Round of 2017? Anthony Joshua vs Wladimir Klitschko - Round 5

  • Relive a sensational round five from Anthony Joshua's epic fight with Wladimir Klitschko at Wembley Stadium - Was it the round of 2017?!

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  • Stvn Bl
    Stvn Bl Hour ago

    Cut me mick

  • Vladimir Kirov
    Vladimir Kirov 15 hours ago

    Так продажному и надо,он завербован в Германии,

  • Gareth Hancock
    Gareth Hancock 21 hour ago

    Great learning experience for Aj

  • Said Mamoev
    Said Mamoev Day ago

    После етого боя я точно понял что Кличко не боксер.

  • Walter 777 Smith

    Vlad was older more then 12 year's and he look much better then AJ. I still can't believe it how many time KLISTCHKO missed with the left hook.

  • Алексей Казанов

    Как они далеки от Тайсона!!!

  • Háněl Ladislav

    Wiřivka v provozu NON stop

  • tea
    tea Day ago

    Klitschko is a legend tbh, dominated the heavyweight and put up such a battle against a lot younger AJ. I feel like the only reason he lost was his age.

  • Craig Dobbin
    Craig Dobbin 2 days ago

    2:40 subtitles l

  • Maxwell Hypa
    Maxwell Hypa 3 days ago

    Tbh klitschko didn’t look to dazed when he went down, he looked slightly hurt but nothing major, he went to the ground as a smart move to buy some time and distance, he also knew josh already and was about to expend a lot of energy to get him out of there, hence why I after he got back to his feet he looked the fresher of the 2 by far

  • jess bargas
    jess bargas 3 days ago

    aj is just pure muscles.. and won by chicken running with ruiz jr.

  • adrian007777
    adrian007777 4 days ago

    steroid helps Joshua, english steroid shit

  • Anthony Hardy
    Anthony Hardy 5 days ago

    AJ got no chance against a on form fury AJ got no stamina or cardio fury will box his head off fact!

  • Ian Lloyd
    Ian Lloyd 6 days ago

    Some great heavyweight fights the last 3-4 years!

  • Frank Zappa
    Frank Zappa 7 days ago

    Class acts, both of em!

  • vectrix jr
    vectrix jr 7 days ago

    Wlad is far superior bower. Bad advice from Vitali cost him the match

  • Der Lucas
    Der Lucas 8 days ago

    This and the sixth round afterwards together were like the best two rounds of heavyweight boxing for the whole decade

  • Pale Reaper
    Pale Reaper 9 days ago

    Gassed himself from that assault

  • J. Jones
    J. Jones 13 days ago

    All of these casuals comments on Tyson and AJ's stamina are making my brain hurt

  • Євген Донченко

    В этих комментариях англоязычные все по делу пишут. Оценивают не предвзято и с толком. А русскоязычные какой то бред и чушь. Выливают потоки дерьма и шизофрении. Может поэтому Россия нищая бензоколонка, в которой народ никогда хорошо не жил, а Запад - впереди планеты всей? Думаю это симптоматично..

  • B
    B 19 days ago

    Def a classic rd

  • eric burhed
    eric burhed 24 days ago

    Big deal you beat an old man. Joshua has no real boxing skills, and fury is going to embarrass him. His cardio is shit

  • G Hart
    G Hart 26 days ago

    A 20 year old Mike Tyson wouldve annhilated both of these chumps

  • Omer Ezilecek
    Omer Ezilecek 27 days ago

    Bedri hari ninn 15 sene öncesi olcak onu yere vuru

  • Aristides Gonzalez
    Aristides Gonzalez 27 days ago

    What a slug fest. Im so spoiled by seeing Mayweather fights that seeing 2 guys stand next to each other and beat the heck out of each other is rather boring to me

  • Kevel Patel
    Kevel Patel 27 days ago

    Joshua is overrated

  • Martin poof daddy Ward

    Anthony Joshua is a load of shit Tyson Fury will show him what he’s 💯💯👑👌all about when he gets him in the ring very soon 🤣😂😉☘️🙏🏻

