Most Expected Programming MCQs and Coding Questions for the TCS Off-campus Drive

  • Published on Oct 26, 2018
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  • Sajal Sharma
    Sajal Sharma 2 months ago

    The software, you are using is very poor that's why it is hanging most of the time. Do upgrade....

  • Komal Upadhyay
    Komal Upadhyay 3 months ago

    I didn't get the very first program. There are only 4 arguments i.e. asha, Usha, Nisha, easha. You are saying the very first arg is file name. So, is asha a file name here??

  • Samir Thakar
    Samir Thakar 3 months ago

    I'm from mechanical... why I am watching this video ???lol

    DIPAM SAHA 4 months ago

    What this

  • archana rajole
    archana rajole 4 months ago +1

    Thank u so much mam😊...for guiding us....this video is really beneficial for me..

  • Ramya Ch
    Ramya Ch 5 months ago

    Teaching is very nice mam

  • chetan edke
    chetan edke 5 months ago


  • Sumanth Royal
    Sumanth Royal 5 months ago +1

    Sorry to say this mam there is lot of in-convenience in this video and your way of explanation is good

  • Virendra Kumar
    Virendra Kumar 5 months ago +3

    Sorry to say, but you are not able to explain well, I wasted more than 10 minutes. Thanks

  • Divyansh Srivastava
    Divyansh Srivastava 5 months ago

    45:00 for just programming part

  • neha srivastava
    neha srivastava 5 months ago +3

    bht tym waste kiya hai..
    you havnt explain even a single ques. of coding

    NANDEESH R 6 months ago +1

    Y r u wasting so many minutes in the beginning

  • Gaurav Gambhir
    Gaurav Gambhir 6 months ago +1

    Very unprofessional. Videos paused several times at least edit video before upload.

  • B Anusha
    B Anusha 6 months ago

    18:02 If there is no predecrement in the array,then what would be the output?

  • mythili s
    mythili s 6 months ago

    its clear mam

  • Hansraj Chetry
    Hansraj Chetry 6 months ago

    --argc means decrement not increment.

  • Beautiful
    Beautiful 6 months ago +2

    Session was only 30 min 😰😩😩

  • c se cpp
    c se cpp 6 months ago

    Which programing language required in tcs

  • Anil Macharam
    Anil Macharam 11 months ago +37

    It starts from 06:00
    You're welcome😁

  • Mrutyunjaya Rout
    Mrutyunjaya Rout 11 months ago

    Below 50%in xiith is eligible for TCS smart

  • Mane Tukaram
    Mane Tukaram 11 months ago

    yes .voice is Good

  • Gani Dhoni
    Gani Dhoni Year ago

    please video for programming ability test

  • Digvijay Rana
    Digvijay Rana Year ago +3

    is there any negative marking in TCS off campus drive

  • sarbasis das
    sarbasis das Year ago +2

    What a waste of time... Lol



  • Magaram Karwasra
    Magaram Karwasra Year ago +1

    Kisliye bakwas karte ho tumara khulasa to tcs pawai bombay me HOD radhika randi ne kr diya jisme do girl supriya or garima ko usa selection ke name pr randi ka kam karwaya

  • Umesh tiwari
    Umesh tiwari Year ago


  • pallavi nayyar
    pallavi nayyar Year ago +2

    Is it important to write code in command line in TCS off campus drive

    • Sajib Das
      Sajib Das Year ago

      No.. They clearly stated that programming will come along with instruction. According to instruction programming may follow STDIN or command line argument. You have to practice both concept simultaneously.

  • hima varshi
    hima varshi Year ago

    tyy mam

  • Subhajit Poddar
    Subhajit Poddar Year ago +3

    Hi , are you.preparation for TCS exam and watch this video .
    'argv 'what

  • Roshan Kumar
    Roshan Kumar Year ago

    Is it necessary to code using command line argument...plz tell?

  • Shashankesh Upadhyay

    sir i have paid the fees, but yet not able to access the course.

  • divyansh varshney
    divyansh varshney Year ago +1

    Sir please WIPRO k lectures bhi upload kar dijiye.

  • Aparajita Kushwaha
    Aparajita Kushwaha Year ago +3

    i m not able to access my tcs marathon course. please help me out

  • Aparajita Kushwaha

    Sir I did not get any details to log in

    SRIKANTH YBR Year ago

    Ur sessions r very will help to understand everyone ..keep doing like that Happy to subscribe #FACE Prep

  • Surya Teja
    Surya Teja Year ago

    desperately waiting for another live class...!

  • Ahsan Khan
    Ahsan Khan Year ago

    Nice ma'am