Film Theory: Will Marvel BREAK in One Punch? (Infinity War Vibranium vs. One Punch Man)

  • Published on Sep 13, 2018
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    Today we are talking about the ULTIMATE showdown of strength and durability. One Punch Man vs Vibranium - the strongest metal of the Marvel universe! I know, I know, call me crazy but I HAD to know. Theorists, today we find out of vibranium can be broken in ONE PUNCH!
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Comments • 32 797

  • The Film Theorists
    The Film Theorists  9 months ago +12325

    Yeah...definitely screwed up the bit about the speed of Saitama hopping back to Earth from the moon BUT on the plus side, it doesn't change the final outcome. Yes, it overestimates Saitama's power for that one calculation, but it's not his MAX STRENGTH that we calculated for the falling meteor. It also still PALES in comparison to Vibranium's power, so yep, Cap's shield still stands!

    • Dragnoth Lecoona
      Dragnoth Lecoona 10 hours ago

      you are wrong about everything. Vibranium has a stated strength. Vibranium is not as strong as you thing and PALES in comparison to the material that Thor's hammer is made of. Saitama can one punch endgame thanos, and he destroyed Cap's shield. Also, one punch man season 2 is out, and if you are going to try to calculate Saitama's strength, read the manga first. Saitama is a character stated, IN THE FIRST SEASON to have to limit. That means, his strength is limitless. That means that no matter how much you push him, he will always be stronger then what he is against. That is just the nature of the character. Also, Vibranium can melt, if an object is hit hard enough, its temperature will rise. This means that if hit hard enough, the shield WILL MELT. Also, he can create a shock wave with his fist more powerful then a nuclear bomb. Their is without a single doubt, that with one punch, Saitama, one punch man could effortlessly destroy a vibranium shield. And it would not cause the devastation that you think it would. We are only talking about a material that is about as strong as Titanium Steel. the only reason that vibranium can withstand gunshots is because of its ability to turn impacts into vibrations and vibrate the energy away in a shock wave. However heat and slicing/cutting damage would tear through the shield.

    • Daniel Prince
      Daniel Prince 17 days ago

      Saitama doesn't have an speed limit tho.

    • Sniperkid 1395
      Sniperkid 1395 Month ago

      The Film Theorists well avengers endgame just destroyed it then brought it back through time travel.

    • Daniel Martinek
      Daniel Martinek 3 months ago

      About to write this.

    • GG_Awsomedude
      GG_Awsomedude 4 months ago

      The Film Theorists no

  • Eskiandmiley Llll
    Eskiandmiley Llll 29 seconds ago

    You sometimes make my Brian Hurt 🤣😂

  • Gavin Z
    Gavin Z 23 minutes ago

    Pokemon Sword vs Pokemon Sheild baby!!!

  • Karrich 666
    Karrich 666 Hour ago

    I was going to say how the hell they managed to meltdown vibranium to cast that shield until realize that a objects durability is different from what it’s melting point, does anyone know what that is or where I can look up some fictional chemistry site, let’s be honest this material is too popular to not be treated like an actual element in chemistry

  • Korynn Jimenez
    Korynn Jimenez 2 hours ago

    One question is One punch man worthy to lift Thor’s hammer?

  • Dillmo
    Dillmo 3 hours ago

    theoretical physicists gon b mad

  • Friendly Neighborhood Asian Man

    wait wait wait... what? since when has vibranium been the strongest? uru is most definitely the strongest. titan vs vibranium frisbee: titan wins. titan vs uru hammer/axe: headless titan

  • Dragnoth Lecoona
    Dragnoth Lecoona 5 hours ago +1

    we are literally talking about an infinity strong character. This video is stupid.

  • NinjaNerd
    NinjaNerd 7 hours ago

    Amazonian is stronger than vibranium, see the Imaginary Axis.

