I booked an ALL INCLUSIVE package holiday for the FIRST TIME

  • Published on Feb 9, 2019
  • After years of independent travel, I decided to book an all-inclusive package holiday for the first time! Here are my first impressions of my stay at the db Seabank hotel and spa which I booked through TUI.
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Comments • 120

  • Tyrell Jones
    Tyrell Jones 13 days ago

    All inclusive is better in other countries with better weather. You got a great price though 🙂

  • funkam0nkey
    funkam0nkey 19 days ago

    We are regulars at Seabank but never on a packaged holiday. Flights, hotel, transfers etc all booked independently. It's a great base for exploring Malta, a very historical island.

  • Dan camilleri
    Dan camilleri 26 days ago

    I’m not sure if you will get to read this comment but if you do. I just want to say I love your videos. I share the same passion for travels. I have set up my own company to help save people money. I use to work for the major companies so passing on what I know to help people. If you can help my mission please contact me and I would welcome your review

  • ML Korb-Leung
    ML Korb-Leung Month ago

    You're so funny !! Love the video.

  • Jenny
    Jenny Month ago

    My parents used to take me on all inclusive holidays every year and it was so boring, they basically provide the same types of food every day and you cant go too far from the hotel because of meals I much prefer being able to explore the country :)

  • Bill Weir
    Bill Weir 2 months ago

    The tours are to get you out of the hotel to reduce your consumption ....Just saying

  • CapitánEspaña
    CapitánEspaña 2 months ago

    4:57 I used to go to that beach all the time

  • kayleigh bb
    kayleigh bb 2 months ago

    Tip for all inclusive - if you want to be off the resort for the day but dont want to lose your 'free lunch', they will usually pack you a lunch with sandwiches, fruit etc to take with you. You usually just have to request it at the front desk in the morning

  • mroxo77
    mroxo77 2 months ago

    What happened with white gloves and ultra light torch ? - This is what happens when youtuber gets paid to make a video, all of the sudden, everything is great and 100% recommendable, and there is no need to stick to what everyone expected this video to be in the first place. Travel companies surely aren't charity and they rip you off when you book with them, try booking individually, on average its 30% cheaper each time.

  • Gail Pope
    Gail Pope 3 months ago

    All inclusive in Mexico are fabulous- I’ve been Cabo, Playa Del Carmen, Cozumel and Puerta Vallarta. And I’d never go if I couldn’t have warm weather. What’s the point ??

  • Yve Rose
    Yve Rose 3 months ago

    All inclusive in Europe is a great base, package is cheaper than independent booking. Malta has arriva buses with cheap day passes, you can go everywhere in a day. I saved so much money as minimal food spend, I spent overnight on gozo. The only limits on all inclusive are the ones you put on yourself. Egypt was very different, there were very limited options to 'escape' until I hired a car

  • KathySRW
    KathySRW 3 months ago

    The "package holiday" is one of my favorite, most fascinating part of any British television program or film. So , thank you for allowing me to experience yours !

  • Rebecca
    Rebecca 4 months ago

    Ah I recognised this just from the picture! I can’t say it was the best all inclusive, all the restaurants were essentially the same food. I went just before peak season and it was like feeding time at the zoo. Also ever since I went (3years ago) I get spam emails claiming to be seabank. However Malta was lovely!

  • Bowzer The Dog
    Bowzer The Dog 4 months ago

    Calm down!

  • The Wandering Quinn
    The Wandering Quinn 4 months ago

    ...goes online to find a cheap package holiday! Haha

  • Ellis Rose
    Ellis Rose 4 months ago

    I went there first ever holiday as a teenager/adult by myself! It suits its purpose 😊

  • NeverMetTheGuy
    NeverMetTheGuy 4 months ago

    Great video. There's probably plenty of your viewers who also don't do all inclusive, and want to know if it's worth it from the standpoint of people who solo, or freestyle travel. Looking forward to the rest of your mini series.

