These Ancient Relics Are So Advanced They Shouldn't Exist...

  • Published on Oct 26, 2017
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Comments • 19 535

  • Ducati M
    Ducati M 4 hours ago

    God inspires and gives us the tools to create such amazing creations

  • Naveed Ahmad
    Naveed Ahmad 9 hours ago

    Codebreakers? Console Chris Jericho

  • Chris H
    Chris H 15 hours ago

    Am I in time for the two free months of skillshare?

  • William Rojas
    William Rojas 18 hours ago

    Come on you got this from ancient aliens bro.

  • Orion Xavier
    Orion Xavier Day ago +1

    (Ecclesiastes 1:11)

  • pi namaste
    pi namaste Day ago

    Time is not linear........

  • wezite1983
    wezite1983 2 days ago

    This dude has tourettes. The forced hand gestures look awkward lol.

  • R_i_p_current
    R_i_p_current 2 days ago

    lmao . it looks like it belongs to the Xmen

  • Greg Brady
    Greg Brady 2 days ago

    Fook skillshare faggit

  • Dnalor Ettam
    Dnalor Ettam 2 days ago

    The Tree oif Life!

  • Celt Gunn
    Celt Gunn 3 days ago

    The Voynich Manuscript was decoded.

  • Mr. Dikdik
    Mr. Dikdik 3 days ago

    In 8.45, as your are describing Voynich manuscript is decrypted by american and english codebreakers. The man in the picture is the founder of Turkey, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk. He is not english nor american. He is a marshal and a hero not a codebreaker.

  • Mona Tuazon
    Mona Tuazon 3 days ago

    John Carter from Virginia wrote it check google😂😂

  • Mwas John
    Mwas John 4 days ago +1

    Our ancestors were more advanced by far.It's only that some of us beleive that they used rocks and bones as their main tool (lies).They were more advanced than us,way more advanced

  • Moon Shark
    Moon Shark 4 days ago

    what it it was written upside down and backwards? duh lol

  • Michael Haas
    Michael Haas 4 days ago

    It looks like my 10 year old daughters doodle book. She's brilliant!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Maria Smith
    Maria Smith 5 days ago

    Why is the guy's left eye more squinted than his right eye?

  • Shashwat Tyagi
    Shashwat Tyagi 6 days ago

    Atlantians wrote the book or maybe even Zues himself

  • axel vandemerwe
    axel vandemerwe 6 days ago

    weird side of internet is this , info stays even if its not correct after some after The Voynich manuscript has been decyphered.and also maybe the history they told u is just wrong

  • Loizos Vasileiou
    Loizos Vasileiou 6 days ago

    just a small mistake u made, the sun doesn't move, it falls. other than that great video, and very good explained.
    also the book (no title) contains greek letters but i can read any of it because it looks Gibberish. although it looks so similar with Proto-greek and ancient-greek. for example i can see the word τού, which literally means "the", and ίππος which means "horse". έτος which means year. (written multiple times) and many more that i'm not sure about it

  • Louis Accardi
    Louis Accardi 6 days ago

    That ancient computer just shows that we are not as smart as we think we are.

  • Super Dad10123
    Super Dad10123 6 days ago


  • Diamantina Sando
    Diamantina Sando 7 days ago +1

    voynich code has deciphered its old Turkish language a father and his 2 sons cracked it,and it sits in yale now.old news.

  • I have a lil dick, but

    ISU technology obviously

  • Alfredo Tirado
    Alfredo Tirado 7 days ago +4

    Romans made buildings that are still around thousands of years later. Modern buildings fall apart in a few decades even with maintenance. Who’s more advanced?

  • JoPaJo Holland
    JoPaJo Holland 7 days ago

    The women with their hands on the arteries represent the human heart

  • JoPaJo Holland
    JoPaJo Holland 7 days ago

    It's an antique medical book

  • B Lo
    B Lo 7 days ago

    The Astrolabe was the first computer. But great commercial, matey💩

  • maxavail
    maxavail 7 days ago +5

    The Voynich manuscript has been decyphered. It was written in medieval Ottoman Turkish. Look it up on RU-clip, there's an interview with the Turkish linguist who cracked it.

