Stephen Curry SWEET Rookie Year Offense Highlights from 2009/2010 NBA Season! Future Champion! HD

  • Published on May 7, 2018
  • Check out Stephen Curry highlights from his rookie year 2009-10 season in HD 720p quality!
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Comments • 233

  • House of Highlights
    House of Highlights  Year ago +62

    What's up guys, it's GD! Hope you'll like this montage, Steph's sophomore year highlights will be up very soon

    • Jomanro
      Jomanro 10 months ago

      Thanks so much, GD. You're one of my all time favorite RU-cliprs and this is a prime example of why.

    • Jay Bavis
      Jay Bavis Year ago

      Yeah this is nice bro. Lol do a .L. Ball rookie game lol

    • Waveface killah
      Waveface killah Year ago +1

      Do Lebron 10-11 season please

    • V M S
      V M S Year ago +1

      House of Highlights/GD Didn't you already make a Steph Sophomore season montage in your GD's highlights channel?

    • Jay Johnson
      Jay Johnson Year ago +1

      House of Highlights ok, Can you do KD rookie season too?

  • idontrlycarethtmuch
    idontrlycarethtmuch 2 days ago

    Dude went through puberty in the nba

  • Shamar Yahudah
    Shamar Yahudah 2 days ago

    @6:48 isn't it a coincidence Steve Kerr said it 😂?

  • earl eisenjower gerona

    U notice how crowd is getting filled game by game

  • Tropical Babe
    Tropical Babe 14 days ago

    He looks 14 this guy is a pure blessed.

  • Tar Jon
    Tar Jon 22 days ago

    No carry at 1:54

  • Aldwin Calipdan
    Aldwin Calipdan 22 days ago

    7:01 weowww

  • ギャツオ斉藤
    ギャツオ斉藤 23 days ago


  • Judibeth Gamano
    Judibeth Gamano 23 days ago

    6:49 PROPHETIC!!!!!

  • Danny24
    Danny24 Month ago


  • Shankar Ktm
    Shankar Ktm Month ago

    Curry look like 16 years old lol

  • eric ericson
    eric ericson Month ago +1

    For me, curry is better without durant. bcoz he owning the game, performance and exciting. Like way back since 2010-2016.

  • Aldilan Noorman
    Aldilan Noorman Month ago

    Remember when monta ellis says he cant play with steph curry and than he trade to Charlotte lol

  • Brian Johnson
    Brian Johnson 2 months ago +1

    Best Shooter Ever.

  • Francisco Sol
    Francisco Sol 2 months ago

    Stephe curry is the BEST!!!!!!:-)

  • MCElias
    MCElias 2 months ago +1

    7:48 The beast awoke 💪😎

  • MCElias
    MCElias 2 months ago +2


  • Herson Otarola
    Herson Otarola 2 months ago

    Nunca me gustó el basketboll hasta que vi jugar a Curry

  • Michael K
    Michael K 2 months ago

    THIS is why I don't like Golden State now. Because what they do takes away the full arsenal from everybody. Now everybody has to shoot basically nothing but 3s and layups because GS does it so well. You don't see the midrange pull ups and shit like Curry was doing in this video. His game is condensed now, not his skill. LeBron, Harden, Paul George, Lillard. They all had to switch up their games to 3s and layups, basically, just to keep up with the Warriors. Take out the 2s and shit when they all got everything. Kobe and Melo woulda never made it in this era playing like they did. It really ain't the whole game no more. At least when the Big 3 Heat were doing their thing, it was full basketball. You know they COULD get beat. Today it seems like a done deal and its the same thing over and over from every team and every star basically.

  • Devonte powell
    Devonte powell 2 months ago

    i wish the quality was this good back then

  • Aki ರ_ರ
    Aki ರ_ರ 2 months ago +1

    7:03 This guy just realized he saw a legend in the making.

  • Jujuva
    Jujuva 2 months ago +1

    Look at the crowd back then.... when the team weren’t even all that. Compare that to cavalier games now.... tell me what you see!!!!!

    • Max Ketchum
      Max Ketchum 2 months ago +1

      Gs fans we're always loyal at least they had patience something Cav Fan's seem to seriously lack..

  • sean roland
    sean roland 3 months ago +2

    its interesting to watch how much more aware curry is of the 3 line. so many shots with toes on the line his rookie year

  • Fiqih Purnama
    Fiqih Purnama 3 months ago

    not even a hands up on the perimeter for steph curry. truly underestimated.

  • Cornelio Aguilar
    Cornelio Aguilar 3 months ago +3

    Be STUBBORN!! Be HUNGRY! Curry overcame so many doubts, us as everyday working individuals could use inspiration! Keep at it brothers!!

