$662 MONSTER Lobster MOUNTAIN: 50 Pounds!!!

  • Published on Oct 28, 2017
  • This was the reason I went to Toronto, for this 50 POUND / 23 KILOGRAM LOBSTER MOUNTAIN! These were twin lobsters fried & delicious Strictly Dumpling T-Shirts HERE: bit.ly/2IVM2ts

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  • Mark Blackwood
    Mark Blackwood 6 days ago

    Come to Newfoundland lol

  • J P
    J P 8 days ago

    Less talking and more chowing.

  • ZH Wang
    ZH Wang 8 days ago

    Guy next table having a porridge: damn life is unfair

  • Ian Miguel Crisostomo

    *Sees a live animal*
    :Can we eat that?

  • Avis Green
    Avis Green 9 days ago

    Lets all chip in a go get this lol it looks so gud

  • Ireshani
    Ireshani 10 days ago

    Cringed every time he said "jinga"

  • Sora’s keyblade Adan Adan

    This dude is a beast when esting

  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn 16 days ago

    Too expensive

  • RP Mendoza
    RP Mendoza 16 days ago

    Food porn

  • Purple Orchid
    Purple Orchid 23 days ago


  • Sherrie A Norman
    Sherrie A Norman 25 days ago

    Plz bag up the left over lobster and send it my way. PLEASE??

  • Sherrie A Norman
    Sherrie A Norman 25 days ago

    Damn!! I want that lobster tower!! Looks so yummy!!

  • TwistedFatePLays YT
    TwistedFatePLays YT 25 days ago

    I’ve been there several times it amazing

  • Abanglong Sharuddin
    Abanglong Sharuddin 27 days ago

    He is fealing is hangry

  • Charlotte Darjuan
    Charlotte Darjuan 29 days ago

    I haven't eaten anything yet... and I'm so so hungry. I need to eat that. 😢

  • The Roaming Kilt
    The Roaming Kilt Month ago

    Lobster Jinga

  • Tina Hachey
    Tina Hachey Month ago

    Hi there I'm from Toronto I didn't know about this restaurant lol 🇨🇦

  • Tough Harley
    Tough Harley Month ago

    Wow you made your guest wait while you ate first, that's rude lol...the lobster is scary but looks great

  • Roger Leon
    Roger Leon Month ago

    You believe in Zombies ??? Chino baboso

  • Roger Leon
    Roger Leon Month ago

    Dont talk with your full mouth

  • Roger Leon
    Roger Leon Month ago

    Chinga mean cule....r

  • Man Potato
    Man Potato Month ago

    Hahaha I remember when I went there, crazy to hold them 😂

  • Sam Tani
    Sam Tani Month ago

    I don't care about the price os that monster. One for me please! ahahahahaaha

  • Mei Chan
    Mei Chan Month ago +1

    Let me help u eat that lobster mountain lol 🙌🙋😁 Another great vid as usual. Keep it up

  • Hachi Lover
    Hachi Lover Month ago

    Feels like im watching a game of jenga

  • hai nguyen
    hai nguyen Month ago

    All the people come with mike are all woman

  • Kota Tombs
    Kota Tombs Month ago

    Never climb a mountain alone

  • Derek Liu
    Derek Liu Month ago

    8 women and a Mike, LOL

  • pwnage122334
    pwnage122334 Month ago

    I wanted to see three waiters bringing this to your table

  • Anne MacMullen
    Anne MacMullen Month ago

    Best tasting lobster weighs 1.5-2 lb🇨🇦

  • Darkflameblade
    Darkflameblade Month ago

    Is he playing jenga?😂

  • ItJustMe 02
    ItJustMe 02 Month ago

    You eat all that at once that’s a happy death man

  • damlee321
    damlee321 Month ago

    So many hot girl est with u

  • Dan Gonzalez
    Dan Gonzalez Month ago

    You are such a toolbag yo. A straight but bozo who got made fun of in high school you fuqqin dweeb

  • 除了你
    除了你 Month ago

    希望你加上中文字幕 让我看看你的解说是否有偏见!

