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Overwatch 2 is FINALLY here...

  • Published on Oct 3, 2022
  • its just like overwatch 1 queue times
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  • Wzy
    Wzy Month ago +1460

    In queue for comments: 30000 viewers ahead of you...

    • NexusEnforcer
      NexusEnforcer Month ago


    • TMHawk
      TMHawk Month ago

      Got in the kicked out in the middle of my first game

    • NotFieldTrip
      NotFieldTrip Month ago +1

      I was the 1 thousandth like lol

    • Je Suis un orange
      Je Suis un orange Month ago

      @NBA Anonymous it worked so not my problem it crashed for me too

    • Viper -_-
      Viper -_- Month ago +1

      Can’t connect to chat server… retrying
      Comment failed try again later

  • Walross
    Walross Month ago +571

    Normal people: Cleanse, heal and immortality - what a nice support ability!
    Frogger: haha, boop go brrrr!

  • Luke Austin
    Luke Austin Month ago +476

    Haven’t watched Frogger in ages and it’s the right time to come back

    • RAGE_TV
      RAGE_TV Month ago

      Fake fan lol jk

    • Anis Bennabi
      Anis Bennabi Month ago

      trying to find out who the f asked

    • Anas Shahid 224
      Anas Shahid 224 Month ago +1

      Fr 🙌

    • satisfied meat
      satisfied meat Month ago +4

      Frogger is one of the few I've watched even when I took a long break from the game. I recommend you binge his stuff because he's just so entertaining and makes the game fun :D

    • L1NGL1NG
      L1NGL1NG Month ago +2

      welcome back u been missin out

  • Matt Evans
    Matt Evans Month ago +130

    Enemies: *terrified of Lucio*
    Also enemies: *have zero respect towards Reinhardt*

  • Coalition
    Coalition Month ago +195

    Endless dps queue meta is finally over, not sure about the new meta of just waiting to open the game though ngl

    • YourBoy_Reo
      YourBoy_Reo Month ago

      Idk how I feel about the new tank queue meta

    • Reid B
      Reid B Month ago

      I still can’t join

    • Vasco P
      Vasco P Month ago +1

      I logged in on PS4 to connect my account. It took me nothing to enter the game, there was no queue. After I managed to lose all my skins and data by connecting my new battlenet account I tried to join from Series X but there were thousands of people before me.

    • Video Toys Tv
      Video Toys Tv Month ago +3

      I wait 100 years to get in now I’m out again! And my pack is missing

    • IcyAtlas' Other Channel (i guess)
      IcyAtlas' Other Channel (i guess) Month ago +1

      It's more effective than "buy a new phone" meta honestly.

  • Orange Peels
    Orange Peels Month ago +250

    man, at least I get to see others enjoy the game while I sit here with my login error screens

    • Georgia Is Cool
      Georgia Is Cool Month ago


    • JaspersAddictions
      JaspersAddictions Month ago

      @Macario Ramirez same dude, i find it pretty shitty that despite having a phone number and having it for years i cant seem to game no matter what

    • murilo
      murilo Month ago


    • Macario Ramirez
      Macario Ramirez Month ago

      @ShadowSoul720 real my number won’t work

    • ShadowSoul720
      ShadowSoul720 Month ago +2

      @Albanach N7 I dont even have sms access to play

    RAGE_TV Month ago +9

    So glad they added a second support character. Lucio is fun and all but he’s been the only support character for 5 years. Nice to see this

  • Inami In 4K HD
    Inami In 4K HD Month ago +57

    Literally the 3rd video game I have ever played on launch and it’s consisted of staring at this start screen for 10 hours

    • Andres Alvarado
      Andres Alvarado Month ago +1

      Bro same, 3 pm to 1 am, it was horrible, while my buddy entered I just kept disconnecting and server error screens popping up 40k queues to a server error 7 times breaks a man😂

    • Jay day Day
      Jay day Day Month ago

      Get a life and do something else while it gets fixed lol

    RAGE_TV Month ago +5

    Really love her kit she seems actually very balanced except for her ult. The fire rate is pretty insane for her whole team. I was thinking maybe only she gets a fire rate increase but we’ll see how it plays out when the game isn’t broken

  • TXF
    TXF Month ago +3

    I waited in Queue for 4 hours when it released. I finally gave up and went to bed. I woke up at 3am, and OW2 loaded me in just fine, first try. Been playing and enjoying it. Got the battle pass, loving the EDM Dva skin.
    Will say, the amount of BAD Kiriko players is driving me nuts. I don't blame the players, she's a new character, I get it. But man, half the games feel like we're going on only one healer.
    Also props for the Jet Set Radio music.

