Why is AMD the Budget Option for Gamers?

  • Published on Mar 13, 2019
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    AMD is undisputed among budget builders, but what is it that makes them such a great value? Time to find out!
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Comments • 10 249

  • Nikjooo
    Nikjooo 10 hours ago

    It would have made much more sense to have gone with a 9400f intel rather than the 8400. The 9400f is faster and cheaper than the 8400 and would have beaten the ryzen 2600x in most games. Also, going with a 1TB HDD is a big mistake in my opinion, when you can get a 500gb SSD for almost the same price. That's cutting corners at the wrong place. A SSD makes the whole desktop experience so much better, plus games load much faster.
    This is an ABOUT build i would have done i.imgur.com/BpDGNqW.png ... Since partaker does not always list all deals, some parts i would have chosen differently. You can for example get a zalman s3 case for about $33 currently on newegg which would have been my preference even if it does not fit high coolers like the hyper 212.

    VLADIULNIK Day ago

    This segment should have a show. Loved it :)

  • Jeffrey Kakes
    Jeffrey Kakes Day ago

    Where can I get those floating led wall shelves? So cool!

  • Pixelata
    Pixelata 2 days ago

    after looking at both options, amd looks like a much better option

  • Brian H
    Brian H 2 days ago

    How about performance per watt? What if I'd pay more up front to save on electricity costs long term, but still have good performance?

  • SiegeWorks Studio
    SiegeWorks Studio 2 days ago

    Brace yourself, the NAVI GPU's are coming.

  • Outtheredude
    Outtheredude 2 days ago

    More room left in the Intel budget? RGB strips to take it over the top for all the FPS over AMD of course! :-P

  • Randy Chavez
    Randy Chavez 3 days ago +1

    Seeing Intel fanboys getting triggered is proof that AMD has come a long way.

  • Valentine
    Valentine 3 days ago

    I choose AMD because they currently aren’t trying to fuck me in the ass (without lube to save some money)

  • Zeeko Nyan
    Zeeko Nyan 4 days ago

    "So pencils down" ???????

  • Tomz Navz
    Tomz Navz 4 days ago +2

    this is stupid, in the actual benchmark they used a radiator cooler on amd they should just use the stock cooler on amd and limit the overclocking capabilities of ryzen 2600, you have to spend on a expensive cooler first. otherwise it wont win to intel 8400 stock cpu

  • Justin Ramos
    Justin Ramos 4 days ago

    more at 1000!

  • ben -
    ben - 4 days ago +1

    Anthony would look amazing dressed like a king

  • Explostax
    Explostax 5 days ago

    Nice Samsung Watch Linus

  • Cody Oki
    Cody Oki 5 days ago +1

    Anthony loved that joke at 10:40. He is definitely my favorite LTT employee.

  • Richard Olsen
    Richard Olsen 5 days ago

    cannot wait for 3rd gen amd ryzen probably going to be a game changer literally theres a reason ps5 and the new xbox is going to use zen 2 architecture

  • MRcoolcat tv
    MRcoolcat tv 5 days ago

    pls correct me if im wrong but the intel cpu only has 2.8 ghz vs the stock amd cpu having 3.4

  • Tech With Sean
    Tech With Sean 5 days ago

    We’re not ‘most people’ though, we’re watching LTT 😂

  • GamerGuy51
    GamerGuy51 6 days ago

    Aaaah... capitalism. Its fun 😊

  • IllusionSlooth
    IllusionSlooth 6 days ago

    because it is cheaper and better

  • Karim Mime
    Karim Mime 6 days ago

    A bugdet option for gamer is not 750$ you have to came back in earth with real people!! Make the same with 350$ and you can call it budget gaming pc

  • ThePhysics1234
    ThePhysics1234 6 days ago

    The money you do not put into your CPU you put into your GPU, the CPU and mobo just has to be good enough and as cheap as possible.

