TOP 5 VR GAMES 2019!! | Best Virtual Reality Games So Far [Oculus Rift, HTC Vive, WMR]

  • Published on Jul 26, 2018
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    This is the top 5 virtual reality games we know of so far for 2910 on the Oculus Rift, HTC Vive (Steam VR), PSVR, WMR, Mobile virtual reality headsets. All these titles are PC VR though may come to console, we just don't know yet.


    ►Oculus Rift CV1
    ►I use SCUF 4PS!
    ►I use LOGITECH
    ►I use RAZER
    ►I use ELGATO HD60

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Comments • 202

  • F4CEpa1m x_0
    F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +14

    What have YOU heard or seen for 2019?..
    I'm thinking at least one of those Valve titles have got to be from the Portal/HL universe. Though I'm 40/60 on whether AR will ever happen :( Will the PT curse ever be gone? Love a good FPS so pretty happy already!
    Spread the virus in 2019

    • the watsons
      the watsons Month ago

      @F4CEpa1m x_0 have you been up to date on the new "Boneworks VR" being developed? I think it might be one of the greatest of all time games if they play their cards right

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  2 months ago

      Oh my Lord that Halo recruit was a joke. Looking forward to something more in July

    • Shawn Cook
      Shawn Cook 2 months ago

      343 & Microsoft really dissapointed folks with the Halo Recruit *teaser*. But there is an event going on in July based around Halo only, they might announce a Halo 6 with VR support. Could revive the franchise while giving us (deep rooted) halo fans something fresh.

    • Brian T Parent
      Brian T Parent 8 months ago

      StarVR's first model hasn't come out yet. They are planning to sell it to businesses first like IMAX, but they are also planning on selling it to individuals later on. They are finally finished with their prototype. Of course, even IMAX uses HTC Vive headsets at some of their locations along with StarVR.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  8 months ago

      StarVR will be around $3,000 just like the last one. It for the commercial market like location based cinema etc

  • Anony Mous
    Anony Mous 14 days ago

    Half-life 3 vr

  • DmaxHd
    DmaxHd 16 days ago

    You forgot the Best VR game - IL2 Sturmovik Battle of Bodenplatte .

  • martin šegula
    martin šegula Month ago

    Vr should made light box and outdoras zones with same scale but aded ilusions enemies grafic movin could be real. That would be total wr. with real guns replicas and Magazinsgps on evry part like movie movment. so you can see your self.. We could do this easy.. park. with top gear.. ppl woul pay alt to play realisticly weih alll efects even fake vlow back throwing tht fly with prfect aligment of throw to vr.. Without true movement vr will never be fun holding forvard jump on aim insted doingm,oves by coise.. dumy with awatar is super advance already iin movie industry . only gear prfect gear and size with cameras creating you inside your wr like arms.. all moves could work as many they wanted and rtryeded even fuck wirtual dumys sould work with dols from jpan and add real lifnes with wr... or make game all in likeadvanture.. do all you vant no rules few. only prob is we would need parks fo that and they could be mazed do make me thing like moving far.. os posible that would become masterpiace then adding sensors so ypyo could create your game world with yur place or forest ndcscaners in vr distance or danger andaround for grounf and obstivle analize that would become style yo prefare many scenarious culd be played same game station.. only eding scaners and new dezigns ojects stories. in time ppl would live hee more than real life. Andmmm style so you cold have friens not justncp

  • War pig Hammer
    War pig Hammer Month ago +1

    Removing silent hill was just about the dumbest thing any developer has ever done . Since when did they stop loving giant barrels of endless money.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  Month ago

      Oh don't get me started. Fucking Konami... argh

  • omgtkseth
    omgtkseth Month ago

    "Upcoming" should be in the video title.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  Month ago

      It says "so far" but yeah youre right, upcoming probably better

  • Puzzle Magnet
    Puzzle Magnet Month ago

    I really strugle to watch your videos, is painful listening you speak, is like some one has one million hiccups at the same time that is talking, the first few seconds is fine, but after it becomes rather stressful to the point that I can not even concentrate on the content or anything about the video other than the way you are talking. I dont know I just cant watch videos like this ,impossible to enjoy,