    • Sean Hine
      Sean Hine Month ago +1

      What annoys me is I played her and ended up doing almost as much healing as my 2nd healer which was Mercy...a pure healer yet some people forget that she's supposed to be a healer not a DPS lol. I don't think she's hard to learn at all. Just balancing your teleports and sprinkling Kunai throughs in between heals.

  • sietse
    sietse Month ago +5

    I've just played ow for the first time and I really like it, I have seen lots of video's but I wss never really able to buy ow1 so I'm happy ow2 is free so everyone can play it

  • eyow foou
    eyow foou Month ago

    Thanks for the upload! Great to see you having fun with OW2

  • Jonah Meyer
    Jonah Meyer Month ago +18

    That reload at 2:52 tho

  • Rita 25 y.o - check my vidéó

    Normal people: Cleanse, heal and immortality - what a nice support ability!
    Frogger: haha, boop go brrrr!

  • PrimeLukas007
    PrimeLukas007 Month ago +1

    Ow 2 is amazing the only problem is that you have to wait 20 hours to get into the game, then you play one game and get disc

  • HayesTV
    HayesTV Month ago +1

    the beginning when he edited to the boys saying "OMG BRUH OH HELL NA MAN" lmao had me crying 🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Moi
    Moi Month ago +1

    On one of my games I got a blurry screen, the kind that you get if your looking at the menu where they blur the surroundings. I ended up leaving because even on mercy it was so difficult playing when everything was a blur. Luckily I didn't have to reload the game, it was fine after I left.

    • TMHawk
      TMHawk Month ago

      I've been noticing some visual glitches

  • Synatra
    Synatra Month ago

    I’ll miss some things from overwatch 1 but as a lucio main overwatch 2 seems less hair splitting, mentally agonizing, and spirit ruining

  • Keith Shannon
    Keith Shannon Month ago +4

    Thanks for the upload! Great to see you having fun with OW2

  • devi dubs
    devi dubs Month ago +1

    imagine if the game was actually playable 😳

  • FurryCatGamer
    FurryCatGamer Month ago +179

    Damn you got in
    Lucio and widow players have an unspoken rivalry that will never end

    • IcyAtlas' Other Channel (i guess)
      IcyAtlas' Other Channel (i guess) Month ago +3

      @Chaos technically they didn't speak it

    • Chaos
      Chaos Month ago +3

      If it's unspoken why did you type it

    • EsKpistOne
      EsKpistOne Month ago +11

      @ooochoa as a lucio main I love using the “why are you so angry” voice line right after that interaction to kinda go with it more lmao

    • ooochoa
      ooochoa Month ago +16

      "you are making too much music."

  • Jay King
    Jay King Month ago

    So yea. Definitely some launch trouble. As expected. Literally fixed in a day though for most people and the end result is a really amazing game. Pay the man.

  • John from Accounting
    John from Accounting Month ago +3

    Playing tank feels so much better this game. I can finally carry my noob dps teammates.

  • ThatDirtyWolf
    ThatDirtyWolf Month ago +1

    Just experienced the first leaver in a comp game, and boy its so much worse with 5v5s

  • Braylon Ignacio
    Braylon Ignacio Month ago

    I feel like the items the rascal gives should be based on your experience level, weather conditions or something. I think that would make the rascal much more interesting. :O

  • Anas Shahid 224
    Anas Shahid 224 Month ago +5

    Let’s go! Overwatch 2 is here 🙌😊

  • iiEco-Ryan 3166
    iiEco-Ryan 3166 Month ago +1

    Overwatch really brings a community together huh

  • Jadiac
    Jadiac Month ago +2

    "People already buying skins" got me haha. I got confused for like 5 seconds seing I have 250 skins already until I realised that stuff carried over from Ow1

  • Toasti45
    Toasti45 Month ago +4

    Me who constantly gets disconnected just to get in the back of the queue💀

  • N Harris
    N Harris Month ago +44

    I was very skeptical of ow2 and didnt have high hopes. But man i just had an absolute blast on my first night. Havent had that much fun gaming in a long while.

