What Happens If You Eat NOTHING For 7 Days

  • Published on May 6, 2018
  • What happens if you don't eat for a week with an extended fasting weight loss plan? Find out how fasting effects your body and brain from long term prolonged fasting. If you're planning a water fast and want to transition from intermittent fasting this video will help.
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    6 Hours - Your Body Breaks Down Glycogen into Glucose: 3:06
    2-3 Days -- Hunger Pains Diminish, Burn Off Glycogen Reserves 3:30
    Enter a State of Ketosis 4:14
    Loss of Libido, Shutdown of Menstrual Cycle 5:37
    Break Your Fast Slowly 6:10
    Health Benefits 7:51
    382 Day Fast Study: www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/articles/PMC2495396/pdf/postmedj00315-0056.pdf
    Health benefits of fasting study: serendip.brynmawr.edu/exchange/node/1834
    Fasting has been steadily growing in popularity & a lot of people have questions about extended longer duration fasting. Unlike intermittent fasting this will typically involve not eating for a couple days. And most people immediately dismiss this as a viable option for Fat Loss & weight loss because there are so many myths surrounding this topic. People are worried about losing their muscle mass, they're worried about slowing down their metabolism, & they're worried about their health & well-being in general. So in today's video I want to go over exactly what will happen to your body if you don't eat anything for 7 days straight. If you're looking to burn some fat lose some weight or if you're just looking to try an extended fast I highly recommend you stay with me through this video because I can tell you exactly what to expect & help settle the myths & doubts in your mind about a longer-term fast. First off let me start by saying that you shouldn't just jump into a 7 day long fast without first getting used to shorter fasting intervals like intermittent fasting, the warrior diet, and the one meal a day diet. I recommend you first try to fast for only two days however, even if you did do a 7 day fast contrary to what a lot of you may think you're not going to just drop dead. Your body is very good at conserving energy when it doesn't have access to food. This is how Ghandi at 74 years old was able to go on a 21 day hunger strike & not starve to death. When you fast for an extended duration your body will mostly use stored body fat for energy. And even though Ghandi was already pretty lean before his fast he was able to complete all 21 days. For most of us we consider a normal diet as one in which we eat every couple hours. However, before the invention of things like farming & refrigeration our distant ancestors would experience long periods of fasting followed by periods of feeding when food became available. So most people are actually very capable of fasting for 5 to ten days without much of a problem even though a lot of people think they'll practically die from starvation just by just skipping a meal or two. Just to drive this point home even further there was study conducted by researchers from a University in Scotland that was published in 1973. In this study an extremely obese 27 year old man fasted for 382 days. And believe it or not he didn't drop dead. He actually went from weighing 456 pounds............ to 180 pounds. Such a long fast could obviously only be achieved under the supervision of doctors with the use of vitamin supplements like yeast, sodium, & potassium, but the amazing thing is that the researchers followed this man for 5 years after his fast ended & he managed to maintain his weight.... never crossing back above 200 pounds again. Studies like this completely disprove the myth that your metabolism will shutdown & won't ever function normally again just because you don't eat every couple hours or every couple days for that matter. A 7 day fast is definitely something that you can work up to overtime, so what should you expect to happen to your body over the course of one week of fasting. Well about 6 hours after your start the fast your body will completely finish digesting food & breaking down glycogen into glucose. That glucose is primarily used by your body for energy & even though it can last for up to 24 to 72 hours it will typically be depleted after just 6 hours. So for most people that's when you can expect sudden hunger pangs & food cravings to start kicking in. Also in this initial phase your mood will change because your body is still used to getting it's energy from glucose, so you can expect to be a little "hangry" in the beginning. These intense hunger pangs that can also come with the feeling of dizziness, weakness, & nausea, diminish after the first 2 days for women & can take 3 days for men. If you can overcome these first 3 days the hunger will dramatically decrease & your body will start to feel more energized.
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  • William Leonard
    William Leonard 4 hours ago

    In my younger years I fasted for 3 weeks straight on a “Coke binge” and lost 30 lbs and had excellent and high energy!
    Never figured out why my energy was so impressive!!

    WOKE GOY 9 hours ago

    Ghandi hated blacks....you can read about his times in Africa, written himself.

  • Tony Lara
    Tony Lara 17 hours ago

    I’m on day two and I just feel a constant hunger but it’s not bad I guess yet

  • Driving School 1

    I practice intermittent fasting. I don't eat between meals.

  • Demonized
    Demonized Day ago

    I take Adderall so I think I can do this😂

  • Fara Amin
    Fara Amin Day ago

    Not even water?????