    • Celt Gunn
      Celt Gunn 3 days ago

      Thank you, first actual comment stating that. 🤣 Obviously this channel didn't do their due diligence.

  • Fungus Hunter
    Fungus Hunter 7 days ago +1

    Brits stole or borrowed many ancient relics only not to return to its owners is why the x=ray machine was moved from UK to Greece. Look how many of em they stole from the Egyptians.

  • Jonathan Cross
    Jonathan Cross 7 days ago

    1 year later...
    Voynich Manuscript Revealed (2018)

  • C S
    C S 8 days ago

    needs side panel for crows feet

  • Rick James
    Rick James 8 days ago

    AND imagine if nit wits actually could come up with logical comments and contributions instead of trying to make silly remarks or be negative and critical about complex issues.

    • Jesse
      Jesse 7 days ago

      Your comment doesn't contribute anything, it's just negative about other's comments. Isn't that EXACTLY what you're complaining about with that same comment? That's extremely ironic and moronic

  • Travis Jester
    Travis Jester 8 days ago

    This is proof that we can go backwards, people seem to think that we are incapable of losing all the great technology we have today but that is a very real possibility.

  • Unhumanized
    Unhumanized 8 days ago

    Blame the aliens

  • FactThat
    FactThat 8 days ago

    Stop it with the Aliens or Reptilian nonsense! thumbs up if you agree

  • Serena Gibson
    Serena Gibson 9 days ago

    Idk it always looked like a grimore to me. A very spiritual person with science to back it up

  • splendor Inthegrass
    splendor Inthegrass 9 days ago


  • davincii
    davincii 9 days ago

    2 months prior, the mysteries of the manuscript where reviewed here - Even with the internet, we still can't google things before posting and saying things are impossible

  • CMDR Cmdr
    CMDR Cmdr 9 days ago +2

    The guy that invented that clock couldn't have even had a light bulb moment

  • Harvey Tinseltin
    Harvey Tinseltin 9 days ago

    Voynich manuscript.

  • Harvey Tinseltin
    Harvey Tinseltin 9 days ago

    Can you buy a Copy of that?

  • CLOWN_x_X
    CLOWN_x_X 9 days ago

    not an expert but pause on 9, 45sec put ur head from side and u ill see matematic leters 2 8 9 0 6 11 etc . just try at 9, 57 u see the 44 number page ? now go 10 ,46 can u see the start leters 4 ? equal to the pages number ? pls tell me im not triping lol sry the english

  • Jerome Sanders
    Jerome Sanders 9 days ago


  • Bongo Man
    Bongo Man 9 days ago +2

    Are any of the illustrated plants in the manuscript recognizable? If not, maybe they are not from earth. Just wondering.

  • steven189111
    steven189111 9 days ago

    You Babble endlessly .....

  • MrIcculus6
    MrIcculus6 9 days ago +2

    Aliens traveled interstellar space with their super gear technology?

    • Sabbath maiden fan
      Sabbath maiden fan 9 days ago

      No archimedes

    • James Ritter
      James Ritter 9 days ago

      That simple thought has never even crossed my mind but i feel you completely debunked the whole alien theory in a few words. My only guess would be that if it was aliens then mayby they showed them how to make such a complicated device but they only had the resources available to them. Are ancestors were so intelligent its mind blowing. Not to say we are not, but the things they learned and discovered and did all without youtube, computers, robots, and cellphones.

  • Danny Hemphill
    Danny Hemphill 10 days ago

    Kapernick says alien technology is racist

  • Victor Bovsun
    Victor Bovsun 10 days ago

    Was hit during all the hand gestures, like if you didn't feel safe

  • Greg Jay
    Greg Jay 10 days ago


  • J Owen
    J Owen 10 days ago

    Voynich Manuscript is supposedly a form of old Turkish diallect, latest I heard. Since the Arab cultures were ahead of Western cultures for centuries, I don't think it's necessary to jump to unnecessarily strange conclusions. Corrections? That would have been very expensive "paper".. you would lose your head if your made a mistake! Suggest you take a look at this

  • Roberto Ramirez
    Roberto Ramirez 10 days ago

    Not paying thank you

  • Abhirama Ravindra Kumar

    If you come to India n test things passing X rays I’m sure you ll be spellbound of ancient technology. I’m sad still many Archeologists don’t realise the fact that modern much advanced technology existed previously, they think themselves very learned n all ancients monuments in India are only built locally n with chisels n primitive tools is what they portray, wish we change n try to learn more rather than think we better than our predecessors. I’m sure u ll get many things in India which the archeologists n govt don’t give a damn about but rather buy to the western written histories which really isn’t convincing.

