Bucks have the closest thing to a blueprint to stop James Harden - Paul Pierce l The Jump

  • Published on Jan 10, 2019
  • Rachel Nichols, Amin Elhassan and Paul Pierce of The Jump debate if the Milwaukee Bucks have finally found a game plan to contain James Harden's explosive scoring in the wake of their win in Bucks vs. Rockets.
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Comments • 162

  • Green Machine
    Green Machine 2 months ago

    So when we don’t have cp3 and barely lose, harden got “clamped”

  • DonCarlito Coritico
    DonCarlito Coritico 2 months ago +1

    They sure had the blueprint on bledsoe. Todays game proved that. Can somebody do an educational breakdown video about that?

  • kingston Abur
    kingston Abur 3 months ago

    "Only 11 free throws"? 😭 dats crazy

  • drew c
    drew c 5 months ago

    Rachel uses a lot of subtle jabs at Harden and always rubs me the wrong way. She pretty much hates on everybody other than Lebron and Steph but in a very camouflaged and skilled manner.

  • JyMaster1
    JyMaster1 5 months ago

    Lmaoo teams dont need blueprints. Harden stops himself in the post season

  • Big Hoss
    Big Hoss 5 months ago

    “What if we made him dribble with his right hand” -the Bucks

  • zTIEGAz
    zTIEGAz 5 months ago

    In 2019 stoping somebody is allowing 42pts?

  • Hashem Hamidaddin
    Hashem Hamidaddin 5 months ago

    The rockets have been beating top tier teams without eric gordon and chris paul, if u dont thinks the rockets are championship contenders just open ur eyes and stop being ignorant, houston is the only team in the west that can, and will beat gsw, SIMPLE.

  • Nasri Jumaidi
    Nasri Jumaidi 5 months ago

    42 pts and you stopped him?

    KG LAMBO 5 months ago


  • Mabsss33
    Mabsss33 5 months ago +3

    I love how Amin thinks he knows more about basketball than Paul LOOOL. Imagine a formula 1 driver being lectured by a guy who watches Top Gear but can't drive.

  • J LE
    J LE 5 months ago

    Mind you...no Cp3 or gordon either..smh just stop. Once they come back rockets will be near unstoppable

  • mark mochata
    mark mochata 5 months ago

    harden doodoo

  • A I
    A I 5 months ago +1

    Harden missed the last 4 shots after dragging the team from a 15 point deficit. Before them last 4 shots, he was 13-26. Yall lying to yourself.

  • Jason Au
    Jason Au 5 months ago +2

    There is no stopping Harden. There is, however, containing and not allowing him to make demoralizing shots. Even when he drove right, he had to drop passes off and a lot of them were turnovers late in the game. That’s a successful seven game series plan because not even a player as offensively gifted as Harden can shoulder the load of an entire series in a winning fashion. The Bucks schemed him well and it worked.

    • Big Hoss
      Big Hoss 5 months ago

      Jason Au Rockets fans “He DrOpPeD fOuRtY tHrEe ThOuGh”

  • Movie Muscle
    Movie Muscle 5 months ago

    It’s cute, but he still had 42 points, Clint Capela struggled like he never did before, and Chris Paul and Eric Gordon (their other main scorers/creators) are coming back. Nothing to take away from this.

  • cdogg580
    cdogg580 5 months ago

    Ball to the head is one way of doing it lol

  • Dajia Harris
    Dajia Harris 5 months ago

    wym? take away his step back and call him out on his flopping and traveling tf

  • Mausus
    Mausus 5 months ago +1

    Just throw the ball at Harden's head and WIN

    • Gail Aldea
      Gail Aldea 2 months ago

      Like what giannis did to harden before? Hit his head and his beard came flying off, a cartoon was incorporated on that playback.

