Muslim guy who live in Korea

  • Published on Apr 19, 2019
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  • Daud Kim
    Daud Kim  7 months ago +224

    He is so cute 😆
    PandaofSeoul IG @pandaofseoul
    Jay Kim IG @jaehan9192

    • Panda of Seoul
      Panda of Seoul 7 months ago +1

      @UCHAR TV рахмат 🙏

    • UCHAR TV
      UCHAR TV 7 months ago +1

      둘 다 영어도 한국말도 잘 하시네용

    • Hijabi Khan
      Hijabi Khan 7 months ago +1

      Hey jay kim!😶 Please react to "Im a hijabi girl" (I'm a barbie girl parody ) by Dawood Savage .....😁....please!!!

    • bushra jamshead
      bushra jamshead 7 months ago

      Jay Kim ❤❤when u will come pakistan jay

  • a stranger
    a stranger 21 hour ago

    also, I'm from Uzbekistan and I had a Korean friend here, chill and fun people
    but I hate kpop, you may know why, and I don't like plastic faces and gay actions.
    and quit wasting thoughts about our girls, true guys are very protective to girls here.

  • Aneesa Talisic
    Aneesa Talisic 2 days ago +1

    Salam fro Muslim in the Phillipines. .....

  • Muhammad Daud
    Muhammad Daud 3 days ago

    are you a Muslim? The answer to this question is "Alhamdulillah".

  • SaeedAhmad
    SaeedAhmad 4 days ago

    lets go UZBEKISTAN!

  • Ilham Budi Abdillah
    Ilham Budi Abdillah 7 days ago

    That Uzbek guy looks like Korean too.

  • Mayazee Wonder
    Mayazee Wonder 12 days ago

    Just imagine if He came across an Estonian Muslim? 😳
    Now that would be a rare find....

  • Atrak
    Atrak 29 days ago

    The Uzbek language is not Turkish and Arabic. The Uzbek language is a Turkic language that has loan words from languages such as Arabic, Persian and Russian.

  • Temur khan
    Temur khan Month ago +2

    I'm Uzbek, we are one of Turkic tribes Karluks mixed with lil bit Persian from Iran (Sogdiy - Baktiy) our lookin is different some Mongolic and some European, we love eating Palov is really delisious meal you need to taste it👌😀

  • Atrak
    Atrak Month ago

    Turan is not Muslim countries but Muslim Turkic countries.

  • sherzod sattorov
    sherzod sattorov Month ago


  • Abduraxim Olimjonov

    I uzbek im from uzbekistan muslim friends world

  • Artstation Uz
    Artstation Uz 2 months ago


  • Sa Ya
    Sa Ya 2 months ago

    Assalomu alaykum from Uzbekistan 🇺🇿 ☺️

  • pearl perfume
    pearl perfume 3 months ago

    I'm a Singaporean. I am amazed at how Korea government diverse. To hv a place to pray at University like this is awesome. Alhamdulillah. In spore student pray at staircases landing. So sad. Not proper. And yet there are so many Muslim student. Spore gov pl take note. U ppl hv a lot to learn from Korea.

  • Lady of The Khaghan
    Lady of The Khaghan 3 months ago

    You can make video w/Turkish youtuber Ali Ertugrul. He live in korea he know Korean

  • Fitri Milawanti
    Fitri Milawanti 3 months ago

    Daebak, great information, there is mosque in Hanyang University😁👍

  • MoHina. Uz Army.
    MoHina. Uz Army. 4 months ago

    Ооооuuu I'm Uzbek too and I live to Uzbekistan

  • Quran_ uz_
    Quran_ uz_ 5 months ago +1

    Asalomu alekum 😁👋

  • Иброхим Абдуллаев

    Annyeonghaseyo. I'm from Uzbekistan too. Thank you very much. I really respect you sunbaenim

  • Javokhir Izzatullaev
    Javokhir Izzatullaev 5 months ago +1

    He was wrong by saying "Uzbek is a mixture of Arabic and Turkish". I am linguist and the more correct explanation would be Uzbek language belongs to Turkic language family just like Turkish, Azerbayjani, Kyrgyz, Kazakh and other languages, but was strongly influenced by Persian, Arabic and lately Russian.

