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  • Опубликовано: 21 фев 2019
  • The only way to tell his story is to live his fantasy. ✨ Taron Egerton is Elton John in #Rocketman, in theatres May 31. Watch the new trailer now!
    ROCKETMAN is an epic musical fantasy about the uncensored human story of Elton John’s breakthrough years, starring Taron Egerton, Jamie Bell, Richard Madden and Bryce Dallas Howard.
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  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann 12 минут назад

    I bet they don't include the part where he was in Golden Circle...

  • Lukas Murmann
    Lukas Murmann 14 минут назад +1

    Bohemian Rhapsody?
    Is that you?

  • Mordicai Lewis
    Mordicai Lewis 22 минуты назад

    what was the opening song? i know im uncultured lmao

  • Erson Velasco
    Erson Velasco 30 минут назад

    Kingsman brought me here...just believe me...

  • joe samm
    joe samm 59 минут назад

    this movie looks really great. no doubt taron can sing. but it is ruined without eltons voice of the 70s. why would you make a movie about a legendary performer and not use his unique voice. i love elton, always have for 45+ years, but going to see this will be like listening to a broadway play. so very very very dissappointing. elton and david should know better.

  • Oboe
    Oboe Час назад

    Prequel to Kingsman?

  • King James
    King James Час назад

    How about a movie called Space Oddity

  • George Yerkess
    George Yerkess 4 часа назад

    Wow after bohemian rhapsody there all gonna start coming now and there both gay and both changed there names

  • Hysterical Queen
    Hysterical Queen 4 часа назад

    I’m guessing this is going to be just as good as Bohemian Rhapsody I can’t wait I love Elton John a lot but it obviously will never top Bohemain Rhapsody

  • Rhine
    Rhine 5 часов назад

    They got egsy to play Elton John
    Dream team never dies

  • Postal Dude
    Postal Dude 5 часов назад

    As much as I adore Elton, there is absolutely no way this movie will come anywhere close to Bohemian Rhapsody. Considering the difference in fan base, number of hits, legendary status comparing to Freddie Mercury. Sad but true is the fact that people who die young often tend to be more legendary than others, even if that weren't the case, Elton's voice is nowhere near Freddie's. Not trying to start a flame war, as I'm eager to see this and every biopic in the future, but comparing Elton to Freddie is incomparable, let alone Queen.

  • CrappyAnimations
    CrappyAnimations 7 часов назад +3

    In the year 2119:
    In theatres

  • sassimaus2
    sassimaus2 7 часов назад +2

    A movie about an artist who is still alive, I’m impressed never seen that before

  • Thot repellent
    Thot repellent 8 часов назад +2

    Elton is the biggest queen fan, you need to impress me

  • Strange Groove
    Strange Groove 9 часов назад

    i just hope the next movie biopic would be "Slowhand" Eric Clapton movie, it would hit so much on emotion story telling, Maybe Edward Norton for it?

  • Potato The Wise
    Potato The Wise 10 часов назад

    petiton for Black Sabbath or Ozzy

  • Diego rene
    Diego rene 10 часов назад

    Queen, mötley crüe and now Elton John, we need a Guns n Roses Movie right now

  • Ian Berin
    Ian Berin 11 часов назад

    Is this Kingsman 3?

  • Monetization
    Monetization 11 часов назад +1

    Oh eggsy

  • Disco Saturn Loves To Do Subtitled Comedies and Other Things 24/7

    If Queen and Elton John get to have their own biopics I want the others to get theirs as well. I have new ideas for biopic titles...
    - Smells Like Teen Spirit
    - Piano Man
    - Material Girl
    - One Love: the Bob Marley Story
    - Livin' on a Prayer
    - Dream On: the Aerosmith Story
    - Natural Woman
    - Stayin' Alive: the Bee Gees Story
    - Never Mind the Bollocks, Here's the Sex Pistols
    - Thank You For the Music

    Feel free to add more!

  • kacYEET
    kacYEET 11 часов назад

    we need one on Elvis!

  • Lord of Command
    Lord of Command 12 часов назад

    We don't need a movie about Kim Jong Un right now!

    • scottieray
      scottieray 10 часов назад

      "Un Done...The Story of Lil' Kim"

  • SFC: Irish boys
    SFC: Irish boys 12 часов назад +1


  • Christolf
    Christolf 12 часов назад +1

    what song at 1:00?

  • Hyäne
    Hyäne 13 часов назад

    Bohemian Rhapsody, now this... Gays will defeat the industry

  • Mr. Death
    Mr. Death 13 часов назад

    Can someone tell me which song the very first beats came from (The one from the preview of the trailer)?

