Adopting A Puppy!! 🐶

  • Published on Sep 20, 2019
  • HI SISTERS! We've been waiting a very long time for today's new video... but it was time. WE ADOPTED A PUPPY!! We filmed the entire process of visiting shelters, adopting our new Golden Retriever 10 week old puppy, shopping for pet supplies, and training him at home. Enjoy and comment what you think his name should be!!!!
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    EDITOR: Louis Gargiula
    GRAPHICS: Michael Rusakov
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  • Ellie
    Ellie 11 hours ago

    i’m not a huge fan of james, but he’s done nothing wrong. leave him alone.

  • Wania Asad
    Wania Asad 12 hours ago

    I know he trying to teach him fast and all but still let him grow he is too small for climbing stairs etc

  • B Hardey
    B Hardey 12 hours ago

    He does look like the pupper from Marley and me

  • CraftyRayRay
    CraftyRayRay 12 hours ago

    James: gets a puppo like any normal human would
    Haters: *uNaCcEptaBlE*

  • smagsmith
    smagsmith 13 hours ago

    My dog cried for 2 weeks and then she stopped

  • Sophia Antonia
    Sophia Antonia 13 hours ago

    'moves one space'


  • Grace C
    Grace C 13 hours ago

    I am so happy for James getting a puppy is such a happy and amazing thing! People need to stop hating on him ... James is a great person and he doesn’t deserve any hate

  • UwU S
    UwU S 13 hours ago +1

    OMG!! I want you to call it angel cuz you just keep calling it angel but angel it’s soooo cuutee

  • Irene Roga
    Irene Roga 14 hours ago


  • Jadzia Sanchez
    Jadzia Sanchez 14 hours ago

    I have a White Golden Retriever too! Her name is Eva and she is 6 years old now, they are such amazing dogs! Congrats!!

  • Motionless Cindy
    Motionless Cindy 15 hours ago

    I just can’t stop watching this video awww🥺❤️

  • Laila’s World
    Laila’s World 16 hours ago


  • Lily Star
    Lily Star 17 hours ago

    Its funny how the pupper is just tired and James is much more excited and puppy-ish about everything 😂

  • stijntje van der Veen
    stijntje van der Veen 17 hours ago

    He's very very cute though 😍😫

  • stijntje van der Veen
    stijntje van der Veen 17 hours ago

    Not trynna hate but you really shouldn't let your puppy walk on stairs, that's really bad for his shoulders and hips!

  • beautywithcass
    beautywithcass 17 hours ago

    i cant tell if the dog is crying bc he's going down the stairs or crying bc james' screams are piercing his ear drums lmao

  • beautywithcass
    beautywithcass 17 hours ago

    he looks like a golden / lab or mix of both. what a cutie

  • Audrey Miller
    Audrey Miller 17 hours ago

    frolum is my suggestion!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  • K B
    K B 18 hours ago

    Defiantly didn’t “adopt” this dog.

  • K B
    K B 18 hours ago

    Defiantly didn’t “adopt” this dog.

  • mc Julia
    mc Julia 18 hours ago

    The puppy's so cute and I'm really happy for youu :) But I wouldn't put him in a crate, most dogs just get used to it because they have to but don't like it

  • Nida Empas
    Nida Empas 20 hours ago

    Awwwwe his soo cute i wish i could have puppy

  • Nyah prouten
    Nyah prouten 20 hours ago

    That makes me so sad seeing all those dogs in the shelter

  • Gustav Jonsson
    Gustav Jonsson 20 hours ago


  • Leslie Mendoza
    Leslie Mendoza 20 hours ago

    Hes sooooooooooo cuteeeee 😆

    LPS OLIVIA Day ago


    Chosen name: sis

  • Georgie Adam
    Georgie Adam Day ago +1


  • Abby Grey
    Abby Grey Day ago +1

    You literally did not 'adopt' a dog. You got a dog from an irresponsible family who bred their dog. All of those poor dogs at the shelter miss out because selfish people want purebred puppies.

    • Breezie Newcomb
      Breezie Newcomb 15 hours ago

      In the first place, all the dogs are in a shelter because of irresponsible people. Would you rather the puppies get homes before or after they get put in a situation where they could be put down?

