Vocal Coach Reacts to Ariana Grande - Fail Moments

  • Published on Mar 24, 2019
  • Vocal coach Tristan Paredes reacts to some of Ariana Grande's best fail moments. Free Audible Trial: www.audibletrial.com/tristanparedes
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  • Yanie Fernandez
    Yanie Fernandez 7 days ago

    iloveyou tristan! please notice me

  • Chelsey Servin
    Chelsey Servin 13 days ago

    He likes her (maybe)

  • Celina
    Celina 14 days ago

    So if you life in Germany, can you speak German?😂

  • babybiscuit11
    babybiscuit11 16 days ago



    We aren’t gonna talk about the guy recording with his fucking DS?

  • Luna Pearl
    Luna Pearl 18 days ago

    2:39 mood

  • satynumber1
    satynumber1 24 days ago

    Yo, on the video in the intro it kinda sounds like she sings "and i oop" before she falls

  • Mia Mattila
    Mia Mattila 26 days ago

    ...................Tristan used a plastic straw....

  • Ronke Roland
    Ronke Roland 29 days ago

    lmao! i enjoyed this so much! thanks love uuuu

    G3KYUM3 THOUGHTS Month ago +1

    I live in germanyyyyy. lol I thought you lived in America or something

  • Julia Hibert
    Julia Hibert Month ago +1

    You live in Germany???? Lol me too

  • Sahxra• UwU
    Sahxra• UwU Month ago


  • Andrew McJunkin
    Andrew McJunkin Month ago

    the biggest fail is everything that happened in this video with the cloud macchiato

  • Valentine Heim
    Valentine Heim Month ago

    Ohhhh I didn’t know you were living in Germany I come from Alsace (in France) it’s right next to it !

  • Naima Stirling
    Naima Stirling Month ago +3

    That moment when you want to sing a song but the only words that come to your head are thank you

  • Moonlight Grande
    Moonlight Grande Month ago

    Not even a single soul:
    Tristan: ShE cAn LaY oN mE lIkE tHaT!

  • Shinisou
    Shinisou Month ago

    Notice how none of her fails are of her singing badly. Woman never does a bad show.

  • Fiona The Teleportal Kween

    7:00 omg she sounded Eve from Wall-e 🤖

  • Amour Tya
    Amour Tya Month ago

    Can you react to laporsha renae American idol compilation?

  • editsforlife XX
    editsforlife XX Month ago


  • Mila P.
    Mila P. Month ago

    Wait...you live in Germany?! Oh maybe I'll see you some day hahah

  • Willow Thornton
    Willow Thornton 2 months ago

    Me looking through the comments to try and find out what the drink is and everyone is just like: omg, you live.. in Germany?😂💀

  • Isela Orozco
    Isela Orozco 2 months ago

    Did anyone else see that guy recording with his nintendo ds lmao

  • john lee
    john lee 2 months ago

    can you react to vocal highlights of her swt? she's done with her first leg & her voice is insane

  • Madison Meredith
    Madison Meredith 2 months ago

    please go vegan. you would become a superior human. Tristan being an already super nice and logical human + being against unnecessary animal cruelty = superior human lol

  • Interstellar Animal
    Interstellar Animal 2 months ago

    I couldn't see her fall at all. Boy was filming on fuckin jupiter or some shit i stg-

  • No Ariana.No life
    No Ariana.No life 2 months ago +1

    I died when captions said cheap cheese is very cute 😂😂

  • Maria Luisa Añez
    Maria Luisa Añez 2 months ago


  • ginny weasley
    ginny weasley 2 months ago +26

    4:04 - 4:15 i love how Tristan just stares likes this for eleven seconds and does a triple chin

  • Latoya Wiss
    Latoya Wiss 2 months ago

    I really find Tristan handsome💯🔥😩

  • Julia T.
    Julia T. 2 months ago

    Wo genau lebst du?🥰

  • Havana
    Havana 3 months ago

    Love u

  • Del Rey Jean
    Del Rey Jean 3 months ago

    Injuries on stage: Andy Biersack from Black Veil Brides (a rock band) climbed up a thing beside the stage and decided he'd jump down and basically flopped off the side and broke all his ribs and finished the show before going to the hospital 😂