  • Black Bird Noodle
    Black Bird Noodle 13 часов назад

    Any one want the naked cuddle scene or not?
    In my opinion they should do what they want, I don't mind if they cut the scene or not. They can make it as real as possible.
    Is there a news that they officially removed it or no?

  • Elizabeth Glasby
    Elizabeth Glasby 13 часов назад

    The British

  • Chayse M
    Chayse M 14 часов назад

    how many likes for a david bowie film?

  • s h i t.
    s h i t. 14 часов назад

    when I was a few weeks old my mum sang me 'Your song' to me (;

  • EriCervan
    EriCervan 14 часов назад +1


  • Ciara keany
    Ciara keany 15 часов назад

    Just waiting for a good mj movie

  • Mr Berto
    Mr Berto 16 часов назад

    and now we need a Metallica one

  • 123 456
    123 456 16 часов назад

    Can someone plz tell me the music at the beginning plz

  • Jp Pj
    Jp Pj 17 часов назад

    But I am all out for that Badass B B Beastie Boys Biopic movie that they always wanted to make. Finally from their book that came out. And it has Rip MAC Adam Yauch life and death. Elton is still alive

  • Jp Pj
    Jp Pj 17 часов назад

    Ok Unless harassment Bryan Singer directed it, it wont be as oscar worthy so it will do just fine.

  • Sandymoor Ferrari club
    Sandymoor Ferrari club 17 часов назад

    This is all well and good, but when are we getting a Paul McCartney biopic? The scene where he dies in 1966 and is replaced with a look-alike will be well worth a watch.

  • EMI tutut //
    EMI tutut // 17 часов назад

    Cuando se estrena en cines?

  • Truth Litter
    Truth Litter 18 часов назад

    RocketMan never had the makings of a Bohemian Rhapsody movie.

  • ITS Anthony
    ITS Anthony 18 часов назад

    Please make an ABBA biopic next please?

  • Chip the Memer
    Chip the Memer 19 часов назад

    Now we need a Led Zeppelin or Bob Dylan biopic

  • OK KO
    OK KO 19 часов назад +2

    In my opinion, Elton is the best melody maker.

  • hail jas
    hail jas 20 часов назад


  • me
    me 20 часов назад

    im so excited to see jamie bell again! i watched amc’s turn and honestly, he’s such a good actor- plus, elton john is a legend, so i hope to see him more often because of this movie :,)

  • cambell h
    cambell h 20 часов назад +1

    we need jailhouse rock next

  • Mr. Fahrenheit
    Mr. Fahrenheit 20 часов назад

    Please let this be a joke. Elton John is great, but Bohemian Rhapsody was first.

  • Myrin
    Myrin 21 час назад

    i sense that the theme of 2019 is music biopics...hoping for a beatles one...

  • Tom Holmes
    Tom Holmes 21 час назад

    Anyone else think the cover of Bennie and the Jets just sounds superb

  • OzzyVanHalen
    OzzyVanHalen 22 часа назад

    We need a movie based around Ozzy Osbourne's life. He went through and did alot of insane shit during his life.

  • Tim Austria
    Tim Austria 22 часа назад

    is that eggzy?

  • Tang Daisy
    Tang Daisy 23 часа назад

    oooo I think this is a kind of trend. there's bohemian rhapsody, there's yeasterday, and look there's rocketman

  • Phil Isaacs
    Phil Isaacs 23 часа назад

    Oscars oscars oscars !!!!

  • India Alpha November
    India Alpha November 23 часа назад

    Oh FFS I can't take anymore reaction videos.....

  • Skye Sylvia
    Skye Sylvia День назад

    billy joel please

  • federation boi
    federation boi День назад

    It's called rocket Man but they don't play the audio

  • merouane floydian
    merouane floydian День назад

    Why do you all after the bohemian rhapsody trying to do these kinda movies? Should do it long time ago if you wanted to honore the artist..

  • JD Is my husband k bye
    JD Is my husband k bye День назад +1

    This looks great but we need a Bowie one

  • fuad1803trollerz
    fuad1803trollerz День назад

    *2020 : come as you are*

  • Gino
    Gino День назад

    The fans of real music are getting absolutely spoiled.... First Bohemian Rhapsody now a Elton John movie. Jesus fuck this is great.

  • the brink
    the brink День назад +1

    oh, I thought this was about Kim Jong-un

  • Mahir Mazumder (2023)
    Mahir Mazumder (2023) День назад

    Song from 0:58 to 1:15?

  • SS Man
    SS Man День назад

    Eggsy, looks like you got the backstage privilege

  • Jenaro Bravo
    Jenaro Bravo День назад

    Next is COWBELL the legendary movie will Ferrell should play him he looks like him rated r movie.

