Best BUDGET SLIM LED Light Panel for filmmaking Viltrox Slim

  • Published on Dec 2, 2016
  • Best Budget Super Slim LED Light Panel, 3300K-5600K LED Video Light:
    Recommended Lights Stands:
    Recommended Sony Batteries:
    Huge Thanks to Jerry from Noba Tech:
    Using knob button , press it to switch brightness and color temperature .when rotating it , the brightness (20%-100), or color temperature (3300K-5600K) parameters will be increased or decreased.
    Topest CRI95 cab completely with perfect color of sunlight and ensure that its light is natural lifelike .apply to portrait , children is , wedding and new photography and video for filmmakers.
    Has two kinds of power supply mode , you can use Lithium battery such as NP-F550/F750/F960 series when outdoor ,and use the AC adapter when indoor .
    The LED Light has get the CE, EMC, FCC, RoHS certification , the quality is assured.
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  • Armando Ferreira
    Armando Ferreira  2 years ago +3

    *Buy Viltrox Lights:* ►

    • Dr TJ Techie
      Dr TJ Techie Year ago

      Armando Ferreira is it good enough to be used at the key light or as a single led light set up for small product Unboxing And review videos?

  • LegoDude2011
    LegoDude2011 3 months ago

    $35? When I go to the website, it says $65.

  • OpenMicGathering
    OpenMicGathering 4 months ago

    which high capacity batteries from amazon are compatible? the one in the description is only 2900 mah

  • Alvaro Mp
    Alvaro Mp 5 months ago

    Testing led lamps in broad daylight... Don't get me wrong, you did a great job in showing the product but I guess I will have to look somewhere else to see it working...

  • EVOLVEfly
    EVOLVEfly 5 months ago

    Is this an edge light, or do the LED's face outward in a panel?

  • Aljohn Nava
    Aljohn Nava 5 months ago

    Can i use this for my Fuji XH1?

  • BDre
    BDre 7 months ago +2

    Great vid!

  • T Brown Records
    T Brown Records 7 months ago

    Nice video :-)

  • L Jones
    L Jones 8 months ago

    Armando, I am definitely buying one of these, but do you have a recommendation for a budget LED lights similar to GVM ones but good quality and in the $150 to $200 range? I want to have a one light set up with a diffuser for food photography/video. Thank you so much!

  • Jack Calvert
    Jack Calvert 8 months ago

    Great videos, thanks!

  • Kiker
    Kiker 10 months ago

    I have one, they are awesome!!

  • Gun Engraver
    Gun Engraver 10 months ago

    thanks for the share brother, used your link

  • Kencis Clay
    Kencis Clay Year ago

    I was thinking to put some self adhesive magnets on each corner to put some color gels.. Do you think magnets will damage the light?

  • firdana
    firdana Year ago

    you should test in night , do you have try ?

  • raedchen1
    raedchen1 Year ago

    its barely a difference outdoor in daylight. maybe better for indoor and at night.

  • Tery Wilson-Filmmaker

    Nice! Thanks for this

  • MeDallion Motion Pictures

    Nice man. Good review great product for car scenes, and outside location shots. Now that I found I buy from the link you provided. Happy Creating!!!

  • Technowatchpkdotcom

    can it be used with umbrella?

  • Max Holt
    Max Holt Year ago

    How does it fit to the stand if that's a cold shoe mount?

  • Kwindy
    Kwindy Year ago

    Thanks Armando, I just ordered this light :)

    LEEYOND XU Year ago

    get one from Amazon, ASIN is B01KZN9YOE, you need to buy battery separately

  • specialized41
    specialized41 Year ago

    Too low power you almost kiss the light (distance) to light your face. Check Yongnuo LED.

  • neeraj techstack
    neeraj techstack Year ago

    Impressive video! You really made sure that the important points reach loud and clear to the viewer. Thanks uploader will return back to see more such videos.

  • Leandro Soriano Ferreira

    This is better than Neewer/Tolifo 176?

  • MoonDough Films
    MoonDough Films Year ago

    hello is this great light for night shots for video??

  • Jamison James
    Jamison James Year ago

    Hey Armando can you make a video with these lights in an interview-style setting that is indoors? That would be greatly appreciated as I'm possibly going to need some portable lights for an interview shoot sometime soon and am looking for something to do the trick.

  • ed
    ed Year ago

    thanks for this video I seen on like this in the UK but i rather buy from amazon. then the UK i know were it's coming from

  • Adam Tyrrell
    Adam Tyrrell Year ago

    how have you not got more subscribers?