  • Helen Trope
    Helen Trope 4 months ago

    I looked at booking a holiday in Malta independently before we Brexit the EU. I found a really nice place to stay quite cheaply and it seemed easy to do that. Apparently it's easy and cheap to get around the island by bus and it looks both beautiful and interesting. However I found it tricky to get cheap flights at the times I wanted so I gave up on that for this year. I'm not keen on package holidays, but I might consider it for a country whose language was completely unknown to me and where there was not likely to be anyone who knew English and which didn't seem safe for travellers on their own. e.g countries out of Europe. I'm not keen on package holidays because I like to explore rather than following suggested itineraries and I like to eat in different places. I don't like lazing around doing nothing but eating, drinking and sunbathing, and accommodation only has to be clean and adequate for me as I won't spend much time there, though I do love and look for accommodation that looks beautiful and traditional. I'm not keen on modern hotels which lack character and where you can't open the windows. I wouldn't go to hot places at the height of Summer either. I can't cope with fierce heat but it can be cheaper at other times.

  • David InPerris
    David InPerris 4 months ago

    So, is 300 pounds a lot for a week of all you can eat?

  • 52hermitage
    52hermitage 4 months ago

    You seem very immature

  • Maria
    Maria 4 months ago

    Thanks for trying out all inclusive for the rest of who most likely would never go on a trip like that. I get the appeal, but it just seems boring. The holiday seems to be about food and pool rather than the destination, which I assume is what people are looking for. No judgement though, we all travel our own way.

  • The Traveling Chzhed
    The Traveling Chzhed 4 months ago

    Total independent traveler, but have booked my first all-inclusive, in the carribbean in June! I’m excited but a little a skeptical. Thanks for sharing!

  • Rebecca Lockley
    Rebecca Lockley 4 months ago +1

    The only all inclusive trips I've been on are cruises! But I don't think I'd like going to an all inclusive hotel.

  • Iris Doeven
    Iris Doeven 4 months ago

    "I'm going to the bar!" Yasssss hahaha

  • Compass North
    Compass North 4 months ago +8

    If you are travelling with a large party, like a family of 4 or more, a All Inclusive is pretty handy. Kids are entertained, can eat at will, pools and other distractions are there to keep them occupied and Mom and Dad can sit by the pool drinking Margaritas and soaking up the sun. All payed for, no planning needed. Good for a Mom and Dad who feel burnt out . But for a party of only 2 or 3.....the adventure of exploration and "come what may" is found by just doing a AirB&B or some other kind of rental and sitting at the table and planning your adventure for the day from start to finish or just winging it. Depending on your situation, both are great because you have to remember....YOU'RE ON VACATION.....YES !

  • d landis
    d landis 4 months ago

    The price seems right - Have been to all inclusive in Mexico a few times but you get tired of the same food and same entertainment Was it only Brits and would Americans and others be welcome there -)?

  • Skaterbun
    Skaterbun 4 months ago

    When you have kids, all inclusive is a godsend! 😁

  • Sheri Funtastic Travels and Resorts Ltd.

    Malta? Interesting!

  • Explore With Sophie
    Explore With Sophie 4 months ago +1

    I've always liked having an airport transfer, as in a coach to take me where I'm going cuz it's one less thing to worry about. But I went on my first ever all inclusive holiday last year cuz I just wanted a week to do nothing basically and I loved it! Being able to go down to the pool and not have to worry about carrying cash for drinks and whatever. It's not something I'd do every year but it was nice to have that break where everything is done for you :)

  • Jaena
    Jaena 4 months ago

    i went to an all inclusive trip last september to greece and it was just so easy and relaxing 💆🏻
    the food and alcohol were 10/10

  • Abi Davis
    Abi Davis 4 months ago +9

    £315??? Omg I genuinely thought being on your own and in a resort would cost much more!! Was this with a sale?

    • Skaterbun
      Skaterbun 4 months ago +2

      It's winter isn't it !

  • claire higgins
    claire higgins 4 months ago

    I hate package holidays, il take a villa or log cabin with a kitchen and a pool 😀

  • Scolopente
    Scolopente 4 months ago

    I live in Malta! Though at the moment I'm in Acapulco 😀

  • cassie pitchford
    cassie pitchford 4 months ago

    I have done All Inclusive before in Playa Del Carmen, Mexico at the RIU Palace. I have to say i would never do it again. I mean the service and the hotel great but the alcohol was just cheap and gave me headaches the next morning. The area was also just resort on resort and you literally had to drive 20 minutes until you came to a local place. It’s like i was in a cage. I also didn’t like the idea of having to think about eating in all the time to get my money’s worth. Plus the beach was always so damn packed in October while we were there. You could really tell there were only ALL Inclusive people there.
    We took a local bus to Tulum and that was a whole other story. Beautiful, quiet beach with almost no people. There was also alot of yummy food places around. And i had checked on Airbnb and there were so many cute rooms around. Plus there was Sian Ka‘an National Park with ancient Maya Temples in the middle of the forest.
    I am definetly more of a traveller rather than a vacationer, i just love to explore and not feel as if im caged in somewhere. I love to explore on my own and find rural places.
    If anything i guess i would book a Resort only with breakfast included, and also only in swimming season.
    Still looking forward to that Market Aly 😃 I LOVE going to local markets on my travels and buying the local food and cooking it either in my Hostel or Airbnb.
    On my next travels to Israel during Easter, i will most definetly do that 👍🏼👍🏼

