• Published on Dec 17, 2018
  • Bugatti Chiron comes in for a visit.
    Orange Rolls Royce Dawn.
    Brabus 2019 G550.
    Vik’s Range Rover.
    Mclaren 720S Vorsteiner.
    Lots of various work!
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Comments • 288

  • Dillon Walker
    Dillon Walker Day ago

    yu guys need to make a shirt that has 3 boxes ■■■ the first box wud be a outline sketch of a taken apart car and it gets complete by the 3rd box and says "ON TO THE NEXT ONE" wth a arrow pointing to back of shirt with same 3 boxes on back so its "on to the next one" front and back

  • Ray Grenade
    Ray Grenade 19 days ago

    2:43 its very hard to believe a mustang driver LOL

  • Cherrelle Anderson
    Cherrelle Anderson 24 days ago

    U guys have a lot of potholes in L.A judging by your videos. 🤔😂😍❤️

  • TT-RS
    TT-RS Month ago

    Car wash in a parking lot..in germany, you will be arrested :-)

  • Dream Chaser
    Dream Chaser Month ago

    2:53 man i live in africa and we hve potholes here. though not enough to do that and total a car LMAOOO

  • Car Kid 2.0
    Car Kid 2.0 4 months ago

    What happens to your Range Rover vik you still have it or you sold it

  • Teboho Hollaway
    Teboho Hollaway 5 months ago

    I want your range rover.

  • Kevin Wiltshire
    Kevin Wiltshire 5 months ago

    That's not mesh that's chicken wire

  • Smita
    Smita 5 months ago

    As always, the sickest and ultra bada$$ cars. It's a cliche to say it, but this is what the word bada$$ stands for, when used to describe a nice ride.

    NEWYORK BOSS 5 months ago

    Who owns that chiron i really hate chrion 😂

  • iCandy Reviews
    iCandy Reviews 5 months ago

    Who hit a Rolls Royce 🤭🤔

  • Martin Zarco
    Martin Zarco 5 months ago

    saludos desde México 🚘🚘🚘

  • Matt King
    Matt King 6 months ago

    No screen inside the bugatti?

  • Nicholas Mayfield
    Nicholas Mayfield 7 months ago

    I think bugatti should add a fancy smanshy touchscreen in the cars

  • Mondo Music
    Mondo Music 7 months ago

    Mustang dude went sideways into a curb he didn't hit a pothole

  • OTRookie
    OTRookie 8 months ago

    La is a place where no matter how rich, there’s someone always more successful. Pull up in a 300k Ferrari, dude pulls up in what 2/3mill Bugatti? Haha

  • berk cakin
    berk cakin 8 months ago

    hell yeah

  • EdStar Noneed
    EdStar Noneed 8 months ago

    If a business washes their car's on the road in Australia you will be fined huge amount!.You need to have a special drain so all the water goes in there and you will need to use recycle water!.
    I can't believe anything goes in America!.

  • Rodd Slip
    Rodd Slip 8 months ago

    Who keeps attempting to remake old 50 cent beats in these videos?? first it was "in the Klub" now its "This is how we do" in this one.

    side note: Imagine your kar getting totaled from hitting a pothole.... smfh

  • E.R P
    E.R P 8 months ago

    That white mclaren looked like a lotus lol

    HOOPIE 9 months ago

    Sorry...I'm not paying that much for a Volvo

  • jorge hernandez
    jorge hernandez 9 months ago

    Camouflage wrap.

  • Dia Camp
    Dia Camp 9 months ago

    that intro intro beat was FIRE !

  • Massimo Todaro
    Massimo Todaro 9 months ago

    1:42 nice jerk - proving what point to two elderly??? zero respect - shame you also find it worthy adding it to the video.