    • PYR0
      PYR0 Month ago

      I lost everything and it stole my money from pre order

    • Reid B
      Reid B Month ago

      Me too great game

    • Ram-On
      Ram-On Month ago +16

      Same! I didn't even get to play the game because of the queue. Best night in a long time!

  • Space
    Space Month ago +1

    Protect frogger's laugh at all costs.

  • Longder09
    Longder09 Month ago +1

    10:07 that roadhog corpse, I cannot breath haha, plus that sound effect.

  • Lunasy
    Lunasy Month ago +2

    Frogger, for later, you could have solved the render issue by pressing alt + enter twice

  • Abhinav Banerjee
    Abhinav Banerjee Month ago +1

    1:46 LMFAO. The sheer confidence in oneself.

  • OTNO F
    OTNO F Month ago +3

    Love the game so far, my new main is LC-208

  • Narrows
    Narrows Month ago +5

    inspiring all the noobs to go throw on Lucio... brings a year to my eye :')

  • Hellion2096
    Hellion2096 Month ago +3

    Ah yes, frog god is back. Love to see it in OW2

  • Thunk
    Thunk Month ago +1

    Hi Im Thuk from the Overwatch menu, and today we introduce you to the longest queue you have ever witnessed. With our patented 3 hour long wait time to even reach the play button on day 1, it ensures the best possible experience for the players.

  • chris lawrence
    chris lawrence Month ago +1

    must be nice that someone is getting to play.

  • I Eat Plastic
    I Eat Plastic Month ago +2

    When I joined I also had 40k ahead of me and had to wait an hour, got three match’s in, and then was kicked out for some reason and had to wait all over again😭
    Edit: their servers were attacked.

  • NTP
    NTP Month ago +1

    I waited through the 20000 player ahead queue 4 seperate times, I didn't get to pay the game, today in my third game ever my entire pc crashed, now I can't log into the game, Blizzard is so cool I love blizzard I love playing the new and "improved" doom I love that every round is super laggy I love this very much alive game

  • Валерия Поликарпова

    My lucio when I need healing be like

  • Matt
    Matt Month ago +4

    I went from having 30 people ahead of me in queue to having 30000 ahead of me 2 minutes later. Rly RLY good job, Blizzard

    • Gustavo huehue
      Gustavo huehue Month ago +3

      I was ao excited to play but couldn't get into the game and in the 2 times that i did the cross progression just forgot my ps4 account, at this point it's a rule to have almost every triple A game completely broken at launch

    • Matt
      Matt Month ago

      @Ruoho lol and when i finally got in, 0 skins or progress carried over from overwatch 1, despite linking my account on battlenet. fuck these devs

    • Ruoho
      Ruoho Month ago +1

      That happened to like 90% of the people multiple times

  • Moonwhooper
    Moonwhooper Month ago +4

    I love sitting in a queue for 3 hours 🤩

  • Chase daugherty
    Chase daugherty Month ago +2

    i can't wait to get home form school and be able to play it!!

  • rektangle
    rektangle Month ago

    1:48 you know you have mild anxiety when watching this clip stresses you out lol

  • metameow
    metameow Month ago +2

    i got in like the first game, then it put me back in the queue for some reason. I did the 40000 people queue, and got in another game, and it crashed too + bugged queue rip ggs.
    Thanks for this vid

  • slida emif
    slida emif Month ago

    imagine if the game was actually playable

  • bobi miiu
    bobi miiu Month ago

    the beginning when he edited to the boys saying "OMG BRUH OH HELL NA MAN" lmao had me crying

  • Hazzah !
    Hazzah ! Month ago

    man, this is what i want from multiplayer shooters
    goofy ass match, not battle-pass locked heroes

  • Antti Heinonen
    Antti Heinonen Month ago +1

    50 players ahead of you. When it went to 0 it changes to10000 lol.. never even played first and not fan of the genre but just happened to see this free and tought why not but apparantely it just launched😅

  • StarGAZ3R
    StarGAZ3R Month ago

    I was gonna say, I wish Kiriko had a boop or something and she might be it for me. And now look at this

  • Kirino Kousaka
    Kirino Kousaka Month ago +1

    Man I need more of these

  • Pantakan Ploypradab
    Pantakan Ploypradab Month ago +3

    finally, I get to play dps when picking flex queue.