  • Edbert Gonzales
    Edbert Gonzales 27 days ago

    He bullied a 40 years old klitschko. Psssshh

  • casa nova
    casa nova 27 days ago

    Try telling me this version of Joshua wouldn't beat fury

    • casa nova
      casa nova 27 days ago

      @Leandro MMA_BJJ we will find out this yr and then the great debate will be over very silly to write off Joshua so easily

    • Leandro MMA_BJJ
      Leandro MMA_BJJ 27 days ago

      casa nova he was gassed after half a round of slug fest, Fury would spark him out quicker than Wilder

  • Petr Horák
    Petr Horák 27 days ago

    Wlad showed tremendous heart, courage, chin and champion mindset in this fight.
    Considering his age and that of his opponent he performed at a top world class level and solidified his position as one of the greatest in history.

  • Patrick O'Hanlon
    Patrick O'Hanlon 28 days ago

    2:38 subtitles on

  • All Things Awesome Gaming

    2 Years Younger Klitchko reigning for 10 years in his own backyard couldnt lay a glove on Tyson Fury. AJ had to dig and go life and death with a 2 year older dethroned Wlad in AJs home turf.

  • Eddy Spreitzer
    Eddy Spreitzer 28 days ago

    I think Wilders costume could take AJ.

  • Witness Truth
    Witness Truth 28 days ago

    Wilder was there as a commentator, wanting no part's of neither fighter. Didn't even go into the ring afterwards

  • rowland jnr blay
    rowland jnr blay 28 days ago

    This was the fight I spent my whole time at midnight to watch and I was happy cos Anthony won..

  • Button Man
    Button Man 28 days ago

    Such a shame Klitscho succumbed to fatigue at the end. Joshua got away with one here.

  • Barkın Barkın
    Barkın Barkın 28 days ago

    Prime Mike Tyson would destroy both of them within 3-4 round

  • Evdor WoT
    Evdor WoT 28 days ago

    Лучший раунд в карьере Кличко

  • Rush Sensed
    Rush Sensed 28 days ago

    Joshua didnt seem hurt lol he gassed out after putting everything on vladamir for like 2 mimutes

  • Dan H
    Dan H 28 days ago +2

    lol 5th round and already gassed out like a German car wow

  • Him Bike
    Him Bike 29 days ago

    So who won ?

  • Francisco Anaya
    Francisco Anaya 29 days ago

    Joshua overated

  • andres viveros
    andres viveros 29 days ago

    The way Joshua traded in this round he would not dare to do against Ruiz

  • tysonthelunatic
    tysonthelunatic 29 days ago

    The way AJ ducks at 1 minute left of the round is so amateurish and that is why Tyson will absolutely destroy him. He does not have the pedigree or know how when things get tough. It’s like he is taking a bow rather than dodging punches LOL

  • German Gribov
    German Gribov 29 days ago

    Сил у Володи не хватило,к сожалению,мог нокаутировать

  • David Parraz
    David Parraz 29 days ago

    idk why but I dnt like the way joshua fights he seems to soft

  • Calvin 0777
    Calvin 0777 29 days ago

    Their delt looks damn good

  • Riastrad
    Riastrad 29 days ago +1

    Ref should have stopped this. Joshua was dead on his feet.

  • gautham krishna
    gautham krishna 29 days ago

    Who even watches random people hitting each other? Have some humanity. Stupid boys. I hate boys.

  • Blackula TheEvilOyo
    Blackula TheEvilOyo 29 days ago

    He barely beat a 41 year old man, they act like he's some beast. He's wack lol

  • Sean Sartor
    Sean Sartor Month ago

    That Joshua jaw is SUSPECT !!!!

  • kaseem abdullah
    kaseem abdullah Month ago

    Perhaps the worst cardio in the history of human kind.

  • eric burhed
    eric burhed Month ago

    Fury is gonna embarrass Joshua, hes a bum

  • Славик Фыль

    Нада було добивать!!!!!!!!

