Can This USB Stick Resurrect Your Old PC?

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
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    Prairie IT claims their Xtra-PC is the solution to making old and slow PCs run like new again - But could it really work?
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Comments • 7 026

  • D C
    D C 10 hours ago

    This is a terrible product though, for the following reasons:
    1) They're charging $60 USD for the 32GB stick. I know you say "it's saving someone the trouble of making a bootable Linux USB drive themselves", and fair enough, for a less tech savvy person, that might be worth something. So I googled for other retailers selling USB sticks with Linux. Found this site selling a 32GB stick with Lubuntu for £20 ($25 USD):
    So that's less than half the price for the same product.
    2) "Xtra PC" seems to be deliberately lying / misleading about their product. Notice on that other site I found, The Linux Shop, they're not making any claims about magically speeding up your PC. They're also straight up about the fact that it's just Linux on a USB drive. Meanwhile, I shit you not, in this godawful video from Xtra PC's website, the guy says: "the Xtra PC is like a little USB thumb drive looking thing". That is, he won't admit that it *IS* a USB thumb drive. So that's deception right there. Source:
    3) I can find a USB 3.1 32GB USB stick on Amazon for £3.83 ($4.76 USD). So that's a faster superior USB drive, for less than 1/12th the cost. Yes it requires installing Linux yourself, but still.
    4) Like you say yourselves, the speed of your system is completely dependent on the hardware of your computer - mostly the CPU and RAM. So there are no guarantees WHATSOEVER that buying this overpriced Linux USB stick will magically make your computer quicker.
    So that's why it's such a shit product. It's vastly overpriced (you can get the EXACT SAME THING with Linux already on it for less than half the price from other retailers), AND its sales claims are completely bogus and misleading.

  • Sparrow
    Sparrow 10 hours ago

    When you'r computer needs an update ehh *turns it of*
    Can't buddy it takes to long

  • spooka770
    spooka770 13 hours ago

    I don’t think so pal

  • oldartguy
    oldartguy 16 hours ago

    Thanck you, like your set up better.

  • John Dickson Jr
    John Dickson Jr 20 hours ago

    I think the comparison was a bit unfair. Compare the performance of an old Windows PC to the Linux boot. Less bloat on the Linux boot would run faster than the same Windows based computer every time.

  • MVE
    MVE Day ago

    You pay for the convenience I guess.

  • akito nakamura
    akito nakamura 2 days ago

    This pc is better then mine.

  • AJComputerServicesUK

    It really annoys me when People / Companies take advantage of the Elderly and Technophobes!

  • Chanceman1234 56
    Chanceman1234 56 2 days ago

    i dont have a hard drive my pc runs off a usb stick with windows 7 pro installed

  • Lee Alessandro
    Lee Alessandro 2 days ago

    I mean, for a "daily driver" for the overwhelming majority of people GNU/Linux is totally fine. They wouldn't know the difference since people just use their Gmail, Hotmail and Facebook. I have moved most people that were always expecting free tech support from me on to Nix since it just doesn't tend to break as easliy and anything that can break the 'puter requires admin/root, which they don't have.

  • DroyLabs
    DroyLabs 2 days ago

    Linus you are too used to luxury and High-end products that you cant figure it out the price of normal stuff. The 2.0 drive cost much less of 10 $ actually you can buy the cruiser glide 64gb 3.0 for less then 11 euros on amazon

  • Ethan Manzi
    Ethan Manzi 2 days ago

    Looks like a total rip off to me. I’ve installed Linux in multiple family members computers, minimal learning curve, and it only costs me about $15 for a USB. I usually copy important files all the computer first, install Linux internally, then copy the files back onto the newly installed OS.

  • Fiallos1
    Fiallos1 3 days ago

    There’s your problem, it’s running vista!

  • Allan French
    Allan French 3 days ago

    I prefer using the live usb from Mx linux.

  • majid aghashahi
    majid aghashahi 3 days ago

    U got such a seekining voice!

  • 69tibbar
    69tibbar 4 days ago

    Where can i find a USB that looks like the gpu card?

  • RO News
    RO News 4 days ago

    Can it bring my grandma back to life?

  • Happy Car Crash
    Happy Car Crash 4 days ago

    Install MX-Linux .........

  • grumpy granda
    grumpy granda 4 days ago

    Kid you not guy's, my 9yr old grandson told me extra pc was linux and if I give him the money he will create 1 for me. He also said your limited by your PC's ability.

