Minecraft: How to Build a Small & Easy Modern House - Tutorial (#22)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • ➜Minecraft: How to Make a Modern House - Tutorial
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    If you are looking for an awesome and super simple, easy to make modern house full tutorial, this video is for you! for pocket edition ( mc pe ) xbox xbox360 , ps , ps3 , ps4 , pc .For me this is the best looking house with the most simple design!
    Have fun with the pc world map download!
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  • RareHalfling
    RareHalfling 4 months ago

    i cant understand anything through his accent

  • RareHalfling
    RareHalfling 4 months ago

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  • GolemGamingTV
    GolemGamingTV 4 months ago

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  • Sudes Brohi
    Sudes Brohi 5 months ago

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  • frollizzie -
    frollizzie - 7 months ago

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  • Super Gaming
    Super Gaming 7 months ago

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  • ketua GAMING
    ketua GAMING 7 months ago

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  • i i
    i i 7 months ago

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  • i i
    i i 7 months ago

    Wieder dude is an experienced minecraft player I did half your creations and played with my friends

  • Hasley Gaming
    Hasley Gaming 7 months ago +2

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  • Hasley Gaming
    Hasley Gaming 7 months ago +1

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  • Hasley Gaming
    Hasley Gaming 7 months ago +1

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    WassupGamerGurl Fr YT 7 months ago +1

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  • Kristina Solheim
    Kristina Solheim 7 months ago +2

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  • Shiela Bulaun
    Shiela Bulaun 7 months ago

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  • Freedom Anne Tan
    Freedom Anne Tan 7 months ago

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  • Kyrondo Dingo
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  • ItzYaBoi Romey
    ItzYaBoi Romey 7 months ago

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  • Martin Subrt
    Martin Subrt 8 months ago

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  • Strawberry Melon
    Strawberry Melon 8 months ago

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    Ray 98 8 months ago

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  • Milan Milosevic
    Milan Milosevic 8 months ago

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  • filtroficial NV
    filtroficial NV 8 months ago

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  • Sonny Rosales
    Sonny Rosales 8 months ago

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    Polakowa 8 months ago

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    fikri 9 months ago

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  • Robokid6500
    Robokid6500 9 months ago

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  • Paul Levano Salvador
    Paul Levano Salvador 9 months ago


  • 斑瀾ღLan〆
    斑瀾ღLan〆 9 months ago

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    Bắc Cái Hai Ngón 9 months ago

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  • Jayson Torres
    Jayson Torres 9 months ago

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  • Francesca Lo Nardo
    Francesca Lo Nardo 9 months ago

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  • Jurss T Gaming
    Jurss T Gaming 9 months ago


  • Nina Zali
    Nina Zali 9 months ago

    I like your house

  • Kanemi Drewry
    Kanemi Drewry 9 months ago

    Someone should build buds house from border town

  • Azul Claro de luna
    Azul Claro de luna 9 months ago +2

    that was amazing i like that modern hause :D

  • Iccreemi Playz
    Iccreemi Playz 9 months ago

    How do you build like that?!?!?!

  • Jesus Osorio
    Jesus Osorio 9 months ago

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  • Robert Łodziński
    Robert Łodziński 9 months ago

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  • Lps lover Movies
    Lps lover Movies 9 months ago

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  • Endrio Infiniti
    Endrio Infiniti 10 months ago

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  • Rinasi Favorites
    Rinasi Favorites 10 months ago

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  • M. nazril
    M. nazril 10 months ago

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  • Zanthura
    Zanthura 10 months ago

    I create a world build one house like yours and leave and never go on it again but tomorrow I’m not going to do that I saw this vid I’ve alreadybuilt it your vids are good keep it up