Amazing Curved Woodworking Projects - Craft Skills Fastest And Easiest Of Carpenter

  • Published on Mar 22, 2018
  • Amazing Curved Woodworking Projects - Craft Skills Fastest And Easiest Of Carpenter
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  • Thu Hong
    Thu Hong 26 days ago

    lam đô cong thì dung lu tron cho no net roi moi soi chi

  • David Guy
    David Guy 3 months ago

    How is it this backwards woodworking so amazing? It's actually outright dangerous. The other thing is there always working on the ground, what? they don't like work benches like normal woodworkers do? Please, it's primitive considering the amazing tools that exist now a days. Please, a grinder for sander?

  • Jairo Alonso
    Jairo Alonso 4 months ago +1

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  • Richard Ferreira
    Richard Ferreira 6 months ago +2

    *It took me nearly 2 weeks to complete the building of a bed frame. I take that to be because I ain't no carpenter. All the same I'm very grateful to this woodwork plan [ **_Check Details In My Channel_** ], it has really helped me do such a good project. The easy instructions were amazing.*

  • Jimmy Reyes
    Jimmy Reyes 7 months ago


  • Anil Kumar
    Anil Kumar 7 months ago


  • WudS WizarD
    WudS WizarD 7 months ago


  • Sailendra Tripura
    Sailendra Tripura 7 months ago

    Good morning

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    Thanks for your sharing bro! Be careful when working with power tools. Always wear safety glasses, gloves and clothing that covers your arms and legs.

  • Dat Tien
    Dat Tien 9 months ago

    chắc là mấy bác thợ việt nam rồi. xem mấy bác này làm cảm giác không sướng thô sơ quá thiếu chính xác và thiếu an toàn kinh

  • R G
    R G 10 months ago

    لماذا تجعل الأمور صعبة وهي سهلة للغاية.

  • Steven Zara
    Steven Zara 10 months ago

    Amazing??? fastest??? Easiest?????

  • TRINH TRANG Nguyễn

    Loại thợ này đúng là thợ vườn

  • Swgwmsa Brahma
    Swgwmsa Brahma Year ago +2


  • Ramkishor Varun
    Ramkishor Varun Year ago +2

    Good finishing

  • TRINH TRANG Nguyễn

    Làm gì phải như thế

  • Ali Khan
    Ali Khan Year ago +2

    kiya dirama kRRa h aise nikLti h gulayi

  • Sadewodewo Dewo
    Sadewodewo Dewo Year ago +1

    mbuh ra mudeng bahasamu le..

  • Ismid jarmana Ismid
    Ismid jarmana Ismid Year ago +2


    • SAID Njar
      SAID Njar 11 months ago

      Ismid jarmana Ismid تلةثرتىعل

  • Shivam Farnichar Kumkumpur

    dharmendar kumar sharma Kumkumpur

  • Shaha Alam
    Shaha Alam Year ago +2

    very lazy

  • Robert Avery
    Robert Avery Year ago +1

    Router, “Help Me”

  • Menuiserie AMSED
    Menuiserie AMSED Year ago +2

    Amsed ali

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago +1

    9:37 sweat the pinky nail...

  • Mark
    Mark Year ago +2

    Why can't they get these guys a freaking bandsaw?

    • Emmanuel Daroux
      Emmanuel Daroux Year ago

      old fashion

    • Jose Menjivar
      Jose Menjivar Year ago +2

      Cognoscenti why can’t get a bench working station and stop working on the floor 😅👊

  • Алексей Плющиков

    Вот это реально ручная работа!!!

  • Sadewodewo Dewo
    Sadewodewo Dewo Year ago +1

    Kayunyaa jelek om

  • MechaniFUN DIY
    MechaniFUN DIY Year ago +1

    The huge coping saw is awesome, did you make it by yourself? 👍❤