    ROY OFFICIEL Year ago

    Hi :)) it’s possible with the Gh4?

  • dorel oloier
    dorel oloier Year ago


  • Freddie V
    Freddie V Year ago

    The colour temperature seems to be the reverse of how you adjust on a RAW file. The lower the kevlin value when adjusting in ARC or Lightroom, the cooler the temperature of the light. The oppisite is true for a higher number. This seems to be different?

  • Lando27Music
    Lando27Music Year ago

    cool stuff. just ordered a couple!

  • Soular
    Soular 2 years ago

    can you hook this into a camera or Rig? for cellphone?

  • LaMont Montee Evans
    LaMont Montee Evans 2 years ago

    Great job and thanks for the thorough explantion. I bought one a few months back and just opened it - then I knew I needed guidance. ***** is my rating.

  • Connor Williams
    Connor Williams 2 years ago

    Hey great video! Does the light save the selected brightness settings with when power is turned off then back on?

  • R&J voice N video
    R&J voice N video 2 years ago

    nice of you to share the info

  • Dre Drexler
    Dre Drexler 2 years ago

    thanks for the info!

  • can murtezaoglu
    can murtezaoglu 2 years ago

    Amazing review man

  • sdritzi
    sdritzi 2 years ago

    Great review, thanks!

  • Small Beginnings Productions

    Best review I've seen thanks.

    CAPTUREGRAPHY 2 years ago

    Are they good for interviews (3 point lighting setup)?

  • Mehmet Kose
    Mehmet Kose 2 years ago

    nah! i can use reflector. looks like $32 garbage

  • Barbirou jamel eddine
    Barbirou jamel eddine 2 years ago

    very useful ..thank you

  • Fred Miu
    Fred Miu 2 years ago +4

    after i watched your footage & i bought this led light. It's very beautiful. THANKS heaps!

  • myTech
    myTech 2 years ago

    more behind the scenes video

  • Karla Yazuri
    Karla Yazuri 2 years ago

    Do you have a link for the batteries you bought I cant see to find them on amazon.

    • Armando Ferreira
      Armando Ferreira  2 years ago

      +Karla Yazuri They don't sell them on Amazon, link is in description

  • Jenny Gomez
    Jenny Gomez 2 years ago

    I'm a makeup artist. Just want to take good makeup pictures in dark spaces. Do you think one of these will be good?

    • Armando Ferreira
      Armando Ferreira  2 years ago

      +Jenny Gomez I'd get 2 so you can have one on each side. Otherwise, one side will be darker.

  • Shameless Titan
    Shameless Titan 2 years ago

    Anyone have info on where to buy cable to power it directly from a light socket?

  • Dario De Castro
    Dario De Castro 2 years ago +1

    mic plz

  • James Baldwin
    James Baldwin 2 years ago

    Unless I've missed it - could you do some audio BTS stuff?

    INFO@ONLINE 2 years ago

    hey thanks great video

  • Evan Bartlett
    Evan Bartlett 2 years ago

    Would you ever use something like this handheld while shooting and walking / moving?

    • Armando Ferreira
      Armando Ferreira  2 years ago

      +Evan Bartlett absolutely, mount it on top of shoe mount or get an arm

  • Grammer Natcis' hair are you're christmas present;

    These are pretty sweet, did not know you can get these kinds of lights that slim usually they are kinda fat and with the adjustable color temp, that's a steal at that price.

  • Justin Brown - Primal Video

    Awesome, Great find! Thanks for sharing 👍🏻

  • James Garcia
    James Garcia 2 years ago

    Do you think these lights are good for indoor video?

  • Should I Get It Reviews

    Damn man, just found your channel and you already have me spending money! Great content, beautifully done. Thanks for the recommendation
    -A new sub :)

  • Justin Wunderlich
    Justin Wunderlich 2 years ago

    Would these work in a pitch black room with 3 point lighting to light my drum covers? I currently have these, but they're really big and clumsy.
    The key & fill lights won't be 2 feet from me, cuz of my drums, so maybe 10 or more feet away.

  • Tech Boss
    Tech Boss 2 years ago

    Hey armando! Great bts! I got the exact same light, and i love it! For everybody on the search for a decent little fill light: get this one!

  • Eddie Lagos
    Eddie Lagos 2 years ago

    What batteries are you using for this exactly?

  • Jakob S. Films
    Jakob S. Films 2 years ago

    Great video!