  • Skalman564
    Skalman564 2 months ago +2

    i would love if The elder scrolls 6 has a vr option at launch and that the vr
    was made for it from the start

  • Daniel B
    Daniel B 2 months ago

    if Zero Caliber is anything like COD... its a failure... anyways i have played it already and still prefer onward.... pavlov second and zero caliber 3rd... its mechanics are really off....COD stopped needing players with real skill since COD2 and i dont mean modern warfare i mean good old Call of Duty 2 Cold War and others... lol stop comparing good games with garbage like COD...

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  2 months ago

      Contractor's is my favourite at the minute. Always players about too which is good

    • J Simmons
      J Simmons 2 months ago

      Bought zero caliber few weeks ago. Only like 5 maps and it gets boring quickly. Ive moved on to onward also

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  2 months ago

      Contractors VR is easily the best imo. Play that

  • Tristan Crow
    Tristan Crow 3 months ago

    gaming is more segregated than america. (oculus only) (vive only) (xbox exclusive) (ps4 exclusive) etc. Developers need to quit their shit and band together as we are all on the same team. Better games with out the political BS.

  • João Judas
    João Judas 3 months ago

    Ca n' t y o u sp e ak nor mal ly ?

    • João Judas
      João Judas 3 months ago

      @F4CEpa1m x_0 Its not your accent. Its you pausing words like a robot.
      Hey... The content of your videos is pretty good. Just abandon the "youtube fake reporter" syndrome that is plaguing YT.
      When you guys are not specialists in jounalistic speach dont try to speak like one.
      It would sound more natural.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      It's my accent mate, I m n o t going to o C h a n g E th at

  • metallpt147
    metallpt147 3 months ago

    What's the image quality like? I'm not one of those hardcore graphics picky gamers, but I do like things to be clear and I've read some reviews saying that the image quality is kind of bad/blurry/pixelated? Any thoughts on anyone that owns one or at least played a few games on the Oculus?

  • Cirius Private
    Cirius Private 3 months ago

    All VR has, is Promisses!!! and it has been like this for decades.

    • J Simmons
      J Simmons 2 months ago +1

      We havent had cheap powerful gpus cpus and led screens for decades

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      Wrong :]

  • jeffrey stewart
    jeffrey stewart 3 months ago

    wheres half life 2 vr????

  • jeffrey stewart
    jeffrey stewart 3 months ago

    if you can afford 6000 quid for a hmd then you can proberbly afford two 2080tis lol

  • Panzer GS
    Panzer GS 3 months ago

    Every one says Respawn is working on different things. I assume they'll be only working on Apex Legends for the foreseeable future. So no VR game or a Star Wars game or a Titanfall game from them anytime soon.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      The VR game is happening and will be announced this year. It's Oculus funded so the agreement is in place prior to the EA sign over

  • Danon Alabakoff
    Danon Alabakoff 3 months ago +1

    We need portal 2 Vr

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      There's Portal stories which is still awesome but yeah, it's not Portal 2 :/

  • marco marin
    marco marin 3 months ago

    What happened with Oculus Go?

  • Zsavage1
    Zsavage1 3 months ago

    you forgot about Vox Machinae

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      Nah, I just didn't include it. Was on the short-list though, TOP mech game

  • Scorpion7substance
    Scorpion7substance 4 months ago +1

    Braa that last game holy cow, SEND IT!!!!!!

  • The Deviant Developer
    The Deviant Developer 4 months ago

    Where the 4K at?

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  4 months ago

      A couple of years away at least I'd say for a full consumer 4k VR headset with enough supported content to warrant the purchase

  • Ghostly Yoshi
    Ghostly Yoshi 4 months ago +1

    can't wait for gta vr

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  4 months ago

      Been a few mods but nothing working solid. A proper VR supported GTA would be intense, especially since the game has a first person mode on PC

  • Info Hub
    Info Hub 4 months ago

    death is real. Life is not a video game @t

  • Renaissance Nerd
    Renaissance Nerd 4 months ago

    I am not a program, My name is Tron, I fight for the users.