  • Lastguytom
    Lastguytom 6 days ago

    Anthony is the king!! he is the Linus/Intel killer, Anthony start your own Web tech channel ditch Linus(just kidding) I love Linus, but don't worship him, he is still sucks on Intel/Nvidia tit of life :P

  • John papichulo
    John papichulo 7 days ago

    Amd isn't budget option it's just intel is expensive. And then Amd will go expensive and intel will become cheap , but they both will be expensive than previous own products. You don't pay for the product, you don't pay for the technology, you pay for the imaginary performance per dollar that manufacturers create.

  • boom shakalaka
    boom shakalaka 7 days ago

    What laptop is Linus using?

  • sledman3000
    sledman3000 7 days ago

    Higher price point compare a i7 k to AMD

  • geon2k2
    geon2k2 7 days ago

    Sure, i guess you forgot to consider that amd is overal a much better value as it crushes intel at multitasking.

  • That Rage Guy [Gaming]


  • Warlord Loco
    Warlord Loco 7 days ago +1

    Intel CPU shortages killed their price per performance ratio, at least in my country with 27% VAT.

  • Jesús Toscano
    Jesús Toscano 7 days ago

    I really liked this video. Please make more videos at different prices (considering this video as a "medium price"), maybe a lower end price + a high en price of the "Battle of performance/$" would be due

  • Tigre X
    Tigre X 8 days ago +1

    disappointed with intel, after 9 years. I am upgrading i7-2600 to ryzen 3000.

  • enthrallingusername
    enthrallingusername 8 days ago +2

    I'm currently saving for an AMD gaming pc. I have a mortgage and a wife plus 2 children. Not poor I'm just sensible 👌

    • Hagbard ViKing
      Hagbard ViKing 8 days ago

      Saving for the AMD Ryzen 3000-series CPU that is released this summer?!

  • Ali Alrabeei
    Ali Alrabeei 8 days ago

    Not very good price point to compare try a ryzen 7 2700x, m.2 nvme and try to top it with intel cpus (overall not just in gaming)

  • TheMoon
    TheMoon 8 days ago

    im not surprised that they are basically the same.

  • Nerdy Squirrel
    Nerdy Squirrel 8 days ago

    Maybe some gamers just like AMD products over Intel. I personally like AMD not because of overclocking or price it's because I have always had positive experiences with their products.
    However I believe both AMD and Intel will soon have to fight to keep up with the ARM processors if these processors enter the desktop and laptop market.

  • just a random guy who likes stuff

    I like amd.

  • Yuri Aguirre
    Yuri Aguirre 10 days ago

    How exactly are you using your browser if your wifi adapter is disconnected?

  • TheAgentKoala
    TheAgentKoala 10 days ago

    Are the pricing on this channel always CAD or USD?

  • Rohit Saini
    Rohit Saini 10 days ago

    Anthony 's eyes are cute :)

  • derek hale
    derek hale 11 days ago +1

    AMD is for"woke" people that know the value of the components they buy. I am not poor and could build an Intel/Nvidia Overkill PC all day long but I CHOOSE not to because AMD is the better value.

  • Bharat Madhok
    Bharat Madhok 11 days ago

    Do i5 9400f review and put it in the same situation

  • Robert Holley
    Robert Holley 12 days ago

    When you're working within a budget, AMD seems to be the logical choice. But if your budget was $1800, and you wanted to build a VR rig, which would you pick?

  • Kenneth Fitzpatrick
    Kenneth Fitzpatrick 12 days ago

    These are amazing builds. I've been spending the last few months on PCPP comparing builds, trying to make the cheapest one I could while still being able to run 60+ FPS. I don't care about OC, so I know that I'll be getting what I get. Another problem for me is that yes my computer might cost me $750 USD, and I might be able to afford that, but I have no peripherals or a monitor. I'm honestly thinking of just taking out a loan and getting everything from PCPP. At least then I'll have my PC and I can pay off the loan over time.

  • Troy Hartnett
    Troy Hartnett 12 days ago

    discount Scrapyard Wars

  • Frank Allen
    Frank Allen 12 days ago

    That's kinda what I expected.