  • Славик Фыль


  • james carter
    james carter Month ago

    Joshua sucks 🗣

  • dreskywalker
    dreskywalker Month ago

    Only thing that hurt Joshua was his gas tank

  • Ред Нек
    Ред Нек Month ago


  • Tyler Kirby
    Tyler Kirby Month ago +7

    If Kiltschoko wasn't 41 YEARS OLD he would have beat Joshua and that's a fact

    • Barbara Gray
      Barbara Gray Day ago

      Nonsense..younger klitschko was beaten by sanders..purity..brewster.. and Anthony joshua is better than them 3

  • Reality Check
    Reality Check Month ago +2

    *hes gassed
    Commentator: “he’s HURT!”

  • Jose Calderon
    Jose Calderon Month ago

    Yup Fury by know out on the 6 round!!!

  • Patrick Star
    Patrick Star Month ago

    When Joshua fought hungry like a mad man

  • Всё обо всём 34

    Кличко очень грязные боксеры

  • Polar Bear
    Polar Bear Month ago

    Dude looks 30 and jacked for 41 , amazing fight

  • Karim Wood
    Karim Wood Month ago

    AJ was carrying way too much muscle at this time. If he's lean against Fury he can fight dirty on the inside (like this) or tactical on the outside (like his last fight). But if he is too bulky he will tire and Fury will stop him.
    Let him bang bro.

  • George Swift
    George Swift Month ago

    Joshua is chiseled, but gets winded early! Key....survive 5 rounds then an assault!

  • JBruv1
    JBruv1 Month ago

    Josh and his glass chin

  • S Turnbull
    S Turnbull Month ago +1

    All these desperate little fools in the comments who rush to criticise AJ, for once in your life give the guy the credit he deserves, he fought the fight of the year here dug as deep as he could in only his 18TH FIGHT, knocked out one of the most dominant champions of all time and got back up after every knockdown, Klitschko’s age shouldn’t matter here he was still in top shape and was beaten by the better man, Fury couldn’t even hurt Klitschko and Wilder would’ve been knocked out within a couple rounds, Joshua nearly took his head off in the 11th and got fight of the year, has any other heavyweight today done that?

  • Jon Bolton
    Jon Bolton Month ago

    Watching AJ is just like watching Frank Bruno all over again .

  • bigmoney4635
    bigmoney4635 Month ago

    That’s what you call Old Man Strength. Got knocked down. Got up and gave the youngster a boxing lesson. I know he lost but not many guys look that good in their 40s

  • Żelek
    Żelek Month ago

    Who win this round?

  • English Bob
    English Bob Month ago

    Hopefully we will see Fury Vs AJ. This year

  • jonny b
    jonny b Month ago

    An people still think he will beat fury fs wise up he's no chance

  • martin randles
    martin randles Month ago

    Them subtitles are hilarious lmao nazi fk....shits an grits pmsllll

  • Brian Murphy
    Brian Murphy Month ago +64

    I love AJ to death but his lack of stamina will be his undoing against fury

    • Michael Treend
      Michael Treend 5 days ago

      This fight went 11 rounds. His stamina went for a bit due to the big hits he was shipping. Fury wont be landing bombs like that. AJ has shown a few times he can go long rounds

    • Nilab Nangarhari
      Nilab Nangarhari 7 days ago

      @Gallant Abbey hahahah keep dreaming. Wilder will be knocked out by Aj:)

    • Timbo 123xyz10
      Timbo 123xyz10 24 days ago +2

      ap24101988 I’m not disagreeing but I think he’ll put up a better fight than what Wilder did

    • Timbo 123xyz10
      Timbo 123xyz10 24 days ago

      DeShaQViews what do you mean 3 days of course not

    • DeShaQViews
      DeShaQViews 26 days ago

      @Timbo 123xyz10 so his stamina magically improved in 3 days?

  • L. E. D.
    L. E. D. Month ago

    No way ajs beating fury
    But u never know with boxing

  • Cory Burns
    Cory Burns Month ago

    I raise a Hallelujah

  • Makaveli X
    Makaveli X Month ago

    The exhaustion in only the 5th is dumb cringe 😬

  • Kevalev Du QC
    Kevalev Du QC Month ago

    Fury will beat Joshua

  • saule
    saule Month ago

    AJ always knows how to deliver a slobber knocker