  • Axe Cannon
    Axe Cannon 4 months ago

    @3:14 first time I've ever been jump scared by a Top 5 video.

  • CrazyCajun J
    CrazyCajun J 4 months ago

    If this is top 5 we are totally screwed because these games suck!!

  • Vidicus
    Vidicus 4 months ago

    Mech Warrior 5 is the top game for me. I think this will be the way the future of VR will be as well.... Games with VR support. VR sales alone will not support a development company, they will have to hit a larger market. So titles will have to be regular and VR... like Subnautica did.

  • Eco Friendly
    Eco Friendly 4 months ago

    When you said stormland was a rift exclusive, I wanted to punch my tv...

  • UrbanCryo
    UrbanCryo 4 months ago

    3:11 made me jump holy shit fuck

  • Rafal Omnom
    Rafal Omnom 5 months ago

    2:36 her feet are more scarry than the game..

  • darthswedo
    darthswedo 5 months ago

    Y Upcumming

  • Hakovani DG
    Hakovani DG 5 months ago

    Vr gaming is dying

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  5 months ago

      SteamVR numbers doubled last year, PSVR sold 3 million units, Amazon sold out of Rifts over Xmas, Nvidia says 4 million PC VR headsets sold, and more.. All that = the exact opposite of dying :D Now you know

  • PC GameBoy
    PC GameBoy 5 months ago +1

    Portal VR is a MUST!! Portal Stories was an EXCELLENT short VR game showing what could be possible with it.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  5 months ago

      Absolutely, Portal VR was exceptional

  • estebanisswimming
    estebanisswimming 5 months ago

    So basically there is nothing. All talk and promesses

  • Zog The Destroyer
    Zog The Destroyer 5 months ago


  • STR1KEStudioz
    STR1KEStudioz 5 months ago

    Are you the guy who makes the PB Tech videos?

  • DJ Savvy
    DJ Savvy 5 months ago

    I'm not a fan of the fact that games are for only one system. Yeah, MONEY MONEY MONEY for the Side (like Sony or microsoft) who makes the game for just that but thats kind of shady. You already need to have a decent pc to play vr as is and the headsets are expensive themselves and though gaming consoles were picked up by more and more as time went on, thats not going to be as much of a case for vr. Not everyone has a grand to throw at both. It's like sony making a contract with samsung saying "if ps4 users can only play on samsung TV's, then they have to buy one in order to play" which people would because its ps4. Maybe not at the scale but many would just to play. I understand that Rift's owning company is the one funding it but come on, lets not have another game war where the consumer HAS to buy both headsets just to play one game or the other like how console exclusives caused people having to waste money on the console they DIDN'T WANT just to play a game they want to play. Just leave it up to the consumer which headset they want and make games for all.

    • Abram Carroll
      Abram Carroll 5 months ago

      Exclusives build a platform. Steam and Origin started with exclusives and consoles live by them. Exclusives are a way to lower the cost of hardware by subsidizing the hardware. Rift + touch bundle with 6 games was $329 on flash sale. I thought I knew everything about VR, but was surprised at how much better it was than I thought it would be.
      VR blew me away.
      PS: From Other Suns is underrated.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  5 months ago

      I understand what you are saying but not a lot of it is consistent with what's actually happening. For one, exclusives are in no way shape or form 'shady'. And how do you know VR won't pick up like console? Price wise, VR headsets are getting cheaper by the minute and can be had for the price of a monitor, plus a GTX1050 powered PC will run VR, that's the same now as any half decent flat gaming PC. People spend more on an iPhone. Literally.

  • TheDman131
    TheDman131 6 months ago

    I'll tell you exactly what they are working on its called Half life 2 episode what comes after 2 again?