  • Bit Whiskey
    Bit Whiskey 13 days ago

    Amd and Intell are in a undercut war

  • CCC
    CCC 13 days ago

    Can you compare Ryzen vs Intel in a FEA analysis tests. I think some of us will find it usefull. Thanks!

  • Jabari Anderson-Fleming

    So basically Ryzen 5 2600 has slightly better gaming performance when overclocked as i5 8400 but also twice the threads as intel? Yeah go with Ryzen you'll be able to do stuff like stream and render video much faster or have more applications running. Not to mention AM4 socket is being used until 2020 and has better upgrade path. Also games are gonna start using more cores and threads. Ryzen is more future proof

  • 7MGTESupraTurboA
    7MGTESupraTurboA 14 days ago

    What sucks about AMD is that they forced too many socket changes when they should have done die shrinks before introducing new CPUs in the 00s and early 10s... but they keep pulling this off since the begining of the decade with their APUs which makes upgrading a chore.

    We don't all need to overclock... it's a waste of time and energy bill unless you are buying the top CPU and you are doing something meaningful.

  • Ian Leung
    Ian Leung 14 days ago

    What about i5 9400f

  • EpicFacePalmz0r
    EpicFacePalmz0r 14 days ago

    yes please. I love these types of videos.

  • Pe Pe
    Pe Pe 14 days ago

    I'm looking with optimism towards the new AMD chips coming out, regardless of how mentally deranged AMD fan bois are at the present time.

    • illusionX
      illusionX 13 days ago

      atleast we got choice now. so who cares about the fanbois. im just glad my amd rig is giving me good performance for my euros

  • B Adventures Vlogs
    B Adventures Vlogs 15 days ago

    This was a fun project and good summary. Also depends on local availability and pricing. In Australia we often get tech products late and overpriced. Eg LG sells TV's, but doesn't sell the Gram laptops in AUS. Having more options is better for consumers and the overall industry 😉✌️

  • Illuminated
    Illuminated 15 days ago +1

    Can you do a 2019 build for $1000 including all peripherals.

  • Mr.Chow
    Mr.Chow 15 days ago

    All of this costs DOUBLE in my country

  • a0groovy
    a0groovy 16 days ago

    poor ppl cant afford a 700 dollar pc without compromising bills and family needs, they would at max be looking for 500 dollar or less and want atleast a ryzen 5 with a 1050ti or equiv.

  • Dark Side
    Dark Side 16 days ago

    I liked it , want to see it for 500 and 1000 $$$

  • Counter Russianstrike
    Counter Russianstrike 16 days ago

    Because its cheap. Nuff said

  • Friendly neighborhood fps

    They basically just showed me exactly what I need for my pc

  • Myroslav Burak
    Myroslav Burak 17 days ago

    8350k, Lul. Clearly, this handsome young gentleman does not know what it actually feels to play on 4 cores without SMT these days. Get ready for 50 and even 40 FPS drops and erratic frame times.

  • Jeremy R
    Jeremy R 17 days ago

    AMD is at the point where I can buy a ryzen 5 1600 from microcenter for 79.99 Intel people need to get off their bandwagon

  • Codename: S3CR3T
    Codename: S3CR3T 17 days ago

    Why did they take the 8400 instead of the 9400f

  • Josh Carroll
    Josh Carroll 18 days ago

    Should've had same case like you had same hdd

  • gamer taboo
    gamer taboo 18 days ago

    Is that a river wood epoxy table?

  • Mike Soda
    Mike Soda 18 days ago +1

    So currently Intel & AMD are almost even in terms of performance per dollar. If Ryzen 2 OC's as much as they're claiming it's gonna then Intel is gonna need to dramatically reduce their prices to compete.

  • Magnus Nilsson
    Magnus Nilsson 19 days ago

    For $735 I get a Ryzen 3 1200, 2666MHz 2x4GB RAM, Gigabyte RTX 2060 and all the other requirements such as 1TB HDD.
    The GPU is $420 on it's own.

