2018 Harley Davidson Lowrider full and detailed review!

  • Hey Guys I got the chance to take out the all new 2018 Harley Davidson Lowrider with the 107 cubic inch motor. Talked about some pros and cons and the big changes. Nice to see it with the Milwaukee Eight and it a real blast to ride. 180 rear tire now, dual bending valve front forks, 35 pounds lighter. Check out the video and comment and Subscribe and their will be more to come.

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  • Thomas Huth
    Thomas Huth 3 months ago

    Please, if it fits so nice, how tall are you?

  • Adrian G
    Adrian G 4 months ago +1

    Just out of curiosity, I wonder if it is possible to install the rear fender of a Softail standard, on to the new low rider

  • The Box
    The Box 4 months ago

    Stop and Meditate i do that lol

  • John Scott
    John Scott 8 months ago

    How long is that red light? Put your kickstand down to trip the sensor. The machine didn’t know you were there. I hate long red lights.

  • M P
    M P 9 months ago +3

    I grew a beard waiting for that light.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  9 months ago +2

      hahaha yeah I missed that one during edit. My bad for making you have to shave after a youtube video! Thanks for pushing thru!

  • steve williamson
    steve williamson 9 months ago +1

    Bought one recently followed by a stage 1 with it's first service ..full Vance an Hines an sounds lovely now...fantastic bike all-round xxx

    ARTHUR SEA Year ago

    Man, why do you guys take new bikes and ride them hard when haven't even been run in? Then without a care ... off to the showroom floor for some sucker to buy it. And then he wonders why it gives him problems within the first week.
    If I were to buy a brand new bike, I would not want it to be abused like this while it has not even done 5 miles.
    That is why before I place a deposit for any bike, I will insist that it should not have more than 1 mile on the odometer. Only then dealerships will stop their employees from taking them out for "joy rides" and "review videos".
    If you want to do review videos, do them on test ride bikes.

    • Edward Wynne
      Edward Wynne 5 months ago

      I can't tell he abused the bike. Break in is cruising no more than. 3000 rpm and 3500 between shifts. That's according to the owners manual. I can agree that I would rather put all the miles on my new bike. My 2019 FXLR had 7 miles on it. My first HD and it is sweet.

  • Jared Howe
    Jared Howe Year ago

    A Low Rider on a
    Softail frame? Blasphemy. Bring back the Dyna.

      ARTHUR SEA 10 months ago

      Grow up retard. Things change. You wouldn't buy it even it was still a Dyna. Go back to playing Grand Theft Auto (cause guess what you don't like new video games too).

  • Amrish Kumar
    Amrish Kumar Year ago

    Hi is it smooth as the 2018 fatbob

  • Ron Pleake
    Ron Pleake Year ago

    I'm looking at a 2018 with less than 100 miles on it for less than $13,000.00. May go pick it up.

  • Bobby Parson
    Bobby Parson Year ago +1

    That was almost a 3 minute light. lol. Great Vid.

  • darnell rogers
    darnell rogers Year ago +1

    First things first get rid of those stupid handle bars
    Second powder coat all that chrome

    • darnell rogers
      darnell rogers Year ago

      Fast-Action Jax
      New subscriber 👍🏽

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago +1

      My Man!! absolutely! We are on the same page, This is actually my favorite of the new M8 softails, But those bars are hideous! I would change them immediately, put a fairing on it and powdercoat for sure!

  • tom martin
    tom martin Year ago

    What is compression ratio mean. 8 to 1. 10 to 1. I have no idea

  • James D
    James D Year ago

    Another great review. And thx for the deluxe reply!!!!
    At first I didn’t like feel of the bars on my 2018 fxlr. I like that older look however. I put 4” curved risers and I love the feel now too. Got the bonneville salt pearl. Didn’t think I’d ever go for a whiteish bike .love it though. And it’s an effortless ride. Thx

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      That's great! I bet it looks much better too! I really like the white and I'm not much of a white guy myself. I was looking at some 18 Fxlr builds the other day on IG. I hope to be able to pick one up one day.

  • TexasFed TexasBred

    I fell asleep at the red light.. fucked up thing is, I woke up and you were still there..

  • VaZ X
    VaZ X Year ago +7

    Disclaimer: half the video is the silence at the red light

  • splodge 57
    splodge 57 Year ago

    Ha, so long at a red light! Have they water cooled the engine?

    • Calen
      Calen Year ago

      Some have oil cooled, some water, i know the larger baggers have the water veins.

  • Alfredo Isaac
    Alfredo Isaac Year ago

    130 mm fork travel in the front sounds great...how much at the rear ?