  • Epic Ari
    Epic Ari 6 months ago

    Exclusive bullshit will kill VR

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  6 months ago

      I disagree, so far exclusives have been propping the market up. Rift, GO and PSVR have all outsold the HTC Vive (according to various numbers) and all three of the former are exclusive systems. I almost prefer it to be honest as you know that when you buy a game it is optimised and runs really well (should do) on your system. I love tinkering too, but when I want to game I just want it to work

  • Water Bashers
    Water Bashers 6 months ago

    where are the 2020 games , come on dude

  • Midnight
    Midnight 6 months ago

    personnaly, i would love to have call of duty black ops 1 on VR with zombie maps included. that would be so fucking awesome i could re-live great memories

  • Pseudo Soul
    Pseudo Soul 7 months ago

    Mine... mine...

  • Joshua Dersham
    Joshua Dersham 7 months ago

    Where is proof Allison road is still coming out ;_; I have tried to find any news.

  • Whelan101
    Whelan101 7 months ago

    That was five games who are just about the same shit. Running and shooting. This is getting old. What about something new for a change. Almost every game out there is run and shoot and I'm sick of it. So booooooring. Oh well, I guess that's what all 14 year old kids want. And the grown ups that still act like 14.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  7 months ago

      The fuck are you talking about? There was actually 6 games (incl bonus) in the list and only 3 are shooters.

  • antoneta lorenieri
    antoneta lorenieri 7 months ago

    nice video!
    I would also suggest to check out Escape Legacy, the graphics are awesome!

  • Benymm Johanson
    Benymm Johanson 7 months ago +1

    Today, in November 2018, it is not yet 2019 Let me scam.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  7 months ago

      These are all games that should be coming in 2019. The only one releasing in 2018 is early access, but the full game will be 2019

  • Fr3akOrik
    Fr3akOrik 7 months ago +2

    I Need an oasis!

  • Mr. Blunt
    Mr. Blunt 8 months ago

    Damn those Vive controllers still suck!

  • aG3nt oRanGe
    aG3nt oRanGe 8 months ago +2

    Portal in VR? The thought of opening a portal and peeking inside it makes me shit myself with excitement! Let alone the possible return of Gordon Freeman. Come on Valve!

    • aG3nt oRanGe
      aG3nt oRanGe 7 months ago +1

      @F4CEpa1m x_0 never mind that. When are disney gonna do something VR with the Tron IP??? You could be saying 'Greetings Programs' for an entirely different reason in the future! Here's hoping. END OF LINE

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  8 months ago +1

      You can okay Portal stories in VR right now for free on Steam but yeah, the full game would be sssiiiiick

  • nilsthatboi
    nilsthatboi 8 months ago


  • ToshkiBlyat
    ToshkiBlyat 8 months ago +2

    your voice like a robot

  • trent rogers
    trent rogers 8 months ago

    respawn why the f*ck only releasing your game on oculus, C*NTS!

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  8 months ago

      Because VR games of that scale cost a fuck tonne more to make than they will recoup in sales
      Respawn likely doesn't even have that much to spend making that game themselves, so Oculus fronts the cash to make the game actually happen. No Oculus $$ = no game at all (or at least a much shitter version of that game). If Oculus is fronting that much cash, they sure as fuck won't want people turning around and buying that game on Steam where they would be guaranteed to lose all that money

  • Oskar
    Oskar 8 months ago

    Nice thumbnail copy

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  8 months ago

      Save it. I didn't see Nathie's vid until it showed up in my suggested feed more than a week after I made this one. Also I had the script/thumbnail for this vid designed around 5 weeks BEFORE I made the vid

  • VR Ready Pc Fan
    VR Ready Pc Fan 9 months ago +2

    Let's hope for half life 3 and portal 3

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  8 months ago

      I feel disgusted that we even have to discuss this topic :( Fkn Valve haha, so much good, but so bad

  • Kevin.
    Kevin. 9 months ago +1

    its 2018

  • Carpe Noctem
    Carpe Noctem 9 months ago

    It’s cool how back then you gestures by jumping, crouching and spinning to get someone’s attention and communicate without a microphone. And now you can actually physically gesture to someone to toss you a mag or point something out without shooting at it.
    Tea bagging is going to evolve into something new and probably way funnier. I hope there will be a “flip the bird” button.