  • Globetrotter Travel with Puran & Karen

    Good morning, I am glad to be part of your journey. have a great time and fun.

  • Russell Hogben
    Russell Hogben 4 months ago

    Am I picking up a slight Welsh lilt in your voice?

    • Gerry Freeman
      Gerry Freeman 4 months ago

      sounds too educated to be a welsh...id go with brummie or yorkshire

  • kateemma22
    kateemma22 4 months ago +4

    All inclusive holidays are my idea of hell. 😂

  • Sam S
    Sam S 4 months ago +3

    Sorry Aly but the packaged group tours are a real pain in the ass. They don’t let you explore the place at your own pace and they cram everything together in a short time.
    You have to put a gun to my head to go on a group package tour 😀
    All inclusive is good in isolated resorts like Maldives or safari lodges in Africa or any other remote location but group packaged tours are a strict no no for me.
    They schedule stuff for 6 am in the morning and you feel like you are going to work instead of being on a vacation.

  • Fan Antics
    Fan Antics 4 months ago

    All inclusive package isn’t for a foodie like me sadly.
    They usually choose restaurants and cuisines that they are sure everyone will like.
    I’d still enjoy it whenever I got the chance to go for free.

  • Ben CG
    Ben CG 4 months ago +2

    £315! Is that for a week? God that's cheap.

  • Alana Schlotter
    Alana Schlotter 4 months ago

    I used to work for a travel company and was able to go on a trip to Costa Rica for 10 days that included an all-inclusive hotel for several days. Though it was nice from the perspective that I didn't have to worry about cost for things like food and drinks, I don't think I would do it again as I like being able to go and do my own thing and find things that I wouldn't have found otherwise. I also found that I rarely left the hotel as I didn't have to go anywhere to find things to do.

  • Natalie Daly
    Natalie Daly 4 months ago +1

    All inclusive is awesome! At the end of the day, what kind of holiday you book All depends on your plans. If you are wanting a romantic getaway where you spend the mornings at the beach and afternoons by the pool side then all inclusive is the way to go. If you're wanting to be more adventurous and do sightseeing then booking things individually offers you more flexibility and is possibly even cheaper.

  • Alina Petrea
    Alina Petrea 4 months ago

    never been to All inclusive yet. now we go and visit all around, everyday a new beach or whatever we go. we figure all inclusive will come when we have kids. small kids and we want to just sit and have everything in hand. when they start school that's finished cause we'll have to bring them everywhere so they learn how to be a "tourist" and see lots of places :D

  • Mik
    Mik 4 months ago +1

    is that some special price for you or what? couse it is so cheap 400 euro 1 week? w.t.f.

    • Hilda F
      Hilda F 4 months ago +2

      I'm guessing it's off season. I'm sure it's expensive in summer.

  • Destiny Baker
    Destiny Baker 4 months ago

    I think it’s very important to do more research than nessecary when doing all inclusive. Today I learned so much about the other side of all inclusive from a lot of comments. I didn’t even know places will give you a wristband so they know you are staying at the hotel? Still don’t quite understand because how can you be there if you didn’t have a booking? But okay. Ive never gone on holiday and they try to sell us other packages? It is such a different way of a holiday, I just see it was a vacation, not as traveling whatsoever. It’s definitely not for everyone but it’s something I think everyone should at least do once, if you find the right place you can have the best time.
    I had the best experience at Excellence in Playa Mujares if anyone here is looking for an all inclusive that will not disappoint. But it sounds like there are so many meh resorts out there who just want more of your money :(

    • Destiny Baker
      Destiny Baker 4 months ago

      Kolendo i have stayed at two all inclusives and one upcoming in June and haven’t ever been marked by my hotel or been made to wear a wristband. As to who is a guest or not, everyone on the adults only resort has paid to be there. Ive had to go theough checkpoints to even go down the road towards the resort to make sure we were gusts or not. The all invlusives I have stayed at do not allow guests or day passes. One I’ve stayed at had a private beach with no other hotels in site for miles so I doubt anyone will be trying to swim up to shore with their things and dry clothes(since restaurants at this resort have a dresscode) The other had a public beach, only inside the resort was all inclusive. So I understand why maybe some places do that but it’s definitely not all.

