• Published on Mar 14, 2019
  • Alittle too much fun this episode, lots of builds going down so stay tuned for some major things coming!

    By now you have heard/seen the 6x6 Ford Truck we have been working. We are near completion and before a music video shoot we decided to test it out.

    New Porsche Panamera gets wrapped with a beautiful satin pearl white color!

    3 Modififed Rolls Royce Cullinans together!

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Comments • 502

  • Nemanja Draca
    Nemanja Draca 25 days ago

    He said all the parts are on their like no that was a action car the front end hit door bags popped 😂 trucks dope tho

  • Cayden
    Cayden 27 days ago

    All you morons talking bout the truck is pointless......All he needed to do was to lock the diff, front wheel drive is there for better fuel economy when you don't need the power!

    CHAMORRO Month ago

    This truck is not even a mall crawler. Time for Jeep to take over.

  • Eithel Rotschild
    Eithel Rotschild Month ago


  • Zamuraii Cobalt
    Zamuraii Cobalt Month ago

    Shouldve gotten a steering wheel that doesnt look like cheap plastic shit instead of the 6x6 modification, would have been a lot less expensive and a lot more useful

  • Titi S
    Titi S Month ago

    You look alike your " pseudo car " pathetic !!! Big fat car big fat ego but small tiny micro ...d...k ... just ridiculous !

  • Caleb Hess
    Caleb Hess Month ago

    I like how the car u ran over cost more then my real car

  • Papa Nii
    Papa Nii Month ago +1

    That's offsets car

  • Albert Sarkisianormi

    So damn cool truck

  • Aaron Meyers
    Aaron Meyers 2 months ago

    How Much Did That Cost

    I Think That Ford Weighs 70,000 IBS

  • Olawatide Isikalu
    Olawatide Isikalu 2 months ago


  • Mike robert
    Mike robert 2 months ago

    Stock raptor coulda done better

  • Justin Spiguzza
    Justin Spiguzza 2 months ago

    OMG! I can't stop laughing. Pretending to be a tour guide.

  • Royalty Mathe
    Royalty Mathe 3 months ago

    Cam you also give prices for the cars you doing

  • RafaClash YT
    RafaClash YT 3 months ago

    #salomundo ven a ver esto!!!

  • jannis joplin
    jannis joplin 4 months ago

    When mommy and daddy make sure you never need to want for anything.. You cannot be expected to operate a vehicle correctly that needs more operation than gear selection, acceleration and braking.

  • jaisu dhaliwal
    jaisu dhaliwal 4 months ago

    I'm not alone trying to find my way back home to you

  • bluesky
    bluesky 4 months ago

    Pathetic truck

  • hendrix plays
    hendrix plays 4 months ago

    That was pretty bad for 6 wheels lolol wheres the Merc 6x6 plz

  • Unicornbot ATN
    Unicornbot ATN 4 months ago

    So what’s a different with junk to high end car

  • Максим Александрович

    Большое тупое гавно за большие деньги, жаль мозгов у него мало

  • Joseph Ferry
    Joseph Ferry 4 months ago

    it's really a 6x6.. huhhh. dumb ass don't state 6x6. if its not. shoulda solad axeled the front. locking hubs. locker rears lever action. thats 6x6. n true 6x6. that shouldive walked right over that with ease 6x6. shit.. everyday any ordinary slip drive pickup no mater how many fucking axels you bold on it aint solid it aint shit.

  • Kiniferus Xj
    Kiniferus Xj 4 months ago

    Lol ,it’s long ,it’s big.. it has no lockers...it’s worthless....

  • alan g
    alan g 4 months ago

    1:28 escucha como se ríen estos pajeros 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Gorod-holoda85 V
    Gorod-holoda85 V 4 months ago


  • Sanchez Rodriguez
    Sanchez Rodriguez 4 months ago

    Переднеприводный кусок говна.