  • Scott Grey
    Scott Grey Year ago

    Sounds Electric, what happened Harley?

  • TCG Motovlog
    TCG Motovlog Year ago

    Bom vídeo! Infelizmente esse modelo de moto não está disponível no Brasil. Harley-Davidson Lowrider 2018 seria a minha primeira moto!

  • Tudorinc
    Tudorinc Year ago +2

    I think this is the model I would look into to thanks

  • WoodyOn2Wheels
    WoodyOn2Wheels Year ago

    Holy crap that was the longest red light ever! What kinda shoes are those? I really like the low rider but wish the dialed back the chrome on it.

  • Joe Gardner
    Joe Gardner Year ago

    wheres this at so I go around the red light

  • StevieDee
    StevieDee Year ago

    It just looks long like a breakout to me for looks I still like Dyna better I don’t know how that thing rides though?

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      It surprised me, You'd think it would handle horribly with the 240/160 combo but it actually handles pretty well. your not going to want to take it to the track lol but it rides nice.

  • Meohmy
    Meohmy Year ago

    That ridiculous silence while you were at the traffic light should have been edited out!

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago +1

      Yes your 100 percent right! And if you read the 100 other comments you'll know why it wasn't. We're all human here

  • Robert Hammes
    Robert Hammes Year ago

    Does HARLEY DAVIDSON supply a Locking Gas Cap for the 2018 Lowrider 5 gallon tank?

  • Robert Hammes
    Robert Hammes Year ago

    I need some Loud Pipes for my NEW 2018 Lowrider 107 cubic inch over the OEM, any suggestions would be appreciated?

    • Robert Hammes
      Robert Hammes Year ago

      I bought and already installed the Screaming Eagle pipes in place of the OEM, Mufflers already, but what are the Screaming Eagle "Short Shots," any part number or description on those and where to find them ?

    • Robert Hammes
      Robert Hammes Year ago

      I don't want to Fuck Up the Chrome grinding the Ends OFF the pipes, What about Rinehart pipes are they Much Louder than the Screaming Eagle Pipes ?

    • Sir Nexxes
      Sir Nexxes Year ago

      Grind the ends off the pipes, there ya go

    • Robert Hammes
      Robert Hammes Year ago

      I bought and Put on the NEW Screaming Eagle Pipes with the 2 Gaskets and 2 Clamps recommended and cranked it up and Heard a Noticeable Louder Difference, But Not As Loud as I expected it to be, where can I get the Much LOUDER Pipes that Give you that Potato, Potato Sound ? and what would they cost ?

    • Sir Nexxes
      Sir Nexxes Year ago

      Screaming eagle short shots I have on mine are nice

  • Robert Hammes
    Robert Hammes Year ago

    "HARLEY DAVIDSON" Milwaukee Iron is Made in America, by Americans, for Americans

    • kendil22
      kendil22 Year ago

      Except all the parts, which are made in china :p . But I'm still thinking of moving from my indian scout to the lowrider. I want something a little bigger and more comfortable but Indian goes from the scout to Ginormous with no in between.

  • Chase Thomas
    Chase Thomas Year ago

    Dude why not edit out that red light? Wtf haha

  • James Dent
    James Dent 2 years ago

    Are the mid controls alright for long distance? Are they worse than forward controls in any way or is it just preference?

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  Year ago

      its all personal preference, I hate forwards. it's all about what your used to really. mids are better for performance styled riding because your weight is more forward and forwards are better for more comfortable riding. thats the way I look at it anyway, but it doesnt mean you can ride hard on forwards or ride long on mids

  • mark henry
    mark henry 2 years ago +4

    Gee they were some long stop lights! I love the lowrider but sadly out of price range. Thanks

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +2

      yeah I missed that one when editing lol. OOPS. And out of mine too brother! It's the bike I want too :(

  • Julian Putra
    Julian Putra 2 years ago

    all that talk is distracting from the music !! potato potata

  • ANCHOR440
    ANCHOR440 2 years ago +2

    My fav' too, it and the Sport Glide.

  • ozweepa
    ozweepa 2 years ago

    Nothing worse than sitting at a red light and that was painful to watch. Glad I wasn't sitting at it. Great review, I'll have to seriously consider this bike. Mid controls felt a bit cramped to me and I'm short. would have to change them out.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      haha I agree, I made a mistake and uploaded the wrong edited video lol. but I love the lowrider and its going to be my next purchase I've decided. out of all the 18's the lowrider is my favorite

  • DudeItsShags
    DudeItsShags 2 years ago

    That light lol... I just looked at one today I can’t believe how I had lighter it felt than my 07 softail custom

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      yeah it blew my mind when I first rode one. They said it was 33 pounds lighter than the previous model but it seems to be a lot lighter than that to me. crazy.