  • Sharkie1717
    Sharkie1717 Day ago

    Great video, thank you for your time and efforts!

  • Glen John
    Glen John Day ago

    I'd luv to try a fast ... but I've got pills to take with meals! 😕

  • Nedor Aromaz
    Nedor Aromaz 2 days ago

    I lost my body in 7 days 😂

  • Kevin Gange
    Kevin Gange 2 days ago

    Excellent presentation! Thank you for sharing this information with us !!

  • Mags95
    Mags95 2 days ago +2

    I will do this!
    I'm 168.5 cm/5'6 ft
    Current weight (at night) : 71.2 kgs/157 lbs
    1: 69.9 kgs/154.2 lbs

  • Allo
    Allo 2 days ago

    What is wrong with people

  • Angie Blevins
    Angie Blevins 2 days ago

    Great knowledge! I’ll check out the six week challenge!

  • Jerry Gonzales
    Jerry Gonzales 3 days ago +1

    I did this for 5 days and now i only see red

  • Cesar Reyes
    Cesar Reyes 3 days ago +1

    Can you exirse???

  • Wireliz Soto
    Wireliz Soto 3 days ago +1

    and there’s a very thin line on eating disorders.....

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 3 days ago +1

    "shouldn't be afraid to lose muscle."
    I ain't even focused on that anymore! There's no hope in hell for me in that anyway.

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 3 days ago

    It's a great way to punish your crap self when you do/say something stupid, though! 👍

  • Hello Hello
    Hello Hello 3 days ago

    Worth it.

  • Raf Soto
    Raf Soto 3 days ago

    Im trying this because I've gained about 20 lbs this winter !

  • Fishyman9753
    Fishyman9753 3 days ago

    I've starved a lot lost a bunch of weight I'm 18 and haven't been able to get above 50 kgs

  • Pjoy
    Pjoy 3 days ago +1

    When i said to mom i’m gonna do fasting she said to me:
    We’ll gonna do grocery tomorrow and i’ll buy you any food you want just don’t do fasting.
    SO... 🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️

  • AirPods With Wires
    AirPods With Wires 4 days ago +1

    I thought abt fasting for awhile as a solution to man tits then I said fuck it I want food

  • Heaven Johnson
    Heaven Johnson 4 days ago +1

    I did 4 days last year but I really want to do a water only fast I’m going to start now... I will update with results soon. This is for spiritual reasons and building will power reasons...

  • Kristina  Squillace
    Kristina Squillace 4 days ago

    Can i have juice lime orange juice or apple cuz I'm on day 2 2morrow will b day 3 an I drink water everyday all day but 4 this water taste like yucky

  • Jennifer Chaney
    Jennifer Chaney 4 days ago

    I’ve never made it to 7 days. By the end of day 6 the dizziness and lightheadedness is unbearable. It’s to the point of near fainting so I quit there and go into low carb eating and follow “carb nite”. Which is intermittent fasting compiled with keeping your macros on point. Bonus is, a carb day every two weeks or so. Shreds you fast.
    My menstrual cycle does skip 60-75 days when I fast though. No complaints here! Lol

  • Dawood manzoor
    Dawood manzoor 5 days ago

    we fast 30 days.... that's great...i love it

  • Marion Goodman
    Marion Goodman 5 days ago

    The clips in this video are epic 😂😂😂

  • Camila Sierra Ordonez

    Guys i went to a proffesional dietatian, and asked her on fasting. She said that it messes up you're body and motabolisme. Afterwards you regain the weight that you lost.

  • rg2027x
    rg2027x 5 days ago +3

    don't drive near KFC

  • Warmyy
    Warmyy 5 days ago

    How about a little snack?

  • Maru Rosado
    Maru Rosado 5 days ago

    Its a great video, I start fasting Thursday afternoon, today is saturday, it is only almost 2 days and I feel like is been 7days 😅, I want to fast ‘till monday, (If I can pass today and tomorrow), I dreamed that I break the Fasting and I was so angry ha ha ha! Im not hungry but I my mouth drawls everytime I see something I like, and then my head wants to hurt, but I say, Im OK do something else!😇. I start weighing 79 kg, yesterday I weigh 77.6 kg I am so happy!😁👏👏 Im fasting with water and coffe, did a little excercise, sit ups and push ups! So.. I will post on monday to tell you how It ended! Will I finish the 4 days?.. Will I loose 5Kg?.. Will I pass the weekend with out eating?.... Wait for Monday to see what happend!!😉👍

  • Ms. 777
    Ms. 777 6 days ago +1

    I will water fast tommorow May 19,2019 till June 10,2019 I will do it and I know I can do it yepeeyyyy

    • Gerardo
      Gerardo 5 days ago

      Ms. 777 good luck, hope you make it

  • Sandra Pérez
    Sandra Pérez 6 days ago +2

    I will fast because I feel my mood swings are caused by refined sugar and excess of carbs.