  • paintballmonkey666
    paintballmonkey666 9 months ago

    I like your channel, no bullshit indeed ^^

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton

    yes, the firewatch team helping make a vr game?! sounds amazing, FULL of potential.. and that military shooter-zero caliber? definitely getting that, although i might wait for full official wmr support. i hope it doesnt ruin onward for me.. i play that alot.. or do i hope it does?
    anyway, looking good, and allison road? nice. looks scary, ive yet to actually be scared in vr which surprises me.
    anyway. all the hardware coming out, the games, 3 official valve vr games... its looking bright. the future is here folks.

  • Blackzic
    Blackzic 9 months ago

    i tought this was about a top best vr game OF THE MOMENT...

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago

      :D The title and the thumbnail has 2019 in big ass lettering. Still, these could be the best games right now as well as next year.. Who knows

  • John Pilgrim
    John Pilgrim 9 months ago

    Assetto corsa competizione

  • Ivivik
    Ivivik 9 months ago

    What the duck oculus?! Can you share some games for the Vive users Jesus Christ...

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      Yeah fair enough. I remember feeling when Fable first came on Xbox and I had a PS. Really wanted to play that game but wasn't wiling to buy an Xbox just to do it

    • Ivivik
      Ivivik 9 months ago

      F4CEpa1m x_0 Yeah I understand that but I get so disappointed once I hear a game that I like is only for oculus.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      I know what you mean but they did help pay big $$ for the game to happen to help sell their headset. If Valve or HTC decided to pay for the game instead I'm sure it'd be different

  • mectic
    mectic 9 months ago +1

    3:55 no you mean 2 games then a part 2 for one of them, there is no 3.

  • Ash Del Mar
    Ash Del Mar 9 months ago +5

    I’m really excited for Stormland. I’m so happy to be an Oculus Rift owner all the more.

  • Jonant
    Jonant 9 months ago +4

    Thanks for uploading this man I subbed

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      Heeeeey thanks mate, you're welcome :) Welcome to The Grid x_0

  • Philll
    Philll 9 months ago

    But, it’s 2018... how what huh 🤯

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago

      Yeah the (so far) part, that's the part that'll make it all make sense :p This year is going crazy fast tho, before we know it 2019 will be old news

  • LWJCarroll
    LWJCarroll 9 months ago +2

    Nah, horror and war aren't tops for me in VR.... VR is capable of a lot more to explore imo Laurie

  • Wavyeye
    Wavyeye 9 months ago +1

    You. sound. like. you. punctuate. full. stop. period. after. every. word.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +2

      I know how I sound. It's not like that. It's more like beeeeeeeewww

  • siyanda gwavu
    siyanda gwavu 9 months ago

    vr is only for forced fps games, one game that would have made a great breakthrough was arktika if i wasnt for its limit in telepotiotion to certain spots would have been great. loved the opening car scene.

    • siyanda gwavu
      siyanda gwavu 9 months ago

      sorry dont mind my comment now that i read it does n ot make sense to, mabye was stoned😁

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago

      What do you mean it's only for forced fps games?

  • James Weideman
    James Weideman 9 months ago

    I love my vive, but I hate how VR has already become an endless string of shooters and “experiences”. VR will never be taken seriously if it doesn’t move out of this phase.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      Haha all good, I wasn't sure tbh. The whole 'what exactly is an RPG' is such a common debate it could have gone either way :D

    • SpitFire GitGud
      SpitFire GitGud 9 months ago +2

      F4CEpa1m x_0 ah, I agree with you. I was a bit short on my last comment. I really just wanted a list of rpgs you recommend and give you an idea for a future video, actually. :D
      Works like this aswell, thanks for the list.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +2

      Not saying you're saying otherwise but just to set the expectation here I'm not getting in to the argument of 'what is an RPG?'. To me, an RPG is a role playing game pure and simple. It doesn't have to meet a stringent set of criteria such as endless dialogue choices, dank quests and looting dungeons etc, though those would fall in to the RPG category for me as well. That being said:
      Skyrim VR
      Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice
      Mages Tale
      Orbus VR
      The left hand path
      Vanishing Realms
      Karnage Chronicles
      VR Dungeon Knight
      Waltz of the Wizard

    • SpitFire GitGud
      SpitFire GitGud 9 months ago

      F4CEpa1m x_0 top 5 (or 10) vr rpgs?