  • gearpali Gear
    gearpali Gear 5 months ago +1

    I would really like to visit Uzbekistan . Love and salam from Thailand to Uzbek brothers

  • Uzbek in USA
    Uzbek in USA 6 months ago +1

    My country Uzbekistan 🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿🇺🇿

  • Bal Porsugu
    Bal Porsugu 6 months ago

    Özbek agaya selamlar.

  • jasur
    jasur 6 months ago +1


  • Mehemmed Mehdizade
    Mehemmed Mehdizade 6 months ago

    Türkiyeden selam uzbek kardeşime

  • Хабиб Шарапов
    Хабиб Шарапов 6 months ago +1

    Учтите великий и могучий узбекский язык, товарищи.

  • lalisa Manoban
    lalisa Manoban 6 months ago +1

    I love you Videos so much. I'm also Muslim and I live in Korea 💕👍🇰🇷

  • Ovi Molla
    Ovi Molla 7 months ago

    Jay kim you Muslim I am Bangladeshi I love south Korea

  • Sweetie Sadiq
    Sweetie Sadiq 7 months ago +1

    A very thoughtful video well done Jay Kim

  • M Mm
    M Mm 7 months ago

    OMG 정말 내가 기다렸던 동영사이였어요... 봐서 너무 기뻐했어요))) ZO‘R CHIQIPTI ROSTAN))

    • Panda of Seoul
      Panda of Seoul 7 months ago

      @M Mm рахмат каттакон) хурсанд ман ❤🙏

    • M Mm
      M Mm 7 months ago

      Panda of Seoul ikkalelaniyam vlogilani ko‘rardim . Juda quvondm

    • Panda of Seoul
      Panda of Seoul 7 months ago

      Рахмат 😍

  • Jamila Ahnadam
    Jamila Ahnadam 7 months ago

    Hey jay can you telling us some advices about learning english please i will be happy if you do that because i really want to learn english so i wish you make a video for that.peace💚


    Religion is the most thing for married

  • Fahim Ulhaq
    Fahim Ulhaq 7 months ago

    i want marry with korean girl
    i am from Afghanistan
    please contact me korean girl

  • Working Account
    Working Account 7 months ago +1

    do not want to say that Uzbek guy is wrong but Uzbeks are Turkic nation and our language is Uzbek Turkic. We did adopt some words from Arabic, Persian, Russian but the language is still Turkic. And Turon doesn't necessarily mean Muslim countries, there were Turon before Islam, Which was more Turkic nations' union.
    Thanks you, for taking such good video. Mistakes were made by Uzbek Guy. but it's forgivable))

  • jannat vorislari
    jannat vorislari 7 months ago +1

    Uzbek 🇺🇿🇹🇷🇰🇷

  • Xiao Bai
    Xiao Bai 7 months ago

    Your interest in Muslim cultures and its aspects is so nice !!! It gives me so much informations to face racism and bad rumours against it.

  • Xiao Bai
    Xiao Bai 7 months ago

    This week, Jay Kim is in his Muslim mood lol😂 Thank you so much for allowing us to get informed on such important subjects🙏🏽

  • hacktor roma
    hacktor roma 7 months ago

    Nice video 감사합니다.

  • mjfdhxb
    mjfdhxb 7 months ago +1


  • baka desu
    baka desu 7 months ago +12

    Im a muslim girl and i from Brazil
    Thanks for the video ❤ i enjoyed with your videos
    ( sorry my english is really bad)