  • christian martinez
    christian martinez 6 days ago

    I've been doing fasting for 3 days and no problem.

  • John Stewart
    John Stewart 6 days ago


  • Emma Grace Aldons
    Emma Grace Aldons 6 days ago

    Found this really useful. Unfortunately, the typo at 6:41 really annoyed me :-D

  • Ρωμηός
    Ρωμηός 7 days ago

    9 days,complete fast .....

  • Striker7207 _
    Striker7207 _ 7 days ago

    Can i smoke some good good while fasting?

  • mackenzie mackinnon
    mackenzie mackinnon 7 days ago

    0:15 dolan twin xDD

  • limon howikor
    limon howikor 7 days ago

    I am starting from today, this is ramadan and I am already fasting , although I eat at night. Just skip dinner.

  • john gillon
    john gillon 7 days ago

    I used to fast for a week when I would have some problems with personal demons in my life and found it always delivered. one time i didn't even know that I had been fasting 8 days. I found the third day I was full of energy and became much more relaxed and happy.

  • Riduch
    Riduch 7 days ago

    My record was 2 days. It felt horrible

  • ever martinez
    ever martinez 8 days ago +2

    i will try this fasting wish me luck you guys!.
    gender: male

    height: 5'4
    weight: 160
    Ideal weight: 140.
    Exercise: I will try to do at least 30 Correct form push-ups per day. 15 in the morning , 15 in the night before bed.
    Started at 5/16/19.
    Time : 3:00am

    • ever martinez
      ever martinez 6 days ago +1

      2 days, 3 hrs into my fasting. I've noticed extreme light head, chills and extreme fatigue. Also I had extreme cravings of anything sugar related. Ive been doing 1 tb of Himalayan salt per day, that i researched does not break fast. ill post again on day 3

    • ever martinez
      ever martinez 7 days ago +2

      so 27 hours into my fasting , I am experiencing cold, and hot at the same time all over my body. What worries me is i have tingling* like needles* all over my body ; legs, head, hands, arms, tongue, etc. I will be posting again once i hit 2 days

    • ever martinez
      ever martinez 7 days ago

      +Nicks P you got this!, in 5 hrs. ill be without food for a whole day now.

    • Nicks P
      Nicks P 7 days ago +1

      ever martinez I’m starting tomorrow too! I’ve gained 15 pounds in the course of 6 months... i’m 156, 5’5. So wish me luck too! I’ll water fast to kickstart my weight loss journey

  • MrAsatryanMR
    MrAsatryanMR 8 days ago +1

    Can I do beer instead of water ? Lol j/k

  • Emma Samara
    Emma Samara 8 days ago

    I'm on Day 3/7 of my 3rd water fast and feel phenomenal so far! No headaches, no muscle cramps, no random organ cramps, no joint pains, no migraines, nothing negative, at all. If this continues, I just might extend it to 10 days! I can't seem to sleep more than 5 hours for some reason, but nonetheless, my energy is through the roof and the mental acuity the comes with water fasting is, UN-REAL. I'm 5'3 with a mesomorph body type and weighed in at 124.2lbs this past Saturday morning, May 11th. I know fasting until I run out of abdominal body-fat would not be the healthiest option, but hopefully I'm as close to 110lbs and 10% body fat by the end of Day 10! I'm soo excited :)

  • WorstCriticEver
    WorstCriticEver 8 days ago

    I wouldn't really recommend especially for weight loss because you would definitely gain the weight back and your hunger cravings would definitely explode as soon as your fast is over.

  • MrCougar214
    MrCougar214 8 days ago

    Ok sooooo.....you're telling me it takes 3 days of fasting before you get this magical energy everyone on keto raves about? I would love some of that please. I'm doing OMAD and fast for around 48 hours every couple weeks(week and a half, sometimes sooner. Depends when fasting catches my fancy. Plus always changing it up is a good thing) and I have NEVER gotten this energy people speak of. YOU fast, get energy. I fast, dead slug!