  • Zenergy HDZ
    Zenergy HDZ 3 months ago

    Wow I can’t believe it in this video the warriors are down for most of the video wow #Pelicans fan

    • thug8200
      thug8200 2 months ago

      We were trash for years before Steph came

  • Elyn_ IloveMarshall
    Elyn_ IloveMarshall 3 months ago +1

    When he make a tear drop shot it never hits the ring 😍
    How awesome is that? Like he knows the range damn 😂

  • NYRfan4Life
    NYRfan4Life 3 months ago +1

    Too bad he (Curry) didn't win Rookie of the Year that season. 😢

  • adlou323
    adlou323 4 months ago

    Only wish he was rookie of the year...

  • mitsuke kun
    mitsuke kun 4 months ago +2

    Tears drop a little in my eye when he got his first triple double and humbly denied all the complements he got to his teammates just how humble he was.. Damn I wish I had the same talent like he has...

  • Jeff
    Jeff 4 months ago +1

    How long will Steph's 3pt record hold up? The game is changing towards more and more 3pt shooting but no one even has 300 3pts in a season yet and Curry had over 400. That's a record that will be around for decades I bet, even with the changing game play. Shooting 11 3pg and making 45% of them.....just wow.

  • Jeff
    Jeff 4 months ago +2

    He's the under 6'3 GOAT. His skills in a MJ or LeBron body would be the Super Goat

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan 28 days ago

      Nick Joaquin no he’s not top 10 I can name 10 better than him

    • Nick Joaquin
      Nick Joaquin 29 days ago

      @Calvin Jordan yeah because he's top 3 pg of all time

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      Jeff false he isn’t even top 10 in PGs

  • Jeff
    Jeff 4 months ago +1

    I watched that play at 3:27 live and knew he was gonna be special. No one knew he'd be this good, but everyone who watched him his rookie year knew he was gonna be special and knew Monta's days as a Warriors were numbered.

  • Alecrates Tundag
    Alecrates Tundag 4 months ago

    These are the times when they always left curry open. 😂

  • Hoodie Jeramie
    Hoodie Jeramie 4 months ago +1

    Before the warriors had fans

    • Hoodie Jeramie
      Hoodie Jeramie 3 months ago

      Ian Burke 😴

    • Ian Burke
      Ian Burke 3 months ago +1

      Hoodie Jeramie they’ve always had fans. I grew up cheering for them

  • Juxcyy
    Juxcyy 4 months ago +5

    Curry been destroying mavs and clippers since he was a rookie.

  • watz09
    watz09 4 months ago

    I knew when I saw the Clippers it was a blowout lol

  • phat asian boy
    phat asian boy 4 months ago

    Hopefully he becomes an all star one day

  • Jaden JC
    Jaden JC 4 months ago +8

    Look at the huge amount of fans in the arena!

  • beer7
    beer7 4 months ago +1

    Wow his release was not as quick as now.

  • Sridhar 007
    Sridhar 007 4 months ago +3

    curry fan from india

  • Ronilo Santos
    Ronilo Santos 4 months ago +10

    without curry and the golden sttate warriors, nba will never be exciting as it is now.

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      Ronilo Santos it will be more exciting after they’re gone

  • Laxnz
    Laxnz 4 months ago +3

    Damn, I think he will be a 2x MVP and will get 3 rings against Lebron.

    • VI Quantum
      VI Quantum 3 days ago

      He’s faking it out to act like he predicted this but no

    • Ian Burke
      Ian Burke 3 months ago

      LANCELIDE curry does have 3 rings against lebron

  • curtiswhiteda1
    curtiswhiteda1 4 months ago +1

    12:00 12:05 like them pass fakes

  • Mikel Meadows
    Mikel Meadows 5 months ago +8

    Better as a rookie then lucka is 💯

  • Mr. Yoso
    Mr. Yoso 5 months ago +11

    This kid is good...
    Maybe he'll probably become a season MVP someday or even better, win a championship.

  • Dr Anonymous
    Dr Anonymous 5 months ago +1

    Listen I know he’s not better than Lebron but this kid can shoot and will beat Lebron In a few years and whoever calls him cocky is so stupid

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 5 months ago

    Holy Shit Ronny Turiaf was the worst, but Andris Biedrins was the GOAT

  • SanFranFan30
    SanFranFan30 5 months ago +1

    Imagine if all of these random mid-range jumpers were just threes

    FUNKSTAPPUHHH 5 months ago +1


    FUNKSTAPPUHHH 5 months ago

    When he actually shot midrange shots

  • Gellene Laguna
    Gellene Laguna 6 months ago +2

    Galing talaga ng lodi ko .
    Lupet kahit nuon pa 😘

  • Gellene Laguna
    Gellene Laguna 6 months ago +2

    Galing talaga ng lodi ko .
    Lupet kahit nuon pa 😘

  • First Born
    First Born 6 months ago

    Best shooter evet

  • gk'93
    gk'93 6 months ago +6

    Curry changed the game

  • Easy Mode
    Easy Mode 6 months ago +1


  • Drew Sen
    Drew Sen 6 months ago +23

    Steph Curry is the most purely skilled player of all time. Best Shooter of all time, and one of the best handles of all time!

