Laser Tag

  • Published on May 20, 2016
  • Finally it's done!! Hope you guys like my video!!
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  • mandy Palmer
    mandy Palmer 54 minutes ago

    It was the hunters Tao KSE

  • monteman m10awsome

    I HATE You idot

  • Alew Nicks
    Alew Nicks 2 hours ago

    Awwww gave the dogs a rescue

  • Lucas Heit
    Lucas Heit 2 hours ago +2

    R.I.P Gabe the Dog😭
    1 like= 1 ❤ 4 Gabe.

  • Julie Edwards
    Julie Edwards 5 hours ago

    I have a friend named Hunter you jerk!

  • Elijah Dowdy
    Elijah Dowdy 8 hours ago +1


  • Юля Придумляндия

    1:50 one time i ALSO went to a laser tag place (Fun fact: it was also on someone's birthday) and they didn't make us repeat the rules! Sooo yeah, i didn't end up laser tagging 'cus it was dark and i was too scared. *I have a stuuupid avatar ¯\_ಠ_ಠ_/¯*

  • Yair Henig
    Yair Henig 10 hours ago +1

    My name is hunter lol

  • Tessa Knight
    Tessa Knight 14 hours ago

    Did this lazer tag arena happen to be called Lazer Quest?

  • Òvérwátçh Łêäûgé

    1:48 You do not have 99999999999 subs liar

  • Jordan Newman
    Jordan Newman 15 hours ago


  • Marija Rakonjac
    Marija Rakonjac 17 hours ago

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  • Joacim 897
    Joacim 897 17 hours ago

    i like that it says 99999999999999999 subs

  • Tanner Halkett
    Tanner Halkett 20 hours ago


  • TheDirtyDan -
    TheDirtyDan - 21 hour ago

    The most i ever tried during laser tag was lean and crouch spamming to break mu hitbox

  • Kaylee Stone
    Kaylee Stone 22 hours ago +1

    Don’t feel bad calling them Hunter that is my brothers name and he would do that so... YOUR RIGHT

  • Janet Jolet
    Janet Jolet 23 hours ago

    A Boy Too

  • Melody Priester
    Melody Priester 23 hours ago

    Gabe the doggo is dead

  • Elroy Chua
    Elroy Chua Day ago

    What is Alex doing there

  • Lily 123123
    Lily 123123 Day ago


  • Guadalupe Renteria

    Ofended my brother is named hunter

  • Leafychu
    Leafychu Day ago

    Hunter:Whats your fave yt channel?
    Hunter:Oh I think I might start watching him, I saw him on yt before
    Me:Yeah you probably shouldnt...

  • Gina Wait
    Gina Wait Day ago +4

    the best line in this:

    “Yeah Hunter sucks! If your name is Hunter, you probably suck too!”
    I know someone named hunter, James is mean!

  • Xin qt
    Xin qt Day ago

    We have a lazer tag arena it is soo fun lol but no one walks in my arena

  • Kendal Williams
    Kendal Williams Day ago


  • Kendal Williams
    Kendal Williams Day ago

    Rip Baba the dog

  • Cici Reed
    Cici Reed Day ago

    The hunter I know sucks does not know how to treat a girl😡😤

  • Hunter Foster
    Hunter Foster Day ago

    my name is hunter

  • Five Night's at FoxLife_Real


  • Hunter H
    Hunter H Day ago +1

    Not cool man.

  • Roman Chien
    Roman Chien 2 days ago

    Me: Hey hunter do you suck? Hunter :MAGNUM CONDOMS! Me: yup

  • Mr. Shark
    Mr. Shark 2 days ago


  • Mary Ellis
    Mary Ellis 2 days ago +1

    Did anyone ever listen to the no running or jumping rule ever?

  • Tiffany Roberts
    Tiffany Roberts 2 days ago


  • Tamara Bootes
    Tamara Bootes 2 days ago +1

    My friend is named hunter and he goes to my skool

  • Trey Swenson
    Trey Swenson 2 days ago

    were do you live

  • Trey Swenson
    Trey Swenson 2 days ago


  • Shaun Leviner
    Shaun Leviner 2 days ago

    Oooojhh sayyy can you seeeeeee

  • Somogyi Marcell
    Somogyi Marcell 2 days ago

    Did you just rick roll me

  • Omni king Zeno
    Omni king Zeno 2 days ago +5

    Running jumping and climbing
    Everyone does this

  • Gul Eyy
    Gul Eyy 2 days ago

    The hunters are cheaters boo to hunters because the suck ok 😠

  • Simon Josef Realisan

    Hey james did you now that gabe the dog is dead

    • Skeet Adams
      Skeet Adams 2 days ago

      Simon Josef Realisan dude the video is 3 years old

  • Eli Sham
    Eli Sham 2 days ago

    I love laser tag so much

  • Hunter Paquin
    Hunter Paquin 2 days ago

    My name is Hunter I'm offended

  • Evelyn Whipple
    Evelyn Whipple 2 days ago


  • Gamingwith fres
    Gamingwith fres 2 days ago +2

    If I would name myself in laser tag I would name James Charles

  • WerWolf EQ
    WerWolf EQ 2 days ago

    2:36 am I the only one who paused the vid to see what it said? 😐

  • Sonic Fan
    Sonic Fan 3 days ago

    I’ll spam it

  • Sonic Fan
    Sonic Fan 3 days ago


  • Hunter Huffman
    Hunter Huffman 3 days ago

    It hate you now odds ones out

  • Titus straw
    Titus straw 3 days ago

    My real name is Hunter James!

  • A Barkley
    A Barkley 3 days ago

    Zaid_balding you are a god

  • Shawn Butler
    Shawn Butler 3 days ago

    2:36 Take A FREAKING GUESS

  • Luke Creeper
    Luke Creeper 3 days ago

    My brothers middle name is hunter 😡💩💩💩💩

  • Howlingwulfgirl Davido

    Gabe the dog is the.....dead meme He’s Dead

    • Skeet Adams
      Skeet Adams 2 days ago

      Howlingwulfgirl Davido the video is 3 years old

  • Memory Joyce
    Memory Joyce 3 days ago


  • Camdin Shell
    Camdin Shell 3 days ago +1

    games well let's just say that when I went to laser tag they didn't make up names we just kept our actual names oh by the way I'm your biggest fan my name is Camdin

  • Laura Seed
    Laura Seed 3 days ago

    I know one of your fans it’s alexclaek

  • Mr Kai Kai
    Mr Kai Kai 3 days ago +1

    My friend hunter stopped watching your Chanel 🤣🤣🤣