  • Mario Sirna
    Mario Sirna 10 days ago +6

    So many incorrect news enriched with poor sensationalism in just 15 minutes. I am impressed.
    The first one is that the greek device is an astronomical clock. Amazingly advanced, but surely not a computer.

    • Luthfi Agustian
      Luthfi Agustian 9 days ago +1

      Mario Sirna dude, computer means a machinr to compute something, in the modern case, the code that translated to a running programs. The astronomical clock you just said is to compute days and months.
      Turring machine doesnt look like a modern computer, but it was a computer machine. Get your fact right.

  • Hammad Irfan
    Hammad Irfan 10 days ago

    As for the manuscript. Maybe they were Arab lost works(destroyed by Genkhis Khan ofc) which were found and he encoded it. Or in some cases even bettered it.

  • RBVC
    RBVC 10 days ago

    lets not forget that many these organizations destroy and/or hide evidence of anything not written or altered in our history books. so for them to come up with answers i'd take it with a huge grain of smithsonian salt.

  • William Barnett-Lewis
    William Barnett-Lewis 10 days ago

    Your racism is noted. Now shut up, sit down and don't bother the adults while they're talking.

  • Dave S
    Dave S 10 days ago +2

    They were probably produced one-by-one in a small workshop and sold at the Agora in Athens.The Vatican might have one in their collectipn but the rest of them have been destroyed.
    This is the lone survivor.

  • the almighty ocean
    the almighty ocean 10 days ago

    Hey man, whats the name of the background song on the first part?

  • mmaacckkssoonn
    mmaacckkssoonn 10 days ago

    I mean we are not the first advanced civilization.. geez get your head out of your asses 😂 along their path the fucked up.. And believe me when I say WE will also at some point fuck up and we will get back to the “Stone Age”
    You really think our electricity will be around for ever?

  • Phill Wright
    Phill Wright 11 days ago

    Can English people NOT pronounce the "TH" sound??? It's Thaaaaaa! NOT Faaaaaa! It's NOT Fanks for watching, its's THANKS for watching! The information is interesting but I have such a hard time listening to such lazy English.

  • EpicJoeR
    EpicJoeR 11 days ago +1

  • Daniel Love
    Daniel Love 11 days ago

    Isn't life amazing so much we don't know about and so much we need to know to me it's the essence of being alive!

    • Raymond Ashby
      Raymond Ashby 9 days ago

      meh. life is shit, and then you die. get over it

  • Christine Klenk
    Christine Klenk 11 days ago


  • Tuzakci
    Tuzakci 11 days ago

    It's a Sharpness V book bruh

  • allan Leroy
    allan Leroy 11 days ago

    people please stop looking at the eyebrows.!!! hahah

  • Crinosis
    Crinosis 11 days ago

    I could care less if it was a component of the chariot described in Ezequiel, Jesus forgot it when he left, the Mayans made it and sent it to Greece. Whatever this piece of device was or wherever came from, does not change anything we do today, we have a far more advanced technology.

  • Blitz Kat
    Blitz Kat 11 days ago

    There is a chance that there are other civilizations out there that we are unaware of. There are other things living out there for sure because there are other planets like Earth that support living organisms.

  • L L
    L L 11 days ago

    Unskiled share

  • Matt Carrell
    Matt Carrell 11 days ago

    The bet and only way to unlock this manuscript will be by letting a linguistically and code-breaking trained AI examine this book. Someone out there.. make it so!

  • Joseph Orca Orca
    Joseph Orca Orca 11 days ago

    My God. I bet they had internet too. Right , bloody hell.

  • cool beanz
    cool beanz 11 days ago

    The devil is a liar

  • NicsterPlays
    NicsterPlays 11 days ago +1

    What’s the background song at 8:40 ?