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +2

      It can seem like that but there a lot of good RPG VR games out there. I think with the cost and time developing VR games, and the relative difference between making a shooter and making a full RPG, first persons shooter games were always going to be the en masse high quality game of choice right out of the gate. I reckon both genres will do well in VR

  • Robert
    Robert 9 months ago

    These look really cool and everything but you also to say that the biggest issues is that the games still look fuzzy Rift supposed to come out with a new headset that doubles the resolution hopefully that will solve that also the lenses need to be more adjustable for peoples eyes I have overcome motion sickness and blurry vision

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago

      If you mean Santa Cruz then it's a different type of headset, it is in no way a 'Rift 2'. It's an upgraded mobile VR headset, making it more and upgrade on the Oculus GO than a Rift successor. Santa Cruz will run it's own set of apps and won't connect to PC for PCVR games. Yep the resolution will be better but if you want the best PC games then it either a Rift/Vive, or a Vive Pro if you have $$

  • Ed Ed
    Ed Ed 9 months ago +2

    most people could care less about the developers, I just want to the gameplay !!!!!

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      Yeah haha too true. Unfortunately with these games there not really any gameplay out there yet as they in development so the biggest news here is what the devs are up to

  • CrispyMuffin
    CrispyMuffin 9 months ago +6

    1:39 - did you censor ''mom''?

  • Cole Park
    Cole Park 10 months ago

    Every time I put on my Oculus Rift I get excited that VR has come so far but I still get disappointed in the Field of View, the resolution, and the lack of dynamic focus... sigh

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago

      Yeah, it could definitely be better :) I don't get the wary eyes thing but everyone different. Shouldn't realistically cause any strain as your eyes are always focused around 2m out in VR.. If anything, should be easier on the eyes, but probably isn't

    • Cole Park
      Cole Park 10 months ago

      @F4CEpa1m x_0 current gen vr makes my eyes really sore after a while simply because of vergence accommodation conflict. It makes me hesitate to put on my headset sometimes -_-
      Sometimes I experience a moment of magic/wonderment in VR and think "why aren't more people doing this?" and I think the answer to that question is still because of the hardware... at least we will get more Santa Cruz info in 38 days though!!!

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      To be honest I just see the content now. That stuff gets me on a rare occasion but only when I'm looking for it. I mean, people watch TV still.. FOV on that is pretty low. First person I've heard saying Dynamic focus is a real issue, I think it more a nice to have, but something that once we have it will make current gen VR look so shit :D Resolution, well.. Yeah. It's getting a bit that way, specially after owning am Oculus GO

  • WhyThoVR
    WhyThoVR 10 months ago +2

    I need a VR treadmill

  • Super Bacon
    Super Bacon 10 months ago +1

    Did.... did you bleep "mum". 10/10

  • XxTheGameCollectorxX
    XxTheGameCollectorxX 10 months ago +3

    VR P.T.?! I better get my will in order.

  • Eddy
    Eddy 10 months ago

    1:06 Live fire range with a chopper taking off right behind......

  • matty4z
    matty4z 10 months ago

    Stormland looks insanely good just a shame it wont be on the HTC Vive :/

  • BobaRhett13
    BobaRhett13 10 months ago +1

    All RU-clip comedy should train from your video collection - first off. Second, I almost anticipated a joke wherein you list Resident Evil 7 for 2019...WhenTF is that one ever coming out!?