  • mark bye
    mark bye 9 months ago


  • 1hard2findbro
    1hard2findbro 9 months ago

    Vicks daily is vatotastic 🇲🇽 😂

  • Jason Peter
    Jason Peter 9 months ago

    Guys the only thing that sucks is you wash your cars outside your workshop on the street

  • Saurabh Arora
    Saurabh Arora 9 months ago

    Insane....keep it guys
    Love from india 👍👍👍👍👍👍👍

  • mick cloy
    mick cloy 9 months ago

    Top video yet again 👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻👍🏻

  • sad templar
    sad templar 9 months ago

    idk if that's satin "army tan"... more like cream

  • Sam Walling
    Sam Walling 10 months ago

    At least the Montana plate matches the car 👍👌

    ALDAMONEY 10 months ago

    That orange Dawn looks sick asf

  • Martyn Dyson
    Martyn Dyson 10 months ago

    I like your Range Rover Vic, it's exactly what you need for a super comfortable daily with power,status and it looks nice too. I'm not usually a fan of bright colours for a car especially the main colour but that red 720 looked very nice with the black wheels, I don't know if it just looks better at night under the lights and not so good through the day though, it also sounded really good, 100x better than a stock 720 sound... nice job as usual guys! Ps why haven't you got a proper wash bag by now? It would be safer and a lot more professional, I can tell space is a premium but a full valet site for interior and exterior valet would fit the channel nicely, off site somewhere with a merch shop and coffee where people and clients can watch and wait! It's just a suggestion, I reckon you have probably already considered something along those lines, go for it...

  • nelson jose posta
    nelson jose posta 10 months ago


  • nailler1
    nailler1 10 months ago

    Guinness cream range rover

  • krisko bingo
    krisko bingo 10 months ago

    somebody call samcrac and tell him about the mustang ... he will buy it ...

  • Akachukwu Uche
    Akachukwu Uche 10 months ago

    @rdbla I really love the background theme songs could you please share ;)

  • Cyu Agen
    Cyu Agen 10 months ago

    Montana plates!!😂

  • Chris Mccullough
    Chris Mccullough 10 months ago

    That is a perfect looking purple paint

  • Riviera Racing
    Riviera Racing 10 months ago

    Loving the montana plate 1:31 😜

  • Lucas
    Lucas 10 months ago

    You should have a detailing space in the back of the shop, so you didn't have to wash the car on the street, and the cars would look better and more clean.

  • Ronny Sterling
    Ronny Sterling 10 months ago

    Yeah real nice fucking with elderly people, you are bitches, fuck you

  • David SMith
    David SMith 10 months ago

    terrible spec on that chiron

  • Joker
    Joker 10 months ago

    Thats some pothole.

  • MrAston991
    MrAston991 10 months ago

    What is the song in the Orange Rolls Royce Dawn section of the video? So dope!

  • Seek oz
    Seek oz 10 months ago +1

    Came here for Vik’s range, was not disappointed.

  • Tom Dimoski
    Tom Dimoski 10 months ago +4

    You guys should do like a MTV Cribs for Vik to show off all his cars, house, and life style.

  • GioS Life
    GioS Life 10 months ago

    I think that you must to find a another place because its too small there and people gonna like iT more if you make a nicer garage somewhere els

  • Cody Zazulak
    Cody Zazulak 10 months ago

    Range looks sick, but damn man the color is like unbrushed teeth...

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns 10 months ago

    Who’s these guys competitors?

  • Tommy Guns
    Tommy Guns 10 months ago

    I thought you just got a ticket for washing cars on the street lmao at least it’s worth it

  • Hubhawk
    Hubhawk 10 months ago

    That Mclaren looks great man

    DAWID ZIOMEK 10 months ago

    5:20 color looks like Berliner taxis... But here fits Perfect... Nice

  • BigTymin
    BigTymin 10 months ago

    Cmon guys. get a better place. u wash these cars in the street that looks like ur in compton

  • James Karanu
    James Karanu 10 months ago

    What is the name of the song instrumental at the beginning?

  • Fernando Lucero
    Fernando Lucero 10 months ago

    That 720S 🔥👌🏾💯

  • TheCobruhAlienat0r
    TheCobruhAlienat0r 10 months ago

    The RR is Vik's daily, whenever it's not at the dealership cause it broke again. lol

  • domantfly
    domantfly 10 months ago

    I would be embarraced to drive some of those

  • suryanata 182
    suryanata 182 10 months ago

    all is my dream cars 💖

  • Tony montana
    Tony montana 10 months ago

    Dimelo Javier hacen buen trabajo 👌👌👍👍