  • jackielynne76 Exaxtly
    jackielynne76 Exaxtly 2 months ago

    Wow that was amazing ❤️

  • fred stone
    fred stone 2 months ago

    wowww magnifique

  • Ben Holmes
    Ben Holmes 2 months ago

    All that lobster and they ruin it by frying it 😩

  • Dieter Corzelius
    Dieter Corzelius 2 months ago

    food abuse I don't get why people think more is better.

  • Shelly-Ann Morgan
    Shelly-Ann Morgan 2 months ago

    Love the attitude Mike you shared 😀😁😁

  • Angela N Benjamin
    Angela N Benjamin 2 months ago

    Ik im way too late, but im gonna comment anyway. I just wanna say, if he marries, that lobster avalanche should be his wedding cake! 😄😆

  • Diane The Wolfpanther
    Diane The Wolfpanther 2 months ago

    “Nobody touch the table! We don’t want to make it angry!”

  • ben mcgovern
    ben mcgovern 2 months ago +1

    He brought his hoes out for a nice trip to a restaurant I see u mikey😂😂

  • orenta toombs
    orenta toombs 2 months ago

    Hey sure. wish I was their with u looks delecious u rock always 👌

  • x.Hollie May Music
    x.Hollie May Music 2 months ago +1

    I'm so jealous cause that looks so good defo gotta Share it!!

    SUMIT 2 months ago

    Poor lobster

  • Jackson Sanders
    Jackson Sanders 3 months ago

    He out here living his best life all girls at his table

  • bodiddly mitchell
    bodiddly mitchell 3 months ago

    I love egg drop soup with soy sauce.

  • Rose Lee
    Rose Lee 3 months ago

    Watching Mike eat is so cruel. I had to pig out with junk foods just so I can watch him eat. If I stare hard enough I can almost taste the Lobsters. Watching your videos all day, I ate a mountain of foods today. I think I seriously can eat that mountain of Lobsters. Just the meats only though.

  • Ramune 4fun
    Ramune 4fun 3 months ago

    I dont know why but i normally dont like lobster,crab and shrimps but i want to eat this somehow xD

  • Alayne Longoria
    Alayne Longoria 3 months ago

    * cries while watching this video & wipes tears w pennies *

  • Josefina Connolly
    Josefina Connolly 3 months ago

    Cannot afford

  • Josefina Connolly
    Josefina Connolly 3 months ago


  • Matthew Hahn
    Matthew Hahn 3 months ago +1

    Good food but too expensive

  • Lost Medical Student
    Lost Medical Student 3 months ago

    Jenga with lobsters

  • andres marquez
    andres marquez 3 months ago

    Heeeey meeeen this to much, this is for like 20 people

  • Romualdas Kontrauskas
    Romualdas Kontrauskas 3 months ago

    Lobster Jenga action :D

  • Donnie johnson
    Donnie johnson 3 months ago

    I thought that was weed in the thumbnail

  • One Journey
    One Journey 3 months ago

    🎬 1 📽 🎞 🗣 🎙 🌎🌍🌏 ★★★★★ 🧐 Outstanding, thank you so much for sharing🤔 😋 😋 😋 😋 One Journey Make It Count❗️
    This restaurant is on my bucket list...

  • Flame_ b1rd
    Flame_ b1rd 3 months ago

    Do the same but add your own weigth in desert

  • Veronica Vatter
    Veronica Vatter 3 months ago

    I don't even eat seafood and I want that!

  • Mel & Dustin Huette Surprises

    This guy is cool. Man vs Food a different version.

  • アクタルイ
    アクタルイ 4 months ago


  • Denise Sancan
    Denise Sancan 4 months ago

    What the hell???!!!

  • Strawberrymuffinism
    Strawberrymuffinism 4 months ago

    The heads are kinda creeping me out.

  • D2RK 456
    D2RK 456 4 months ago

    I actually saw this at a restaurant I went to

  • Margaret Fung
    Margaret Fung 4 months ago

    I have never seen a lobster mountain, cool!!!

  • Clara Nielsen
    Clara Nielsen 4 months ago

    This is what I want fir my last meal lol

  • T R
    T R 4 months ago

    whatever mike sees... can we eat that?