    • Mad Uzi
      Mad Uzi 11 days ago

      Iirc the r3 1200 will bottleneck any gpu pass 1050ti, let alone 2060...
      Buying 2200g is like one way portal exit , and kinda waste of time..

    • Magnus Nilsson
      Magnus Nilsson 19 days ago

      On a tighter Budget build you can skip the RTX and grab a 2200G for a total below $350.

  • himanshu pawar
    himanshu pawar 19 days ago


  • Chris Burkert
    Chris Burkert 19 days ago

    I just built a 2600 system and for the price it´s amazing, specially with a small OC. And the socket will let me upgrade to 3700. Never again Intel here.

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr 20 days ago

    im gonna look into finanacing a 2600 dollar build from maingear any suggestions on amd or intel ?

  • Chris Kerr
    Chris Kerr 20 days ago

    for overall gaming which comes on top amd or intel?

    • Chris Kerr
      Chris Kerr 17 days ago

      +Chris Burkert i thought i clicked 16gb ooops but yeah ill get 32gb later... 16gb will be fine for now

    • Chris Burkert
      Chris Burkert 18 days ago

      ​+Chris Kerr what´s up with the 4x4 GB RAM? At least go for one 16 GB module or 2x8 so that you have free slots for adding more later. 16 is not that much these days depending on what you do.

    • Chris Kerr
      Chris Kerr 18 days ago

      i will upgrade gpu later date but that will work just fine for the next year or so

    • Chris Kerr
      Chris Kerr 18 days ago

      +Chris Burkert Motherboard: MSI X399 Pro Carbon w/ Wireless AC


      Processor: AMD Ryzen Threadripper 1920X 12-core / 24-thread 3.5GHz (4.0GHz Boost)


      Processor Cooling: [Closed Loop Liquid Cooling] Epic 240 Supercooler for AMD Threadripper


      Enhanced Thermal Interface Material: Premium Thermal Interface Material


      Memory: 16GB HyperX FURY DDR4- 2666 (4x4GB)


      Graphics Card: NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1050 Ti 4GB GDDR5


      Power Supply: 850W EVGA SuperNOVA P2 - Platinum Certified


      Operating System Drive: [M.2 NVME SSD] 1TB Intel 660P [1,800MB/s Sequential Reads]


      Storage M.2: [M.2 NVME SSD] 512GB Intel 660P [1,500MB/s Sequential Reads]


      Storage 1: [HDD] 2TB Seagate Desktop HDD

    • Chris Kerr
      Chris Kerr 18 days ago

      +Chris Burkert i still burn stuff programs mostly but i decided im gonna go with a ryzen threadripper.. what i noticed you have more options with amd far as overclocking

  • Sebastien Roux
    Sebastien Roux 21 day ago

    If I look up the prices of the parts in my country it will be more than 750 USD.

  • Silas Dhayanand
    Silas Dhayanand 21 day ago +2

    Do one with i5 9400f and ryzen 5 2600 😉

  • LeXxleloxx
    LeXxleloxx 21 day ago

    $750 budget ?

  • Ga Me
    Ga Me 21 day ago

    So basically no reason to go AMD for gaming. At all. I'd rather get identical performance and not have to overclock at all than have to overclock just to match a non-overclocked build. I'm glad AMD has stepped up over the years. Competition is good (unless you're a socialist commie). But AMD fanboys would have you believe that it's somehow better. Yeah, maybe from a value perspective and you actually need a shitload of cores.. But for gaming, Intel is still clearly the way to go.

    Also, I don't think you'd want to go with these builds. Step up to a an i5 K and get a 2070 instead and you get a computer that can handle anything at 1440p. Just save up a little bit more and get the sub $1k gaming machine that can handle anything you can possibly throw at it.

    • Ga Me
      Ga Me 19 days ago

      +Red Gaming Perhaps there is an argument to be made for low-end gaming. But in that case, you could probably buy a refurbished lenovo or Dell desktop PC and put a cheap GPU in it and pay a lot less than building a computer. That's what I'd do before going with an APU build. I guess unless you really just wanted to build a computer for the fun of it.

