Most Beautiful and Perfect Moments in Sports

  • Published on Aug 27, 2019
  • Most Beautiful and Creative Moments in Sports! SUBSCRİBE for more ..
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    Lebron James, Neymar, Federer, James Harden, Tyler Ennis, Fernanda Colombo, Ibrahımovıc, Jack Sock etc.
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Comments • 2 716

  • Cenk Bezirci
    Cenk Bezirci  2 months ago +3345

    Neymar 🤣💛

    • benbenbenben333
      benbenbenben333 Day ago gülmek ıster misin

    • SmileyZ
      SmileyZ 2 days ago

      Emirhan 19 its amanda cerny (the vine chick w/ big tatas)

    • Santhosh sandy
      Santhosh sandy 5 days ago

      @i see fools beggin for likes and subs Amanda cerny

    • Desember Senja
      Desember Senja 8 days ago

      02:39 Like😍

  • べイル
    べイル 15 hours ago


  • Marcel D'avis
    Marcel D'avis 16 hours ago

    Why are those Moments creativ? WTf

  • CHUFF#311
    CHUFF#311 18 hours ago

    Alto click bait

  • Lemonchia Art
    Lemonchia Art 19 hours ago

    1:22 girl instagram please..

  • Jasica Raliuga
    Jasica Raliuga 19 hours ago

    Nice bro

  • tao chen
    tao chen 21 hour ago


  • ScottyLee256
    ScottyLee256 Day ago

    This music is horrid please

  • Daniel ferreira
    Daniel ferreira Day ago

    1:25 ela olha pra mim e ve um bancoooo bancoooo

  • 김김FoodTV
    김김FoodTV Day ago

    알수 없는 유튜브 알고리즘이 나를 여기로 인도했다.
    그렇게 오신 한국인 모여라!

  • Hayati Güven
    Hayati Güven Day ago

    Yoruma türkçe yazan yok galba varsa kalp atin

  • Ece Cıllı
    Ece Cıllı Day ago +1

    Türkçe yorum????

  • Michael
    Michael Day ago

    Guy @2:18 was like, "Helllll no I ain't losing this shit again!" haha

  • Курсант Узенов

    Можно трек в канце

  • HazzelWazzel
    HazzelWazzel Day ago +3

    Was gonna say we’re are the rugby ones, but I forgot everyone hates rugby 😔

  • Angus Scrimm
    Angus Scrimm Day ago

    my gawd that female ref was too hot.
    ...and Ibras round house kick goal was incredible.

  • Natasha Theresa
    Natasha Theresa Day ago

    Reupload terus

  • Thanh Hai Nguyen


  • PSYCHO Daamin
    PSYCHO Daamin Day ago

    Mymer 🥰

  • jw k
    jw k Day ago


  • Экер Донгак

    3:00 кто она :)

  • Gaurav Kumar
    Gaurav Kumar Day ago

    background music name in begning please tell

  • Akın Ünal
    Akın Ünal Day ago

    1:30 😂😂marcelo

  • Дмитрий Мисиков

    1:30 Hey man, where is your hand?

  • Anonymus Brinjal


  • Ahmet Ahmet
    Ahmet Ahmet Day ago

    هاي اشتراك لعيونك ردها اقوم بنشر جميع مباريات الدوري السعودي والمباريات العالمية وشكرا لك

  • Power Girls
    Power Girls Day ago

  • Spite
    Spite Day ago

    3:36 misdirection

  • Shakila Ella Lestari

    Aw Aw

  • Travis Hammons
    Travis Hammons Day ago

    This is the stupidest fucking video I have ever seen when it claims to be a video about amazing things to happen in sports, of course there were some awesome things but to just have clips of hot women getting special treatment because they are hot just takes so much away from the true amazing stories that were in here

  • Travis Hammons
    Travis Hammons Day ago

    Oh yea, such a beautiful moment for Marcelo and neymar to give that drop dead gorgeous (probably a model) that pic who is sitting in ultra vip seats that probably cost more per seat for one game then 80% of the fans make in a single fucking year. They did it because they are true humanitarians those guys... true genuine athletes

  • keinnama
    keinnama 2 days ago

    2.58 de ki hakemin ismi ne

  • wonderboy perron
    wonderboy perron 2 days ago

    Fuck that kid who stole the beisbol ball.

  • Abdul Hakeem
    Abdul Hakeem 2 days ago

  • Pratik Pati
    Pratik Pati 2 days ago +2

    Cricket. Not a Chance to be beautiful.!! True Story!

  • avicii avii
    avicii avii 2 days ago

    0:6 music name...

  • عبدالعزيز القحطاني

    يا صاحب القناة ليه تحط هذه الصورة يمكن تتحاسب يوم القيامة عليها غيرها يا اخي ما يصير

  • كرار رعد
    كرار رعد 2 days ago


  • Sultana Sultana
    Sultana Sultana 2 days ago


  • Goi Yui
    Goi Yui 2 days ago


  • John Miller
    John Miller 2 days ago

    Who else came here just to talk about how hot the thumbnail is?

  • Rudа Boroda
    Rudа Boroda 3 days ago

    4.44 !

  • Fun Tv
    Fun Tv 3 days ago

    Subscribe for more fun

  • A F
    A F 3 days ago

    05:32 really good attitude. I wish I got less aggro in my online battles.

  • Ethy25
    Ethy25 3 days ago

    Neymar não perde uma chance .... imagina oque veio depois! kkkkkkkkkk

  • Hi Bro Tryuiop
    Hi Bro Tryuiop 3 days ago +1

    Там где хокеист кинул ребенку шайбу топ)

  • Yto B
    Yto B 3 days ago

    Cewe ny sange ma neymar

  • Iceman Lomborassi
    Iceman Lomborassi 3 days ago

    Очень позитивненько, реально классно!!)

  • LifeonMaz
    LifeonMaz 3 days ago

    And then Neymar gets done for rape ... You better be careful of these hos

    FERİT MERT 3 days ago

    Neymar evlisin lan sen gördün at gibi kaıdını:DDDD

  • godf0g
    godf0g 3 days ago +1

    In that "vela vela vela vela" after he scores, he goalkeeper shoves him wtf.

  • Taha The Beast
    Taha The Beast 3 days ago

    Nice edit man

  • HELO Status
    HELO Status 3 days ago watch

  • Priscila Charlote
    Priscila Charlote 4 days ago

    Mais uma inscrita retribuir ai beijos sucesso deixar link

  • Michael VM
    Michael VM 4 days ago

    They let the girl make a photo with them because she has a PhD in Neurosciences.

  • 으리으리
    으리으리 4 days ago

    Nalgangdo 07

  • ライ
    ライ 4 days ago +4


    X.ARYBDS BEZİR 4 days ago

    TURK yokmu?

  • Avani Green
    Avani Green 4 days ago

    wow the music for this sucks