Jinjer- Pisces REACTION!!!

  • Published on Sep 8, 2018
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    INTRO SONG:ru-clip.com/video/V5hRucqJuDk/video.html

    Original Video:ru-clip.com/video/SQNtGoM3FVU/video.html

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  • Олег Ковалёв

    *- Это наша Девчонка с Ребятами…‼ - Выкусите…!* B)
    *_(Друзья СНГ, Соседи - присоединяйтесь…)._*

    *Впрочем, Мы нежадные, да… **_- слушайте-смотрите все-все нА-здоровье и, как Мы, любите Их - “JINJER”!_* ;)

  • Riley O'Donnell
    Riley O'Donnell 7 months ago

    Zwo thumbs up for the into omg!

  • arayaslayer666
    arayaslayer666 8 months ago

    Dude i subscribed just from the intro. 😂😂😂 ain't even seen the vid yet!

  • Legalize Shemp
    Legalize Shemp 8 months ago


  • Kenichi Otaku
    Kenichi Otaku 8 months ago

    potentially ignorant question: Why do you stick bent cigarettes in your ears?

    • Kenichi Otaku
      Kenichi Otaku 8 months ago

      @Legalize Shemp a pear or an apple? or did you mean a pair?

    • Legalize Shemp
      Legalize Shemp 8 months ago

      He has a pear of them.

  • ItsJustMe
    ItsJustMe 10 months ago

    intro hardcore AF

  • kylebdemented1
    kylebdemented1 10 months ago +3

    First time watching anything of yours. Only ten seconds in but that intro alone made me a fan

  • luis tomas
    luis tomas 11 months ago

    hardcore keem? more like keen to hard dick fagstick

  • Jordan Boehmer
    Jordan Boehmer Year ago


  • TheRealSev
    TheRealSev Year ago

    Twenty seconds in:

  • SemperSerebus
    SemperSerebus Year ago

    Holy shit that intro, instant sub.

  • Greg Pena
    Greg Pena Year ago

    Lol the intro i be seeing people do shit like that in the pit i can't stand that shit 😂

  • Infernum
    Infernum Year ago

    the intro is such a mood LMAOO

  • Nigel Reginald Augustus-Bakersfield

    First time here. That fucking intro already made this worth it.

  • Do Hoeijmans
    Do Hoeijmans Year ago +8

    Best intro AND best ending haha. Go take your poop.

  • mos 8541
    mos 8541 Year ago +5

    seen LIVE Tempe AZ, she AND THE BAND do All that,
    JINJER yes they ARE that tight, Metallica level tight, if they were American theyd be on the radio EVERY DAY

    • Do Hoeijmans
      Do Hoeijmans Year ago +1

      mos 8541 They are touring in the US now. Huge in Europe and in the metal scene for 7 years already but to the US audience fairly unknown. The tour is going to change that for Tati and the boys I hope.

  • Steven Plague
    Steven Plague Year ago


  • Bob Sciascia
    Bob Sciascia Year ago +11

    Tatiana is queen. All of them are great.
    And sweet moves in your intro! Lol

  • manox14
    manox14 Year ago +1

    timings a bit off it seems.

  • Dawson Klein
    Dawson Klein Year ago +4

    Best intro ever!! Subbed lol

  • Hardcore Keem
    Hardcore Keem  Year ago

    Become apart of the #HARDCOREKREW

  • AngelStratoFan
    AngelStratoFan Year ago +9

    God that intro gave me memories of those days

  • Jay B
    Jay B Year ago +12

    I like that you weren't as "surprised" as so many others pretend to be. Though, I would call it a "review" if you've already seen it The pre-emptive lyric call-outs give it away.

    • Nick Wiederhold
      Nick Wiederhold Year ago +1

      I got the vibe that his video just wasn't in sync with the overlay.

  • John McCullough
    John McCullough Year ago

    Great Reaction! Love this song! You should check Babymetal “Rondo of Nightmare” Live at Budokan with Gods of Mischief Intro! 🤟🔥🤟 ✌️

    • shaitanlavey
      shaitanlavey Year ago

      Babymetal is garbage.

    • FYM Reacts
      FYM Reacts Year ago

      It just seems to be the odd video...usually live stuff...japanese labels for you man

    • John McCullough
      John McCullough Year ago

      FYM Reacts Thanks FYM. I’ve seen a bunch of people do it, so I thought it was ok. Are Babymetal doing a recent crackdown?

    • FYM Reacts
      FYM Reacts Year ago +1

      keem don't do this one as you will get a copyright strike and have the video blocked...happened to me. Sorry john

  • William Uptgraft
    William Uptgraft Year ago

    if you want to react to an amazing female live performance check out this video. Beth Hart ru-clip.com/video/UgrBn072lMU/video.html
    She puts Everything into her performances

  • izabeliverson
    izabeliverson Year ago +62

    that intro is great haha

    • Il`dan Deniev
      Il`dan Deniev 8 months ago

      epic. it was epic. intro...amazing! ja!) finger up, bro

    • Seelenwinter 666
      Seelenwinter 666 9 months ago

      i was all the time waiting, that his glasses cracks at the chorus...^^

  • BunniMonster
    BunniMonster Year ago

    Fuckin' savage ninja moves.

  • PT S
    PT S Year ago +3

    I'd like to recommend Nightwish songs for your reaction videos.
    Nightwish is true art. Everything is composed by a modern day mozart, Tuomas Holopainen (keyboardist)
    Nightwish has had 3 singers.
    - Tarja (classical singer)
    - Anette (pop singer)
    - Floor (everything singer)
    One that makes you feel sad, but at the same time so beautiful song:
    - The poet and the pendulum live wembley
    Ones I play loud in the car and sing along while driving fast:
    - Dark chest of wonders live wacken
    - She is my sin live wacken
    - Song of myself live wacken
    - Shudder before the beautiful live wembley
    - the Last ride of the day live wacken
    Songs about fiction:
    - Wishmaster (First singer Tarja sings this better)
    - Elvenpath
    - The phantom of the opera (end of an era live)
    - Storytime live wacken
    - Scaretale (do album version, live version sucks because previous singer Anette can't sing live)
    Song with real life issue themes:
    - Creek marys blood (end of an era live)
    - Sahara (wembley live)
    - Weak fantasy (wembley live)
    - the Kinslayer
    - Dead gardens
    - Wish I had an angel
    - Nemo
    - Amaranth
    - Bye bye beautiful
    - Ever dream live wacken
    - Endless forms most beautiful
    - Elán
    Other great songs:
    - Stargazers (live tampere)
    - Romanticide live wacken
    And the grand finale that you need to hear/see: One that makes you feel complitely unreal and changes the way you look the world and makes you appriciate life more. Please consentrate and focus:
    - The Greatest show on earth live in Tampere
    (Its worth of its name...)

  • Tiago Francisco
    Tiago Francisco Year ago +1

    Still waiting for while she sleeps haha

    • Garett Chamberlin
      Garett Chamberlin 2 months ago

      @Hardcore Keem we need more wss papi. Four Walls is an absolute banger

    • Hardcore Keem
      Hardcore Keem  Year ago +2

      I already recorded it. It will be up tonight Papi i promise ❤️

  • SicklessHell
    SicklessHell Year ago +3

    React to Shrezzers - Delight

  • Marcos. Ix
    Marcos. Ix Year ago

    Update great reaction. React to words of wisdom by jinjer the live version🤘🏼