    • Red Gaming
      Red Gaming 20 days ago

      Ga Me I think the idea of AMD being better is with some items being more budget friendly, it gives you a little more room to play with your build. If you look the intel revised build might have been better than the original AMD build but everything was like within 5-6%. Meaning you aren’t getting a big performance boost in any of builds over the other. They did also skip that the Ryzen 5 with Vega 8 has built in graphics that can play most games, which for a person that plays a few games here and there but aren’t hardcore gamers, you don’t need a GPU.

  • Dung Huy Le
    Dung Huy Le 21 day ago

    When OC, which cpu cooler did you use on all PCs? In the video, Anthony actually puts an AIO there.

  • Massiveitsyeboicj YT
    Massiveitsyeboicj YT 22 days ago

    Wait wait wait, did anyone notice that in Linus's recording. He doesn't seem to be connected to the internet but is on anyways

  • OoieGooie
    OoieGooie 22 days ago

    I would like to see a build on the lowest budget needed to spend on a desktop thats to last 5 years for gamers. My current rig was ok 6 years ago and is only now hitting 20 to 30fps on games. Is it really worth getting the high end hardware these days?

  • Frank Beckschulte
    Frank Beckschulte 22 days ago

    this set look amazing

  • Kenneth Dike
    Kenneth Dike 23 days ago

    I wouldn't call a $750 low end, more like $500 and at that price point AMD would cream intel

  • David Duthie
    David Duthie 23 days ago +1

    Ok we get it you are a gamer only but the majority of people in the world use the pc for more than just games, perhaps if you included at least as much productivity benchmarking you would get a more realistic display of what you get for your money. A family pc includes a lot more than a game, and pretty soon this year this test will be null and void with the introduction of the new Ryzen 3000 series.
    What about different budgets outside of the $750 US dollar bracket say do a few of these but increase by $50 or a $100 each time this would be great for the budget focused gamer to get a threshold of how far to spend.
    Keep up the entertainment news

  • John Hull
    John Hull 23 days ago

    What's my verdict? Manufacturers are making too many different options, and that drives up prices. Instead of making the best card they can at a reasonable price they flood the market with so many choices at such high prices it becomes difficult to keep up and keep things compatible.

  • Succubus
    Succubus 24 days ago

    I'm not poor :( I'm just being realistic.

  • kicharan
    kicharan 24 days ago

    Can we get a comparison looking at around 150$ spent on cpu and 150$ spent on gpu? Including on sale items maybe last 30-45 days? So you can see what you can build power per dollar using deals and stuff.

  • james randy
    james randy 24 days ago

    My build Ryzen 5 2600/ Asus B450M Tuf with Zotac RTX 2060 Amp luving it.. :)

  • Fennec Tinyfox
    Fennec Tinyfox 24 days ago +1

    I'll admit I was *very* leery about going back to AMD for my recent build after a terrible experience way back with the Socket 939 Athlon64, I had sworn off their products entirely until I was coaxed back with Ryzen. I'm glad I gave them another chance, I'm nothing but happy with this build. Granted it's Gen 1 (I'd kill for a R5 2600), but tied with 16GB of DDR 3200 and an MSi GTX 1660 Ti Gaming X, I'm super pleased.

  • John Groen
    John Groen 25 days ago +1

    This was a really interesting comparison. Great video. I would certainly be interested in comparing higher end builds. Also maybe a what if "build" of older generation parts compared to newer parts in a, say, $1500 build off. Is there bang for your buck in older higher end CPU vs newer not so high end CPU?

  • William Jones
    William Jones 25 days ago

    AMD sucks d*ck. Period.

  • ianwilson4286
    ianwilson4286 25 days ago

    What happens if you do a $4000 cdn build?

  • ChiefSaladRunaway
    ChiefSaladRunaway 25 days ago +5

    AMD is cheaper, and they're pushing the envelope with technology. So now, not only are they budget friendly but they also give you a bang for your buck, and thus far, their graphics cards are more than I had expected. I have the XFX RX 570 8gb XXX edition. It was well worth the $159.99 I had paid for it.