  • Elemental Golem
    Elemental Golem 3 months ago

    Its not that she wasent supposed to lay on him but she slapped his chin accidentaly xD

  • Kkbeauty101
    Kkbeauty101 3 months ago +6

    No one:
    Tristan: “she can lay on me like that”

  • dilan
    dilan 3 months ago

    Wait what ?!? You live in Germany 😳👍🏼 nice. Can’t even hear your German accent !!! Hahaha hey aus Frankfurt (beste Stadt everrr) 😂

  • Trya
    Trya 3 months ago

    7:05 As you can see there are gloves on her hand. This gloves can effect her vocals by moving her hand. I dunno which video but she tried it once.

  • Hi It’s Pippa
    Hi It’s Pippa 3 months ago

    You live in Germany?

  • Jolightstar
    Jolightstar 3 months ago

    How did I not know you live in Germany?
    Do you speak German?
    Viele Grüße 😂😍

  • Jesus My Comforter For Eternity

    There's no link...

  • vv n
    vv n 3 months ago

    where in germany does he live lol

  • Ashley Tseung
    Ashley Tseung 3 months ago +68

    No one:
    Tristan: she can lay on me like that

  • Emily Friedrich
    Emily Friedrich 3 months ago +1

    du wohnst in deutschland?! 😵 wo genau?

  • Galina Kazan
    Galina Kazan 3 months ago

    I see ariana.... I click

  • FrisbeeSpider
    FrisbeeSpider 3 months ago

    RU-clip decided to give me an ad for a different vocal coach at the end of this video...

  • Kokoa Lana
    Kokoa Lana 3 months ago

    Ur so fucking mess here i luv it

  • Sara Weiss
    Sara Weiss 3 months ago

    can you pleaseeeeeee react to ariana grandes song leave me lonely on the dw album!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Atari
    Atari 3 months ago

    What ? Your from Germany ? 😳 do you speak German ? 🤔

  • Someone Special
    Someone Special 3 months ago

    If u know German....

    Was bedeutet das?

  • Ariel Taylor
    Ariel Taylor 3 months ago

    when i was doing theatre i knew a girl who had to jump off the rim of the stage during a song (it was maybe 3 feet off the ground and the floor under was carpeted) and on closing night she jumped off and landed wrong and sprained both her ankles but she kept performing and didn't mention it to anyone until the end of the show when someone noticed they were swollen

  • just me
    just me 3 months ago

    Honestly, her reactions to her own flubs make her looking charming af. I mean, the rumors could be true, she could be just an awful diva, but... when I see things like this, it's pretty hard for me to believe that. Plus she's talented as hell regardless

  • Reese Reid
    Reese Reid 3 months ago

    4:43 where

  • anna bggffgcr
    anna bggffgcr 3 months ago

    U life in germany

  • Mathias Page
    Mathias Page 3 months ago

    You’re home. Go brainwashed.

  • Elizabeth Courtney
    Elizabeth Courtney 3 months ago

    Tristan ... send D pics X

  • Erin Elliott
    Erin Elliott 3 months ago

    The clip at 7:00 ; shes using the gloves that were designed by Imogen Heap, they work like a theremin. Depending on the position of your hands, fingers, etc, it effects your voice. So she was trying to start Hide and Seek (I think), and she had her hands in the wrong position, so the effect she was going for was wonky.

  • Carolin
    Carolin 3 months ago

    YOU LIVE IN GERMANY? How did I not know you live where I live? :o

  • alicia_txc ツ
    alicia_txc ツ 3 months ago

    He's from germany ?

  • ItsAlwaysD
    ItsAlwaysD 3 months ago

    Him swearing gives me life😂😂😂

  • Yara Voss
    Yara Voss 3 months ago

    On performers injuring themselves on stage: one time I went to a dance show and in the middle of one of the dances one girl just runs off stage and the other dancers go along but you can tell she wasn’t supposed to run off. 30 secs later she runs back on and finishes the dance with them (she does great). Turns out, in dancing so hard she had DISLOCATED HER SHOULDER, ran offstage, POPPED IT BACK IN HERSELF and then ran back on and finished the show. Badass.

  • princessof china
    princessof china 3 months ago

    Can u pls react to Halseys new song nightmare❤much love