    • Kolendo
      Kolendo 4 months ago

      These resorts are massive, and often take up huge amounts of ocean front. It's not hard for someone to find a way to sneak into the resort, hell you could even swim there and pretend you have a booking. Also keep in mind most all inclusive resorts and "vacation" destinations are in first or second world countries. I'm sure lots of locals would love to benefit from the perks of the resort (ie: free food, drinks, relative luxury, etc). If they didn't have a wristband policy they would have no way of identifying people who wander onto the property vs. paying customers.

  • Rebecca Schembri
    Rebecca Schembri 4 months ago

    Looking forward to seeing the vlogs about my Home country :D This already made me miss it(currently living in Newcastle). To be fair best time to travel to Malta would be between April and June... Not much tourists but you can enjoy the beaches more and warm enough for a dip! But with that being said, the price for all inclusive was quite cheap and would be much more during that season.

  • Kimberley R
    Kimberley R 4 months ago

    I've always booked everything myself, mostly because I LOVE scrolling through sites looking at hotels and flights. I might do all-inclusive one day, but not right now.

  • ChakraW
    ChakraW 4 months ago

    We of Celiacs/Any Autoimmune Disease sufferer, greatly appreciate the effort.

  • Freedom Strider
    Freedom Strider 4 months ago +6

    All inclusive look so weird - we've never been on one before but it seems, as you put it, being led around like a kid xD
    Not sure if I'd enjoy it, I guess one day we'll experience it and see ;)

  • Matt
    Matt 4 months ago +35

    just remember an all inclusive is a vacation. Not traveling. Traveling is a whole different game :P

    • Apollomuscles
      Apollomuscles 4 months ago

      if ya got enough money it is. why draw the line there because no one has the money to do it.

    • Sharon Owen
      Sharon Owen 4 months ago

      Rebecca not everyone who goes all inclusive is like that, but from my experience of staying at hotels where some of the guests are all inclusive a lot of them barely leave the hotel bar area! Except maybe to go drinking down the street. I was saying that’s a holiday and not travelling as travelling does involve seeing cultural things like museums and natural wonders and not just drinking, sunbathing and eating at the hotel. In Tenerife some people had no idea there was even a volcano there!!

    • Rebecca
      Rebecca 4 months ago +1

      Sharon Owen I feel like you have an issue with all inclusive, as if people who go on all inclusive are philistines

    • girlstalkinsmack
      girlstalkinsmack 4 months ago


    • Sharon Owen
      Sharon Owen 4 months ago +3

      Gracie Mae the whole point of all inclusive isn’t exploring its relaxing by a pool. Most people barely leave the hotel with all inclusive! I wouldn’t say it’s travelling unless you actually go out exploring the country you’re in at least half the days you’re there

  • Cory Resilient
    Cory Resilient 4 months ago

    Wait.. Aren't you my girl friend??! 😂😁😎😍😘

  • Dave Holt
    Dave Holt 4 months ago

    Show us your toes, Allie :)

  • luke lynch
    luke lynch 4 months ago

    Check out the last tank at the aquarium in staint Paul's bay it's amazing

  • easyifyoutry
    easyifyoutry 4 months ago

    Totally love these flogs where ally goes solo. It’s very real. She’s funnier when travels solo

  • Norfindir
    Norfindir 4 months ago

    It really sucked when Star Tour merged with TUI and we scandinavians had to share hotels with Brits and Germans

  • Norfindir
    Norfindir 4 months ago

    Brits are the worst guests when it comes to all inclusive

    • Dave Holt
      Dave Holt 4 months ago +1

      No. The Chinese are.

  • Tao of David
    Tao of David 4 months ago

    Omg i would have left as soon as they tried to put a wristband on me!!

  • Eleftheria Chatzitheodoridou

    *inhales and exhales loudly* "I'll go to the bar!" Gurl, that's me when I'm on those days. Except I go for chocolate haha!

