christmas decor shopping at target!!

  • Published on Nov 26, 2019
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    its that time of the year!! more christmas decor shopping at target!! who's excited for vlogmas? restock 12/27 12pm PST!! xo -alisha marie
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  • Harper Crouse
    Harper Crouse 19 days ago

    are my the only one who just noticed Alisha's marble wall paper when watching Mr Kate

  • Coury Peterkin
    Coury Peterkin 24 days ago

    You like target I like Walmart I know target is another cool store like the Walmart superstores

  • Julia K
    Julia K 27 days ago

    I feel like every time Alisha goes to target she always needs deodorant

  • Aziza Saidnazarova
    Aziza Saidnazarova Month ago

    Кто из 2020 ?

  • Smile More
    Smile More Month ago

    Buys the whole store😂 I wanna be like you one day

  • Zainub Faisal
    Zainub Faisal Month ago +1

    Purple suits you!😍😍

  • RG Rizzi
    RG Rizzi Month ago

    maybe its just me and my crazy self, but when she was picking out a mug i smelled coffee.

  • Tarsan97
    Tarsan97 Month ago

    Christmas is a religious marking. A birthday of Jesus. The man that explained God to us, that talked anti materialism more than any. And what do people with urges like rats do ? We pull stash home from stores like obsessed, gorge on food like it was the last time you ever eat.
    It is my opinion that if we can not honor the real meaning of this day, we can just as well stop doing it and go back to work like any other day. Because this is low frequency like we see in so many other occasions, people drift from the original idea of it and give in to its most primitive basic urges. Again.

  • Ceili High
    Ceili High Month ago

    It rains ALL THE TIME in Washington, it sucks☹

  • babygrils1000
    babygrils1000 Month ago

    Love this video

  • casey oktrova
    casey oktrova Month ago

    It’s physically impossible to go to Target and not get at least one thing that you didn’t go for

  • Abby Walters
    Abby Walters Month ago

    I need a two story target in my life

  • Death 2 Night
    Death 2 Night Month ago +1

    What is the song name at the beginning?

  • JJ Six
    JJ Six Month ago

    Only half the video was what it claimed to be, rest was blah blah blah.

  • Jacquelyne Fagan
    Jacquelyne Fagan Month ago

    Please keep uploading Target vlogs! They are my favorite videos of yours!! :)

  • Brielle Vassil
    Brielle Vassil Month ago

    by far my favorite vlog ever !! i wanna decorate nowwww

  • Dave the popcorn dino

    It's pretty weird how her merch says so extra but he popcast is called pretty basic

  • Mayara Silva
    Mayara Silva Month ago

    Anyone from Brazil? 🇧🇷 I love her ❤

  • Erin Insch and Charlee

    Alisha if you say it is to cold just come to Australia bloody 38 degrees today at school

  • Kimberly Cortez Manzanares

    Alisha:we got a good cart like a good cart

  • avery 06
    avery 06 Month ago

    they actually get in the store at 8:05🙄

  • avery 06
    avery 06 Month ago

    ew when I clicked on this video I didn't realize it was her💀

  • Deer Haven
    Deer Haven Month ago

    SPOILER ALERT: She doesn't get to Target until 8:00 in.

  • Anna Nethercot
    Anna Nethercot Month ago +1

    I really want the merch but I cannot afford it 😭😭

  • emily x
    emily x Month ago

    alisha does this like every year and i haven’t even done it once in my life 🥺🤧

  • norkys garcia
    norkys garcia Month ago

    You should recreate one of your old videos!

  • Regan_ 1o1
    Regan_ 1o1 Month ago

    When you have the same throw pillows as Alisha marie 😁🤪

  • BrieAnna Puryear
    BrieAnna Puryear Month ago

    Me: *shivering in Washington missing the sun*

  • Jcpenny 123
    Jcpenny 123 Month ago

    Alisha i love your videos. Happy Sunday

  • Lauren Davis
    Lauren Davis Month ago

    DUDE where is the vlog?! we love your BTS but the vloggggggg

  • Monica Robertson
    Monica Robertson Month ago

    Alisha: *complains about the super gray lighting*
    Me: gurl it's so bright it's hurting my eyes
    hehe luv you alisha

  • Chavhon Lord
    Chavhon Lord Month ago

    Hey I live in Portland

  • Mr waffles
    Mr waffles Month ago

    Omg I'm so excited for vlogmas!!!

  • RobinNicole
    RobinNicole Month ago

    Will there be a Cyber Monday sale on your merch?

  • Audrey Snider
    Audrey Snider Month ago


  • Minty_ Gacha
    Minty_ Gacha Month ago +1

    Who else is like so excited for vlogmas?