  • Bryn Forbes
    Bryn Forbes 5 months ago

    Its not that complicated...force him middle into the direction traction while blocking off one side of the court by playing zone...the spurs did this a few years back....or just let him shoot, give him the space and let him shoot dont let him drive

  • Jabari McGee
    Jabari McGee 5 months ago

    The defense on Giannis was just as good as the defense on Harden, and that’s playing without 2 Key players in Chris Paul And Eric Gordon. Also, the Rockets haven’t even peaked yet So 🤷🏾‍♂️

  • Jay Money
    Jay Money 5 months ago +1

    Nah. The playoffs will stop him lmao

  • Jaren Reyes
    Jaren Reyes 5 months ago

    I guess only 42 points its stopping someone

  • No Judas
    No Judas 5 months ago

    They Didn’t even shut him down , he was still a walking 30+

  • Golden Kingdom
    Golden Kingdom 5 months ago

    Since when is giving up 42 points off 43% FG shooting with 14 assist consider good defense?...

    *Yeah great Defense , can't wait to see you on March 26th 😀😅😆*

  • Russell westGoat
    Russell westGoat 5 months ago

    WESTBROOK is the only guy that can lock up harden

  • Daryl Harris
    Daryl Harris 5 months ago

    That travel step back 3 is dangerous!

  • Zakaria Abshir
    Zakaria Abshir 5 months ago

    Since when is 42 points getting shut down , someone kick this man off all networks I’ve had it

  • cthaxton1005
    cthaxton1005 5 months ago +3

    "Was once pantsed by Ron Artest"

  • Whats Updog
    Whats Updog 5 months ago

    11 free throws is a low and 42 points is good d??? I'm scared for the future of basketball

  • hammertime always on top
    hammertime always on top 5 months ago +2

    The bigger defensive statement was Lopez SHUTTING DOWN THE LOB TO CAPELA!

  • D Ross
    D Ross 5 months ago

    Good thing we won't be playing them.

  • Cesar Leija
    Cesar Leija 5 months ago

    At the end of the day everyone is fighting on who or what team stopped him but we have to remember that this is a team sport and it’s not going to matter if you beat him now I want to see teams beat him and stop him when CP3 and EG are on the floor. If you do that then you have bragging rights till then Shut up and go back to the drawing board

  • kobe2curry4rose1
    kobe2curry4rose1 5 months ago

    Harden doesnt take midrange shots. So force him right, if he wants to take a contested step back 3, so be it. He's just as likely to shoot 2/8 as he is to shoot 4-5/8. Then pack the paint on the drive and make other people hit shots.

  • Rock Callahan
    Rock Callahan 5 months ago

    Bron's stepback 3 over harden's 3

  • harlequin75
    harlequin75 5 months ago

    Does throwing down 42 points considered stopping the man?

    • Codence3000
      Codence3000 5 months ago

      harlequin75 I mean if you take thirty shots, you better have at least 35 points

  • Gemini
    Gemini 5 months ago

    So him dropping 42 on 43% shooting while winning by 7...is stopping him. Lmao no. They didn’t stop shit....They stopped Capela.....and the rest just couldn’t hit shots simple. False news

  • david kim
    david kim 5 months ago

    Amin was laughing so hard on Paul's bio card 😂😂😂

    REALSPORTSTALK 313 5 months ago

    If cp3 was playing the would have lost by 20 or even EGordon

    • Rashard cooper
      Rashard cooper 5 months ago +1

      Boy yall got the bucks fucked up they've played better teams than the rockets at full strength and yall think if paul and gordon was there they would've won 20 stfu because the bucks haven't lost by 20 this whole season. They've beaten the warriors at full strength by 23 and yall think they couldn't beat the rockets at full strength gtfoh what are yall watching. The plan was physiological let him score get the rest of the team to play and the team failed with they're poor shooting and harden got tired at the end and missed 4 straight 3's and nobody else stepped up. Yall keep saying they didn't have paul and Gordon but they just beat the warriors without them two so 4 allstars against one allstar james Harden.

  • Maudy
    Maudy 5 months ago

    He dropped 42 pts how is that stopping him!?

    • Codence3000
      Codence3000 5 months ago

      Dude if Giannis, KD, Lebron, Steph and other shot 30 times a game they would have as many points as Harden.