  • Nicole Worsley
    Nicole Worsley 4 months ago +17

    One more thing, if you leave the resort, turn the wristband upside down so the white is facing out, or wear a watch over it, locals learn to recognize the colours and designs and can tell from the wristband how expensive the resort is and if you booked the vip package, which will effect the price they’ll give you for things (at least it’s this way where I’ve been)

    • Scolopente
      Scolopente 4 months ago

      This is certainly not the case in Malta.

    • Destiny Baker
      Destiny Baker 4 months ago

      Nicole Worsley I’ve stayed at 2 all inclusive and going on another in June to Dominican Republic, what do you mean by wristband?

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  4 months ago +3

      Yes yes yes! I completely forgot to mention that in the video! I had long sleeves the whole time but I kept thinking how bad it was that ANYONE could see what hotel you're at and know how much you probably paid 😧

  • Nicole Worsley
    Nicole Worsley 4 months ago

    Also many resorts in Mexico have found they save money by having liquor dispensers in the room so people aren’t bringing up multiple drinks and not finishing them, so I hope you found a mini bar, with liquor and soft drink!

  • Nicole Worsley
    Nicole Worsley 4 months ago +12

    Maybe it’s different in the area you are, (also first time I’ve seen an all inclusive that’s not in hot weather) but I live in Canada and we do all inclusive to Mexico, Cuba,Dominican Republic, and it is the most relaxing experience to not have to worry about money or having your wallet on you, to just be able to go down to the beach, grab a drink at the beach bar and relax, or make some new friends at the swim up pool bar, and I really think you should try the reservation restaurants, every all inclusive I’ve been to is set up like that. When we do all inclusive we usually pick a large resort and maybe only leave the resort 1 day, so it’s nice to have a restaurant to get a little dressed up for and have table service rather than buffet (although I am a big fan of buffet) and usually they have heaps of activities going on, from beach volleyball, to scuba lessons in a pool, to bingo, to Zumba on the beach. I really really hope you give all inclusive another go in a warmer climate!!

  • Ian R Close
    Ian R Close 4 months ago +2

    I remember attending the holiday rep meeting as a child with my parents and even then noticing how much they were trying to sell extras for extortionate fees. They ended up paying like $40 each for a shopping trip when public transport between the locations would've cost a quarter of that at most. I've since grown up with an (probably unfair) aversion to holiday reps, seeing them in the same light as traffic wardens.

  • Steph russell
    Steph russell 4 months ago +12

    "what do you do with all of that all inclusive beer that's just hanging around downstairs" **foot circle** 😂😂❤

  • Alain Pfaeffli
    Alain Pfaeffli 4 months ago

    How does your skin looks like under the wrist band after you return home?

  • kamalakannan v
    kamalakannan v 4 months ago

    I love you

  • Rachel Edwards
    Rachel Edwards 4 months ago

    Hi, another great video. I’m kinda opposite always used to do the all inclusive thing but since subscribing to your channel I’ve started to brave doing it myself and got Thailand and Budapest bagged already. Pros and cons to each way really. Malta looks a great out of season place to visit. Keep up the great work!

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  4 months ago

      That's so amazing to hear!! Yay! Malta is perfect in winter. that first day was the only cold one. Every other was just perfect! 👌

  • Gerirdnkitreat
    Gerirdnkitreat 4 months ago +6

    You should book one of the tours. Just to get the feeling how it is different to solo exploring. Most of the all-inclusive guests don't explore for themselves and either chill at the pool the whole time of go with these offered tours.
    It would be interesting what your impression of the tours would be.

    • Gerirdnkitreat
      Gerirdnkitreat 4 months ago

      @PsychoTraveller totally understandable! :D

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  4 months ago +1

      Yeah I was tempted but I didn't want to spend that kind of money to be honest 🙈

  • Knowledge is Divine.
    Knowledge is Divine. 4 months ago +3

    When are you visiting India again? Any plans in 2019? Please visit Manali, Spiti valley, Manali to Leh, Laddakh next time you visit Incredible India.

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas 4 months ago

      PsychoTraveller I am thinking to do my first India trip later this year !!! I am currently tossing up between doing a group tour as I am not very travelled in Asia,or braving it solo ! The tour seems good but I am worried about how restrictive it will feel , at the same time I don’t know if I am experienced and brave enough to go alone x

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  4 months ago

      Definitely want to come back this year!

    • Madalena Caldas
      Madalena Caldas 4 months ago

      Knowledge is Divine. I wanna know this also !!