  • Haley Qualizza
    Haley Qualizza Day ago +1

    omg this just made my day! Love James and the puppy. They are the cutest couple on the Internet (no shade Louis) James should totally name the puppy Morphe

  • Christi Colunga
    Christi Colunga Day ago

    Fluffy or snowball

  • Nicole Reyna
    Nicole Reyna Day ago +1

    he is so cute

  • Sydney Brooke
    Sydney Brooke Day ago +1

    Angel is a cute name

  • lovlycuddles SR
    lovlycuddles SR Day ago

    How you guys in the comments saying I'm not a fan of James Charles but yet still on his page commenting

  • Dora The Explorer

    I love puppies they are so WARM
    Edit: James is like me when I got my dog even though he was the size of an avocado I still wanted to play with him and train him and take him on walks

  • l h
    l h Day ago

    Sorry but I like joey graceffa better no offense

  • fairy liights
    fairy liights Day ago

    no offense but i don't think you should teach him about the stairs yet, just cuz he's a golden retriever and their bones grow really slow, so i think you should let him rest for now
    so give the man a break, like imagine if that was you and hundreds of people are hating on you just for being innocent and i'm 1000% percent sure you made a mistake in your life, at least once. So i don't think it's healthy for your brain and self esteem to be hating on other people, because what goes around comes around, so you never know if it might be you who might be the next victim of hate

    thank you, next.

  • Samantha Barnett

    omg i started laughing when he said "you are a smart little pupper"

  • BTS Fire
    BTS Fire Day ago

    His name should be snow

  • Mochi Macarons!
    Mochi Macarons! Day ago

    Awwww so cute!! we are adopting a dog soon too I cant wait

  • Bella & O’Hara

    This is not a hate comment… Links to shelters you went to in case people are interested in adopting the dogs?

  • Noover The snek
    Noover The snek Day ago

    Even though I hate makeup channels but I might subscribe because this is cute

  • Yg Savage
    Yg Savage Day ago

    12:45 aww he fall aw little baby so cuteee

  • Miley Clark
    Miley Clark Day ago +1

    Golden retrievers bones and joints take longer to grow so don’t make him climb stairs or do too much exercise

  • Kibeitu Hailelassie

    OMG James u should make dog merch

  • Asia Banks
    Asia Banks Day ago

    I love your puppy omg so cute😄

  • Chantellia.56
    Chantellia.56 Day ago

    Pyrenees or golden retriever. Seems to fluffy to be a lab.

  • Πέτρος Παπαδοπουλος

    Name and color of the contact lenses

  • Elise F
    Elise F Day ago

    i’m not a big fan of James Charles but the hate he is getting is unnecessary, y’all can give him advice about the puppy kindly because not everyone (+ him) knows everything about taking care of pups but you don’t have to say he is dumb or he’s a bad care taker for the dog because that’s not the case

  • Hayden Pangallo
    Hayden Pangallo Day ago

    Hi sister James! I'm here back at this vid again, and I want to say y'all both cuties as heck

  • 」 StxrryNight 「

    This has to at least be my favorite video..

  •  Day ago

    His name should be Max, Bailey, Cooper, or Asher, or Archer

  • Peppa Memes
    Peppa Memes Day ago

    I am Happy that you went to a shelter and not like went to buy a dog because you’re giving a dog who lost his home a new one so that’s really sweet

  • Sabrina Jemmott
    Sabrina Jemmott Day ago

    Can you name him Michael 😍😍 that the best name for a dog like that❤❤. Bye sister see you next time💝💝💞💖

  • Riley Powars
    Riley Powars Day ago

    Toby or max or doggo

  • EndieTheGachaTuber

    Awww cute~❤

  • Leia Nickerson
    Leia Nickerson Day ago

    I miss puppy she was a Yorkie and got attacked by a German Shepard

  • vilas marodkar
    vilas marodkar Day ago

    Not like

  • Grace Woolford
    Grace Woolford Day ago

    U should actually call him pupper like u call him that so x

  • Aria W Gacha
    Aria W Gacha Day ago

    Maybe you can call the puppy Lucy or Snow?

  • MJ
    MJ Day ago

    First name that came to mind when I saw him was Mylo, congrats of your pupper ♥️