  • nevillegreg1
    nevillegreg1 2 years ago +1

    After having demoed the bike over the entire weekend, I'm a big fan of the new Low Rider. Have ordered mine with Stage III (114) and Street Slammer bars and Sundowner seat (stock seat is horrible for pillion). It's going to be a blast - lighter frame, great handling, bigger motor. Agree with you about the dual discs, hopefully in time HD may offer a dual disc upgrade.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      thats great! I bet it'll be even more fun with the 114! I'd love to buy a new lowrider but not in the cards at the moment, have to pay down my bike a little more.

  • Jeff Tilghman
    Jeff Tilghman 2 years ago

    Looks like the Softail Lowrider. How does it compare to the Dyna Softail LowRider S. I am more into the blacked out look. That's one reason I started on an Iron. I know the Dyna line has been discontinued, and I am not happy at all about it. But what can you do! Keep up with the great videos. I am really jealous of you and Block head living in Florida. I lived in Orlando in 87 & 88 and I wish now I stayed. It's better riding weather than here in NC. Ride safe and keep'em coming.

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 2 years ago

      Jeff Tilghman buy a lowrider s while you can. They can be had new for 16 grand, thats what i paid for mine. Dual disk front brakes, abs, cruise, se cams, se heads, emulsion suspension, excellent bike.

  • Danny Hurst
    Danny Hurst 2 years ago

    you should have edited out stop at lights, that was wayyyy to long a wait lol but nice bike, really like the look of the lowrider and im only 5ft 6inches so the seat height fits me well, the only thing i would change is handlebars and upgrade pipes, maybe install backrest and thats it.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      that stoplight was an editing mistake, I was having trouble rendering that day so I had to include it.

  • nevillegreg1
    nevillegreg1 2 years ago +1

    If your gunna do a full review, then you need to take the beast on a mountain road, how does it handle around bends?

  • Motorcycle addict
    Motorcycle addict 2 years ago

    Hi jax , do u think this bike could handle as well as the new fatbob , like to get your take on the comparison between the 2 bikes

    • Motorcycle addict
      Motorcycle addict 2 years ago

      Fast-Action Jax thanks , the double console on the tank looks a good stand out piece plus the tank is 5.3 litres bigger on this bike , only problem is there's lots more polishing on this bike by the looks of it :) do the 2 fuel caps open ? Or is it just the right hand side

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +2

      they handle differently but preform pretty similarly. the fat bob puts you in a more upright position so in your head you will feel like it is a little sportier but they both ride really nicely. I don't like the bars on the Lowrider personally but if it had bars closer to the ones on the fat bob I think they would handle about the same. The Lowrider is a more comfortable ride but the fat bob is more fun. You would definitely have to ride them both and see for yourself. I really don't know which of the 18s I buy given the opportunity honestly

  • Spacecoastz
    Spacecoastz 2 years ago +1

    The first thing I see is that it has a proper mount for a tag, instead of that stupid "sticking out the side" mount.

  • Steve Slater
    Steve Slater 2 years ago

    Looks like they copied an early 90s Kawasaki

  • Unknown User
    Unknown User 2 years ago

    Harley-Davidson dealerships across the country are about to see a spike in sales of Dynas. Harley-Davidson screwed the pooch on this one. I'm sure the new motor is great, but chuckled when the 8 valve, 4 plug, newly designed, high tech 107 M8 puts out less power than it's only 3 inch bigger older counterpart :-P

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      Yeah Harley Davidson has always been pretty secretive about their actions and what they are doing. I get why they kept the names of the dynas to reduce confusion but I agree with you that the 2018 street bob is not a street bob because its not a dyna yunno? we will see what happens from here I guess. I know a change to the sportster is coming. we'll see if its good or bad.

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 2 years ago

      Fast-Action Jax hopefully they dont ruin the sportster, would be a little less butt hurt if they killed the dyna names with the discontinuation of the dyna frame. Right now, nothing they offer to get me to part with my fxdls. Again, I feel this whole thing was to cut costs and maximize profit from the bikes they are selling. Less welds, no dual disk brakes.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      Zachary Yost oh I agree, I was pissed at first. Especially because my favorite model was the fxdls and they did such a great job on it, I felt like they were starting to go in the right direction with them, even more so cause when I was sent on a trip by the motor company I saw some of the fxdls prototypes before it was released and all of them were the shit, one even had an fxr fairing. So with that in my mind when the 18's were released I was shocked. So now I don't know what is going on BUT they also said they are releasing 26 new models over the next few years, so more are coming. Who knows what they will be. With the Dyna gone they could beef up the sporty and make it the new Dyna with bigger motor or something who knows. Time will tell I guess. If I've ever learned anything working for Harley is they always have tricks up their sleeve like when everyone thought the road glide got cut in 14 and it came back badass

