• Published on Nov 13, 2017
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Comments • 162

  • Travis Wilson
    Travis Wilson 8 months ago

    Do you have any ideas other then a sandwich or wrap to put in a packed lunch that does not need to be warmed up and is filling?

  • unsweetened cheerios
    unsweetened cheerios 11 months ago

    I tried to make mushroom gravy on my own today and failed miserably 😂 im going to try again using this recipe :)

  • Tea Em
    Tea Em Year ago

    Those look a m a z i n g !!!!! I will try these out without all the the oil

  • Laura Hogan
    Laura Hogan Year ago

    The mushroom gravy looks so so hearty! My hubby would love this :)

  • xVvix xnNix
    xVvix xnNix Year ago

    I love the first track, is it from soundclound?

  • cmortalx
    cmortalx Year ago

    This is amazing!!

  • Jordan McDaniel
    Jordan McDaniel Year ago

    Love it

  • Marcos Carrera
    Marcos Carrera Year ago

    Omg! You didn't use sweet potatoes 😱 Loooove those tho!

  • LaLa Murmurs
    LaLa Murmurs Year ago

    So the update: I found a food processor on sale. I have to work on consistency for mushroom gravy but flavor was on point, (swaped soy sauce for amino acids) as for the butternut squash Lasangua, next time I want pre cut squash but IT Came Out Perfect! Even my ex who frowns on vegan food said it was good. That tofu cheese is Genius, I can use it in all kinds of cooking, too. Thank You Janne!

  • Kira Traylor
    Kira Traylor Year ago

    i am literally drooling over these recipes!

  • Julie Trujillo
    Julie Trujillo Year ago

    Ok ~ made the mushroom gravy ~ soooo good! NO leftovers :(

  • She Loves The Father & Son

    Can somebody please give me the names of the songs or instrumentals used in this video?

  • Joelton Yee
    Joelton Yee Year ago

    You are glowing! Look so pretty in this video!! Definitely trying the gravy! Thanks love!

  • thelinus
    thelinus Year ago

    i want to make everything. especially the lasagna! might try these out at christmas. thanks for the awesome recipes :)

  • withoutknowledge
    withoutknowledge Year ago

    Do u make the music?

  • Francesca Luongo
    Francesca Luongo Year ago

    Oh wow yummmm can’t wait to try the lasagne! Love your recipes!

  • Ashley Flynn
    Ashley Flynn Year ago

    I think I'll use your roasted veggie recipe and the gravy recipe for my green bean casserole

  • Carla Cooking Vegan

    Made the smokey maple roasted vegetable recipe the other day and it was good. Couldn’t wait for thanksgiving to make it. My fiancé loved it. The roasted seeds takes it up a notch.


    looks sooo good. I have to find a soy replacement! Perhaps nuts!

  • Samantha Haun
    Samantha Haun Year ago

    Can't wait to make!

  • Jenna Williams
    Jenna Williams Year ago

    I love vegan cooking! In my latest video I made some awesome roasted potatoes that would be perfect for thanksgiving!

  • Kori Skene
    Kori Skene Year ago

    Mashed potatoes and mushroom gravy is one of my favourite side dishes! We add onions to our gravy too. Im definitely going to try roasting veggies with that sauce, they look delicious.

  • Andrea Ste
    Andrea Ste Year ago

    I truly love every recipe you show.

  • She Loves The Father & Son

    Came for the food but can I get the playlist too? Lol!

  • Serene Aura
    Serene Aura Year ago

    Your recipes look delicious!!!

  • Vijaya Foods
    Vijaya Foods Year ago

    Good recipe and you look Cute, Your Green Dress is Nice🌺🌺🌺🌺

  • Zoe Swinson
    Zoe Swinson Year ago

    Does anyone have tips on how to keep their curves as vegans?? I’ve been a vegan for a few months now and my curves are completely gone even though I still weigh the same...does anyone have any tips? I’d appreciate any feedback (only nice comments please)

  • Alyx-jane Smith
    Alyx-jane Smith Year ago

    I'm getting ready to cook an Australia Christmas dinner, I'll be sure to try these 😍🌞😍

  • truefuschniken
    truefuschniken Year ago

    Looks AMAZING as usual!! ;)

  • Chantell Genee
    Chantell Genee Year ago

    Gonna try this!!

