Why Isn't My Cartridge Working - How To Fix Your 510 Cartridge

  • Published on Apr 27, 2018
  • Today we are going be showing you guys how to fix your 510 thread cartridge and some reasons why it may not be working. Check out some of our cartidge batteries and tanks here discountvapepen.com/product-category/vaporizer-pens/cartridge-vape-battery/
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  • casey slinski
    casey slinski Day ago

    awesome thxs dude u helped me alot...

  • Plocký
    Plocký Day ago

    got 2, both taste like burned metal.

  • Krystal Moreno
    Krystal Moreno Day ago

    I was talking mad shit before this video started then I did what he said to do with the cart and the tweezers and my pen immediately started working again

  • Ishan Thakore
    Ishan Thakore 2 days ago

    Perfect Video! Thank you DVP!

  • Kitty Claris
    Kitty Claris 3 days ago

    I know this was almost 2 years ago, but thanks, man. Omg 🙏🏾🙌🏾

  • ThatOneKidJose
    ThatOneKidJose 5 days ago +1

    I have the yocan uni battery and everytime i got to hit it it flashes like 10 times and wont hit🤦‍♂️

  • luke7137
    luke7137 5 days ago +1

    So i pulled it and nothing was happening. I then kept pulling till it came off and looked inside. I saw the metal wire thing that looks like a bread tie without the paper. I pulled that and actually tried to pull it out. It wouldn't come out and then i tried it and it worked! So the metal must of came off of the bottom piece and i think it opens up the holes in the cart so the liquid can escape.

  • Nathan Howard
    Nathan Howard 6 days ago

    When I heard ur outro song I thought of my friend that committed suicide this summer he didn’t even overdose on heroin or oxy it was some orange powder nobody knew where he was getting it from. Reminds me of the times we hung it last year and didn’t have any bud I wish instead of complaining we should’ve held our breaths to get high fr I primed my dab pen for like 10 huge breaths taking one breath in to fill my lungs in between primes and I felt high I didn’t expect to and I felt like air was rushing into me and I was gonna pass out if I held my breath it was instinct for me to keep breathing it was slow and steady with my chest rising as it were one of the tides at sea. It felt so familiar even thought I’ve never done it like that before I thought I was just trooping to prime it and didn’t care but I went a little past every other time I’ve done it and damn sucks to have a friend gone

  • Lady Cox
    Lady Cox 7 days ago

    thank you it worked

  • ItsJusta 96
    ItsJusta 96 8 days ago +1

    The one we’re u get sum tweezers and lift up the little metal peace in the middle of the cart helped me I just now fixed my cart but just now watching this video so thank u!

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  6 days ago

      Turn your cartridge upside down. There is a pin there depending on the type of cart you have.. place your nail under it and lift a little

    • Ave
      Ave 7 days ago

      What does he mean by lift it up ? Kinda confused

    EVERYTHING CØZY 8 days ago

    Plz help, i pulled mine apart tryna tighten my cart on, theres like a black and white wire twisted together sticking out plzzz helppp😭😭😭😭

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  6 days ago

      If you're not familiar with it i'd suggest it. Give us a week or 2 and we'll pull one apart and do a vid.

      EVERYTHING CØZY 7 days ago

      @Discount Vape Pen so am i just better off buying a new one?

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  7 days ago

      Those wires need to be connected back to the cartridge. Easier said than done. You need a really steady hand.

  • Fumbuckets
    Fumbuckets 9 days ago

    Thank you!!!!

  • Kiyonna Anaya
    Kiyonna Anaya 9 days ago

    props to you man !! a hack that actually fucking works !! now i dont gotta run back and forth to the smoke shop every other day

  • Peanut Head
    Peanut Head 9 days ago

    So I was comparing two my cartridges and the one that doesn’t work I can tell what your saying is right the thing is pushed down all the way so I got tweezers to raise it , the problem is , it will not stay up .

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  8 days ago

      Dont tighten your cartridge completely. Leave it a little loose to see if you can get a contact point.

  • Peanut Head
    Peanut Head 9 days ago

    Get a cotton swab and wipe around the magnetic part on the pen . Get it all cleaned . Then screw your cartridge back in and it should work.