  • SoundsLike Turkish
    SoundsLike Turkish 7 months ago +2

    Turan means "Unity of Turks". It is an ideology aims to unite all Turks under a state or a federation. Some thinks Koreans, Japanese people and Mongolians are also a part of Turan but Turan is particularly unity of Turkic people or unity of people of old Great Hun Empire which also include Hungarians etc.
    Uzbek is not mixture of Arabic and Turkish. In fact, Turkish and Uzbek are Turkic languages and Kharezm dialect of Uzbek is totally umderstandable for Turkish people. Both Uzbek and Turkish were called Türkçe (lit. Turk language) in history but with the effects of Russian rule in Soviet Union, 4 groups of Türkçe divided into over 35 documented languages. There are also undocumented languages. Turks amd Persians lived together for a long time from Anatolia to Central Asia, Uzbeks and Tajiks (Central Asian Persians) cultures embraced each other and they are so similar. That's why there are so many Tajik/Persian loanwords in Uzbek and Uzbek loanwords in Tajik.
    Islamic vocabulary all around the world is based on Arabic and partly Persian. That's why people of majority muslim countries greet each other "Assalamu alaikum." although their languages are totally different.
    Turkish/ Uzbek 《 Turkic 《 Altaic (with Korean)
    Arabic 《 Semitic (with Hebrew)
    Persian/Tajik/Dari/Urdu/Pashto《 Indo European (with English)
    Malaysian/Indonesian 《 Austroasian
    They greet each other saying "Assalamu alaikum" but as you can see their languages are from totally different language families.

    KINOFILM HD TV 7 months ago +1

    assalomualaykum everyone !
    video is very interesting
    I am from Uzbekistan !!! good luck Jay KIM !!

    KINOFILM HD TV 7 months ago +3

    assalomualaykum everyone !
    video is very interesting

    KINOFILM HD TV 7 months ago

    assalomualaykum everyone !
    video is very interesting

    LEGENDARY boy 7 months ago

    Hello bro this video very nice I'm from Uzbekistan Nowadays I'm studying in India but I gonna go in Korea because I like Korean history and traditions and I have so many many idea about Korea One day I will go

  • aishath nazra
    aishath nazra 7 months ago

    Asalamalaikum jay kim
    from Maldives.
    You’re vedios are great. And you’re such a nice person.
    God bless you ❤️

  • Harun khan
    Harun khan 7 months ago +1


  • Lol tv
    Lol tv 7 months ago +13

    Uzbek language isn't mixture of Arabic and Turkish. We took some some words from Arabic, but it doesn't mean It's mixture. Turkish language is one of Turkik language family. By the way, Turkish people came from the landscape of Uzbekistan many years ago.

    • komron S
      komron S 4 months ago

      Yes, uzbek has some words from arabic just like other historically muslim nations but it is a pure turkic language. He is wrong. Aka uzbeklar hakida yanlish malumot berdiz

  • Lacoste Lacoste
    Lacoste Lacoste 7 months ago

    How is being Uzbek ?

  • EveryDay Learn
    EveryDay Learn 7 months ago

    I proud of being muslim

  • Doston Kultaev
    Doston Kultaev 7 months ago

    Omg I didn't even contemplate about that there is a prayer room in Korean universities

  • Eesaf Khan
    Eesaf Khan 7 months ago

    Yea you both look same like Chinese

  • Amjad Hussain
    Amjad Hussain 7 months ago

    Good work jay!

  • mary bg
    mary bg 7 months ago

    When will u make a video with an Iranian??? I cant wait for.😍

  • Sümeyye Gümüş
    Sümeyye Gümüş 7 months ago +1

    Again and again awesome video 💕 Thanks a lot jay kim~ Could you interview with Ali Ertuğrul? He is turkish youtuber in korea and he is really really best man~

  • Jakhongir Valijonov
    Jakhongir Valijonov 7 months ago

    Perfect 👌. Brother I really liked your videos. Good luck both bloggers! Jakhongir from Uzbekistan

  • Lit lyrics
    Lit lyrics 7 months ago +4

    Love from Uzbekistan ❤❤❤

  • Muzhgan Hotak
    Muzhgan Hotak 7 months ago

    Woow it's very nice. I will be come one day in korea. Can you write the name of university please. And city also please. Tnx

  • Tyurkay Khan
    Tyurkay Khan 7 months ago

    İch aufgebe, dass die rosigen Gefühle angefangen mit bismillah für die ganzer Menschheit auf der Welt , wahrscheinlich nach dem ersten oder zweiter Weltkrieg her.