    • Maudy
      Maudy 5 months ago

      @Codence3000 you act like scoring 42 points is easy to do?!? But he took 30 shots GTFOH they didn't stop him, they stopped Capela and a lack of support from the other role players doomed the rockets chances of winning, good defense from the bucks, but that isn't stopping anyone especially when CP3 and Eric Gordon are out

    • Codence3000
      Codence3000 5 months ago

      I mean he took 30 shots and 11 free throws. I hope he gets at least 35. If not then it wasn’t efficient enough

    • Maudy
      Maudy 5 months ago

      @Bo Rood yeah because none of the other role players showed up and they neutralized Clint capela, that's how they won not cause of Harden, he showed up, everybody else didn't

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 5 months ago

      He lost

  • Steve Deforge
    Steve Deforge 5 months ago

    Paul Pierce you need to step back from broadcasting you are thee worst tv analyst I've ever seen in my life.
    Straight trash this guy.

  • Chik Madison WI USA
    Chik Madison WI USA 5 months ago

    Malcolm Brodgon did the best job of defending Harden one-on-one. And he took Harden to the hole, making driving layups.

  • Carlo Parodo
    Carlo Parodo 5 months ago


  • Liam McKenna
    Liam McKenna 5 months ago

    Was part of the blueprint to hit him with the meanest off the heazy in history?

  • LaAiden 13Ball G.O.A.T
    LaAiden 13Ball G.O.A.T 5 months ago

    Those refs were terrible 11 free throws he need 20 a game

  • Dylan R
    Dylan R 5 months ago +2

    Wonder how many of these comments just saw the stats and thought Harden got what he wanted against the Bucks. Harden will get his points but when the fourth quarter came the defense from the previous three quarters really showed its effects. Stats aren't everything, the W is. It took a while but Harden was stopped.

    • Dylan R
      Dylan R 5 months ago

      No Harden can't make a miraculous 3 at the end of every game and he won't be able to carry every game because he gets tired (Stopped) after everything he has to do. Capela developing into someone who "owns the paint" has already happened. He gets plenty of rebounds and points from there every game but it's hard to see him getting much better in today's league when the best centers are getting more and more versatile, which Capela is obviously not doing. I feel bad for CP3 I really do but injuries have plagued his career and were detrimental to his game before getting injured yet again. Eric Gordon would be a boost also but again the Bucks were away and had an off night from 3. Had they had those players healthy last night they might've won but a 7 game series is the fair way to look at a matchup. The physical stress on CP3's injury and on Harden would show just like last night.

    • Maudy
      Maudy 5 months ago

      @Dylan R it was by 7 pts, they had better players on the court than the rockets did, Capela has to start owning the paint, it can't all fall on Harden making a miraculous 3 at the end of every single 4th quarter, I'm not concerned though CP3 and Eric Gordon is a huge offensive plus for them

    • Dylan R
      Dylan R 5 months ago

      @Maudy Right but Capela's FG% isn't just the Bucks shutting him down specifically. The Bucks clogged the paint and force Harden to make difficult passes that affected Capela's shot. They did shut down Capela I'm not denying that but a lot of that comes from affecting the feeds he gets from Harden. I'm trying to avoid just looking at the box score just as Rockets fans do when Harden doesn't shoot well. Harden percentage isn't always the best but if you watch the game you can see how good he actually is but last night it's easy to see the Bucks defense was very disruptive and had stopped Harden by the fourth quarter.

    • Maudy
      Maudy 5 months ago

      They stopped Capela not Harden you can't stop someone when they score 42 pts on you, it only seems that cause they lost, the games they won against the warriors and nuggets, were also propelled by Capela scoring 29, and 31, he's an underrated xfactor in these games, while CP3 and Eric Gordon are out, Capela needs the to be the 2md best scorer on the team, Harden can't do it all

    • Dylan R
      Dylan R 5 months ago

      And Gordon would make an impact but not enough to make the Rockets better than the Bucks. Harden missed 3s in the fourth but the bucks were on a road game and had an off night from 3. In a 7 games series it's hard to see the Rockets winning over the Bucks.

