• Published on Jul 12, 2019
  • Who can GAIN the MOST weight in 24 HOURS!!! **Eating Challenge**
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  • Sim Kaur
    Sim Kaur 2 hours ago +1

    teamm catherinnnneee
    who watching in 2019

  • caitlin21 ranayinlove
    caitlin21 ranayinlove 5 hours ago

    This makes me hungry

  • Jaqueline Ramirez
    Jaqueline Ramirez 8 hours ago

    You guys should do the going over Austins/Catherines phone

  • Alicia Stra
    Alicia Stra 9 hours ago

    Team Catherine 💕

  • I’m a fat bitch That me

    Thank you Catherine and bless your soul for that motivational speech.

  • Alyssa Eltsosie
    Alyssa Eltsosie 10 hours ago

    Team Catherine!!!!!!!✋🏼🚫🧢

  • Evanie Bayless
    Evanie Bayless 10 hours ago

    they look so happy then...now catherine hasn’t even worn her ring since everything happened 😔

  • Juan Mendoza
    Juan Mendoza 11 hours ago

    Carptherin is so *talks like a baby: im feel like ima win....this challenge *what she thinks she is especial

  • Marcia Garraway
    Marcia Garraway 15 hours ago


  • Lalyzzl707 Nieto
    Lalyzzl707 Nieto 15 hours ago

    Why did I decided 2 watch this video wen I’m waiting 4 my boys 2 b off school & hungry & broke 😩😩😩😩

  • Charlotte Wilkins
    Charlotte Wilkins 16 hours ago

    Team catherine❤

  • Lil Minion
    Lil Minion 16 hours ago

    What about Elle

  • Sydney Epperly
    Sydney Epperly 16 hours ago

    i hope austin does not win

  • karl juergensen
    karl juergensen 18 hours ago

    2 lbs and 3 lbs is nothing. Acting like you gained 15 to 20 lbs. stupid.

  • Kahanna Smith
    Kahanna Smith 20 hours ago +3

    Catherine is way more smarter than Austin 😂

  • Ebb Flow
    Ebb Flow 21 hour ago

    Thanks for keeping it real Catherine!

  • Cheryl Dufresne
    Cheryl Dufresne 22 hours ago

    Team chathrin

  • Kroto the Sun Bro

    Bro fuck off with the ads jesus christ

  • Ponce
    Ponce Day ago

    The need some weed & they'll eat non stop lmao

  • William Brown
    William Brown Day ago

    ✋ elle

  • Sportsguy1017
    Sportsguy1017 Day ago

    Is it bad that I’m 13 and I almost weigh as much as Catherine, I weigh 120

    • Ponce
      Ponce Day ago

      No you're fine, I weighed the same at your age

  • Kaycie Stowell
    Kaycie Stowell Day ago

    Team cathren

  • chubby panda08
    chubby panda08 Day ago

    Austin: DADDY'S HOME!!!
    Catherine in the back round: what the hell?
    also sorry Austin but team Catherine...

  • Katherine Burton-Morgan

    astin will win

  • o Katie Estrella

    Here's my number7176509955

  • o Katie Estrella

    I love you guys and the videos you guys's videos are my favorite eating in your old house wife who has a big heel and you tried to help the heart and that true love each other the most and your videos are so cool and every house you have I love all your videos your hide and seek videos East family and I'm probably an ace family member cuz I subscribe to your Channel Ace the ace family you guys are the bigger Family on RU-clip and you guys I don't know how I feel right now my heart's going pitter-patter Peter pattern I just don't know what to say you guys are the Banger Family on RU-clip the reason why I subscribed is cuz little electric singing videos like when I was five and I was like oh this is my season Channel lemon kept saying that you guys and you guys I don't know how to say this but my heart is going to be a pirate parrot pattern Pitter Patter Pitter Patter and cuz you guys are like so sweet you guys do nice pictures I just support your family and support your videos I don't know what to say you guys are so sweet I love your daughters l a lively and Aaliyah are so cute and Catherine and Austin it is literally going to fall the bed right now so maybe I might win some if you guys have cash at can you cash up can you please put on $100 for me cash app to put $100 in there for me I'm really I don't know what to say you guys just Deport stolo I love you family and I love you too I don't know about the crime so sweet slime videos ever so many and so happy for the amount of subscribers you have about to put in the number53"74 and soon you guys will get to 1000 million subscribers1000 million subscribers in I just get to10000 million subscribers I just don't know what to say on I'm really shy like if you guys were to come and see me with hickey like probably like 12 hours literally if you guys want to visit me I live in New York I live in Blue Springs will explain and I'd like to say get you guys I'm just call my number my mom's number okay I'm about to put it in so if you call my mom's number to be so shy so we'll have like a like a 15-minute chat no like a 16 minute like like a 90 minutes I can 99 minute chat and if you guys tell me your address I come and visit you so I'mma put the number in right now7176509955 are you go imma see you maybe if you call me it's time by Ace family maybe a few guys call me I can show you some of my skills and my singing skills I'm a show you some lying that you're sexy and me or I want to know and I was like Tik Tok and guess what somebody took your Tik Tok somebody take over your Tik Tok so you guys going to make a new Tik Tok account cuz somebody here took your Tik Tok account I was a cruise this okay this is mr. But with somebody else Explorer versus Joe freaking happy I don't know what to say lying that you're flexing me password Elsa have something I'm a single some free gifts so the Simon says that alright the ace family on my message and I'll be glad to see you kiss the kisses the port for the love that I share to you and I say kisses to me that means how much above shows to me and you so that you can watch his family goodbye