  • Mathieu Lajeunesse
    Mathieu Lajeunesse 25 days ago

    This is exactly what I was looking for. A video comparing amd to Intel with a value budget point of view. Thanks

  • littlewolf120
    littlewolf120 25 days ago

    I would kinda want to see how much a single component could impact a pc, installing 1033 ram on a board that could go up to 4200 and seeing a few different one's between to show where the real GAP starts and ends, also same with other parts. Seeing at what price point does it really not make a difference as much to go higher or more so where it doesn't make sense to.

  • The Merchant of Menace

    I'd have been interested to see Ryzen paired with a Vega 56/64 - marginally cheaper/slower // faster more expensive relatively, compared to an RTX 2060. Someone shopping for a budget system will probably also look outside of Nvidia.

  • Acid001
    Acid001 26 days ago +3

    Just shows how much AMD had caught up to Intel with Zen+ so long as the Intel processor isn't pushing 500+Mhz higher speed on a K sku CPU. AMD forced Intel to compete and we are all better for it. I'm pretty sure Intel would of been happy to sell us more 4 core CPUs had AMD gone out of business and never launched Ryzen.

    Since the performance is so tight, your choice is going to come down to what other things you might do on your PC. Rendering and streaming are cases where I would want the AMD CPU, because of the extra threads the i5 8400 doesn't have. Pure gaming (if you aren't into overclocking your AMD CPU), you can just go with the locked Intel and have consistent performance across many titles.

  • Consciousness Vivid
    Consciousness Vivid 26 days ago

    Outside the US, Intel-based builds are pricier due to brand-recognition. It's also the first you'll hear from pc stores, and unless you came to the store with an AMD build in mind, you'll be paying more for less.

  • Jackson Taylor
    Jackson Taylor 26 days ago

    I would love to see some sort of video focusing on performance effects of cooling with everything else as similar as possible to answer this question: as long as I'm not thermal throttling, why should I care if my CPU is running at 35C or 75C?
    I (think I) understand the importance of cooling, but at the same time, I don't understand the real world benefit that supposedly drives some of the insane cooling systems in high end rigs. Besides longevity, which seems moot to me because I highly doubt anyone into high performance is going to keep a CPU/GPU/etc long enough before anything actually approaches dying due to heat wear (which I assume would be 5+ years).

  • Guido Salducci
    Guido Salducci 26 days ago

    I'd like to see the "cheapest build" you could possibly do that would be viable for a gaming rig. 2200g (95 bucks) and 2060?

  • SLDoughts
    SLDoughts 26 days ago

    I would love to see a huge value for your money evaluation of pretty much everything that does into a build. It's some of my favorite stuff to see. I love knowing that I'm getting my money's worth

  • Peter
    Peter 26 days ago

    You may be right at that price point and use case. But if you don't look at that specific combination, you'll see something else: 220€ for an R7 2700. To get 8 cores from Intel, you need to spend at least double the money. But you won't get a cpu twice as fast. For the same money, you'll only get an i5 8400. Thats
    AMD isn't best at the budget, but in the high-end mainstream, where intel can't deliver as many cores for the same price. The positive effects of having 2 instead of 1 die is increasing exponentially with more cores.

    I use european prices, the mileage may vary from country to country, but I think, it will be somewhere like that everywhere.

  • MykroBeatz
    MykroBeatz 26 days ago

    Did anyone else notice the first iteration of Anthony's build he had a Gigabyte board and after he helped Linus it changed to a Asus prime board? His total cost dropped ~$30 but now has compatibility issues, according to PCPP... Come on Linus! We see you...

  • James Jennison
    James Jennison 26 days ago

    Hey guys,, I just upgraded my bios to accept Ryzen Gen2, and now I can almost get my mem to run to spec.. I have "4x 3200 mem", and prev was only able to hit 2933 stable... after Bios update I am at 3133... so one step below advertised speed.. so far, I can't wait for the new 3 series of ryzen. Where's my 3850X?.... take my money