  • Destiny Baker
    Destiny Baker 4 months ago +1

    Glad to see your first impression of Malta. What a beautiful place but must I admit it looks kind of sad in off season? Good to see you’re first all inclusive trip but I don’t know why I’m slightly meh. I wish you did like a ALL INCLUSIVE place. I put that in caps for emphasis? I’m based in LA and I’ve done two all inclusive trips to Mexico. One with family that will never ever be in my budget anytime soon, and one with my bf where we went suuuuper affordable. Both AMAZING. Maybe Malta just doesn’t give the best all inclusive? This type of trip definitely depends on the type of traveler you are. I wouldn’t have ever gone on a all inclusive trip if it went for my family. Their type of holiday is pure relaxation since mom works so much, which can be 100% fine. But once I experienced that I now consider myself someone who loves to travel and sightsee go on as many tours but boy do I love an all inclusive trip. Not sure if it’s on your list, try excellence or finest in playa mujares(Cancun). 5 star restaurants you can go to anytime(slight dresscode), swim up bars multiple pools, and private beaches. (Not apart of regular package but our room had our own jacuzzi!!) every room came with at least 4 full sizes bottles of alcohol (1 vodka, 1 captain morgan, 1 red wine and 1 white) free of charge, they said it was the free “mini” bar in every room. Waiters on the beach and by the pools asking if you wants anything to eat or drink and 24hour room service. Private pickup from airport and no one would EVER try to sell you anything(not a time share, just regular AI hotel). Months leading up to family vacation I was researching what to do in the area but once I got to the hotel I did not want to leave honestly. For the first time ever, it was my first taste of oasis. Also to be honest quite a vastly to leave hotel, going in we had to go through 2 check points and gates. Second trip I went with the BF to Litterally the cheapest all inclusive I could find at the time in puerto Vallarta and it was still amazing, 1 block from beach with jewelry, clothes and food vendors. Hotel had a big huge pool and waiters asking if you wanted a Margarita every couple of minutes food wasn’t as good but we could eat at the restaurant anytime without reservation. Lots of activities like pool games and pink pong tables set up throughout resort, no 24hr room service but who really wants snacks at 3am jet lagged. Lmao! Next time if you ever want to try all inclusive again go for somewhere that known for all inclusive! Not that you have to I’m sure there’s so many places in the worlds that might even have better service than Mexico! I love seeing your videos and new ways of traveling and trying out different styles! Can’t wait for the London vid!!

    • Destiny Baker
      Destiny Baker 4 months ago

      Sorry for the typos everyone it’s late and a little shleepy. After reading some other comments on people mentioning not wanting to be sold anything while on holiday. When booking an all inclusive place make sure it’s a resort and not a time share or anything like that. Both resorts I have stayed at in Mexico had no such thing. It’s been like checking into any other hotel, except the first AI place I went serving champagne when getting out of the car, once you get your hotel room key you are on your own and not bothered. It is all inclusive relaxation I’m sorry many of you have experienced people trying to sell you things even after you paid for a trip. :(

  • Peter Jeager
    Peter Jeager 4 months ago +3

    Dear Aly,
    You have changed a lot in the last two years, and I enjoy experiencing this positive change. This video is especially pleasant to watch not because of its coverage of an all-inclusive holiday package but because of your personality. It is as if an angel was living inside you waiting to come to the surface, but already influencing you increasingly. It is hard to miss the richness of your inner self already apparent in your eyes. I believe you have a lot more potential inside you to give to people than just to report your travel experiences on RU-clip. Still, you are a pleasure to all viewers. Best wishes: Peter

  • Sara says
    Sara says 4 months ago

    I love both solo travelling to countries like Thailand AND all inclusive resort style Hollidays. They are both very different experiences. I go to Turkey quite a bit and never really leave the hotels. The exact opposite of what I do in Thailand 😂

    • Destiny Baker
      Destiny Baker 4 months ago

      Sara says same!! I’ll explore every corner of Rome but the second I get picked up from the airport in Mexico I know that means puuuure relaxation and I decide if I want to leave resort or not lol

  • Peter S
    Peter S 4 months ago

    Another great video :) an all inclusive is something I want to try also. Have a wonderful time.

  • ckm ckm494
    ckm ckm494 4 months ago

    Hi, i did both and each has is own benefit ... it is nice when you don't need to go to the hassle to fined the way to your hotel after flight or the way from/to airport and in other way i like the independence of finding less tourist spot ect... .From my country most of the time near by location is more cheap by package then organizing them by yourself :)) Thanks for sharing.

