Most RARE Stones in the World!

  • Published on Jun 26, 2019
  • Man has been captivated by rare and precious stones for thousands of years, and they form such a huge part of our history and culture. There are some thrilling tales of how some of our precious stones have been smuggled, stolen and cursed. Stories of love and happily ever after’s and each stone has its own story to tell. Rarity, size and hardness, are some of the factors considered when looking at the value of the stones. Today we have a look at some of the rarest stones in the world!
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    5 - Jadeite - $20,000 per carat
    This is a silicate of sodium and aluminium and is the most expensive and beautiful variety of jade available. It comes in many colours, but the most valued is the rich-emerald colour of “imperial jade,” which is usually found in Myanmar. Other colours include mauve, lavender, and apple green. Many historical artefacts from the Chinese, Maori and Meso-American cultures, are made from jadeite.
    4 - Grandidierite - $20,000 per carat
    This greenish-blue stone is one of the rarest in the world! It was discovered in Madagascar in 1902 by Alfred Lacroix. The stone is magnesium aluminium borosilicate and it was many decades before more, very small amounts of the stone was discovered again. If you’re into chakras, this stone has been associated with the throat chakra and is linked with trust, patience, faith and respect.
    4 - Musgravite - $35,000 per carat
    Part of the taaffeite family is one of the most expensive gemstones in the world - Musgravite. It was discovered in the Musgrave Range, South Australia but has also cropped up in as Antarctica, Greenland, and Madagascar. The first time a decent sized one was found was in 1993, where it could be cut and shaped. Only 8 known specimens of this stone exist.
    3 - Red Diamond - $1,000,000 per carat
    Coloured diamonds usually get their colouration from chemical impurities in the diamond, like nitrogen and boron, but that’s not the case with the red diamond. There are zero impurities in this diamond, hence the hefty price tag! These diamonds are pure carbon. The red is a deformity in the atomic structure. The lattice defect shows stress lamination during formation and when the light passes through the deformed stone, it bends to exhibit this red colour.
    There are less than 30 red diamonds in the world, and the majority are less than half a carat! The largest red diamond ever discovered is the famous 5.11ct Moussaieff Red Diamond which sold for $8 million in 2011.
    2 - Tourmalines
    What tourmalines lack in price, they make up for in beauty. These stones come in a variety of colours, but the Paraiba tourmalines are the only ones you’ll find with this bright turquoise hue. The stones were discovered in 1987 by miner Heitor Dimas Barbosa, who found them under the hills of Paraiba in Brazil. He had a hunch that the hills held something special and he spent years searching for it. His hunch paid and now only one stone is mined for every 10,000 diamonds - that’s how rare it is! Since this discovery, Paraiba tourmalines have been found in mines in Nigeria and Mozambique, although some might argue that they’re not as eye-catching as the original Paraiba tourmalines.

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    Diamond is not rare the price is controlled by de beers and kept artificially high

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    If his daughters name was l-OR-imere shouldnt it be pronounced l-OR-unite?

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    Grandiderite, Jadeite, Red Diamond, Alexanderite

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    Historical note about 100 years ago Diamonds were worth a whole lot less than rubies, In some eras rubies valued 7 to 10 times that of diamonds. In the 1800's a carat of diamond would have probably cost 10-20 usd today lower quality about $4500 for low end, though hese prices are generally for solid, single carats that have been cut.

    The reason prices sky-rocketed, wasn't so much of rarity, was because of De beers' and them mass-flooding advertising of wedding rings, and diamonds, in the 1930's. Diamonds had nowhere near the value they do today. As well as making Da Beers filthy rich.

    Generally speaking they aren't even terribly scarce. Value came about because of 1 primary diamond company and it's flooding the market on its advertising

  • Ray G
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    Fire opals are not "Worth $2300 per carat" the highest price I can see on an approx 34 carat version is about $2400. Now unless you are being very very specific, and a very specific version or the 'black' versions these might get around to prices you suggest. on avg standard fire opals go for probably 20 to 30 dollars per carat on up depending on quality, and the most expensive ones people are probably seriously lying to you in value

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    My mom has fire opal earrings

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    trumps stones are the rarest. Putin says he has the only 2 and both come in at a whopping tenth carat.

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    Matt Stonie is the only rare stone I know

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    The word Gems sound much better than stones when describing precious items like these.

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    Diamond ruby jade sapphire emeralds zirconium vibrainium

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      I don't know about the others but the diamond market is a scam and fixed, plus the other rocks were way more interesting to hear about.

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