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 2 years ago

      Fast-Action Jax but what is annoying is the fact they eliminated them all together. They say it's a better frame but it's not hard to put two and two together that it was a move to cut costs

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +2

      Zachary Yost that'd be awesome but I doubt it because I can tell you from being in the dealership everyday that no one was buying them at all. All the Dyna guys think that they are what keeps Harley afloat but Harley's least sold motorcycles for the last few years was the Dyna, all those guys buy used. I love the Dyna and hated to see it go but it's because no one bought them that they got cut

  • Captain Picard
    Captain Picard 2 years ago +1

    Please stop at the stop signs and use your turning signal. We have it bad enough as it is with cagers not respecting us. No need to make it worse. Nice review.

  • dheller777
    dheller777 2 years ago +11

    I would have like to see the dual discs up front and an all black S model with the 114 as an option.

    • DylanDream
      DylanDream Year ago

      Ponder this, the advantage of a dual disc system is with (presumably) both brakes doing equal work, each only needs to generate 1/2 the heat that an, all things being equal, single disc system would. So in that sense, no, a dual-disc system won't have "more stopping power" than an equivalent single-disc system, but it will be much less prone to brake fade. For normal bikes, in normal use, single disk is fine. Front brakes do the bulk of the stopping work, but tire traction/surface condition, limiting factor....thus ABS. Rider skill is in there, too.---somewhat taken care of by linked system.

    • Dubai Rider
      Dubai Rider Year ago +2

      sorry bro but this comment does not make much sense to me. Double disks are better than single by all characteristics except weight.

    • DylanDream
      DylanDream 2 years ago +1

      You realize that with dual disc’s in the front as opposed to the single disc the only benefit is you don’t have to squeeze the brake lever as hard there is still the same Brake result with a single disc

    • Fabio Rodrigues da Silva
      Fabio Rodrigues da Silva 2 years ago

      dheller777 inverted forks too

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      Joe Glenn
      I wish, I'd really love to see that happen

  • greg agnello
    greg agnello 2 years ago +5

    Buckhorn handles, ugg, glad I bought my 2014.

    • Sir Nexxes
      Sir Nexxes Year ago

      greg agnello as a sports bike rider I loved the design of this low rider in the electric blue. I loved it so much I am now the proud owner of a sports bike and a harley

  • tedmongel
    tedmongel 2 years ago +35

    Wish you could just get a black tank with the emblem; I like the bike in black but cannot stand the gaudy red and blue graphics.

    • John Scott
      John Scott 8 months ago

      Me too! They’re trying to recall the AMF days. Anybody who remembers those days wants to forget them. Now they have Twisted Cherry and a Midnight Blue That look great. Worth the $400 in my book. 😄

    • riingram
      riingram 9 months ago +1

      That's the detail I love!

    • Dans Music
      Dans Music 9 months ago +1

      Personal taste. I normally would agree, but I currently like the AMF vibe and the paint is so rich looking.

    • Joshua Boes
      Joshua Boes 11 months ago

      Same I’m thinking about the midnight blue or silver blacked out

    • tyee4u
      tyee4u Year ago

      tedmongel agreed. If it were me I would probably have the blue and red vinyl covered with flat black. Still add some accent and save the wallet.

  • TheJudge442
    TheJudge442 2 years ago +4

    longest red light EVER!!! wish the paint job didnt suck

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      TheJudge442 we got the white one in today and it's pretty awesome

  • andreas stavrou
    andreas stavrou 2 years ago +21

    illegal to talk at red light .......

  • firecap302
    firecap302 2 years ago

    Thanks for the review I enjoyed it but still trying to make up my mind which one to buy. Your really good at doing the reviews with the detail you go into, so keep up the good work dude.

  • Matt Williams
    Matt Williams 2 years ago

    Didn't see the cruise "button" on the left control. Does the Low Rider come with it since it's throttle by wire?

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      yes they started making cruise standard on the heritage in 17.

    • Matt Williams
      Matt Williams 2 years ago

      Thank you. I can confirm that the 107" Heritage does have cruise. I demo'd one last weekend here in San Diego.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      Your right, the one I was riding did not have cruise. I do not know at this time exactly which models cruise will be an option on and which models it wont. harley sent a bulletin stating the Heritage will still have cruise standard and it will "be optional on all other models" but I havent seen a kit yet or any of the other models with it because we're still in the beginning stages of getting the new bikes due to the hurricanes that set us back a little down here in Florida, so I dont want to give any false information.