  • mike fuston
    mike fuston 4 days ago

    just reinstall you os and programs

  • Don Waldrep
    Don Waldrep 4 days ago

    MAN!! Can you stop screaming and screeching? I had to turn you off so you don't crack my teeth!Try to get a testosterone shot!

  • Bazrrrr
    Bazrrrr 4 days ago +1

    I put lubuntu on an old dual core intel atom netbook and it worked. I tried speeding it up with an ssd and there was virtually no difference surprisingly. The CPU was the actual bottleneck and by a huge margin. I put an ssd in my old q6600 shuttle pc and that even runs windows 10 smoothly and boot up is fast. I will have to try a linux distro on that.

  • Thesaus 974
    Thesaus 974 4 days ago

    I wonder how many people change their oil know how to repair basic issues with cars.
    Do you know how to stitch clothes or even cook ?
    People pay more for services they could do for cheaper and so do you everyday.
    Stop being judgemental pricks all the time

  • Thooper DONG
    Thooper DONG 5 days ago

    OMG. 2:00 That edit . . I open mouth lol’d for 20sec . . Thank you for the hilarity 😂💚

  • Muhammed Hussein Karimi

    How you installed Linux inside USB stick

  • Michael's Lets Plays

    yea thats a rip off. i rather make my grandma a linux distro myself then waste my money on a obvious scam targeting the elderly. its just like carsheild in that regard...... no carsheild is way worst.

  • civic2980
    civic2980 7 days ago

    Is Anthony losing weight? Hope so hes great. I love his shirts most times, the bomber one was dope.

  • 齋藤謙介
    齋藤謙介 8 days ago

    Just buy an old pc and boot it with linux distro, do some initial setup, and tell her the least as possible. better than forcing them to buy free stuff.

  • Vinicius Rocha
    Vinicius Rocha 8 days ago

    The endless OS is a more easy to setup, and more user friendly
    Is a good distro to make a vídeo about

  • Matt Thompson
    Matt Thompson 8 days ago

    I was expecting it to be terrible too 😂

  • Pyoyoyo 152
    Pyoyoyo 152 8 days ago

    You should try using a toshiba ,I timed it and it takes 3 whole minutes to open google chrome,and it’s my only windows computer (windows 8.1)

  • Starlesslemon
    Starlesslemon 8 days ago

    If they can learn Linux, they can create a boot drive. If they can't, they can't.

  • kushagra arora
    kushagra arora 8 days ago

    Casually uses GTX USB as show off and makes a bootable USB from it

  • Luke Probert
    Luke Probert 8 days ago

    Maybe put the product name in the title so gran can find it when looking on RU-clip before spending her $80

  • Tango Golf
    Tango Golf 8 days ago

    You Bunch Of Drongos!
    Grandma being presented with an entirely new Desktop, is going to be a considerable problem for her.
    And Grandma will genuinely say, "Oh I don't mind the wait"! *Grandma* learning 'new stuff' is only going to make her life hell.
    How Old Are You? I like to see how happy you'll be learning a 'new' program, even if you only do Emails & Facebook, when your 65/70. Because after all your flair, your just an online salesman for things most people can do well enough without!
    Your program is akin to the normal Instruction Booklet ... Written by people who already know how to use the program, whatever!

  • Gecko
    Gecko 9 days ago

    The sudo get-apt update..........and sudo apt-get install firefox........just keep your Computer going so well from 2 basic terminal command lines......and Ubuntu is also amazing and sometimes more Compatible with your older Computer than even Linux Mint!! just need to remeer too have a look in the software section of Ubuntu too find the VLC media player that just makes your life heaven...........for playing MP4 and Flv tutorial or research Videos.......I can have a Happy experience with Linux Mint or Ubuntu after updates with only 2Gb of DDR2 ram............WOW!!
    I even had some old Panasonics working with only 1GB Ram fairly well.........I have made a lot of DIY usb Linux Mint and Ubuntu Systems on simple you would have a hard time believing someone trying too explain that too you........THANK YOU LINUX MINT AND THANK YOU UBUNTU.......YOU WONDERFUL PEOPLE!!!!..........

