please , Nooo

  • Daryl Patrice
    Daryl Patrice Month ago

    Steve Carell has such a beautiful chest.

  • Pha Chau
    Pha Chau Month ago

    i love himmmm

  • gon greg
    gon greg Month ago

    Oh, what a great interview! You can feel they're real friends, and they both are very intelligent and entertaining .

  • Sagar Saini
    Sagar Saini Month ago

    I miss you Michael Scott

  • A S
    A S 2 months ago +3

    Good see prison mike doing so well👍🏼

  • Lol Im A Person
    Lol Im A Person 2 months ago +1

    It's sad to see him getting older

  • Jbird
    Jbird 2 months ago

    That’s my gift to you lmfao.

  • Jbird
    Jbird 2 months ago

    Why not do a new series called Michael...........just him dealing with the world, then you could have guest from the office.......

  • Jbird
    Jbird 2 months ago

    The host is just braggy that he’s known Steve for ever, he won’t shut up about it, cringe city. Steve is one of the coolest guys on earth. Not saying the host is a bad person, he’s funny, just wouldn’t stop tryin to ride on Steve’s name. Idk whatever.

  • intothewoods72A
    intothewoods72A 2 months ago

    Andy is in the back warming his pipes for Faith

  • ha h
    ha h 2 months ago +1

    Steven Carrell looks like an Indian uncle. My guy ages like fine wine

  • Sarah Kerrigan
    Sarah Kerrigan 2 months ago

    1:00 everyone in the audience misses the daily show with jon

  • Janae Clarice
    Janae Clarice 2 months ago

    Adel Dazeem

  • Rich vitamin Dさま
    Rich vitamin Dさま 2 months ago

    He’s looking more dapper every appearance

  • Mackenzie Hoskins
    Mackenzie Hoskins 2 months ago

    He said that his films are a gift to America. Well, I'm from New Zealand so can I still watch Simon Cowell films?

  • Riley Mae
    Riley Mae 2 months ago

    I LOVE Steve.

  • Mhd gaming13
    Mhd gaming13 2 months ago

    That's what she said😂

  • Captain Blackjack
    Captain Blackjack 2 months ago

    I love that the band played Once in a Lifetime for Steve

  • The Grey Raccoons
    The Grey Raccoons 2 months ago

    This guy looks like Michael Scott from the office!

  • iamelloyello
    iamelloyello 2 months ago

    I am 23 and my parents still wrap presents that say "from santa" and use special wrapping paper for it.

  • Brittani J
    Brittani J 2 months ago

    Can we just get a full hour of these two!

  • Yusuf Khalid
    Yusuf Khalid 2 months ago

    Can someone give me the name of the song played when he comes out?

  • The Debaucherous Dweeb
    The Debaucherous Dweeb 3 months ago +2

    "Festive mailman" is what they called me in college...

  • The Debaucherous Dweeb
    The Debaucherous Dweeb 3 months ago


  • The Debaucherous Dweeb
    The Debaucherous Dweeb 3 months ago

    11:40 and also every comment on this video are the best parts of maybe any video ever on any platform.

  • K4rthik 5789
    K4rthik 5789 3 months ago

    I look at him, and all I see, is just Michael Scott,
    No matter how many roles he takes, he’ll still be Mr. Michael Scott , Regional Manager, Dundee Mifflin, Scranton

  • phyo ye
    phyo ye 3 months ago

    michael is my favourite comedy actor all time

  • Corey Somers
    Corey Somers 3 months ago

    “Did you get me anything?” 😂

  • Just Jack
    Just Jack 3 months ago +1

    Everytime Steve Carell talks I hear Michael Scott and just start dying 😂

  • Laurent de backer
    Laurent de backer 3 months ago +1

    Man, i love Steve Carrell, what a nice guy! :-)

  • Studio Vulcan
    Studio Vulcan 3 months ago +6


  • rudy2fat
    rudy2fat 3 months ago +1

    Working the Mail is a tough job.

  • Rafael Sanchez
    Rafael Sanchez 3 months ago

    Just two boys who love each other!

  • Efrain Entrertainment
    Efrain Entrertainment 3 months ago

    He kinda looks like Christoph Waltz with that beard

  • Blue Collar Men Productions

    So good in vice

    • Leelo Haskin
      Leelo Haskin 2 months ago

      A shame hes not getting love for it nor Beautiful Boy.

  • bepowerification
    bepowerification 3 months ago

    awesome talk, they go very good together.

