Waltonchain (WTC) Visit and Product Demo! (Part 1 of 3)

  • Published on Nov 17, 2017
  • I Visited the Waltonchain (WTC) Research Center in Xiamen and checked out their product demo! WaltonChain claims to merge RFID with Blockchain technology - but do they have something good to show? Read more at: boxmining.com/waltonchain-wtc-review
    Subtitles are available in English and Chinese (Click RU-clip Captions / Subtitles)
    Apologies to the Walton community for ignoring so many of your messages - I finally made it to Xiamen and had a great trip!
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  • D1mken Sharpshooter


  • PersikkaYrjo
    PersikkaYrjo Year ago

    Yo Mr.Boxmining! This is your best video ever!

  • Jay Sha
    Jay Sha Year ago +1

    When will Walton Chain Token Swap Be Available?

  • dota leavers
    dota leavers Year ago +1

    people overlook that they are not using a web base checkout. RFID Reader should act like a barcode scanner, but its not native to the web page. The I/O needs to be fixed in the RFID business, not blockchain. So sad to see people don't understand what waltonchain is solving. If you cant fix RFID you cant fix adoption.

  • Crypto Conscious
    Crypto Conscious Year ago +2

    Couldn't you just cut the string attached to the shirts?

  • Suvashish Das
    Suvashish Das Year ago +1

    and what will range for those RFID reader?

  • Suvashish Das
    Suvashish Das Year ago +1

    price idea of device and software

  • Real Name
    Real Name Year ago +1

    WTC is in a league of its own among supply chain coins, the blockchain aspect is baked in from the ground up with their custom RFID chips, whereas other projects need another layer on top, adding latency and cost. Thanks for the tour of the office, Michael.

  • Johann Bach
    Johann Bach Year ago

    This garbage is worth 300 million?! What a joke.

  • Rehan Khan
    Rehan Khan Year ago

    I wonder how much they are paying him to promote this crypto.. Hmmmm

  • KiiroiSenko1
    KiiroiSenko1 Year ago +1

    Rarely do I comment on videos but WOW! That was awesome! Thank you for uploading this video! Extremely compelling technology!

  • darthmaulx
    darthmaulx Year ago

    FREC Airdrop for Waltonchain happening on the 21th of March 2018

  • Squeppi01
    Squeppi01 Year ago +1

    I love how you cover things like this. Gives us a bit of inside on different projects, thanks!

  • Milo
    Milo Year ago

    Always ask is blockchain needed for this. Remember adding .com on everything?

  • Peter Loving
    Peter Loving Year ago

    this is so cool!

  • AnEclecticSoul
    AnEclecticSoul Year ago

    This technology already exists.

  • Market 2.0
    Market 2.0 Year ago

    They already have this tech at stores here in China, this isn’t blockchain tech. If you go to the sporting goods store Decathlon, they already are using part of this so it’s not revolutionary. Also Tencent and Amazon already have the customer/product tracking feature.

    • Market 2.0
      Market 2.0 Year ago

      It is RFID tech and I understand how they are saying that it’s reporting to blockchain but there are better use examples than this.

  • Hana Tek
    Hana Tek Year ago +1

    its a good invention, but why do we need crypto for it?

  • JohnSilver20101
    JohnSilver20101 Year ago +1

    amazing vid and technology

  • Wilhelm Otto Dusseldorf

    I'm an American with 50% of my portfolio in Neo and Walton. I believe in you China. 🇨🇳

  • AllYourBase
    AllYourBase Year ago

    but why? why use blockchain for random crap?

  • Mitch Waller
    Mitch Waller Year ago

    Watch out! This guy gets paid big to pump coins.. Just saying

  • ching wik Huang
    ching wik Huang Year ago

    It's not "QR 代码“, it's ”二维码“ xD

  • John Elder
    John Elder Year ago

    Great episode!

  • Average Dad
    Average Dad Year ago

    Very impressive work and thanks for the insight

  • WiLLEt
    WiLLEt Year ago

    Thx for sharing!!

    TREVER DAN Year ago

    keep up the videos

  • burnquist1
    burnquist1 Year ago

    So I remove the tag and put it on another shirt. = Free shirt since it's such high tech security... no questions. lol

  • Curtis
    Curtis Year ago

    waltonchain scanning at retaail with AI and Vr would be Cool. - work with Cappacity

  • Alex McCullough
    Alex McCullough Year ago

    My library can already do this... cool enough, but why does this technology need blockchain? Where does the coin come in?

  • My Youtube Channel

    VeChain is more advanced, this is nothing revolutionary.

  • G Simon
    G Simon Year ago

    When the part 3 will come out ?

  • rmg
    rmg Year ago +1

    This doesn't solve the problem when people simply go to the fitting rooms and rip the tag off and put it in their purse or wear it under their clothes to steal the piece of clothing. Sensors already exist for this reason; to prevent theft. How does this prevent theft? There is no security with this. Security sensors would still have to be manually removed by cashiers to prevent theft unfortunately.