  • Isadora Ortega
    Isadora Ortega Month ago +1

    When you said "hey babe" I thought you were talking to your boyfriend,then I saw chole 😂😂😂

  • Deshawn Brown
    Deshawn Brown Month ago

    You don't respect or love the men and women of this country you only want their money... You know families. Neighborhoods. Schools are infested with holidays that are being pushed forward....
    If your surrounded by so many bad influences... It makes sense you would want to leave.... If your a really good person.. You wouldn't say a word or want to be in a city were there's constant. Murder. Rape. And death. I feel so bad for young amazing minds like this......
    They must have had parents that actually loved them..
    That protected them from the truth.
    That were raised up in houses. Not apartments....
    The "truth" would turn their world upside down. Wouldn't know what to believe in. Wouldn't know how to properly function...
    The system and all who follow are broken..... But its what keeps people going...
    Normal people just like Christmas cause its been apart of their childhood as long they can remember... People don't ask.. "SHOULD" they celebrate this foreign pegan religion thats been apart of America since the 60's or 50's. Either way.... People have to be paid to work... Paid to do almost anything.... Places of business aren't asked if they want to decorate with Christmas stuff.
    They ARE TOLD.
    You don't get paid to think.
    You get paid to do your job.
    Christmas and all these other holidays are TOO BIG TO FAIL.
    Who benefits from these holidays?
    Places of businesses....
    And these money hungry businesses...
    Do. Not. Care. About. You or your family.
    Only about your money.
    Usa. United SCAMS of America

  • Grace Cain
    Grace Cain Month ago

    Ok soo no hate but Alisha you have... A TARGET Addiction !! Sorry no hate

  • Eloise Pakman
    Eloise Pakman Month ago

    I just realized I have those exact same side tables in your bedroom!! lol

  • Marisa Salgado
    Marisa Salgado Month ago +1

    Who noticed Alisha is vsco sksksksk she had a hydroflask

  • Adventures With Addi
    Adventures With Addi Month ago +1

    Vlogmas starts today!!!

  • Phanamatic
    Phanamatic Month ago +1


  • Shivani Gogar
    Shivani Gogar Month ago


  • amber glover
    amber glover Month ago

    Becareful out there every body remember not to trust anyone if you go somewhere go with someone close that you know well the creeps and the recruiters are out so be very careful god bless just looking out for people and look around your surroundings God bless bye❤️😘 hope your day and holiday s are amazing

  • cami neff
    cami neff Month ago

    “I didn’t end it” 😭

  • orange borange
    orange borange Month ago

    omg omg omg omg i just remembered that tommorow is day one of vlogmas and i literally freaking out!!!!!!!!
    edit: AHHHHHH I JUST NOTICED MY POST NOTIFICATIONS WERE'NT ONNN >:00000 (they are ready for vlogmas now tho :D)

  • TheLittleDiabetic
    TheLittleDiabetic Month ago

    "so I can just film and vlog" vlogging not filming😂💕

  • dani 4life
    dani 4life Month ago

    I wish I could watch the first RU-clipr who did vlogmass😊

  • Kai Guzman
    Kai Guzman Month ago +2

    i'm pretty sure we all know by now that alisha would be that person that when the purge happens runs to target.

  • Jacob Lesnie
    Jacob Lesnie Month ago

    Please do another pause video! I've watched it so many times!

  • little maddy
    little maddy Month ago

    Alisha marie..... ur making me jealous of target!!!!! love yaaaa

  • Naomi Dardon
    Naomi Dardon Month ago

    I just went to get my natural tree for Christmas 🎄

  • Deima Deima
    Deima Deima Month ago

    Alosha changing new pillows amd christmas decorations every year & then theres me with the same pillows and decorarions for 6 years straight 😂

  • Irene's World
    Irene's World Month ago +1

    1. Go to full screen
    2. Type awesome
    3. Watch the time bar
    4. Enjoy!

  • OhHai Guia
    OhHai Guia Month ago

    I need a friend like TK, most especially when I go shopping!🥰😍

  • Lyla Pinkos
    Lyla Pinkos Month ago

    I have a ceramic tree!

  • Lucca Peel-Yates
    Lucca Peel-Yates Month ago +1

    You like rainy days? Ha come to England then you won't!!!! 😂😂

  • Morgan J
    Morgan J Month ago

    Flip* of a switch not *flick lmao

  • Khalilah Muhammad
    Khalilah Muhammad Month ago

    Everything at Target is cute. Stay far far away for your own good. You can go broke shopping at Target.