  • 2:25 A M
    2:25 A M 9 days ago

    ok so idk if people will get mad at me for saying this, and please don't. my bestfriend..lets call him sam said he was fasting and it lasted for 22 days. he ended up having anorexia after that. im here to support anyone that is going through the same thing. just remember that everyone is beutiful and unique in there own ways. you are loved and people care! edit:oof there are alot of mistakes on here

  • the boof pack
    the boof pack 10 days ago

    going to mix this with my meditation because after all, this is a mind game. i was fasting for 3 days at times months ago and this was only because school was stressing me too much to remember to eat. i finally told myself i haven’t ate in a while and i still didn’t feel the need to eat so i kept going. that 3 day fast went on for 5 and i decided to finally eat because i got scared i would faint from not eating or something of the nature. going to do it again but like i said, i’m going to mix it up with meditation so i keep a leveled head. also job hunting as well so until i get a call back, i’ll be doing this, plus when i’m hired, ill still be doing this. good informative video. maybe the most informative video on youtube for a guy like me. much love

    EL GUERRERO00 10 days ago

    Excercise at the time ur fasting?

  • Noah Hutchison
    Noah Hutchison 10 days ago +10

    im planning on starting this tommorow, wish me luck

    • Clayton
      Clayton 3 days ago +1

      Good luck! How did it go?

    • mackenzie mackinnon
      mackenzie mackinnon 8 days ago +1

      me too but im scared of my mother saying its dinner or lunchtime! it will spoil literally everything

  • spoder mane
    spoder mane 11 days ago

    If I don't die , or get sick .. then I'm down .. water is all what I'm asking for

  • Khalil Campbell
    Khalil Campbell 11 days ago +4

    A Man named Elijah Muhammad was telling people 2 dont this since the 1950s. Many thought he was crazy.
    Great Video bro! 💯💯💯

  • Master Sear
    Master Sear 11 days ago

    Can I workout while still fasting?

  • Lily Emma
    Lily Emma 11 days ago

    Does not eating help lose thigh fat?

  • Nurettin Guler
    Nurettin Guler 11 days ago

    Can you explain the fasting part.... Like you fast, which means you done eat - but... How about water? How much are you allowed to drink a day? At what times? How many hours let's say between cups of water? Is that still fasting if you have water say in the morning, noon, then evening a cup?

  • young savage
    young savage 11 days ago +1

    another way to lose weight is to get lit with your uncle and stay up for a week drink black coffee and you'll lose some good weight, there I told yall my secret 🤫😳🤫

  • Herman Velarde
    Herman Velarde 11 days ago

    I will give this a shot, sounds commonsensical . I'll let you know what happens. I went from a massive amount of food diet Mexican food to about a small handful of food, went from 252 pounds to 180 and I want to go to 170 and nada mas.

  • Superxfox x
    Superxfox x 11 days ago

    This is day one for me and I'm not even hungry lets see in a week lmao

  • Math Davies
    Math Davies 12 days ago

    What if your regulary active exercising and working is it still ok to fast or should you lay off the exercise for a few days ?

  • One You know
    One You know 12 days ago

    Have you fast before for 7 day if not shout the hell up no know nothing

  • Quarter Horse
    Quarter Horse 12 days ago +1

    I liked this video until he said "after fast" you can start back on white rice...etc. Bad Bad carbs. Why would you fast then go back to eating bad foods. UGGGG

    • The New
      The New 7 days ago

      Even worse is the fact that your body has become used to using body fat for energy. Going straight to low-fiber carbs will really shock your system.

      His example of bone or chicken broth is a much better and safer food to break a fast with. I also think high-fat coconut milk may be good as well (400+ calories per cup), although I have yet to try it myself.

  • James Curry
    James Curry 13 days ago +1

    You can't binge afterward. You can eat healthy and stay healthy for a longtime afterward. If you do go for it, eat light for awhile after. My metabolism speeds up after I finish fasting.
    + that euphoric feeling is real.

  • Matthew Sibounhom
    Matthew Sibounhom 13 days ago

    You get hungry?

  • Rayormy
    Rayormy 13 days ago

    How do you get over the hunger pain and this sounds horrible!

  • Maddie Ziegler
    Maddie Ziegler 13 days ago

    Wanted to try this, got told "if you want to starve and die, fine", then they say "I'm hungry, let's eat". Looks like I won't be trying it 🙄

  • Cesar Aguirre
    Cesar Aguirre 13 days ago

    Kidney stones, you get a lot of water intake through food.

  • dominque dudink
    dominque dudink 13 days ago +1

    But, how long until I die? Cuz that’s what I want.