  • Pocket Trailblazer
    Pocket Trailblazer 4 months ago +24

    I’ve been to an ‘All inclusive’ once and I ended up putting on about half a stone coz I felt like I had to get my money’s worth of food & cocktails- never again!! 😂😂

  • Vincent Simpson
    Vincent Simpson 4 months ago

    Thou shall not take Carlsburg in vain 🍺😍

  • Martin Ruffe
    Martin Ruffe 4 months ago

    haha you should do more of these. brr! where can I book lol

  • A Ry Exploration
    A Ry Exploration 4 months ago +1

    I always book stuff myself, but did an all-inclusive in December (buddies wedding) in Dominican. I had a good time with the others being there, but I’m not a fan. Feel super trapped almost and being sold stuff 24/7 isn’t as fun.
    Sidenote I finished my PADI there, I booked online with the company instead of with the clerk as it saved me a 100$.

    • A Ry Exploration
      A Ry Exploration 4 months ago

      To add I also did do an ‘excursion’ one day away from Punta Cana and that was one of the better days. Just see more of the country and smaller group.

    • A Ry Exploration
      A Ry Exploration 4 months ago

      Destiny Baker Destiny Baker I went to Punta Cana, there wasn’t anything nearby and there was a gate on front. Around the resort was just other resorts really then bush, hence the trap bit. I’m definitely a lot more free with my travels, I like being able to wander off or just wander. They had resturaunts the buffet, pools, and some activities, that all is good for a day, but 7 is too long in same spot.
      For sales i’m probably blowing it up a bit, they do have lots of salesman on the beach, as thats free ground basically. The dive shop that tried to up sell me was good once I showed I knew my stuff, but also got my friend to join.
      To shorten it haha, I can see the appeal of all-inclusives but it’s not really my thing is all.

    • Destiny Baker
      Destiny Baker 4 months ago

      Curious as to where you went. I’ve done two all inclusive trips in Mexico and love them never once did someone try to sell something to me. Going to Dominican Republic in June for an All inclusive at a sister hotel to one I’ve stayed at in Mexico. All of the places I’ve gone offered more than enough activities to not feel trapped(multiple pools, beach, water sports, movie nights, many restaurants no buffets, with dresscode so it felt like you were getting dressed up to go out). Would you say it was the hotel you were at that wasn’t offering what you were expecting or hoping for? Or just not your style? I can’t believe so many have had all inclusve trips they weren’t a huge fan of. :0

  • Ross and Bek
    Ross and Bek 4 months ago +21

    Completely understand that it would feel like they're holding your hand the whole way - it's taken the hassle of decision making away, but maybe I'm too much of a control freak to relinquish full power to someone else!

    • Ross and Bek
      Ross and Bek 4 months ago +1

      Haha, I think I'd be the same!

    • PsychoTraveller
      PsychoTraveller  4 months ago +3

      Haha yeah it was nice in a way that I didn't have to make a single decision but I lasted about half a day haha 😂😂


    Awsome Video. .Yes I'm a FULLY FLEDGED PSYCHO ..😂😂😂😉😂

  • francis Anakle
    francis Anakle 4 months ago

    I love ur videos

  • Lizzeebuffy Sharrod
    Lizzeebuffy Sharrod 4 months ago +2

    Good first impressions video of All Inclusive Malta. I'd keep in mind that some people may just like to go to the hotel and live in the hotel all inclusively. So it totally depends on the traveller but for someone like yourself I guess you do want to feel like you can explore and look around. Maybe you could go back again... do it your way and compare. Awesome that you spent the day to find your feet in the hotel :) food looked amazing and great that you told people that you can search for hotels depending on your dietary requirements. That's really helpful :). Anyway look forward to see what more Malta offered you in the upcoming videos :) ❤ see you in the next one! 😘

    GAMING FREAKS 365 4 months ago

    You are really fun to watch.

  • Kattie K
    Kattie K 4 months ago

    Yep, those day trips from hotel guides are ridiculously expensive! I remember going to Crete and they tried to sell us 80€ day trip and then we bought the same day trip on the street for 25€! like what

  • Japan Hiroshima
    Japan Hiroshima 4 months ago

    nice video 👍👍

  • Nimit Dedhia
    Nimit Dedhia 4 months ago

    Come to India again ... nimit.dedhia@gmail.com