  • Jesper Xthe
    Jesper Xthe 4 months ago


  • Sam Sunwoo
    Sam Sunwoo 4 months ago

    Mikey, if you like lobster, next time you come to Korea, you have to go to Vikings Wharf in the new Lotte Tower in Seoul. They have a lobster buffet that is US$100. They do accept Korean currency but that changes according to the fx rate. The official price is US$100. All you can eat steamed lobster... they also have grilled lobster with cheese, and an assortment of other hot foods and Korean foods, but the main thing is the lobster and they also have a sushi/seafood bar where you can order whatever sushi or seafood you want, and they make it on the spot. The seafood includes fresh raw fish but also abalone, sea cucumber, sea pineapple, etc, which are alive in tanks, and they will cut it up for you and bring it to your table. One of the best buffets in Korea. The also have king crab legs, but I have never seen anyone eat that instead of lobster. You have to try it.

  • Jz 11
    Jz 11 4 months ago +2

    I went there too!

  • Alex B
    Alex B 4 months ago


  • koneko23
    koneko23 4 months ago

    Why is it almost always that your company is all women?

  • Wong Kobe
    Wong Kobe 4 months ago +2

    Please, feed me.. just one claw.

  • Strokey
    Strokey 4 months ago

    My son thinks he can beat you in a food challenge. I seriously doubt it, but would love to see the food battle royale. Name the cuisine, and we will make it happen.

  • comic media
    comic media 4 months ago

    your like goku

  • Ever Hernandez
    Ever Hernandez 4 months ago +1

    thank you for this recommendation on such a fabulous dish 😊

  • Angela's Crazy Life 2018

    yummy... ≧∇≦

  • manmeet. NOOB.hunter
    manmeet. NOOB.hunter 4 months ago

    Yak yak yak yak

  • GeC
    GeC 4 months ago

    What a pimp, 1 man vs 5 hoes

  • Georgia Bailey
    Georgia Bailey 4 months ago

    I wish my friends hyped me up as much as mikey with this lobster

  • enkadu007
    enkadu007 4 months ago

    And just think only peasants would eat l9bster in the middle ages.

  • Pyriux pls
    Pyriux pls 5 months ago

    I ate here before!!!!

  • Elias Whatling
    Elias Whatling 5 months ago

    Once again Mike boolin with the hoes

  • Sam .P
    Sam .P 5 months ago

    This was last year? I wish you would've invited me. I would've eaten half of it, and go into a food coma. Geeze, I'm in a mood for lobster now.

  • Demondays D
    Demondays D 5 months ago

    The cringe

    ANIMENEET GAMER 5 months ago

    I feel bad for the people next to you

  • Robert Hutter
    Robert Hutter 5 months ago

    Love the channel brother! Come to Maine, I've got a few spots for you!

  • Tata Tata
    Tata Tata 5 months ago


  • Angela Truong
    Angela Truong 5 months ago

    LMAO markham represent 😂😂💯

  • kookies .ontae
    kookies .ontae 5 months ago +2

    Mike and Matt stonie should make an video together

  • Michael Andersson
    Michael Andersson 5 months ago


  • Chase Bailes
    Chase Bailes 5 months ago

    Looks amazing I love lobster

  • Jean Romario Laxamana
    Jean Romario Laxamana 5 months ago

    You know what! U look a like jackie chan...
    You know what i'm saying haha

  • Brandon Wu
    Brandon Wu 5 months ago

    Ive been there like, 4 times already. Don't worry. They have some sort of combo for like, $300 which includes lots of other food, and a smaller mountain of fried lobster.

  • Terrill; The Ponderer
    Terrill; The Ponderer 5 months ago

    I'm so jealous... Mmmmm yummo

  • Ken4JCML
    Ken4JCML 5 months ago

    If I were alone 1 vs 1 with that lobster, Id just lose appetite & look hypnotized😅

  • Ian  Stals
    Ian Stals 6 months ago

    If you did less yaking and more snacking maybe just maybe you'd have ate it all.🤔😜

  • Francisco Medrano
    Francisco Medrano 6 months ago

    Jackie Chan