  • Hematoph
    Hematoph Month ago +3

    I got 8 matches in before I couldn't log in anymore. They were good matches. I'm exited

  • Isaiah Armendariz
    Isaiah Armendariz Month ago +1

    The wait wouldn’t be so bad if it actually let me play after waiting 😔

  • Seto Kaiba
    Seto Kaiba Month ago +1

    6 hours later I went from 30000 to 20000 in queue. screw this launch 😒

  • Der Tzenpai
    Der Tzenpai Month ago +1

    I am new to ow and i try to learn this charakter but like how tf are you so good and how are you so insane speed boosted?

  • Supaircoop
    Supaircoop Month ago +1

    7:48 the struggles of any person that plays a shimada

  • HIvanH91
    HIvanH91 Month ago +3

    God... First time watching this guy and he plays like a real Chad...

    • Sobert
      Sobert Month ago

      @Johan The Viking his junkrat is also insane, but he doesn't want to play on him =(

    • Johan The Viking
      Johan The Viking Month ago

      welcome to one of the best overwatch channels there is if you want to be cheered up! his lucio content is soooo good (and i hate lucio) - but damn his laughter is extremely contagious and his plays can be great too.

  • BruceHammad Alee
    BruceHammad Alee Month ago +7

    Lmao the sombra kill

    BRANDON SHROCK Month ago +1

    I'm convinced that Lucio players are all psychopaths.

  • Jack
    Jack Month ago +8

    4:12 that’s actually me, it was a pleasure getting rest by you

  • Phoenix96
    Phoenix96 Month ago +1

    my queue went from 5k to 40k in 10 mins

  • Owen
    Owen Month ago +2

    Lucio is pretty good rn too

  • MrBoi427Gaming
    MrBoi427Gaming Month ago

    I remember when it really was 70000 players ahead of you, and you'd wait 2hours just to do it again lol.

    • eyow foou
      eyow foou Month ago

      Normal people: Cleanse, heal and immortality - what a nice support ability! Frogger: haha, boop go brrrr!

  • Je Suis un orange
    Je Suis un orange Month ago

    If you are having to wait a long queue use Europe region insta into the game tested it with my friends

  • Lock
    Lock Month ago +8

    waiting in queue while watching this pray for me boys 🙏

    • Leelen 2
      Leelen 2 Month ago

      You still in que lmao bc I am 😪

  • Ramiro Guerrero
    Ramiro Guerrero Month ago +2

    LMAO . When he yelled "point point".

  • Blayzee
    Blayzee Month ago +9

    Waited 8 hours queuing on Xbox haven’t even got in menu

  • Nigiri ASMR
    Nigiri ASMR Month ago +1

    I've been having luck getting into the Europe server pretty fast

  • TheLonelyBrit
    TheLonelyBrit Month ago +1

    Time to start the grind all over again, eh?

  • Michael
    Michael Month ago +63

    Wow, must of been nice to actually get in a game

  • Demon246111
    Demon246111 Month ago +4

    Got an Outback Steakhouse ad before this video and now all I want is for Frogger to do a parody

  • Jinks Davison
    Jinks Davison Month ago +5

    To me it's worth the wait because the game IS SOOOO GOOD

  • ericneo2
    ericneo2 Month ago +2

    OW2: Only for post-paid phone users...

  • Noah Belrose
    Noah Belrose Month ago

    Frogger 45 on trending good stuff.

  • Krakencifer
    Krakencifer Month ago +1

    7 ranked matches done. 4 winds 1 loss 2 disconnects.