  • BushDoctor119
    BushDoctor119 11 days ago

    This is a moment in time where we are waken up .. Alien technology it looks like but its not complete .. But the scientist is right that is has something to do with the planet and stars and the Moon and sun .. The day will come we all get our aswers .. untill then people judge each other that they are mad or crazy .. I would love to see them faces when they have " their day".. 😂I know i am for starters haha but Hell Yeah i would live to take the fuck of out of here ! I Hooe they beam me out from here from another time or so ;))))

  • Jay Tang
    Jay Tang 12 days ago +8

    How do you claim it’s the world’s first computer when Ancient Greek probably made 50 of those before this one?

    • macgyverthebunny
      macgyverthebunny 10 days ago

      think that is weird, watch this... and the book that can't be deciphered doesnt come as close to this one-

  • Michael MVP Tatro
    Michael MVP Tatro 12 days ago

    Proof the sacred texts are myth

  • Richard Neal
    Richard Neal 12 days ago

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  • paqueenb
    paqueenb 12 days ago

    Fallen angel technology. Hidden history. Aliens do not exist. Read the Bible and research flat earth. ❤️

  • Yosua T3C
    Yosua T3C 12 days ago

    Sometime i think very absurd about this world,like how we know about the religion,could it be someone from "apocalypse'' time,travel back to the beginning of our civilization with their advanced tecknolgy & knowlages and then teach our accient human about what & not to do and also teach them some technology to help them solve kinds of problm..and leave holy book as hidden massage...also to fix something that can be chaos in the future,i dont know what specific reason behind it..but its just my thought,i could be wrong,but once again this is just my absurd thinking...for me life exist is because of many possibilty form :)

  • Hooge
    Hooge 12 days ago

    The actual machining of the gears would be the impressive part, assuming the ancient Greeks were able to correctly assume the elliptical movement of solar masses it wouldn't be hard to assume they could correlate it to a series of gears working together as a mini mechanical solar-mobile. The 'prediction' of solar events simply occur, and line up with science that the ancient Greeks are known for.
    As for the 'galaxy' comparison in the manuscript, that's simply a Spiral of Theodorus/Pythagorean Spiral/Square Root Spiral which is a geometric occurrence that has been known for thousands of years. Again it's not hard to imagine knowledge of math given what we seemingly know of the history of mathematics.

  • Dennis Jenn
    Dennis Jenn 12 days ago

    So it’s a calculator?

  • David Nabor
    David Nabor 12 days ago


  • Klaus Sperger
    Klaus Sperger 12 days ago

    The Voynich manuscript is being translated.It is discovered to be written in old turkish.

  • Kian Gee Phua
    Kian Gee Phua 12 days ago

    There are no such things as aliens. Only just a fitment of man's imagination.
    If there are Martians or space would have been revealed by the Creator God to us in the Bible. But this will never ever happen.
    God has spoken to mankind, all answers in our lives could be found in the Bible which is God's words to His creation.
    Many have not really read n understand the Bible so they don't know the truth of the existence of this world.
    What profit a man if He gained the whole world but forfeit his soul?
    We are made in God's image n we know that there is Heaven n there is Hell.
    One place one will either go n spend eternity so be mindful how we live n conduct our lives on this earth.
    God has mercy n grace on us.

  • Daniel Jaeger
    Daniel Jaeger 12 days ago

    I wonder if in the future after the internet goes down, our records are destroyed and our modern history becomes ancient, will future humans blame our achievements on aliens

  • Klaus Bolvig
    Klaus Bolvig 12 days ago +6

    The human brain was as clever for 10000 yers ago as now.

