iPhone 11 Pro Max Review: Google should be Embarrassed!

  • Published on Oct 23, 2019
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Comments • 793

  • whiteandnerdytuba

    Need 3D Touch back

  • Owen's Hot Spot
    Owen's Hot Spot 2 days ago +1


  • Noah Y
    Noah Y 3 days ago

    Great video, but I love the way you have incorporated humor into your videos. it really makes my day, keep doing what you love, you are doing a great job

  • Jt Naylor
    Jt Naylor 3 days ago

    what do you use to hold your apple boxes up

  • Jack Gonsalves
    Jack Gonsalves 9 days ago

    You should be embarrassed by those fingernails

  • Jeff L
    Jeff L 9 days ago

    Is this the Cincinnati QB lol

  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean 10 days ago

    So you don’t think midnight green is very good make your case.

  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean 10 days ago +1

    What about doing episode filming with iPhone 11 Pro Max

  • Jeremy Dean
    Jeremy Dean 10 days ago

    I’m going get it

  • Misa Ristic
    Misa Ristic 10 days ago

    Running 13.3 beta memory management still sucks on 11 pro Max. Just try this, open fb, RU-clip, chrome and amazon app and open a cam app take one selfie and one regular and go back to previous apps and start opening them. It will reload most of them so it can’t even keep 4 apps in memory while doing the same on old iPhone 6s Plus it did not reload even 10 and more apps. So now this phone in real world usage will feel slower then 4 years old iPhone. Wtf

  • Your Inner Demon
    Your Inner Demon 11 days ago

    Apple fan boy

  • RSupremeXx
    RSupremeXx 14 days ago

    Makes a review about an iPhone and mentions android

  • Cortez Neumann
    Cortez Neumann 15 days ago

    That battery on the Pro Max has completely changed how I use my phone. I can finally utilize more apps without the fear of draining my battery too fast

  • Mxars
    Mxars 18 days ago

    Midnight green is kinda ugly....

  • Niro Santos
    Niro Santos 19 days ago

    Respond to This Is Tech Today.
    He really put into perspective how ridiculous and ignorant your Pixel comments are. You kind of remind me of the Apple haters of 2015/16 when you talk about a phone you never even used. You should really open up your mind a bit and be a bit more unbias. But then again, how else would you get viewers?
    Keep hearding those sheep ;)

  • Gary Chapman
    Gary Chapman 19 days ago +1

    I’ve bought the 11 pro and it’s the first phone i’ve had that I can still see the screen clearly in bright sunlight.

  • harman Sharma
    harman Sharma 19 days ago

    im watching this video on samsung a50 at 1080p60 and its magical cz of its display. but just imagining Max's screen makes me feel to buy it!

  • Lord BadFisH
    Lord BadFisH 20 days ago

    I'm so disgusted with Googles new release, I'll be purchasing my first iPhone... Suck it Google 🤬

  • Joseph Capocci
    Joseph Capocci 21 day ago

    It's just a phone, try getting some pussy or whatever your preference is.

  • Fish Man
    Fish Man 21 day ago

    It’s a better iPhone for sure but it’s certainly not the best phone on the planet.

  • Red Hood
    Red Hood 22 days ago

    Pixel 4 is TRASH imo

  • x0Goti0x
    x0Goti0x 22 days ago

    Meme Lord

  • themittymak
    themittymak 22 days ago

    zoom in zoom out, zoom in zoom out... it’s so hard to watch your videos

  • Michael M
    Michael M 22 days ago

    Why? Because Apple can't create competitive software, they started to rely on hardware? 3😂😂😂😂😂

  • Mick Harro
    Mick Harro 23 days ago

    Both should be embarrassed. Samsung are just laughing . Nothing beats the note 10 this year

  • timothy vo
    timothy vo 23 days ago

    Bro first time I’ve ever seen any of your vids and hands down you are the funniest RU-clip reviewer 😂😂

  • yonda ila
    yonda ila 23 days ago

    Does it have to be the pro max

  • A Wali
    A Wali 23 days ago

    Drew gotta wife .... Whole time I been single 3 yrs 😂😭😭😭 this shit wild 🥴

  • Solo Dolo
    Solo Dolo 23 days ago

    Dude mad funny 😂😂😂

  • amant ishan
    amant ishan 23 days ago

    Great review❤️

  • Red Bacea
    Red Bacea 24 days ago

    3:27 taena 😂😂😂😂

  • quintilian
    quintilian 24 days ago

    The tech community is toxic 100%

  • Alex Zacarias
    Alex Zacarias 24 days ago

    Fanboy, it sounds like your trying to protect the iPhone 11 and convince us it's innovative

  • Trim world
    Trim world 24 days ago

    The face id unlock... Now I swear he was defending it to extreme lengths in a past video.. And now it's 'can we jump straight into the phone' This guy is so flakey. Hang on he didn't mention Google in that plea.. This guy😂

  • starrider
    starrider 24 days ago

    So drew mentioned in another video the 11 max is the only one with 6 gb ram not even the pro 11 only 4, read it in different write ups now, also have a tv named almost like pro 11 if you take out the 5 its called a pro 151 anyone know the name by chance? And its 600 hz refresh rate. Gonna last 20 years or more bought in 2009.