  • Jeff Brisson
    Jeff Brisson 5 months ago +4

    Reactionary media as usual. 😂

  • dbritton89
    dbritton89 5 months ago

    Chris Paul Eh you run point lol bad takes.

  • Stef Keh
    Stef Keh 5 months ago

    9 turnovers, you can say it Amin, don’t be afraid..

    • Stef Keh
      Stef Keh 5 months ago

      @Cesar Leija you are right about the turnovers. However in modern bball we always look at them along with assists, cause following your argument if you have the ball more time you should have more assists as well. This season harden has 5.7 tov and 8.6 assists. Last night he had 9 tov and 6 assists. The bucks didn’t stop him completely but they certainly forced him out of his comfort zone. We have a million nba shows and not a single one mentioned this simple fact

    • Cesar Leija
      Cesar Leija 5 months ago

      Stef Keh Harden is always at the top of the turn over leaders but thats because he handles the ball 100% of the time he is on the floor that’s normal doesn’t mean you stopped him. Making him use his right definitely bothered him no doubt but he worked thru it and and adjusted

  • mikless 94
    mikless 94 5 months ago +29

    42 points on 43% shooting.
    "They stopped Harden" smh

    • Aaron godgers
      Aaron godgers 2 months ago


    • Substitoad
      Substitoad 5 months ago

      michele galderisi and forcing him to shoot makes his team shoot less and they never got hit

    • Lil-Brother
      Lil-Brother 5 months ago +4

      6-16 from 3pts. I mean you cant really stop great scorers, all you can do is at least make them uncomfortable and struggle a bit.

  • Adan Garces
    Adan Garces 5 months ago

    I agree that he just didnt make the shots lmao ,theres nothing really to it

  • Retro Robbie
    Retro Robbie 5 months ago +33

    Pierce has brain damage.. Harden still dropped 42.

    • Tuan Nguyen
      Tuan Nguyen 5 months ago +1

      Don't fart, it's a technical and harden will get a ft. Lmao!

    • Retro Robbie
      Retro Robbie 5 months ago +1

      @Tuan Nguyen If it was easy to get to the line everyone else would do it too.

    • Tuan Nguyen
      Tuan Nguyen 5 months ago +1

      29 ft points

    • Retro Robbie
      Retro Robbie 5 months ago +1

      for sure. but he contributed more than enough by that point regardless. they are just highly missing what cp and gordon bring. the supporting cast should bring enough to get the W if someone is getting 40+ and 10 assists on average.

    • Tyrrell Cayton
      Tyrrell Cayton 5 months ago +1

      Retro Robbie thought he was meaning in the late game were harden struggled a bit. Think that happened since the bucks kept harden from getting into a flow and made the shots difficult without fouling.

  • Molly Qerim Rose
    Molly Qerim Rose 5 months ago +3

    No y'all need a blueprint to stop Kawhi Leonard

  • matt mooney
    matt mooney 5 months ago +42

    What blueprint? Pray he doesn't drop 50? They didn't stop Harden, they stopped Capela. Lol

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 5 months ago

      They also won the game

  • Sandro Columbu
    Sandro Columbu 5 months ago +1

    People are underrating the fact that the defense is focusing 90% on harden now without gordon and cp3. He's literally seeing any kind of defense these last games, from warriors trying to not switch, denver doubling and milwaukee giving him the right. It's crazy how good his offensive game is so that they have to experiment a new kind of defense every game to stop him.

  • Kai ThaGuy
    Kai ThaGuy 5 months ago

    Harden's gonna get his pts regardless, what you have to do his limit his efficiency and force turnovers(which he has always been prone too). If harden gets 35-40 on 30 shots, 8+ turnovers and less than 10 fts you did a good job defensively on him.