  • DarkRosePassions
    DarkRosePassions 10 months ago +4

    ones i think will be the best
    1. Stormland
    2.Alison Road
    4.HALF LIFE 2 VR
    5.Zero Caliber
    il see how it plays out after reviews poor in
    Portal vr just saying that with be epic and i think possible with the help of the people who made TOO the top vr
    with the jumping in that game perfect it work for portal vr Just sayin

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      It's pretty good but waaaaay to short. Free on the Steam store too

    • DarkRosePassions
      DarkRosePassions 10 months ago +1

      nope never and yes HL2VR will be epic if done right

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Oh man I hope that HL2VR is some time this year! It's been Greenlit for ages now and I know the team are doing it all in their spare time but that one been in development for a while. In saying that, most games take a few years to come about with full time teams so a VR port likely take a few years too with a part time team.. At least that's how I'd estimate it but who knows.
      Have you played Portal stories VR?

  • AdamOrnelles
    AdamOrnelles 10 months ago +2

    Ruberg looks great. You got points with me for putting that on the list with all those shooters.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago

      Haha nice. Thanks :) It's such a cool looking little title, sometimes I just wanna chill out and play some puzzlers and Ruberg looks like a really cool little take on that. Plus it's creative af by the looks of it. Win win

  • Shashking Godforsaken
    Shashking Godforsaken 10 months ago +2

    Who, just who in their right minds Dislike a entertaining and meticulously edited video like this???

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      I'll be on it this week :) Gonna do a review vid for that one for sure

    • Shashking Godforsaken
      Shashking Godforsaken 10 months ago +2

      Did you happen to check out HeLLblade VR?

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +2

      Thanks! I'm not sure haha each to their own I guess

  • SneakyJoe's Salad RUS
    SneakyJoe's Salad RUS 10 months ago +2

  • wotever99ninynine Hamilton
    wotever99ninynine Hamilton 10 months ago +1

    why did he call us programs?

  • Jens Rivenes
    Jens Rivenes 10 months ago +2

    I wonder how you can "See me in the next one" F4CEpa1m ? :P

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      I.. I hadn't though of that literally before. I'm not sure. This whole time.. I've been lying to people haha :/

  • RAC3R
    RAC3R 10 months ago +6

    I crushed the like button but my mouse doesn't look like it survived.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Somewhere out there Tom the cat is upset from missing his chance after all these years

  • Toasty
    Toasty 10 months ago +9

    Long time watcher . I thank the gods that someone exists that does only VR news. You are a god send . That is all

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Thanks Toasty :) Appreciate that you take the time to tune in mate.. The real MVP

  • All For Sasuke
    All For Sasuke 10 months ago +3

    oof I am buying a vive pro next year, im going to have to buy the oculus on 2020

    • Devkill Ward
      Devkill Ward 8 months ago

      what about pimax?

    • Whirl
      Whirl 8 months ago

      They've been teasing about the oculus dome, think that's what he's talking about.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  9 months ago +1

      It's not a new Rift. It's called Santa Cruz and won't play PC VR games like Rift or Vive can. It's more like an Oculus GO with better graphics, tracking,amd controllers

    • Robert
      Robert 9 months ago

      Save your money for the new rift it has been advertised a couple hundred dollars cheaper than the vice With better options and games coming out for it

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Vive Pro is insane. Can't wait until that res is just the minimum. Really getting to the point now where if you used a higher res headset (like Oculus GO) it really tough to go back

  • Skidrow
    Skidrow 10 months ago +3

    Have not played Portal so i put my hope in half life 3 :)

    • Zamundaaa
      Zamundaaa 9 months ago +1

      You should definitely play portal 1&2...

  • Greg
    Greg 10 months ago +2

    I'm so hyped for Stormland! I can't wait to buy it only to find out I'm broke af and can't pay for dinner the next three months

    • Greg
      Greg 10 months ago +2

      F4CEpa1m x_0 Yup. It's nice to have my priorities in order :)

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Worth it :)

  • Pretty Puppy
    Pretty Puppy 10 months ago +8

    As far as war shooting games, I feel like they aim to be too realistic--getting one shot by players they don't even see.
    Not fun in my opinion.

    • TheDragonfriday
      TheDragonfriday 9 months ago +1

      Pretty Puppy 100% agree

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +5

      Zero Caliber doesn't seem like that, but Respawns game maybe does?.. That's why I like the balance of Pavlov and Onward

  • Mysterious MrX
    Mysterious MrX 10 months ago +12

    By the way... more than a year ago there was a team of modders bringing HL2 to VR... their project was coming along very well until they announced they were bringing it to steam... That team disappeared within days of arriving at the Valve HQ and that is the last anyone has heard about it. They were featured on "missing" (NBC). It looks like another case of Gabe making people disappear to ensure Half life stays dead.