  • Kasper Eriksson
    Kasper Eriksson День назад +1


  • siusi
    siusi День назад

    Not saying that this is bad coz it WILL BE AMAZING coz it’s Elton John! Love him! But...... another biography film on an amazing singer. Too soon right after Bohemian Rhapsody

  • Carissa Marquez
    Carissa Marquez День назад

    You gotta kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be

  • Yellow Pudding
    Yellow Pudding День назад

    We need Elton live with John Lennon in MSG

  • Nashuha Tasbir
    Nashuha Tasbir День назад

    Another gay movies

  • Henry Burby
    Henry Burby День назад

    well, this looks rubbish. after the right hash that was Bohemian Rhapsody, I hoped the generic BRILLIANT ARTIST STRUGGLES WITH DRUGS storyline would get a few years off, but oh well...

  • Mia Kusumawati
    Mia Kusumawati День назад

    2020 : Space Oddity.

  • Shmuck 101
    Shmuck 101 День назад

    biotopic title for an AC/DC movie, Highway to hell

  • Faze MelLo
    Faze MelLo День назад

    Reminds me about queen but just about Freddy mercury

  • Andrea Carpenter
    Andrea Carpenter День назад

    I really want this movie to have the same love and marketing as Bohemian Rhapsody! Taron! Taron!

  • Tatum Blanchard
    Tatum Blanchard День назад

    I need one for The Beatles and Billy Joel

  • Ben Dover
    Ben Dover День назад

    The musician origin story cinematic universe

  • Chris Kringle
    Chris Kringle День назад

    Petition for toto or Kansas, and their movies re about Africa and carry on wayward son

  • samtheman2144
    samtheman2144 День назад

    RIP Elton John

  • VintageNoir
    VintageNoir День назад

    The wrong kid died.
    He has to think his whole life over before he performs.

  • Gus Riojas
    Gus Riojas День назад

    Love the scene where he’s groggy and hopped up on drugs but when he goes on stage he smiles and performs like he’s born to do it

  • SniperMonkey 900
    SniperMonkey 900 День назад

    The songs are so good combined

  • Edgarrr -_-
    Edgarrr -_- День назад

    Beatles are next, I'm calling it

  • ; kindhust
    ; kindhust День назад

    *petition for the beatles god*

  • tia watson
    tia watson День назад

    I want to see a wham / George Micheal

  • Kamilla Gutierrez
    Kamilla Gutierrez День назад

    Random time to make a biopic but ight

  • Isaiah Borum
    Isaiah Borum День назад

    At least he does not die in the ending

  • The 1101 Experiment
    The 1101 Experiment День назад

    I din't see anyone that looked like Bernie.

  • Colt Stevens
    Colt Stevens День назад

    2020 Harvey Weinstein.....

  • Дарья Шашкова
    Дарья Шашкова День назад

    Abraham Woodhull, the hell are you doing there?

  • En_Malte
    En_Malte День назад

    First bohemian rhapsody then rocket man next hey Jude

  • Ben Honeycutt
    Ben Honeycutt День назад

    This looks SO good.

  • Soearadiri Movie
    Soearadiri Movie День назад +4

    Disney have MCU, and princess universe. But Paramount have the greatest one: Superstars Cinematic universe.

  • Soearadiri Movie
    Soearadiri Movie День назад +2

    You have two sexiest boys in 21st century. It'll ashame if there is no gay scenes...

  • Soearadiri Movie
    Soearadiri Movie День назад +2

    John Reid was played by two Game of Thrones stars.

  • Chris Ridenhour
    Chris Ridenhour День назад

    Hopefully this is the beginning of an era of top notch music bio movies. When real rock stars once roamed the earth.

  • Lensman
    Lensman День назад

    A fun trailer but re-using a scene twice (corridor, red outfit) is unforgiveable!

  • petemacarthur
    petemacarthur День назад

    Jesus, this looks shit.

  • Chris Wild
    Chris Wild День назад

    Every time one of his songs come on the Radio, I start singing? Very strange? Maybe better wait until it comes out on DVD.. I may get booted out the cinema.. :0/

  • sofyzywiciel
    sofyzywiciel День назад +2

    queen now this. my heart cant handle

  • Andrew saunders
    Andrew saunders День назад

    Oh so first Queen, now Elton

  • Ricardo Astorga
    Ricardo Astorga День назад +2

    Post credit scene:
    One guy walks around Brixton, when he looks a photo-session, one van had a name in it; Ziggy Stardust.
    So, Rock Cinematic Universe begins.