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  • Published on Jun 14, 2018
  • I'm testing out the Harbor Freight carving chisel set (sells for about $10) by doing some wood cut prints.
    As you know, I'm a teacher, and a genre of literature that fascinates me is called "cordel" poetry from Brazil. On it, these poetry pamphlets have woodcut designs for the front cover, and now that art style is iconic. Since it combines two of my interests--woodworking and literature--I thought I'd try my hand at doing what Brazilians call "xilogravura" or wood cut printing.
    I'm more or less happy with the result of the wood cut, not so much with the printing.
    Also, I will be coming out with a first impressions video for the carving set.

    Let me know if you have questions!
    Thanks for watching!
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Comments • 11

  • Samantha-Jane DeClercq
    Samantha-Jane DeClercq 10 months ago +2

    That looks fun

  • The Wood Yogi
    The Wood Yogi Year ago

    That looks great fun Andrew :) ॐ

    • The HandToolery
      The HandToolery  Year ago

      Thanks! I really enjoyed it. I’m making another one, and I plan to keep doing it more.

  • Andrew Austin
    Andrew Austin Year ago +1

    That's sweet!

  • Silla, Paulo Joaquim

    Xilogravura! Muito bacana e uma arte fantastica! How do you call the knifes set in usa?

    • The HandToolery
      The HandToolery  Year ago +1

      PJ Mariano da Rocha Silla glad I could help! And I saw you subscribed-thanks!

    • Silla, Paulo Joaquim
      Silla, Paulo Joaquim Year ago +1

      The HandToolery thanks so much, ive been looking for the correct term for the knifes. Muito obrigado e parabéns pelo trabalho e pelo canal!!! I will check on the other channel ;)

    • The HandToolery
      The HandToolery  Year ago +1

      Amo xilogravura!! Na verdade, tenho outro canal dedicado ao cordel e postei esse vídeo alí também. O canal é “universos do cordel”. The set is called carving chisels or carving gouges. Brigado por assistir!

  • The HandToolery
    The HandToolery  Year ago

    Hope you like this quick look at a woodcut print I made. I will be making a longer-form video (already in the works) to be published in the next 1-2 weeks! In the mean time, I have a review video coming up and a follow-up to the marking knife. What new woodworking styles have you tried recently?