  • Mysterious MrX
    Mysterious MrX 10 months ago +18

    Gabe's 3 VR games... The game design department consists of 2 people... one of which hasn't shown up for work since last year. The other guy is left to handle all aspects of the 3 games design. He works part time at valve because he makes frequent trips to Las Vegas casinos and also likes mountain biking. The target for the first of the 3 games is "sometime at the very end of 2022". There is no ETA for the other two games. The first game is a blend of TF2 and card game.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +6

      Few know the whereabouts of guy number 2. Some say "mountain biking" was code for getting high on game code and that he railed a dose of crushed up dota so strong it tore right through his xmen t-shirt and left a scar the shape of a number 4.. Some say that to this day he wanders.. Wanders for the missing files of Fortnite

  • Gorilla Jones
    Gorilla Jones 10 months ago +25

    There should be, no, there MUST be a VR remake of the first Steel Battalion on Xbox with controller.
    I have decreed it, so let it be done!

    • xSS4x
      xSS4x 8 days ago

      @Kegan Gardner I'm pretty sure he is referring to the actual steel battalion controller and if you have no idea what it is you should google it.
      Sadly they go for more than 400 on ebay.
      Some ppl use it on PC (games like Mechwarrior Online, Elite Dangerous and so on) since some drivers were made for windows by the community.

    • 스파르타 사람
      스파르타 사람 13 days ago

      Totaly forgot about that game but now I need it!

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  3 months ago

      Depends on the game. For retro games it's actually better than kb+m or VR motion controllers in some cases. Games like Hellblade VR work exceptionally well with an Xbox controller

    • Kegan Gardner
      Kegan Gardner 3 months ago

      Playing a vr game with an xbox controller is the stupidest idea ever

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +2

      I will follow you in the the dark on the quest for SBVR

  • Kevin Gallagher
    Kevin Gallagher 10 months ago +2

    How many people paused to read the disclaimer? xxD

  • Gissel
    Gissel 10 months ago +4

    Once vr explodes, you will get lots more subs. Good content keep it up 👍

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +1

      Thanks Gissel! If you keep watching them I'll keep making em :)

  • Inactive
    Inactive 10 months ago +1

    No Marvel? And the fact that the pre-order broke, so i had to cancel the pre to download a paid lol but Marvel powers united is funky ( just need a sweat band, and room, the UK heat is twisting my mellow man ) =]

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +4

      Nah this is a 2019 vid. That game is out now so.. 2018. Heard about the heat wave oh my looaard it never got that cooked when I lived there.. Shitty winter weather is friend of VR.. Heatwave = no

  • FeltHat
    FeltHat 10 months ago +3

    automobilista sequel

  • ekstrajohn
    ekstrajohn 10 months ago +2

    Art style of acquired studios is similar to Team Fortress. So TF VR ?

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +3

      I'm thinking maybe that it won't be TF2 specifically.. Maybe something new with a TF2 vibe. To be fair, I think a TF2 VR release would be fine on its own

  • Jefferson
    Jefferson 10 months ago

    Valve are only making VR games because of their arrogance in believing devs would flock to develop for their VR, if they truly supported VR they would have had something called "launch titles" and we would be on their second wave of titles by now.

    • F4CEpa1m x_0
      F4CEpa1m x_0  10 months ago +2

      I dunno man, they would have a fucking monstrous load of work keeping all their big titles running smoothly, keeping the Steam platform silky smooth, and all the r and d etc.. Seems to me like they haven't had the capability to venture in to software that much as far as VR is concerned. Think their idea was to smash out the hardware them once that was in place get at some software to back it up (they have put out VR games already mind you)

    • Jefferson
      Jefferson 10 months ago

      They have done a half assed job at best, hell there even buying devs because they no longer have a real in house team.