  • William Owen
    William Owen Month ago +1

    Has anyone else had issues merging their data from OW to OW2? I'm on Xbox and I've lost everything which is kinda annoying😂 I dunno if that's a bug or if my game is just ruined

  • Rei Daniels
    Rei Daniels Month ago +2

    OW2 already had a DDoS attack and my boyfriend wasn't able to get in on launch day lol I got in because they launched the servers before the scheduled 12pm pt drop

  • Will Learn
    Will Learn Month ago

    Lucio is so gooood, let’s gooo

  • Dude
    Dude Month ago +2

    good job frog boy.

  • F0reverr
    F0reverr Month ago +1

    its just like overwatch 1 queue times, maps, characters, gameplay, balance issues, toxicity, graphics, leavers, it's overwatch 1 😂

  • Blynq _
    Blynq _ Month ago +1

    Yesterday was actually depressing staring at that grey screen for like an hour just to get “server connection failed”

  • Denis Ciovnicu
    Denis Ciovnicu Month ago

    skilled lucio looks so fun xddd

  • Azzathas
    Azzathas Month ago +2

    Welcome to queue simulator.

  • SmellProphet
    SmellProphet Month ago +1

    i feel like the game is very unerwhelming, the 5v5 instead of 6v6 also sucks

  • Toma
    Toma Month ago +29

    They definitely did some uh, *minor* skin tweaks 😳

    • V. Va
      V. Va Month ago

      @Toma Are you fucking stupid or something?

    • Toma
      Toma Month ago

      @Nick What was the joke about

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago +1

      @Toma yes we do but it's a joke we already 1000 times on this point it's not even funny

    • Toma
      Toma Month ago +1

      @Amari No one’s getting my joke 😔

    • Pancake Town
      Pancake Town Month ago


  • livelong
    livelong Month ago +2

    Anyone who thought they would fix their server problems don't really know blizzard

    • Nick
      Nick Month ago

      Anyone that follows there Twitter also know they had to deal with 2 ddos attacks

  • Cosmical Wind
    Cosmical Wind Month ago +7

    Hello, mind uploading more gameplay clips featuring your 2019 All-star Lucio skin? You used it in one video about making streamers rage, and you had it in gold which looked very cool.

    • Cosmical Wind
      Cosmical Wind Month ago

      @V. Va For real XD? No way he is one of the best supports with gold.

    • V. Va
      V. Va Month ago

      He doesn't like the gold skin on Lucio. He thinks it makes the gun look gross. Lol

  • Jonty Nokes
    Jonty Nokes Month ago +2

    hey FROGGER can u do a tip video for Lucio in OW2?? Hi from SA btw

  • Bearded Wolf
    Bearded Wolf Month ago

    "We're gonna tap the voicecom and chatbot the in-game speech, as well as force you to use your phone number to play, because no-one gets to have what we deem naughty opinions"
    -overwatch 2
    this sorta of behavior is becoming absolutely standard these days. NOWHERE can you just type what you really think.

  • Cameron West
    Cameron West Month ago +1

    Yeah thank you overwatch FOR BREAKING MY HEART paid hundreds of dollars in overwatch 1 hours out the ass waited 3 years for the sequel all to be told IM NOT ALLOWED TO PLAY why you ask? Because of who my phone carrier is I'm sorry it's a prepaid service so I'm not getting outrageous fees every month and it's a solid number but because it's prepaid I'm not allowed to play

  • Michael Escott
    Michael Escott Month ago +1

    I played this game for the first time today and the audio just fucked me. It kept sounding like everyone was on top of me and I couldn't locate nooone friend/foe. I was so confused.

  • Danoxis
    Danoxis Month ago +1

    I got into a match once, didn't even play the full thing before we got swamped with server errors and I was kicked out again and again

  • Conor Howland
    Conor Howland Month ago

    Good we got the regularly scheduled widow bullying

  • mdoggie1
    mdoggie1 Month ago +1

    2:50 what was that reload animation glitch?

  • Arden Cassie
    Arden Cassie Month ago +2

    Bumped into you today. Got absolutely rolled. ggs

  • Onion
    Onion Month ago +1

    im not the only one who thought we were getting a campaign mode right

  • MasterOogway
    MasterOogway Month ago

    Junkerqueen is the most fun I've ever had doing absolutely jack shit