  • Violet Anderson
    Violet Anderson Year ago

    “I left on some of the skins for fun” 😅 made me laugh. Needed that and these fantastic recipes. So happy to be your subscriber! Happy thanksgiving 🍁

  • The Discount Vegan
    The Discount Vegan Year ago +1

    That mushroom gravy and mash is A-MAZING!! I think I might add that to my Christmas roster (since Thanksgiving is long over here)

  • Susan Jo S
    Susan Jo S Year ago

    All these recipes look delish!!! What can I use instead of tofu? I have a serious sensitivity to it?

  • Stephen Townsend
    Stephen Townsend Year ago

    Ha ha, I hit the thumbs up before you had even finished the roasted vegetables. It looks wonderful. In the UK we do similar meal for Christmas so now I have some ideas. Thank you.
    If you have not done it already, could you please do a quick vid on how you put your videos together. Maybe show some of the equipment and stuff. Your videos are so clear, clean and on point. How long does it take to get one ready to post?

  • Nancy Plants
    Nancy Plants Year ago

    Mushroom gravy on EVERYTHING!!!

  • Momma Bee
    Momma Bee Year ago

    @SweetPotatoSoul You have a subscriber here that's ready to start a Cooking Channel or Food Network petition. Lol. You deserve a show.

  • Tilly G
    Tilly G Year ago

    I'm a carnivore at heart. But that roasted vegetables dish looked delicious. I would have ate the whole lot

  • Sunrise2day
    Sunrise2day Year ago

    They All look good to me. Wow! Thanks for sharing those recipes!!! Have a great week! :)

  • Julie Trujillo
    Julie Trujillo Year ago

    Saw this today, made the lasagna tonight. Sooooo delicious! Used Delica squash and sweet potato instead of butternut squash bc I had some of each that needed to be used. Will definitely be making again for Thanksgiving, using butternut squash.

  • Barbie B
    Barbie B Year ago

    The mushroom gravy looks so good

    JOYCE DELIFUS Year ago

    They all look good, must try mash potatoes, and gravy for sure. Thanks.

  • DeepDarrion
    DeepDarrion Year ago


  • Donna Holt
    Donna Holt Year ago

    Thank you for these awesome recipes!!! I very much agree with others commenting that Food Network needs to give you your own “Vegan Wow” cooking show!!!

  • Debbie Otto
    Debbie Otto Year ago

    This all looks amazing! Happy Holidays!

  • Igobynaynay
    Igobynaynay Year ago

    Omg got to make that gravy

  • Vivianne Moreno
    Vivianne Moreno Year ago

    Fire vegan recipes made by a fire of a woman!! 🔥 you are looking fabulous girl!

  • Nettie Mitch
    Nettie Mitch Year ago

    I made the mushroom gravy and mash! OMG delicious comfort food...

  • JennyWas13
    JennyWas13 Year ago

    That mashed potato and gravy recipe looks yummm. So simple, why have I never thought of it

  • Gabrielle Wilson
    Gabrielle Wilson Year ago

    New subscriber here!!! I love it

  • kneecole198
    kneecole198 Year ago

    All of your recipes and videos are such good quality. I’m thankful 😉 for this channel

  • another troubled person

    Danger Warning:
    these recipe's are far more delicious than they seem. please pay attention
    to your eating speed, you may consume the dishes in a rush and remain
    bloated or fuller than you planned to be. so it is your duty to enjoy what
    you've created.
    PS: do not use too much pepper for the gravy.

  • sanyrub
    sanyrub Year ago

    Looks absolutely incredible yes.

  • Kristen Rogers
    Kristen Rogers Year ago

    i'm cooking my second vegan thanksgiving meal and have been wondering what to do for a vegetable. i will probably make the first recipe! thanks for sharing. (this is @kristennicolerogers from instagram :) )

  • Angela's Travel Adventures

    They all look good!

  • Christina Espinoza

    Wow that lasagna looks so Delicious!!!!

  • Nicole L
    Nicole L Year ago

    Wow! That all looked soooo good!!! That gravy though! 😍 “I’m greedy” 🤣

  • •Murray• •HeleneJ•

    God your skin is so phenomenal and glowing like the sun girl 🤩. Skin care routine video? As well as can you do a video of many different recipes without mushrooms for us veg who may be allergic and have to avoid them at all cost lol. Alternative options at least to using mushrooms. Especially the gravy recipe and other things people love to normally throw mushrooms on or in.

  • SistahRoro
    SistahRoro Year ago +1

    Loving the music! Got me over here jammin'! Can't wait to try the potatoes and gravy!

  • Nathena Antoinette

    Omg! I don’t know what to try first!

  • Veggiekins
    Veggiekins Year ago

    girl oh my gosh those mushrooms on mashed potatoes are screaming my name!!!!!!