Top 5 FAILED Classical Performances!

  • Published on Mar 16, 2018
  • What can go wrong during piano or symphony concerto? Check this out!
    Here are the 5 most funny accidents, during classical perfomances, including broken piano string and cell phone interruption.
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  • wall flower
    wall flower Day ago

    No. 2

  • Sour Onion Cream

    Why put staged ones in?

  • Kyle Ho
    Kyle Ho Day ago

    Nokia forever!

  • Seasoned Crab
    Seasoned Crab Day ago

    most of them are interrupted not failed

  • Pubg and Mobile Legend Gaming

    At #3 this is how i play piano if i'm mad

  • Alkeryn
    Alkeryn Day ago

    It isn't the performance that failed but the audience that failed the performance

  • Ashish Kapali
    Ashish Kapali Day ago

    2:01🤘🤘🤘 now that's a sarcasm coming from a musician.. I take it as a job well done rather than a failed one

  • DL Sherrard
    DL Sherrard Day ago

    *dont answer*

  • Solum
    Solum Day ago +1


    • Solum
      Solum Day ago

      is what i wouldve thought would happen but i was completely wrong

  • Ashtyn Rose
    Ashtyn Rose Day ago

    these kinds of video's put my anxiety level through the roof.

  • Vivien Rose
    Vivien Rose Day ago

    0.40 what a perversion of the great music she plays, oh my God😭

  • mistadude
    mistadude Day ago

    I was performing a piano song and my alarm on my watch went off and I stopped and looked at the audience and looked at my watch, turned it off and started playing again.

  • Flipper
    Flipper Day ago

    1:21 Of course Vika would break a string, she's a force of nature

  • L3dom
    L3dom Day ago

    The nokia ring xd

  • Eric Liestoh
    Eric Liestoh Day ago

    Number five was just horrific. That surely must’ve ended somebody’s career.

  • Rainer Wahnsinn
    Rainer Wahnsinn Day ago

    1:17 Classic? This is fucking Death Metal

  • Ivan K.
    Ivan K. Day ago

    Great outfit on Amanda Palmer

  • Burak Eren
    Burak Eren Day ago

    VK goes full crazy it seems. Piano couldnt handle that much metal.

  • Halunke
    Halunke Day ago

    So unrespectfull

  • ‎ ‎
    ‎ ‎ 2 days ago

    This is not fail, i was expecting see the person who is playing the piano miss notes

  • Kevin Hagler
    Kevin Hagler 2 days ago

    People are too unforgiving. Hearing some art snob student shouting curse words across the hall is much more obnoxious than the ring itself.

  • Tristan Pittendorfer

    they all looked framed but the first one

  • Jody Bruchon
    Jody Bruchon 2 days ago +2

    When classical music meets alternate reality games

  • Adversary VR
    Adversary VR 2 days ago

    None of these were fails... just interruptions and one broken string that didn't seem to ruin the performance that much

  • Tacos
    Tacos 2 days ago

    This hurts me

  • H A R
    H A R 2 days ago

    this is not what a fail is on the part of the musicians, its called 'interruptions'

  • Kinkenang
    Kinkenang 2 days ago +2

    Nothing can compare Nokia's ringtone

  • casual mathi
    casual mathi 2 days ago

    I know the pain for fail of musician, I am pianist 😉 take it easy😂

  • Argore
    Argore 2 days ago

    It's always the nokia ringtone. Always

  • Digbijoy Banerjee
    Digbijoy Banerjee 2 days ago

    These aren't failed

  • Steven
    Steven 2 days ago +3

    *phone rings*
    “Yeah I can talk”

  • Nelka Desilva
    Nelka Desilva 2 days ago

    2:34 LiKe LoL

  • Nelka Desilva
    Nelka Desilva 2 days ago

    2:07 wasn’t that BaD

  • Gab. Albert Rojas
    Gab. Albert Rojas 2 days ago

    Esos no son fails!

  • Jean Vietto
    Jean Vietto 2 days ago


  • King Bob ini
    King Bob ini 2 days ago

    Like how the violinist did it

  • Josh Crittendon
    Josh Crittendon 2 days ago

    When that girl screamed “COULD YOU SHUT THAT FUCKING THING OFF” she was honestly only adding to the problem 😂

  • Grim Games
    Grim Games 2 days ago

    This video sucks. Im sure most people have seen these videos. That 2nd video was staged and it even said it right there. Get the fuck out Black Piano. You probably can't even play/own a piano.

  • Georgia Rose
    Georgia Rose 2 days ago

    #2 was so funny 😂😂

  • Rafael Rodrigues Santos

    You mad? 👀

  • Sleeping Owl
    Sleeping Owl 2 days ago

    No.2 I fucking love him 😂😂

  • Lucas P
    Lucas P 2 days ago

    They should give you a fee just for the immense incompetence you need to have to leave your phone on while going to a fucking concert.... It's so disrespectful and so embarrassing like for real don't do this

  • TheWHG Plays
    TheWHG Plays 3 days ago

    Interrupted,not failed

    THE ACOUSTIC CAGE 3 days ago

    Fucking cell addicted society.

  • Edgard Ferrdim
    Edgard Ferrdim 3 days ago

    Resume : fails that prove all the player was OUTSTANDING!!! 👏🏻👏🏻👂

  • Nadav Magira
    Nadav Magira 3 days ago

    What is the mane of the first concert?

  • Goose Llamma
    Goose Llamma 3 days ago

    Bro look up the definition of fail.