  • Does It Really Matter
    Does It Really Matter 5 months ago +10

    Was once pantsed by Ron Artest

  • Young Eddo
    Young Eddo 5 months ago

    This was more about the Rockets role players not playing well.. the only guy that most teams would want is Capela.. without CP3 and EG to keep the offense at bay did affect the game plus the Bucks are the best defensive team in the league and still allowed him to score 42

    • Codence3000
      Codence3000 5 months ago

      Young Eddo Bucks are also one of the worst at defending the 3 tho.

  • Killstreak2
    Killstreak2 5 months ago

    If they’re saying this about the bucks what about when Portland kept him to 38pts on 35 shots and 37% shooting and 4/17 from 3? Hmmm

  • Cardi B
    Cardi B 5 months ago

    The best strategy to stop James Harden is take away the refs

  • ben logic
    ben logic 5 months ago +1

    they defended well by letting Harden scored 42 points...what kind of logic is that. also without CP3 and Gordon...bspn to its fullest

  • B K
    B K 5 months ago

    It def effects the shot, just from a mindful standpoint, James is def aware of the defenders being closer to his shot release. Left gonna load up more on the left side

  • Aayush Mahableshwarkar
    Aayush Mahableshwarkar 5 months ago +2

    Without Gordon or cp3 harden did great

  • Mr. do it yourself
    Mr. do it yourself 5 months ago

    Yes they stop him but did not stop his 42 points

  • Inadequate
    Inadequate 5 months ago +1

    there is no stopping to the MVP

  • B K
    B K 5 months ago

    Brogdan did really well

  • Free Solo FNM
    Free Solo FNM 5 months ago

    43 points,,,9 turnovers
    And u get the dub
    Teams will def take that

  • Bucket Bandit
    Bucket Bandit 5 months ago

    No they don't have a blueprint, he had 42 points tf this video is dumb

  • imaad uddin
    imaad uddin 5 months ago +25

    Rockets beat warriors, thunder, Celtics, nuggets, spurs all without Chris Paul And some without Gordon, they barley lost to the bucks, wait till those two comeback then defenses can’t play Harden like they are doing now, it’ll go back to one on one.

    • Movie Muscle
      Movie Muscle 5 months ago

      Asian Muslim Midget It's adorable that the Rockets live in your head rent-free. You actually go back to a 4-day-old video after a loss. lol
      Typical salty Spurs fans. Didn't they just lose to the Hornets? I can play that game too, idiot.

    • illegal alien
      illegal alien 5 months ago +1

      Choke in the playoffs✌🏼😂😂😂 telling you RIGHT now theyre not better than the Spurs 😂😂😂 funny motherfucker.

    • Movie Muscle
      Movie Muscle 5 months ago

      ExoTic DroPz Last year, Chris Paul got injured when the Rockets got a 3-2 lead on the best team of all time. What’s your point?

    • Golden Kingdom
      Golden Kingdom 5 months ago +2

      ExoTic DroPz you do know there's 2 other players on the Rockets other than James harden that averages more points than Chris Paul, right? *(Capella and Gordon)* Also James harden was already leading the league in scoring before CP3 got hurt. How will his return in any way, shape or form hindered Harden scoring? If anything it will help it more because he won't have to use up his energy.

    • imaad uddin
      imaad uddin 5 months ago

      ExoTic DroPz he won mvp right?

  • Shawn Golmes
    Shawn Golmes 5 months ago

    that's the blue print and he got 42 nigga unguardable

  • Jake de Medeiros
    Jake de Medeiros 5 months ago +10

    Honestly though he had three chances to take the game in the forth but couldnt do it, its all good tho

    • Gemini
      Gemini 5 months ago

      Man was tired. He hit 2 threes to even bring us back into it

    • dbritton89
      dbritton89 5 months ago

      He made a dude fall and missed. It was there for the taking.

  • BigMac N Cheez
    BigMac N Cheez 5 months ago

    I sleep on a bed, y’all sleep on the pacers.

  • Unknown
    Unknown 5 months ago +17

    I mean he just missed shots like Amin said. As a lefty, you step back right. He can just jab you and setback right if you’re gonna defend him like that (like he actually did a few times this game). Also cp3 and Gordon weren’t even playing so....there’s that.