  • Gecko
    Gecko 9 days ago

    In case it helps people.........if you have an older laptop notebook or similar with the Intel ICORE 5 or 7 or possibly even 3 you may do really well ..........with one of the Linux Mint Distributions which you can get for free off the Internet and also from the Linux Mint Homepage........the first mint system too really know about which changed so much for the beginners and people storing collecting information from RU-clip and other places was the Linux Mint 16 software which gives you the 2 Free Tools in the accessories section which you could find for yourself with very little help.........those 2 tools can enable you too place a Linux Software System on a USB FLASHDRIVE of your choosing cheaper or higher quality stainless steel waterproof rubberized about 3 Minutes!!...the first tool will FORMAT YOUR USB FLASHDRIVE In about 4 seconds!!...too prepare for installation ..of new software system..WOW!! and you are given the choice of Fat 32 NTFS Ext4 and others too place on your USB STICK!!! WOW!!.......but if you make these and you prove that you made them correctly the true value of that new Linux Mint Flashdrive System is about $30-$100 depending ob the Quality and size of the USB Stick have no COPYRIGHT Like windows too deal could supply a whole township with free software if you wanted......or make a small business

  • Helen Rand
    Helen Rand 10 days ago

    I am sick about this am elderly it's seems like a scam to me

  • Jenna Talia
    Jenna Talia 10 days ago

    you can tell anthony is not a real linux guy - no real linux person would use arch linux or manjaro ... manjaro and arch linux are junk that only works on 14% of all computer hardwares.

  • Chris Technologies YT
    Chris Technologies YT 10 days ago

    format it in order to become a USB storage device

  • Jude Quinn
    Jude Quinn 12 days ago

    You don't need to pretend you're my grandma. That's my 2GB of RAM running Windows 7 Ultimate laptop, right there.

  • Al Paca
    Al Paca 12 days ago +2

    I like to imagine that in a few years, with a good bit of public exposure and enough gentle encouragement from friends and fans Anthony will become a full blown tech celebrity, lose a few pounds and turn into a ripped and buff hunk with a harem of loving womans and fangirls.

  • Jackson Shelton
    Jackson Shelton 13 days ago

    I’m pretty sure that’s just Linux on a USB stick.

  • J knowledgenet
    J knowledgenet 13 days ago

    Ring doorbells are being used by police officers to spy on families

  • Pascal Tankink
    Pascal Tankink 13 days ago

    I swear, the editors of LTT are part of dedsec, the editing is funny af. 2:09

  • Saverino A
    Saverino A 15 days ago

    You are soooooooooo cool i LOVE your videos.

  • Nathan The Collector
    Nathan The Collector 15 days ago

    Just get a Chromebook

  • AwesomeBrix
    AwesomeBrix 15 days ago

    2:50 $6.46 on amazon (usd, not canadian)
    so yeah, pretty cheap

  • admtech69
    admtech69 15 days ago

    I wonder how much $$$ Xtra-PC has made off of unsuspecting users?

  • Meaning
    Meaning 16 days ago +1

    I gave my grandma my old computer with Ubuntu when her Vista PC Bit the dust.

  • Joku Toinen
    Joku Toinen 16 days ago +1

    My mother (75+) uses Linux, which I installed for her. She will not even try to learn Linux, so it's all good and dandy. Thunderbird and Firefox are all she ever uses.


    Well my pc with an 7700k and 1050ti is as slow like grandmas pc because of WINDOWS_DRIVER_POWER_ERROR

    • Ap0x
      Ap0x 14 days ago

      Code: Nologyy SONST GIBTS EINE AUFS MAUL go through and update every single driver, I had an issue that was similar. Also, upgrade from that 1050ti to something a bit better, I’d recommend the gtx 1650 for a good price and really low power consumption.

  • jacobtb1
    jacobtb1 17 days ago

    manjaro is unstable

  • JoshyWashyXX45
    JoshyWashyXX45 17 days ago +2

    Huh, I got an xtra pc ad in the the corner of my screen while watching this.

  • J o n a t h a n
    J o n a t h a n 17 days ago

    cccleaner can make your pc go faster most people don't clean their cookies or internet history and store loads of crap on their pc.

  • venus 9X
    venus 9X 18 days ago

    Its $30 now

  • DdlyHeadshot
    DdlyHeadshot 18 days ago

    Manjaro and Lubuntu are more medium weight than light. Raspbian PC would be better for lightness while still maintaining ease of use, but if you wanted to go all out for lightweight, you could do a lot worse than TinyCore! 256MB of RAM is tonnes for that!

  • ice cream
    ice cream 18 days ago

    4:47 just check the captions

  • chumbo2
    chumbo2 19 days ago +3

    Legit I had to help my grandma because she bought one of these for 50 bucks

  • Yapsonark
    Yapsonark 19 days ago +5

    1:35 I love how linus has two separate category's for the Elderly and Tech Illiterate.