  • Alt Coin Maximalist BTC is just a PROTOTYPE

    The RFID is revolutionary. But what's the achievement or advantage in using the blockchain as a database?

  • SuperKipstar
    SuperKipstar Year ago

    What are the differences between Walton and vechain, and do either of them have specific patents?

  • Optimus Prime
    Optimus Prime Year ago

    So can someone please why blockchain is needed for this? The RFID is great, but it can work exactly the same without a blockchain. Data can be stored on a cloud based storage database. Have i missed something?

  • Amaury BOULOM
    Amaury BOULOM Year ago

    So lucky of you ! Thanks a lot for the video !

  • Dongwen Tan
    Dongwen Tan Year ago

    this guy ive been following I thought he is from xingapo lol

  • Leo E. R.
    Leo E. R. Year ago

    There is WABI too.

    MASS HIGGS Year ago

    just think, why you need blockchain for this. a centralized datacenter is good enough.

    • Domitjen1234
      Domitjen1234 Year ago

      So, hate to be that guy,..but part 3? :p

    • Boxmining
      Boxmining  Year ago

      not at all. being able to provide supply chain information in a trustless fashion is something that shouldn't be overlooked!

  • Robert Oschler
    Robert Oschler Year ago

    Regarding the use case or intrinsic value of the system, especially for those saying "why not just use a database", consider a publicly accessible (even if only partially publicly available through sidechains), cryptographically verified ledger of inventory transactions that manufacturers, wholesalers, retailers and government tax/licensing organizations can all share and trust in real time, with instant debit/credit of costs and fees between parties? I'm not sure there's a more compelling use of blockchain than that. I was about to say health care as a more compelling case, but immediately realized Waltonchain/RFID would be immensely useful to hospitals and doctor's offices for tracking highly sensitive and expensive RFID tagged medicines and drugs for both inventory management and anti-theft tracking purposes.

  • Robert Oschler
    Robert Oschler Year ago

    How far from Guangdong are they? "You forgot to turn it on." I'm dying here. :) Looks like they're running Ubuntu from the look of the other monitor. Great tech and video!

  • GoldsteinShekels™

    Exactly why do they need a blockchain for this? Anothe shitty appcoin.

  • Andrew L
    Andrew L Year ago

    All Samsung computers. ;) (wink)

  • Ken Farley
    Ken Farley Year ago

    Michael. Is there a wallet for wtc? ty

  • Captain Mammoth Druid

    Wonderful information man! Thanks for this!

  • Brett McNary
    Brett McNary Year ago

    Thank you for your video. RFID is already in use in my life. Ski tickets are rfid at several large ski resorts now, and when you watch poker on tv, the cards are embedded with rfid so you can see the hole cards of the players (shown on delay). So awesome that you went to china for this!!!

    • Jon420WRX
      Jon420WRX Year ago

      If it's already being used without the need for the blockchain, what is the need for a Waltonchain? And by the way, Michael lives in Shanghai, China. So he didn't have to travel very far. It's very likely that Waltonchain paid for his travel expenses for the publicity.

  • sammy bartels
    sammy bartels Year ago

    revolutionary product your the first to show me this concept and you the person made me buy a full bag of WTC thank you!

  • Brandoregularo
    Brandoregularo Year ago

    Holy shit it works!

  • Frank Sparks
    Frank Sparks Year ago

    Where is part 2?

  • Lemuel
    Lemuel Year ago

    When part 2 ?

    • Domitjen1234
      Domitjen1234 Year ago

      Better be worth it :p , but wait until thursday so I have my paycheck before your video launches haha :p (kidding ofcourse)

    • Boxmining
      Boxmining  Year ago

      its almost done. aim to publish on monday. sorry for the wait!

  • SP500
    SP500 Year ago +1

    this is amazing, now retailers like zara and co can see which products are popular but something was wrong with them so people put them back on the rack and act accordingly.

  • H K
    H K Year ago

    Hey Mike, did the second part come out yet? I couldn't find it.

  • danddbandb
    danddbandb Year ago

    Our library uses this for checking in and checking out books. Not really ground breaking in regards to RFID..

  • Mario Salmer
    Mario Salmer Year ago

    good bye retail jobs...

  • ItsOttis
    ItsOttis Year ago +1

    shoplifters could just remove the rfid tag from one shirt, put the tag in another shirt, so it seems it's never left. then leave the store with the rfidless shirt. hmmm.

  • jwm0z
    jwm0z Year ago +2

    hahahaha TURN IT ON

  • Heino Der Sänger

    Why doesn`t she speak english?

  • David Gomez
    David Gomez Year ago +3

    wtf does this have to do with blockchain? you cant do this without a blockchain?

  • William Sandberg
    William Sandberg Year ago

    You kick ass, thanks for getting that demo for us!