  • John Wayne
    John Wayne 4 months ago


  • Аслан Байсултанов

    Наша Нива лучше и экономнее

  • Аслан Байсултанов

    Куда без Русских коменов

  • Anonymous Anonymous
    Anonymous Anonymous 4 months ago

    just another BS truck

  • Tu padre Único
    Tu padre Único 4 months ago

    *I bet you this shop is phony and bunch of scammers plus fraudulent scams that’s how this idiots run their shops*

  • Brayan Padilla
    Brayan Padilla 4 months ago

    Like si no le entiendes a los comentari

  • aven west
    aven west 4 months ago

    That truck color is so bad what the fuck were you thanking ford found on Russia dump

  • Sitto Niko
    Sitto Niko 4 months ago

    It did not run over any car... It GOT STUCK

  • Mohammad Azieq
    Mohammad Azieq 4 months ago

    Taki taki rumba

  • Aakash H
    Aakash H 4 months ago

    That maserati a hoe. So many cars get on her lol

  • kaled awad
    kaled awad 4 months ago

    Javier's taking care of the white M35 car he'll have it ready in 1 hour

  • Sebastian Hampus
    Sebastian Hampus 4 months ago

    Mercedes Benz G63 AMG 6x6 is a way cooler

  • Andrez Salas
    Andrez Salas 4 months ago +2

    Esa Raptor está con madre
    Saludos 🇲🇽

  • Wesley Johnson
    Wesley Johnson 4 months ago

    That white car being crushed looks like Maserati......

  • Un Usuario Mas
    Un Usuario Mas 4 months ago

    La Ford raptor 6x2 tracción delantera

  • Izzy Mabena
    Izzy Mabena 4 months ago


  • harin2045
    harin2045 4 months ago +14

    O yeah it ran over the Maserati just fine. I've seen a Kia soul do more.

  • Buster Casey
    Buster Casey 4 months ago

    First fwd 6×6

  • Przemek Olber
    Przemek Olber 4 months ago

    Ale chujostwo

  • star_lord 2.0
    star_lord 2.0 4 months ago +4

    A shevy could cut that mazie in half

    EL PERRO PIRULETO 4 months ago

    6x6 y necesita ayuda para subir ese rolls??? El problema es que no saben usar esa camioneta....lastima

  • Clive Nyathi
    Clive Nyathi 4 months ago

    6X6 you say ?

  • Edgar Barbosa
    Edgar Barbosa 4 months ago

    yo sufriendo por unos rines y ustedes los usan de rampa y rompen los que tiene el coche :(

  • Younus Bullet
    Younus Bullet 4 months ago

    Dude just lock the diff 😤

    KZY KZY 4 months ago +3

    Post Malone has the same!

  • mgzone
    mgzone 4 months ago +1

    when you have too much cash to spare why not sell the car and give the proceeds to those that are in need of it. you can start with me if you dont mind ,plus i could use a car lol.

  • Bunty Spotless Autobody Painter & Denter

    Ford in Punjab ru-clip.com/video/oXxd1wf_9i8/video.html

  • 폭상호
    폭상호 4 months ago

    The white car seems like maserati....

  • Steven Rivera
    Steven Rivera 5 months ago +4

    Thats was pathetic.. Truck didn't even crawl up..

  • 0rnset Sam
    0rnset Sam 5 months ago +1


  • truth teller
    truth teller 5 months ago

    Truck needs lockers

  • Mister MasterTY
    Mister MasterTY 5 months ago

    You fools that’s an Maserati your riding on idiots fix it

  • Andrew Douglas
    Andrew Douglas 5 months ago

    Goes to show, if you want a real truck made go to Henny in TX, if you want a real soy latte hit up CA

  • kingkirkdog145
    kingkirkdog145 5 months ago

    That is not a Velociraptor, its a F250 masquerading as one you can obviously tell from the Headlights and the bed , the back wheel wells. On a true Velociraptor, the back wheel wells are just one single well and on that truck each back wheel has its ON well...