  • michael vivar
    michael vivar 5 months ago +13

    refs will make some adjustment for them

  • HARDworkerz23
    HARDworkerz23 5 months ago +19

    Bucks just have a better team overall than the rockets. James Harden did what he had to do but the bucks played better at the end of the game.

    • Golden Kingdom
      Golden Kingdom 5 months ago

      Francisco Marcelino the bucks have a respectable couch 🛋? I mean guess that's okay, I just wish they had a respectable *[COACH].*

    • Jeff Brisson
      Jeff Brisson 5 months ago

      @Francisco Marcelino Top 5 teams in the east are all scary

    • Francisco Marcelino
      Francisco Marcelino 5 months ago

      @Jeff Brisson I don't think bucks' bench is amazing. I really think it is an average bench for high playoff team (4th seed or best). But the starting 5 and the couch are beyond respectable, and i think this team has potential to reach conference finals at least. Am i worried about the bench? A little, yes. But this team is going places, and at this point they are proving it. Raptors are scary tho.

    • Stephen Seals
      Stephen Seals 5 months ago

      They gave that game away. They should've put them away...

    • Jeff Brisson
      Jeff Brisson 5 months ago

      @Francisco Marcelino Not at all, not a Rockets fan at all. But the Bucks depth was mediocre last season and it's mostly the same roster now. I will say one thing, they finally have a real coach with a system that suits them. But Bledsoe, Middleton and Lopez aren't scaring anyone. Take GA off that team and they're not a playoff team

  • Peej
    Peej 5 months ago +5

    Paul pierce is retarded

    • Munchie
      Munchie 5 months ago

      Peej Lol deadass

    • _t. oshi
      _t. oshi 5 months ago +1

      Peej you just found that out?

  • Jamais
    Jamais 5 months ago +56

    Everyones talking about the Bucks defense on Harden. What about the Rockets defense on Giannis? He didn't even dunk the whole game I believe and he struggled in the beginning of the game

    • Substitoad
      Substitoad 5 months ago

      Jamais 27-21 he just changed his style to fit the enemy defense. It’s smart plau

    • Marko Todorović
      Marko Todorović 5 months ago +1

      You can't explain that to morons who don't watch the games, just highlights and read stats.
      They played greay help defense, as soon as he got in the paint. Limiting his agressiveness and assists even. For a guy like that to not have any dunks...and the rebounds came from the Rockets going smallball a lot.

    • Vitor Hara
      Vitor Hara 5 months ago +3

      He dropped 27 points and 21 rebounds.... I think he was okay

    • Jack The_Tripper
      Jack The_Tripper 5 months ago

      We talking about Africa vs Greece right 👀

    • 414 Kealoe
      414 Kealoe 5 months ago +5

      Adan Garces 27 and 21 on 8-16 field goals is shut down🤔🤔

  • Salman Audi
    Salman Audi 5 months ago +1

    I believe this year an underdog will win the championship, not the warrior not Houston

    • FruitPunch Samurai
      FruitPunch Samurai 5 months ago +1

      nah. everyone will complain again about how overpowered the Warriors are when they win this year

    • Higher Mind State
      Higher Mind State 5 months ago +2

      Houston is an underdog

    • _t. oshi
      _t. oshi 5 months ago +1

      So it’s the Pacers...

  • Official Shrek Fan Club
    Official Shrek Fan Club 5 months ago +116

    I mean he still had 42 points on 43% shooting

    • Substitoad
      Substitoad 5 months ago

      Bo Rood Milwaukee nigga

    • Bo Rood
      Bo Rood 5 months ago +1

      And who won?

    • Substitoad
      Substitoad 5 months ago

      IVDestroyerzzVI let harden score at will, but force his teammates to be cold

    • Osas
      Osas 5 months ago

      Shrek keyword closest thing not actually blueprint

    • ATL 1
      ATL 1 5 months ago

      @Sean Tyson his teammates were shooting 20%