  • Abdo Cheats
    Abdo Cheats 13 days ago

    this is my second day on a water fast wich me luck ...

  • TheBasedangel
    TheBasedangel 14 days ago

    170 today. Will update

  • Alpha Charlie
    Alpha Charlie 14 days ago

    I didn’t eat for 22 days and I gotta say it really paid off !! I Lost 17 pounds and my sex performance increased 100%

  • FuzzyPanda21
    FuzzyPanda21 15 days ago

    I’ve done it and kinda still do and i can tell you, your metabolism doesn’t stop working or anything but eating definitely helps it being higher or better

  • just Bill injundelabrue
    just Bill injundelabrue 15 days ago +12

    Currently in a 7day water fast...
    Looking forward to the benefits...and there are many.....

    • just Bill injundelabrue
      just Bill injundelabrue 7 days ago +1

      Lost a solid 15lbs after 7days...I do work in the HVAC field so I am always on the go.....broke my fast with a bowl of Jasmine rice topped with homemade salsa....blood pressure was great...didnt drop much at all...I did alot of research about Natural HGH and working with short term fasting....I must admit...it is tough at first....

    • rockyp32
      rockyp32 9 days ago

      Don’t drink water drink snake juice water kills ur body during a fast

    • the boof pack
      the boof pack 10 days ago

      Unknown nwonknU Much love man, i wish you luck as well! i’m happy you’re happy with how things are going so far. stay positive and keep maintaining 💢

    • Unknown nwonknU
      Unknown nwonknU 10 days ago +1

      +the boof pack I've only for the first 3 days felt very hungry, dizziness and nausea. Afterwards I feel so much better. Ive learned that I mostly eat out of boredom so I'm mostly tempted to eat from being bored. I'm not really hungry anymore. Its a water fast so I just drink water and unsweetened herbal tea because tea will not break the fast and helps with the detox process and maintaining ketosis. I'm not taking any supplements I just drink a natural sea salt flush solution in the mornings to cleanse my digestive track and replenish electrolytes. I feel so much better now! I Will eliminate meat, dairy and processed foods from my diet and will switch to a vegan one. Good Luck!

    • the boof pack
      the boof pack 10 days ago

      Unknown nwonknU you haven’t suffered nausea? also, i’m going to do a fast as well, how far are you in? are you taking any supplements or medication on the side? potassium, yeast, etc.

  • Daniel Allred
    Daniel Allred 15 days ago

    It's hard to do. I never made it past day 3.

  • vena309
    vena309 15 days ago

    Can we continue to take our vitamins daily while doing the water fasting?

  • Daedren EbonHeart
    Daedren EbonHeart 15 days ago

    I'm curious, is it okay to go on multiple fasts. Like for example, do a seven day fast, then ween back onto foods. Eat normally for a week, then fast again?

  • Anshul Puri
    Anshul Puri 15 days ago +2

    Started at 138 today, I'll update next week

  • Three Dollars, Man.
    Three Dollars, Man. 15 days ago

    i cant even stop eating for 7 days if i dont run away from home. iekjnfdsz

  • Diago Chavez
    Diago Chavez 16 days ago +1

    Im gonna do this for 20 days,i will keep you guys updated every day

    • I have Ligma
      I have Ligma 11 days ago

      Diago Chavez you got instragram

    • I have Ligma
      I have Ligma 11 days ago

      Diago Chavez 🥺I failed I’m going to restart tomorrow

    • Diago Chavez
      Diago Chavez 15 days ago

      Day 1

    • Diago Chavez
      Diago Chavez 16 days ago

      +I have Ligma good luck buddy

    • I have Ligma
      I have Ligma 16 days ago +1

      Diago Chavez I’m going to do this until June 9 pray for me bye

  • Sameep Hamal
    Sameep Hamal 16 days ago

    I feel proud of my self..bcoze I can't live without eating 8 Times a day...

  • Pilsley
    Pilsley 16 days ago

    Longtime faster here. I would add its necessary to take multi vits & a fish oil capsule per day during your fast to protect eyesight & help from getting "groggy brain" stupid. I don't take supplements when not fasting.

  • syntaxed2
    syntaxed2 16 days ago

    Metabolism doesnt slow...it rises on fasting.

    Body realises it needs to squeeze out every ounce of energy from anything and everything and thus the higher metabolism - In this state the body is very energy efficient.