    • Klaus Bolvig
      Klaus Bolvig 3 days ago +1

      BOOBIE FEET I didn’t say that. I just said that the evolution of the human brain apparently ( that’s a common theory among evolution scientist) evolution compared to a human life can be hard to believe, but anyway if we as humans took 4 million years to evolve into a modern human, the brain hasn’t evolved since about 10000 years. Maybe some minor issues, but your claim regarding ? towards our way of cooperating, might be because we at that time,has a tripe about size 50-150. And now we have to deal with millions and our brain is way behind due to issues like emphatic , and speed etc. So we are struggling to find a none stressful way of dealing with a modern society. Regarding about this Newtonian device, often people think we wasn’t clever enough. Finding this device shows we were able to construct complicated things. ( some will claim it’s an alien device. This sounds silly, because if they have been visiting us, I don’t think they will use a device like a complicated clock of metal) frankly I don’t think due to the acceleration of an expansive universe we ever will encounter any alien. If they can jump between dimensions or travel faster than light, which is a philosophical issue, because there is no evidence to back it up, but maybe they can and then I must ask: where are they and why hiding) this is the known Fermi paradox. About 40 years we have reach a distance of 1 light time,barely ( voyager 2 ) As long I need evidence,and I do, statistics the universe should be flooded with life, but intelligent life is a different story. Look at the earth. Only one spices have been able to go to space. And life as we know it will change the atmosphere around any given planet, so far none evidence at all. ( sorry for the long answer, but as a science person ,only has one degree,this is quite common in our community )

      BOOBIE FEET 3 days ago

      So, dumb as a bag of rocks then?

  • Joe Bloggs
    Joe Bloggs 12 days ago

    is this video for deaf people? wildly gesticulating at each word doesn´t increase the dramatical effect, but just hams it up

  • Zack Everen
    Zack Everen 12 days ago

    The Voynich Manuscript got solved

  • HotSoup DonJohn
    HotSoup DonJohn 12 days ago

    I think I know what it said on some of the pages

  • Joe BoomBots
    Joe BoomBots 12 days ago

    They're all used for orgies, they didn't have entertainment back then.

  • Harru Kuehn
    Harru Kuehn 12 days ago

    220 plus IQ with a sufficient intuition like that of Divinci, yes it can be done. Sir Issac Newton invent Calculus, Aristotle biology, chemistry, philosophy, writing and much more. There are genius and then there are transcendent minds.

  • TheNaturalust
    TheNaturalust 12 days ago

    a clock more like it

  • Some Peon
    Some Peon 12 days ago

    "bacon" is spoken "bah-koh"
    ancient writers wrote books to sell them. what would you do if you could write and draw very good, but never got taught to read? right! write and sell books that look nice in a bookshelf. after it changed the owner for a price a couple of times, sooner or later someone gave it a story of a magical and secret tome of some wizard to raise its price or his own prestige and POOF! 300 years later you have an useless book that people think its made by aliens. GG WP i luld

  • LynnMarie Robertson
    LynnMarie Robertson 13 days ago

    Why is this so surprising? Are we so arrogant to think we've been the only ones to have technology? Why does this surprise so many?That's ignorance!SMH

  • bagariddum
    bagariddum 13 days ago

    9:30..the 3rd option is that the manuscript is a prank / hoax. Maybe, the language can not be defined or traced to any known ones from history because what it says is nonsense, gibberish, structure required for gibberish. the fact that the codebreakers have found the whole thing to be indecipherable , kind of supports the gibberish option, as does the absence of a single correction; nonsense requires no corrections as it cannot be incorrect. An astonishingly elaborate prank / hoax? Certainly. ..but, it's still a possibility.

  • Dean Cutajar
    Dean Cutajar 13 days ago

    We're the alien tec I've clicked on this to find out your lying waste my time

  • 54JIN
    54JIN 13 days ago

    Voyanage is cracked youtube it

  • Nicotera Nicotera
    Nicotera Nicotera 13 days ago

    Now that we know for certain that there is no hoax to the Antikythera mechanism, (with the exception of British insistence that navigation methods aren't possible unless they approve) one wonders what other products may have been made possible by the great library of Alexandria. It's also a shame that the entire development of mankind was stunted for well over a thousand years by the Roman insistence that nobody be allowed an education without their first joining the seminary and achieving a masters degree in theology.

    As far as the Voynich manuscript, that has been deciphered for many years. Here is what it says: All spoiled rich brats that have become addicted to opiates, will always have enough money to have their dealer write a prescription regardless of what the local laws may say.

  • Nell Franks
    Nell Franks 13 days ago

    But will it blend?

  • Jacob Bluitt
    Jacob Bluitt 13 days ago

    D wave computer it looks the same think big