  • Ashanna Brown
    Ashanna Brown Day ago +3

    poor austin wanted his feet rubed to bad

  • Nataley Abrigo
    Nataley Abrigo Day ago


  • estrella reza
    estrella reza Day ago

    The shoes 🥾🥾

  • Irfan Uddin
    Irfan Uddin Day ago +1

    My cat high fived......

  • Yoda Jedi
    Yoda Jedi Day ago

    Fakeeeeeeee familyyyyy

  • Nhim Nguyen
    Nhim Nguyen Day ago

    When Chatherine says I have to finish this before I get more food Austin just throws it in the garbage (lol)

  • suhaila abdallah

    Team Katherine

  • Rylee Milan
    Rylee Milan Day ago +1

    Team Catherine

  • annalise pamplin
    annalise pamplin 2 days ago

    Team Catherine

  • Geiry Lopez
    Geiry Lopez 2 days ago +1

    Just Joind The Family!! Biggest Loving Family In The World!!! UvU

  • Weird 3
    Weird 3 2 days ago +2

    Everyone in the comments: I can eat a whole buffet and still want more
    Me: Barely eats and gets full after eating a granola bar 😔

  • Dayana Garcia
    Dayana Garcia 2 days ago

    Team catherine

  • Paulyn Bolano
    Paulyn Bolano 2 days ago

    The funniest thing when austin said you need to start eating healthy or something im eating takis and paprika and soda and some hot sauce on my takis i started laughing

  • LaShantí
    LaShantí 2 days ago

    Team Catherine all the way❕❕❤️😂😂🐣🥳🤷🏽‍♀️

  • Giselle Cardenas101
    Giselle Cardenas101 2 days ago

    Catherine is so me I’ll eat all of the kawain bread

  • Chloe Gwet
    Chloe Gwet 2 days ago

    I have submitted

  • Thaleighla Chee
    Thaleighla Chee 2 days ago

    Team catharine

  • Karina Vazquez
    Karina Vazquez 2 days ago

    Omg so funny

  • Riverdale Is best
    Riverdale Is best 2 days ago +1

    Before eating Austin had removed his shoes and afterwards he wore it

    Oh now I saw the whole vid 😂😂

  • Florence Renthlei
    Florence Renthlei 2 days ago


  • Naomi Mariscal
    Naomi Mariscal 2 days ago

    I have watched this video 5 times every time I do believe its my Last cheat day but here I am eating goldfish

  • ROBLOX Life
    ROBLOX Life 2 days ago +4

    Who else high fived the screen 😭🤣

    I didn’t see one else with this comment 😊

    • Jaqueline Ramirez
      Jaqueline Ramirez 8 hours ago

      I hav a cracked screen and i high fived Elle🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰and i hit it to hard that some how i cut myself with a screen protecter peice in my palm and it still hurts P.S. and this is the first time a watched this video

    • Alyssa Eltsosie
      Alyssa Eltsosie 10 hours ago

      ROBLOX Life fuhhh I did!!!!😂😂😂✋🏼🚫🧢

    • Fatal One513
      Fatal One513 2 days ago


    GABRIELA GARCIA 2 days ago

    Team austin

  • ashley medina
    ashley medina 2 days ago

    Y’all all fake go watch the brandfam there not fake and there fun

  • Sarah Bolin
    Sarah Bolin 2 days ago

    Team Cathran

  • Stuart ellis
    Stuart ellis 3 days ago

    team cath! ;)

  • Ellie Forde
    Ellie Forde 3 days ago

    team catherine !!!!

  • Jessica Allou
    Jessica Allou 3 days ago

    Team Catherine

  • Lucianna Niles
    Lucianna Niles 3 days ago +11

    I honestly don’t think Austin did what everyone is accusing him of doing I know some people are different off camera but I truly don’t believe he would do that he has everything any man would want a beautiful girl and 2 amazing princesses to call his own. His heart is gold and his character is even better. Although they definitely did change a lot.they used to be fun and not just flaunting there miney but then again if we all got as successful as they did we’d be doing the same we know that deep down. I truly believe Austin didn’t do it. It’s not him.

  • Keeley Lynch
    Keeley Lynch 3 days ago +1

    team cathren

  • Kenia Rodriguez
    Kenia Rodriguez 3 days ago +8

    Who else thought Catherine was pregnant in the thumbnail 😊😊😊😊

  • Alexandra Rocha
    Alexandra Rocha 3 days ago


  • Monique Sichone
    Monique Sichone 3 days ago


  • BreeBree !
    BreeBree ! 3 days ago

    Team catherine