  • Emma Broderick
    Emma Broderick 9 days ago +1

    Ayeeee fixed my problem on the first try with your first tip!! Thank goodness

  • PorkyPiggles
    PorkyPiggles 9 days ago

    could somebody help? my cart will have good air flow when its not on the battery, but then as soon as i put the cart on the battery there is absolutely no air flow. I tried adjusting the pin with my fingernail but every time i pulled it up the battery pushed it back in

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  9 days ago

      Dont screw your cartridge all the way down. Are you using a magnet? make sure its not blocking the ports. Try it on a different device

  • The Fazo Fam
    The Fazo Fam 10 days ago

    What do you mean lift that pen from under the cartridge?

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  9 days ago

      Turn your cartridge upside down. There is a pin there depending on the type of cart you have.. place your nail under it and lift a little

  • Take a Guess
    Take a Guess 10 days ago


  • WhoozyOMO
    WhoozyOMO 10 days ago

    Thanks man!!

  • Gerald Brown
    Gerald Brown 11 days ago

    The magnet piece is stopping me from hitting I gotta hit it super hard to get the smallest amount out I can’t unscrew it because it won’t hit at all

    • Peanut Head
      Peanut Head 9 days ago

      I take my cartridge out , get a cotton swab and wipe around the magnet part on my pen to get all the crap out and get it cleaned . Then I put my cartridge back on and it works .

  • I Play ProAm
    I Play ProAm 11 days ago

    Ur a god

  • Erick Bermudez
    Erick Bermudez 11 days ago

    No my battery’s light when I press on it don’t turn on but when I put it to charge it starts charging for5 seconds n then it turns off

  • Datboy Tiliano81G
    Datboy Tiliano81G 11 days ago +1

    Saved my morning thought i was gunna go to work vapeless lmao

  • Alyssa Homan
    Alyssa Homan 12 days ago +2

    Thank you! I was about to just call it a loss, but this helped me fix it

  • Brandon Robbins
    Brandon Robbins 12 days ago +1

    Thanks so much man for the info turns out my cartrige had a bad connection.

  • TheRealPochi
    TheRealPochi 12 days ago

    you just saved my life

  • Quirky Muffin
    Quirky Muffin 13 days ago

    Life saver! ThANK YOU!

  • MikeJHensley
    MikeJHensley 13 days ago

    First method worked👍

  • Baby Doll
    Baby Doll 13 days ago +30

    I’m here bc I need to fix my pen and want to get high already:(

    • luke7137
      luke7137 5 days ago

      if nothing happens after pulling, pull it out and pull the wire down with tweezers. it will should work after that

      EVERYTHING CØZY 8 days ago


    • Terecy Fowler
      Terecy Fowler 12 days ago


  • Pa ul
    Pa ul 14 days ago

    Pulling that things up fixed mine thanks brother

  • angelo tablante
    angelo tablante 14 days ago

    Thank you! It saved mu cartridge..

  • Rah 2x
    Rah 2x 17 days ago +1

    Bro thank you so much i thought my shit was broke 😂😂😂

  • Kc Nkalari
    Kc Nkalari 17 days ago

    Fixed my pen!!! Thanks a bunch

  • Sofia Echeverria
    Sofia Echeverria 17 days ago +1

    I spent $30 bucks on that ooze 900 ....I drop it twice and it wasn't working no more until I saw videos of what the problem might be.....

  • Sofia Echeverria
    Sofia Echeverria 17 days ago

    Yo! that was kool bro! Shit! I thought it broke!!.... anyways thanks for the advice and tips....
    Vape on....

  • PurpleGearss
    PurpleGearss 18 days ago

    Holy shit my high ass cannot believe this worked

  • Interesting
    Interesting 19 days ago

    Why does my my battery blink 3 times when I get try to hit it please help

  • Cindy Smith
    Cindy Smith 19 days ago +1

    #1 Fixed it and now I want to shop your site. Brilliant video.

  • Soraya Khouby
    Soraya Khouby 20 days ago

    Very helpful...Greetings from the Jersey seashore! Peace n Blessings, Soraya

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  19 days ago

      Ayyyyy Jersey in the building!! Come visit us sometime, exit 137 off the Parkway.

  • MuzzyTheLegend
    MuzzyTheLegend 20 days ago

    Ah bad contact thanks bro

  • Dustin Garrard
    Dustin Garrard 20 days ago

    Appreciate the video, got my cart up and running in no time flat!