  • Akemi M.
    Akemi M. 3 months ago

    I wish they were my gay dads

  • Sicko Mode
    Sicko Mode 3 months ago

    Steve Carol looks like a too “kool”math teacher that says those awkward jokes in between each lesson . No one laughs .

  • Fred Herbert
    Fred Herbert 3 months ago

    Love Steve Carell, but Colbert is such a cringeworthy and condescending interviewer that I couldn’t make it through the whole thing...

  • Mary Carla
    Mary Carla 3 months ago

    He didn't want the job??? What an idiot! LOL! I wonder what he thinks when he sees them on TV now.

  • Anish
    Anish 3 months ago

    Zomato ki mkc

  • bukovinian
    bukovinian 3 months ago

    Steven Carell bearded looks like Stephen Spielberg.

  • MissTayzha
    MissTayzha 3 months ago

    Wish I could find the Daily Show Even Steph(V)en bits. They were hilarious together.

  • Tyler Chan
    Tyler Chan 3 months ago

    Does anyone know the name of the song that plays when Steve walks out?

  • Luciano Florio
    Luciano Florio 3 months ago

    - Tonight's topic: Islam vs. Christianity, Which is right?
    - Islam.
    - Christianity.

  • Blonkinman
    Blonkinman 3 months ago

    S.C. America's sweetheart and brick ofc

  • Rod Ham
    Rod Ham 3 months ago

    Love the cheeky Colbert, their relationship is so genuine, this is just so nice!

  • Andrew Barzal
    Andrew Barzal 3 months ago

    Weird how boring he is when he's not michael scott

  • Steve Sal
    Steve Sal 3 months ago

    Can we get a native english speaker to write these descriptions?

  • Michael Scott
    Michael Scott 3 months ago

    This guy seems alright

  • JC Collis
    JC Collis 3 months ago

    Him and Michael Scott look a lot alike.

  • Snowy Owl
    Snowy Owl 3 months ago +1

    sears was a big thing and now the stores are closing 80% across the nation. rip.

  • Jeanlaid Alvarez
    Jeanlaid Alvarez 3 months ago

    7:25 classic Michael Scott

  • takeflight
    takeflight 3 months ago

    He has always looked like a postman to me. He MUST do a movie as one.

  • TheSuperMaine
    TheSuperMaine 3 months ago

    I gotta be honest, this is by far one of the funniest Colbert episodes I have EVER! seen, I was literally laughing so hard!!

  • Observer 1
    Observer 1 3 months ago

    Yeah Steve I was a rural carrier too. Delivered out of my car too.

  • KoreanBBQ
    KoreanBBQ 3 months ago

    First movie I remember seeing Steve Carell and laughing my ass off is Bruce Almighty.

  • eugean stepantsov
    eugean stepantsov 3 months ago

    The grey on that man makes him look so dashing.

  • Bulldozer
    Bulldozer 3 months ago

    If Steve doesn't dedicate his next movie to Stephen, then he can go **** himself!

  • Vetle Tollaksen
    Vetle Tollaksen 3 months ago

    The wrapping idea to fool the kids, it is really good

  • diego martinez
    diego martinez 3 months ago

    they are kids

  • Nadesican
    Nadesican 3 months ago

    RMCs still use their own vehicles!

  • OrionsFaith
    OrionsFaith 3 months ago

    got all the way to 9:30 before I even thought 'what is he even promoting?' love these guys

  • Daniel O. Mattosinho
    Daniel O. Mattosinho 3 months ago

    This interview could have been better ...

  • Israel Gaeta
    Israel Gaeta 3 months ago

    Holy shit he was sexy af!!!

  • Savneet Singh
    Savneet Singh 3 months ago

    It's not interesting the stories to me at all but it's just Steve talking and I don't want it to end , this man can just keep talking and I'll watch😂

  • Samuel Clemens
    Samuel Clemens 3 months ago

    Amazing........A guest who isn't just on the show to talk about a new book being released. Very refreshing.

  • Edward Bell
    Edward Bell 3 months ago

    It's fantastic to see that Steve has passed that stage of being a middle aged virgin and now has kids. Thanks for all th laughs.

  • Josh Lamoreaux
    Josh Lamoreaux 3 months ago


  • Gunni1972
    Gunni1972 3 months ago

    OG Carell, delivering mail like a pimp? Hard to imagine after the Oscars against Ricky Gervais

  • Viktoria F.
    Viktoria F. 3 months ago

    The wrapping paper thing is what my parents used to do!! LOL

  • Audrey Ripperger
    Audrey Ripperger 3 months ago

    Alll I see is despicable 123 love this guy

  • Mysteriouskat
    Mysteriouskat 3 months ago

    I thought they were the same person.