  • Billy evan utama
    Billy evan utama 3 days ago


  • xKarroll3Y
    xKarroll3Y 3 days ago +102

    *1:53** This just reminds me of Jurassic Park 😄*

  • Aarguitar
    Aarguitar 3 days ago

    That last one, so classy

  • wiisalute
    wiisalute 3 days ago

    When she drank her wine xD

  • Visitor
    Visitor 3 days ago

    Actually these reactions are good solutions to casual events which people find in sometimes.

  • TGS
    TGS 3 days ago

    Those were fails but also successes

  • Chaika Uylanoff
    Chaika Uylanoff 4 days ago

    Yess! The Nokita

  • qualifying 2
    qualifying 2 4 days ago

    whhy are the females all cosplayers

  • Ramit Singh
    Ramit Singh 4 days ago +1

    Savage man at 1:53

  • Salimah Abd Rahman
    Salimah Abd Rahman 4 days ago

    Some stupid audiences doesnt know how to turn pff their cellphones.

  • 별뚱병
    별뚱병 4 days ago

  • evenings.
    evenings. 4 days ago

    I have a piano concert tomorrow and here I am

  • TeamChaps
    TeamChaps 4 days ago +1

    I dont see any Fail.....instead it brought laughter to the people

  • Lazy Raconteur
    Lazy Raconteur 4 days ago

    How could you call these fails?

  • Reporte Maguey
    Reporte Maguey 4 days ago

    1:16 well Carcass is not "classic" but that was heavy

  • Andrey Aleksandrovich

    nokia win

  • Rodrigo R
    Rodrigo R 4 days ago

    Fuckin jokers

  • Rock Brentwood
    Rock Brentwood 4 days ago

    1:47 The birds outside do that when I'm composing or reorchestrating music on my machine here. Frisky animals, trying to mimic me.

  • Pogodny
    Pogodny 4 days ago +9

    0:44 That went from 0 to 100 REALLY FAST

  • Hans Klokkenspel
    Hans Klokkenspel 4 days ago

    This is so gay, my leg broke spontaneously

  • Sarsura Official
    Sarsura Official 5 days ago


  • RC Ravenclaw
    RC Ravenclaw 5 days ago

    Why can't you just turn of your phone.

  • Fadencio Monterrubio

    But no everyone fail.

  • Ra'Chelle Banks
    Ra'Chelle Banks 5 days ago

    # 3 was doing a little much.

  • 金星张
    金星张 5 days ago


  • Furdy dur Turdy
    Furdy dur Turdy 5 days ago

    why add a staged one

  • NatoOn
    NatoOn 6 days ago

    Last one made my day! XD

  • Viktor Rein
    Viktor Rein 6 days ago +1


  • Lelai Del Rosario
    Lelai Del Rosario 6 days ago +2

    hahaha!! the title is wrong. It's not disappointing because they are all amazing

  • Lunox
    Lunox 6 days ago

    2:01 XDDDD

  • dhesq03
    dhesq03 6 days ago

    Amanda Palmer is an attention whore. Staging ass bitch!

  • Isa Ojeda
    Isa Ojeda 6 days ago

    1:53 Nokia ringtone

  • crnylous
    crnylous 6 days ago

    It can happen to anyone

  • TheKingOfTown
    TheKingOfTown 6 days ago +3

    At number 2 I thought Dom Jolly was going to stand up and scream HELLO!!!!!!!!

  • Jayci Minjarez
    Jayci Minjarez 7 days ago

    I love musicians like the last two 🤗 remind me of my professors

  • Shania sipayung
    Shania sipayung 7 days ago

    The second last antimainstream Lol 😂

  • Justin Edsall
    Justin Edsall 7 days ago

    More often than not....ALWAYS A F*****G PHONE!

  • Lunchbox15
    Lunchbox15 7 days ago

    None of these are failures, and I am happy to say that I am the 3000th dislike on this video.

  • Kiwi Boy
    Kiwi Boy 7 days ago

    0:44 would you shut that fucking thing off ?
    *crowd bursts into laughter*

  • Oliver Oshkosh
    Oliver Oshkosh 7 days ago

    VIOLENTLY RAPE the MORON (male or female) who doesn't turn their FUCKING PHONE OFF. ASSHOLES!

  • Unbiased History
    Unbiased History 7 days ago

    For some reason I cringed watching this

  • Vadim Rix
    Vadim Rix 7 days ago

    not so tragic. Fault start

  • Kucka G
    Kucka G 7 days ago

    "don't anwser, let it ring" that sass

  • Woradanoo Pengruksa
    Woradanoo Pengruksa 8 days ago +23

    Her: Lemme just drink this glass of water
    Her: Wtf

    • CrazyCashGaming
      CrazyCashGaming Day ago

      It was sparkling wine (probably champagne), but weird nonetheless

  • Jordan_mp
    Jordan_mp 8 days ago

    The second one was not a fail haha....

  • Bhaskar Maity
    Bhaskar Maity 8 days ago

    Part one & part were very funny .

  • Martin Valt
    Martin Valt 8 days ago +2

    24/7 phone addicts...

  • Can I get 1 quintillion subs with three videos?

    Only the most skilled people can fail and keep their chill.

  • Eric Bishop
    Eric Bishop 8 days ago


  • KellMeAboutIt
    KellMeAboutIt 8 days ago +3

    So 4 ringtones and a piano string break?

  • Алексей Телицын

    по рогам бы настучать ко с мобилами на концерт ходит.

  • Ankit Saha
    Ankit Saha 9 days ago

    2:01 Saved the show like a Boss

  • Alejandr Wesnin
    Alejandr Wesnin 9 days ago +1

    Carcass and their Corporeal Jigsaw Quandary is somewhere between Haydn and Shostakovich!