David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue

  • Published on Mar 25, 2019
  • RU-clipr and all-around nice guy David Dobrik guesses how 1,016 of his fans responded to a 17 question survey about him. From his first kiss to his favorite body wash scent, David attempts to guess the responses of the majority of his fans and lets us know how spot on they really were.

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    David Dobrik Guesses How 1,016 Fans Responded to a Survey About Him | Teen Vogue
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Comments • 6 019

  • Nahomy Trejo
    Nahomy Trejo Day ago

    Funny when it started talking about what David uses for his body and commercial came up of body wash of dove lol

  • TNA's Noobies
    TNA's Noobies Day ago

    Jack Dylan Grazer looks so much older than his age

  • Satyapriya Rk
    Satyapriya Rk 4 days ago

    David:-Lucas Graham!!
    Ohh the nose..the eyes..
    I'm falling in love with him..🤣

  • Love Ga1ore
    Love Ga1ore 4 days ago

    David got me thinking, where DO these ppl take the surveys lmao?

  • Inna Sim
    Inna Sim 5 days ago

    I feel so bad for the environment... All those papers 😢...

    Why do I even think about it tho..

  • Carly Street
    Carly Street 5 days ago

    Swimming I don't even know how to flot 😂

  • Helen Phillips
    Helen Phillips 5 days ago +1

    10:33 you’re welcome

  • James Parsons
    James Parsons 7 days ago

    Your mom was 14 when she had you?

  • plazmuh
    plazmuh 7 days ago +1

    “You wanna do it now?”

    - David Dobrik 2019

  • sarah shumway
    sarah shumway 7 days ago

    everyone should know David is 5'10...he said it in his first vlog ever

  • Tangeriiine
    Tangeriiine 7 days ago

    No one:

    *i’M pReTtY lEnGtHy*

  • Kathy Kate
    Kathy Kate 10 days ago

    Ich finde er ähnelt Shawn Mendes oder Henning May :)

  • agostina animations
    agostina animations 11 days ago

    I love Dylan o Bryan he is in teen wolf lolol

  • Amber Delgado
    Amber Delgado 11 days ago

    I haven a secret.....I'm Joel

  • Hamza Adrees
    Hamza Adrees 11 days ago +1

    You do not look like brad Pitt

  • Raiden Go Romero
    Raiden Go Romero 12 days ago

    Wait his mom had him at 14?

  • MiistySkies
    MiistySkies 12 days ago +20

    "You sound like you don't wanna see the trick"

    I CANT

  • Whoisthis Kas
    Whoisthis Kas 13 days ago

    Okayyy but what do you think the fans would say?

  • AngelofFlames890
    AngelofFlames890 13 days ago

    I knew the eyeball in a cup because I listen to the podcast

  • Alexandra Kitenge
    Alexandra Kitenge 14 days ago

    how does one take teen vogue survey

  • Divita Joshi
    Divita Joshi 14 days ago

    johnnn krasinskiiiiiiiii

  • zafiro gudino
    zafiro gudino 15 days ago +1

    Am I the only one that really wanted to see that magic trick?

  • Jung Hoseok
    Jung Hoseok 18 days ago


  • Eeva Venäläinen
    Eeva Venäläinen 19 days ago

    am I the only one that thinks the vogue guy and David sound the same🤣

  • Groen Gras
    Groen Gras 19 days ago

    He's so nice

  • sarah
    sarah 21 day ago


    *i don’t even know how to float*

  • sarah
    sarah 21 day ago +3

    “i would like to argue with my partner about things”

  • Calvin Strawberries
    Calvin Strawberries 21 day ago

    When you’re 13 and watch David-

  • Hide the pain Harold just hide the pain It’s okay

    That burrito thing he said was DEEP.

  • xoxokittygacha xo
    xoxokittygacha xo 22 days ago

    My friend is 5 10 and shes 12 WHAT THE HECK

  • Alec Hammond
    Alec Hammond 24 days ago

    7:57 *fake fan*

  • Minuka Rodrigo
    Minuka Rodrigo 25 days ago +1

    *That moment when you realize Noah Centineo, David Dobrik and Austin Mahone are the same age and are huge beliebers*

  • Savannah Grace
    Savannah Grace 27 days ago

    also i love how david described a chipotle burrito as himself and how he used his hands to like rest them on his chin because when he does it it reminds me of what i look like when i do it that made no sense but hi

  • Savannah Grace
    Savannah Grace 27 days ago

    i think david’s hair is adorable like

  • Charlotte Marrah
    Charlotte Marrah 28 days ago +4

    David talking about suave kids: “my mom used to bathe me in it... when i was eleven”

  • sonia nikose
    sonia nikose 29 days ago

    the amount of times david said solid>>>>

  • Sweney
    Sweney 29 days ago

    low key eating Chipotle

  • Van Balaoro
    Van Balaoro Month ago +1

    When he was describing his ideal girl, I was whispering Liza... When he was identifying with the bunny, I was whispering Alex...

  • forevergirl
    forevergirl Month ago

    "_meeting ariana ..... that's a dream._ *that's for sure.*" the way david said that you know ariana has brought david to ... um, hm, i'll just say CLIMAX 💦 in some of his dreams about her lmao.
    can't even blame him though, let's be real (*; ˘▽˘)

  • Nisa__
    Nisa__ Month ago

    David lowkey discribing liza. 😭 wish you were still together.

  • Feziwe Maluleke
    Feziwe Maluleke Month ago

    10:24 yikes....

  • that really weird Virgo kid

    5:58 okay but why does the background music sound like the beginning of ghostin (ariana grande)

  • Raea
    Raea Month ago

    I would definitely say Jim & Lord Farquad for David’s doppelgänger

  • Casie Silverman
    Casie Silverman Month ago

    He reminds me of Paul Rudd

  • YuriaanMC
    YuriaanMC Month ago +2

    DAVID: "Couple people think I have a lamborgini, thats cool."
    *Little does he know now*


    what is with david and shane dawson obsessing over their hair they have full heads of hair

  • NoVa Clout
    NoVa Clout Month ago

    Mine is depression how he cured mine like if u agree

  • Audriana Torres
    Audriana Torres Month ago +2

    David: Brad Pitt Brad Pitt Brad Pitt
    Looks at paper: oh even better Justin Bieber

  • Amulya Gade
    Amulya Gade Month ago

    His mom bathed him when he was 11?

  • Anonymous Person
    Anonymous Person Month ago +8

    “Irish spring 🤔… yeah, I don’t know what that is”
    *kermit has left the chat*

  • persons !!
    persons !! Month ago

    They spelt supercalifragilisticexpialidocious wrong lol

  • Lyla Cavazos
    Lyla Cavazos Month ago

    he is sooo cute

  • Mimi 13
    Mimi 13 Month ago

    Lol I Think I'm the youngest I'm 11

  • OLW Krace
    OLW Krace Month ago

    Im 14 and david is like 20? We’re the same height 🤣🤣

  • Anaya Patel
    Anaya Patel Month ago

    What did he say😆(sha-n-e Dawson) hahahahahaah😂😆😱🤯😁

  • Adriana
    Adriana Month ago +4

    " i have this dream a lot where i take out my eyeball and put it in the cup holder of my car" i- 11:37 💀💀😂😂

  • That random ad
    That random ad Month ago +1

    David: says dylan O'Brien
    David: wtf
    Me: hehe sorry

  • Aimee Redford
    Aimee Redford Month ago +1

    This music sounds like stranger things music

  • ᴅɪᴢᴀ
    ᴅɪᴢᴀ Month ago

    David dobrik is the most handsome guy I have ever seen.