  • Bitch
    Bitch 17 days ago

    If you do it just to lose weight, odds are you’re not fixing your relationship with food and will eventually gain it back

  • Jeremiah Couch
    Jeremiah Couch 17 days ago

    Dosent eat for 7 days,bittch please I fast for nearly a month where I live and not by choice.the pussies of today's world wouldn't stand a chance

  • Leo Nel
    Leo Nel 17 days ago +1

    Can you have Black Coffee? (1 cup/day) or JUST water?

  • Zarry
    Zarry 17 days ago +3

    I am moslim, so I fast a whole month.

    • Zarry
      Zarry 13 days ago +2

      +Van T Yes, but don't think I am eating so much in the night.

    • Van T
      Van T 15 days ago

      We eat at night though....

  • Diebels Alt
    Diebels Alt 17 days ago

    I'm going to try this.
    But i have to pick out the best moment.

  • Shankha Mondal
    Shankha Mondal 18 days ago +1

    I will try this and report you one week later

  • Salty Crotchwhiff
    Salty Crotchwhiff 18 days ago

    If a study from 1973 with a single, extremly obese person fasting proves nothing at all: This is a singular individual case with an extreme initial situation. People with certain concealed diseases (heart defects, etc.) may well have other problems.

  • Salty Crotchwhiff
    Salty Crotchwhiff 18 days ago +1

    It is pronounced "straight" not "shtraid". Do something for your education

  • be12ou
    be12ou 18 days ago

    Can I fast for 7 days and exercise? Has anyone tried it?

  • Ikhenaten Nzeribe
    Ikhenaten Nzeribe 19 days ago +43

    Day 6 of my 7 day fast. I've lost a load of belly gut and gained willpower, peace of mind and self-discipline. I have curbed my anger, and feel more present. Last night was rough - I felt unwell - but I am over the hump. This process will change your life.

    • Redux Studio Skyfall
      Redux Studio Skyfall 16 hours ago +1

      Sounds amazing. Keep it up

    • Fara Amin
      Fara Amin Day ago


    • Ikhenaten Nzeribe
      Ikhenaten Nzeribe Day ago

      +Fara Amin I had water, aha! I completed 7 days. It was amazing. Are you going to do it?

    • Fara Amin
      Fara Amin Day ago

      Not even water????

      TRIPLEZEDOFFICIAL 2 days ago +1

      Ikhenaten Nzeribe this sounds great, all the best on your journey. I'm just looking into this

  • Romaay Rohwa
    Romaay Rohwa 19 days ago

    I love the way he says water

  • SandGirl
    SandGirl 19 days ago +1

    I'm on day 2 of my water fast
    My parents haven't noticed and I've been 'pretending' to eat dinner and breakfast
    I just chuck my food in a bag in my lap and they don't notice!
    It's great.

    • Zarry
      Zarry 17 days ago

      but in the night you van eat. please do it, i don't want that someone is getting sick.😦

  • Thomas
    Thomas 19 days ago

    not eating for 1 year challenge.holy shit that guy is the biggest BEAST in this world

  • Chris Frost
    Chris Frost 19 days ago

    I’m 80 hours into my 10 day fast and all I can think about it food. Even a mouldy piece of bread sounds appetising 😂😭😂😭😂😭

  • Andrew Walk
    Andrew Walk 19 days ago

    On page 23 there is a fantastic nutrition trick that will tell your body that you’re not starving and keep your metabolic rate sky high so you burn fat all the time most quote on quote diets end up leaving your body to believe that you’re starving and that’s why your body holds on to that stubborn fat it’s the last to go for a good reason it thinks you’re starving. There’s a way to trick it. Now this is going to shock you yeah there’s a type of actual saturated fat yeah you know the kind the media tells you is all bad no this saturated fat is healthy and even supports fat burning metabolism.

  • Louie Cen
    Louie Cen 19 days ago +2

    After watching this i decided to try it out. I currently weigh 85kgs. Will update you after a week on 12/05/19

    • Louie Cen
      Louie Cen 5 days ago

      +poptart pete uuuum i tried fasting for seven days, i made it until the 4th day but I became extremely hungry unfortunately. I decided to quit the 7day fast. I re- introduced food to myself again but this time i tried eating only protein and vegetables like beef, fish boiled eggs, salads and after a week i weighed myself i had lost 5kgs in just a week of no carbs at all. Am willing to continue this trend untill i reach my desired weight😀😀

    • poptart pete
      poptart pete 6 days ago +1

      did you do it successfully?

    • Sofie Sölver
      Sofie Sölver 18 days ago

      Good luck

    TEJAS VERMA 20 days ago

    Can you point out effects of 21 day fast .