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      Drew Sen defense is the most important part of the NBA you don’t know basketball

  • Raymond Akhuetie
    Raymond Akhuetie 6 months ago +8

    Steph Curry had too much sauce - he could dance on anyone and was the best shooter in the NBA his rookie year.

    • Raymond Akhuetie
      Raymond Akhuetie 7 days ago

      Calvin Jordan he shot 36% from 3 dumbass

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      Raymond Akhuetie no he wasn’t Ray Allen was you don’t know basketball

  • landra luiz
    landra luiz 7 months ago

    11:58, just amazing what happen.

  • Guru - MVP
    Guru - MVP 7 months ago

    What is the name of song theme ?

  • G.O.M.D
    G.O.M.D 7 months ago

    Been Steph curry with the shot boii

  • Gavyn Hayes
    Gavyn Hayes 7 months ago +2

    The last game of the season was crazy 6 healthy players that's crazy

  • Josh Fayemi
    Josh Fayemi 7 months ago +9

    Steph has been special since the beginning... The injuries he had at the start might have slowed him down, but they ultimately set him up for success, making it possible for the Warriors to build a brilliant team around him.
    Such a joy to watch.

  • Slim Shady will fucking kill you

    Don't know why this guy has a lot of haters. He has a good personality and great in basketball he play

  • ????
    ???? 8 months ago +1

    This is when he actually had a jump shot, now he shoots a push shot

  • Kael Mendoza
    Kael Mendoza 8 months ago +1

    his shooting form looks much better here

  • Jericho barimbao
    Jericho barimbao 8 months ago +10

    Go Steph broke the record of Ray Allen...

  • Nikko d' Boss
    Nikko d' Boss 8 months ago +1

    6:49 -6:53 hell yeah.. he is now a very terrific player 🔥🔥

  • Vollends Ez
    Vollends Ez 8 months ago +22

    He looks innoncent, but deadly

  • Gabriel San Juan
    Gabriel San Juan 9 months ago

    sic parvis magna

  • John Capo
    John Capo 9 months ago +13

    his shot is like sniper gun, pumps it back, nice muscle memory, good hoist on the ball and accuracy throughout his entire body, wonderful arc, excellent

  • José Francisco
    José Francisco 9 months ago +15

    Man I wish I could've seen Curry from day 1 :'(

    • Ian Burke
      Ian Burke 3 months ago

      José Francisco I did. 09-10 was a disastrous year due to inconsistency and injuries for the warriors but curry was one of the best highlights of that year.

  • a name
    a name 9 months ago +11

    Rookie Curry looks like an aggressive child

  • Nitro
    Nitro 9 months ago +153

    Curry went from 2s to 3s to Half court to full court

    • Imthatdude
      Imthatdude 5 months ago +5

      andre drummond owns anything over halfcourt

  • JR Giddens
    JR Giddens 9 months ago +97

    Remember when Warriors fans were pissed cause they traded Monta Ellis instead of Curry lol

    • Maurice Johnson
      Maurice Johnson 2 days ago +1

      JR Giddens is this the Jr Giddens that used to play for Boston* ?? If so WATTUP DOE 🙌🏾

    • Brian Langdon
      Brian Langdon 8 days ago

      @Seth J Baldwin Monte Ellis was a got datum stud to watch growing up. Another one that you dont hear much about now but was big back then, Amire Stoudemire. I never missed a Celtics, Heat, Sun or Lakers game back then. Always loved watching Steve Nash as well.

    • Joey Ragadio
      Joey Ragadio 16 days ago

      @Seth J Baldwin oh my bad..sarry kiddos

    • Seth J Baldwin
      Seth J Baldwin 16 days ago

      Joey Ragadio can you blame me ? I was 10 or 11😂 I didn’t watch college basketball and I only saw Curry’s ankle problems and a fan favorite be sent away
      How could I not be worried?

    • Joey Ragadio
      Joey Ragadio 16 days ago +1

      @Seth J Baldwin so you one of them huh..

  • ohSevenn
    ohSevenn 9 months ago

    great video man !

  • Richard L. Major III
    Richard L. Major III 9 months ago +1

    The craziest part about watching these Warriors highlights is coming to the realization that 60-75% of Warriors fans today didn't watch or go to these games while this Steph Curry was around.

  • deiondre0
    deiondre0 9 months ago +8

    12:41 Kobe looking like "Someone please smack this rookie."