  • Daniel Hayes
    Daniel Hayes 25 days ago

    Do the carpet matches the drapes????

  • Daniel Hayes
    Daniel Hayes 25 days ago

    I would like to fuck a ginger guy

  • magicth
    magicth 25 days ago +1

    Honestly, I see Apple going portless before going from lightning to USB C. I mean kind of kidding, but who knows. Apple is crazy sometimes.

  • Manic Mania
    Manic Mania 25 days ago

    Still using the iPhone X

  • gwvaio
    gwvaio 25 days ago

    lol talks about Apple sheep while standing in front of an Apple shrine

  • T1c T4x
    T1c T4x 25 days ago

    I forgot to charge my iPhone 11 pro max one night and it lasted the whole next day

  • Davis Lawrence
    Davis Lawrence 25 days ago

    Why is it all about Google?

  • Fofo Nablus
    Fofo Nablus 25 days ago

    3:26 das one thicc boi

  • Sugabear007
    Sugabear007 25 days ago


  • Wayne Ward
    Wayne Ward 25 days ago

    I thought I was the only one who changed the battery usage and charging habits

  • Matthias Regula
    Matthias Regula 25 days ago

    I dont understand this fanboyism on both sides! I see it from a clear viewpoint: apple is too expensive. I get android phones for a few hundred bucks less, with which i can do so much more. On iOS in the 13th version i still cant place icobs where i want, theres still no app launcher and customization. The only advantage from iPhones: the perfect backup. Everything else is years behind android...

  • Poetic Mess
    Poetic Mess 25 days ago

    As an Android user I am impressed with the iPhone 11 Pro. I actually want the phone and not because it's an apple product. I do feel like Apple is heading in the right direction. Yes. The phone is a lot of money but I am welling to pay the price tag if it means I can hold on to the phone for four or five years with regular security updates and the extra privacy and protection it provides. My friend got the iPhone 11 Pro Max in Gold and she let me use it for a day to let see if I liked the IOS software. I have a Samsung Galaxy Note 9 and although I do think the phone is a beast the IOS software is 10X more powerful. I don't know how to explain this but when using the iPhone it felt like butter. All the animations were smooth. There was no apps crashing. Oh! And the apps on IOS were much fluid and seamless. The screen, the battery life, the sound - just everything in general about the phone I fell in love with. I think it's time for me to upgrade.

  • Diệu Bằng Mạch
    Diệu Bằng Mạch 25 days ago

    slight mistakes front camera can only record 4k extended hdr up to 30fps not 60
    src: Jonn Rettinger ( sorry I forgot the name)

  • Sun Sean Hong
    Sun Sean Hong 25 days ago

    Ughh no more camera reviews please. For god sakes how many average consumer even care. Can Steve Jobs daughter please take over Apple. Maybe her father’s creativity lives within her. Much as I love Apple products, every year I find my self being a little less excited about the latest iteration. Apple products are starting to remind me of SONY Walkmans in its’ heyday (wow, I’m old). No longer do I feel the excitement because it lost that wow factor.

  • Mathieu
    Mathieu 25 days ago

    Oh right, this won't be biased at all.

  • Alfred G
    Alfred G 25 days ago

    I agree with you so much on the battery life. Bought my iPhone 11 at release day and I don’t charge it at night either.

  • randfee
    randfee 25 days ago

    seriously? The triple camera has 'no limitations'? The Ultrawide shoots no RAW and can't do the night-mode. That's pretty 'pro'.... :-/
    Most people, you included, don't seem to get, that it's not three 'lenses' but three entire camera systems. Each is different and Apple decded to add a crippled camera system as the ultrawide. Why not add the same sensor quality to all three cameras? The 'wide' camera (the middle focal length one) has the far better sensor.... why? --> again... very 'pro' to not just add the same good sensor to all three... that would add like 30 bucks... ouch...

  • Jack Konieczny
    Jack Konieczny 26 days ago

    sais the outro as im cleaning my midnight green 11 pro max LOL

  • G Davis
    G Davis 26 days ago

    Crazy Ginger !

  • Joshua G
    Joshua G 26 days ago

    You’ve gotten so grading

  • gamester1416
    gamester1416 26 days ago

    Or just use a 7.5w Samsung wireless charger and leave it on the pad, over night

  • Peter Gomez
    Peter Gomez 26 days ago

    2:23 sounds like joker lol...

  • Red Dragon
    Red Dragon 26 days ago

    To conclude, if you're an apple user, you need therapy.

  • Bryan Burgess
    Bryan Burgess 26 days ago

    You crack me up man!! Great vid! Entertaining and informative!

  • AR9fy
    AR9fy 26 days ago

    Swipe gestures is annoying. Closing apps is a nightmare. Android is much better. Apple is now far behind.