  • Julio Boysenberry
    Julio Boysenberry 2 years ago

    You mentioned the travel in the front, but nothing regarding the monoshock's travel. What is it? Also: are the crank webs now welded or still pressed-fit?

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      I do not know the travel of the rear at this time, all I know is that it's still made by Showa. also they are still press fit, If I remember correctly they are 3 piece. I am not an engineer so I do not know why Harley would go either way on that but I do know that they are press fit because the way the lobes are designed.

  • crash 30179
    crash 30179 2 years ago

    Another great review..thx Jax...hey I see u are wearing gloves ! What's up ? Well I have always wore them...

    • crash 30179
      crash 30179 2 years ago

      Fast-Action Jax wow..that is seriously messed up !

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      Rick Holder
      Actually the reason why I wasn't wearing gloves in the first couple reviews I posted is because they were stolen. Which I think is extremely messed up. So I had to wait for my new ones to come in

  • John Chiara
    John Chiara 2 years ago

    finally, been waiting for a review on this!

  • Chris Brandon
    Chris Brandon 2 years ago +1


  • Jason Tharaldsen
    Jason Tharaldsen 2 years ago

    How tall are you jax?

  • WalkingHeadPro
    WalkingHeadPro 2 years ago +1

    Harley Roadster review next?

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      yes! I was going to do one the other day, brought the bike out and everything but got pulled away. I ridden the roadster on the track, So i definitely have some experience on that model

  • Chris Fernandez
    Chris Fernandez 2 years ago +1

    No more duel disks ! That sucks!

  • Darren Robbins
    Darren Robbins 2 years ago +48

    Great review. Worlds longest red light.

    • Lex Kantoor
      Lex Kantoor 7 months ago

      Darren Robbins s

    • Ajid Tju
      Ajid Tju 2 years ago +1

      Yes it's so low in seat height but still not for the short leg rider.

    • Walter White
      Walter White 2 years ago +3

      nah. it was perfect. got to hear the engine idle. nice evil thump

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +4

      Darren Robbins oh I may have missed a spot I was going to edit out lol! But yeah I feel like we have the worst lights in the country lol

  • RoninSoul88
    RoninSoul88 2 years ago

    Thank you for demoing the Low Rider! I think your the first person to do one. Out of all the new 2018's this is the one I like the look of but, like you I was really disappointed that they got rid of the duel front brakes as well.

    • Ronald Klazon
      Ronald Klazon 2 years ago

      RoninSoul88 because of the brake noise

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +2

      RoninSoul88 yeah I was a little bummed about that although it had no problem stopping I like having them and like the look. I honestly don't know what Harley's reasoning was behind it but like I mentioned in the video it wouldn't be a deal breaker for me just kind of a disappointment

  • Ed Black
    Ed Black 2 years ago +7

    Thanks for a real Lowrider review! When it comes to Softails it's still my first pick, followed by the Slim & Street Bob tied for second.

    • Oto Kakhidze
      Oto Kakhidze 2 years ago +1

      same here, though I don't like that rubber springs on the forks of Street bob, it looks like a 883 not a softail. I often have a passenger so solo seat and chopped fender would not work out for me so have ordered low rider. Slims are really overpriced in Europe, dont know why.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +2

      Ed Black yes I was a lot more impressed with the Lowrider then I thought I'd be. It really surprised me! Great bike

  • Brian Cruise
    Brian Cruise 2 years ago

    Thanks for another awesome video, this would be a good second bike to have for getting around town or going to work.

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      Brian Cruise it is definitely fun to ride! And thank you!

  • Roscoe Reed
    Roscoe Reed 2 years ago +1

    I wish the would have had a low rider on the demo truck. Many people were disappointed they didn't. I'm looking at getting a new Harley in a few months and am debating between this, the slim, and the street bob. Favorite so far is street bob but could not test the low rider to see.

    • Roscoe Reed
      Roscoe Reed 2 years ago +1

      Zachary Yost I'm good I would rather get a 2018 model. If I went with something older it would be a 17 road king special.

    • Unknown User
      Unknown User 2 years ago

      Get a 17 FXDLS while you still can!

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago

      thank you! Great bike

    • Fast-Action Jax
      Fast-Action Jax  2 years ago +1

      thats awesome! I think you'll like it more than the slim. I know I do.

    • Loek Eblé
      Loek Eblé 2 years ago +4

      I drive the Lowrider' 18 now for more than one week...excellent choice! The best price-value...good luck with it