  • specialdefect00
    specialdefect00 9 months ago

    7:03 is a mindfuck. Damnn...

  • Chrollo L
    Chrollo L 9 months ago

    Should honestly start a brand of water

  • hiciste lo correcto bob
    hiciste lo correcto bob 10 months ago +1

    How specially is this kid!

  • Jomanro
    Jomanro 10 months ago

    I REALLY hope that all of those who commented on Steph like he's STILL a rookie are joking. You all DID read the Season period in the description, right? 2009-2010... as in almost TEN years ago, Wardell Stephen Curry II was a rookie?

  • Blake M.
    Blake M. 10 months ago +2

    his jumpshot changed so much, its amazing how it still looks so good even in his rookie year 0-0

  • Brandon Whelan
    Brandon Whelan 10 months ago +25

    Look how spry curry is before all his ankle surgeries.. Imagine if curry never had ankle injuries and stayed completely healthy his whole career like bron. My god, he’d be even more unstoppable

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan 5 days ago

      Bernadette Ros lmao up 3-2 on the trash ass warriors pal

    • Bernadette Ros
      Bernadette Ros 5 days ago

      @Calvin Jordan I dont see him in the finals.. Where is your superstar again?

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      Brandon Whelan no because LeBron is an all around superstar Curry is only shooting

  • Davey Ineluctable
    Davey Ineluctable 10 months ago

    3:26 can someone explain to me why this isn't considered a travel (up and down)?

    • Gerardo
      Gerardo 10 months ago +2

      he never gathered the ball with both hands or put his hand under the ball he kept dribling

  • Kisembe Namusyule
    Kisembe Namusyule 10 months ago +31

    He was cooking Lebron and old man Shaq

    • Mikaele Lui
      Mikaele Lui 4 months ago +1

      I forgot how long Shaq played and seeing Steph hit a 3 over him was dope .

  • Evan Wrenn
    Evan Wrenn 10 months ago +1

    Man, Tyreke Evans had a hell of a Rookie Year!

  • Lennon McCartney
    Lennon McCartney 11 months ago +1

    How special is this kid?

  • 李得漁
    李得漁 11 months ago +1


  • Damien E
    Damien E 11 months ago +63

    He’s adjusted his shot to be much quicker on the release now.

  • m ab
    m ab 11 months ago +50

    when i was a kid i can see some teenage boys playing driving to the lane sticking their toungue out or doing some fade aways (mj), now i see kids shooting from the parking lot. mj and curry are the goats. they change the game.

    • VI Quantum
      VI Quantum 3 days ago +1

      J G bro you made a good ass point yooo 😂

    • J G
      J G Month ago +2

      Why are kids spending 20 seconds standing in front of you, dribbling excessively between the legs not selling any fakes to drive? They're easy to read. They always shoot the contested 3. That's terrible basketball if your name is not Curry or Harden.

    • Calvin Jordan
      Calvin Jordan Month ago

      m ab Curry is not and will never be the GOAT you don’t know basketball

  • Micheal Johnson
    Micheal Johnson 11 months ago +4

    Best Nba player hands down

    • Arnay Murray
      Arnay Murray 11 months ago

      Micheal Johnson I miss this curry this curry did it all layups , mid range , and a good passer and alot more humble. Curry says he's humble all the time but he doesn't show it he's got a big ego now , is way past good but I Liked this Steph better and 1 reason I really like Seth is because he plays like younger Steph did

  • diAbLoS
    diAbLoS 11 months ago +5

    Should have been the roty

  • exobangpinkvelvet’s whore

    Upset he didn’t get rookie of the year that year man

    • #1 YouTube Fan
      #1 YouTube Fan Month ago

      bleach is the best yeah tyreke evans was balling that year

  • appreciate rv's lookie lookie masupah lookie lookie

    "this guy is going yo be a terrific player." he is right though 🙎

  • Swagboykiller H
    Swagboykiller H Year ago +15

    Got snubbed for rookie of the year

      IVORIAN KING 11 months ago

      Nope tyreke deserved it 20 5 5

    • Saad 1337
      Saad 1337 11 months ago

      Haziq Hammani tyreke

    • Haziq Hammani
      Haziq Hammani 11 months ago

      Swagboykiller H who won it tho that year?

  • Bat Vigilante
    Bat Vigilante Year ago +1

    Now lets see if the so called next "steph curry" trey young rookie season would be this impressive

  • elvcofine
    elvcofine Year ago +11

    Stephen curry is a badddd man...

  • Jay Bavis
    Jay Bavis Year ago

    Ahuh. The Balls haven't had a rookie game even close to this. Maybe in his 90th. Year oh yeah he won't be playing lol

  • CrayonPop_Waifu
    CrayonPop_Waifu Year ago +2

    3:24 is a game where the warriors went crazy that they won that game.