  • andrewwwひ
    andrewwwひ 20 days ago

    idk what it is like 2 months ago I tried hittin it just a lil smoke came out and after that nothing comes out ik how to hit it ofc idk what to do

  • MrChewbone69
    MrChewbone69 20 days ago

    My battery charges to full, but it just suddenly stopped working. recharge, shows FULL charge again, screw in cartridge, nothing. screw in other cartridges that worked flawlessly, still no worky. cleaned with alcohol, pulled the little juice pipe up (whatever that means) still no worky..tried other flawless cartridges, STILL no worky. Battery shows full charge but cartridges wont even flash a light at ALL. Battery seems fine, charges fine. Just no worky.

    • MrChewbone69
      MrChewbone69 16 days ago

      @Discount Vape Pen Thanks for getting back...I tried everything and don't know what I did particularly but it works now...Thanks Brah...

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  20 days ago

      Could be an internal issue with the battery itself. Is it variable voltage?

  • Liam Soffer
    Liam Soffer 21 day ago

    Love you bro it was the voltage lmfao

  • Carmen Hafley
    Carmen Hafley 21 day ago +3

    Thanks! The very first suggestion straightened my cart right out though I needed the aid of a paper clip.

    • Jen Gray
      Jen Gray 21 day ago

      Me too! Thank you ⭐️

  • Yawn Sleep
    Yawn Sleep 23 days ago

    My 1st issue was that my cart couldnt connect to my battery I opened it up and made BOTH wires touch the gold piece. It made my battery work again BUT it wouldn't pull (wasnt heating up or pulling wax). SO I opened it up again and layed 1 wire against the wall and 1 going straight up to touch the gold piece. And bam positive and negative charge and I'm high

    • Yawn Sleep
      Yawn Sleep 23 days ago

      Its hitting harder than ever too my GOD

  • Aiddan Davis
    Aiddan Davis 24 days ago

    I need some help rn my batt isn’t charging and isn’t hitting blinks ten times when charging and hitting I’m desperate

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  22 days ago

      Chances are the battery is low or there is a short circuit somewhere in the device.

    • Aiddan Davis
      Aiddan Davis 24 days ago

      The batt is la kush and the color is white

    • Aiddan Davis
      Aiddan Davis 24 days ago

      When it blink it’s blue btw

  • Jason Rodas
    Jason Rodas 24 days ago

    U are god

  • Bwhan0307
    Bwhan0307 24 days ago

    Bro thank you so much!

  • Naxtrum
    Naxtrum 25 days ago +1

    Mine is just blinking 3 times i did all these things and its still doing it, is not the cart cause it hit before but idk why it stopped now

    • Naxtrum
      Naxtrum 22 days ago

      yea i figured im getting a new one, thx

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  22 days ago

      Chances are there is a short circuit somewhere in the device

    • Naxtrum
      Naxtrum 24 days ago

      @Theo Crews-yearick yea, im just buying a new one, im ordering it online, lmk if you want the link. Is a good one

    • Theo Crews-yearick
      Theo Crews-yearick 24 days ago

      Naxtrum i have the same problem

  • kc thrasher
    kc thrasher 25 days ago +1

    I took a bread tie and made my own ring and put it inside the battery and it started working so i assume i can use aluminum foil butt i didnt have any

  • Omar Peoples
    Omar Peoples 26 days ago

    Best fix: take the L and never buy carts again. That’s what I’m doing. All I need is real wax.

  • Omar Peoples
    Omar Peoples 26 days ago +1

    Break. Smoke the oil you can salvage. Take the L.

  • Goveel Krishna
    Goveel Krishna 26 days ago

    Thanks bro. U got my head working. None of those things worked for me but i popped the top off and dropped it in a old cartridge

  • ThatOneWeirdGal
    ThatOneWeirdGal 26 days ago

    Still not working. So basically the cartridge is over a year old because I found one that I lost in with my stuff and the oil is really thick. Nothing is happening. Anyone know what I can do?

    • Discount Vape Pen
      Discount Vape Pen  26 days ago

      You're using a year old cartridge. The oil is so thick from sitting. You can try using a device with a pre-heat function, but may be over for that cartridge.

  • chris B
    chris B 28 days ago

    You sir are a god

  • White owk
    White owk 29 days ago

    i had no idea that there was a pen or w/e on the bottom of the cartidge. pulled it out and im finally stoned again...tytytytyty

  • Heidi Santamaria
    Heidi Santamaria 29 days ago +1

    First fix instantly worked, thank you!

  • Cee Thor
    Cee Thor 29 days ago