  • יאיר קקון
    יאיר קקון 8 hours ago


  • Anime Is lyfe
    Anime Is lyfe 10 hours ago

    Soooooo erm caps shield was broken by thanos’s helicopter blade in endgame sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo it’s safe to say Saitama won

  • Tungaa Myagmar
    Tungaa Myagmar 12 hours ago

    Imagine saitama with

    power stone

  • Seth Ellis
    Seth Ellis 12 hours ago

    How do you know that thanos was using the full force of the power stone

  • Reema Mathur
    Reema Mathur 12 hours ago

    Uru more like owo

  • Alex and Erik plays
    Alex and Erik plays 13 hours ago

    Mom:son what are you watching?
    Son: a kids learning channel
    Mom:what is that?
    Son:this channel is teaching me stuff
    Mom:oh ok well bye

  • Alex and Erik plays
    Alex and Erik plays 13 hours ago

    Yup in endgame thanos breaks caps shield with thanos perfectly balanced blade

  • Jacksonslayer 3000 Gaddi

    That’s way to much numbers Oh an btw 2019

  • Tuong Nguyen Thi
    Tuong Nguyen Thi 15 hours ago

    I'm happy that you are a otaku

    HOLLY MOREL 19 hours ago

    I made up my own theory of Saitama being a god, but is to much of an airhead to remember. (there is actually more detail to that theory...but its a bit much)

  • Christian Tan
    Christian Tan 19 hours ago

    aahhhh *groans loud* AHHHHHH musT KEEP WATCHING 🧠🧠💥💥💥 😐😑😯😦😧😮😵😵😵

  • Kaiserr
    Kaiserr 20 hours ago

    Watching back on this now i'm wondering how strong Thanos is 🤔 He did break Cap's shield in Endgame but he was indeed using a blade, a blade that was forged in Nidavellir. Just got me thinking.

  • Luminate Fn
    Luminate Fn 20 hours ago

    Thor can control the speed, and weight of his hammer, hence how he flies. Do you even comic bro?

  • Martin Pennanen
    Martin Pennanen 20 hours ago

    Thanos his shield in endgame

  • Duyen Ho
    Duyen Ho 22 hours ago

    There a lot of math

  • Cherryl Maulida
    Cherryl Maulida Day ago

    When VEGETA vs ARALE , he said " you will never win against comedy manga character " which is here is saitama

  • Evan Owen
    Evan Owen Day ago

    There is an episode in iron man armored adventures were black panther can’t hold a lot of kenatic energy’s were it will tear his suit apert with this show episode came out before the black panther movie

  • Celina Elzer
    Celina Elzer Day ago

    Just played phoenix wright and had a major déjà-vu at the beginning of the video XD

  • Matthew Kinard
    Matthew Kinard Day ago

    Saitama could break the Sheild because how do you measure infinet power. Saitama Has infnite strangh.

  • squidy random
    squidy random Day ago

    *EH TONEH*

  • squidy random
    squidy random Day ago

    *saitama almost died* saitama:ok

  • Natsu Summer
    Natsu Summer Day ago

    Can one punch man die if he snapped his fingers with the glove of thanos

  • Στελιος Μπατσιος

    This is the most ambitious crossover event in history literally

  • ROBLOX Moderator

    why did u take so long to talk about thor this is not about thor xD

  • Benjamin Newlon
    Benjamin Newlon Day ago

    According to Minutephysics an unmovable object is an unstoppable force. Also they would "phase" through each other.

  • Ashez
    Ashez Day ago


    Tony's vision.... it... was reversed, we are all proud of u tony

  • Animator Caleb
    Animator Caleb Day ago +2

    8:30 if you watched endgame you now know how strong thanos is

  • Ashez
    Ashez Day ago

    With the merchant, i feel like the spear wouldnt PIERCE it, but rather stab it, just be in it, so the shield technacally blocked it, and the spear technically "pierced it"

  • Natalia Borys
    Natalia Borys Day ago

    0:05 - Is that the cabbage merchant from Avatar:The Last Airbender? *gains 1000% respect for the video*

  • CPASR randoms
    CPASR randoms Day ago

    Matpat , you made a serious miscalculation.
    You said Saitama's velocity is 20 million METERS per second ( so his actually speed is 20,000 km/s or 12,000 miles/second(not 12 million miles per second) ) which is 1/15th the speed of light and not 66 times the speed light.
    Anyone reading check for yourself

  • Juan Marquez
    Juan Marquez Day ago

    It is not proven that dinosaur's died by a astroid

  • Fanta Neku
    Fanta Neku Day ago

    Ha in endgame thanos with no stones just smacks caps shield with his sword and it cats destroyed

  • Christiana Votta

    More anime maybe the seven deadly sins recomended watch it!!!!!!!!!!

  • Wxlf
    Wxlf Day ago +1


  • J E
    J E Day ago

    Wow I’m confusion

  • Wyatt The Gryffindor

    Marvel said if he be worthy the hammer ways 40 pounds so re do the math

  • Wyatt The Gryffindor

    Merchant: can pierce through anything!
    Buyer: even this? (“Thrusts spear”)
    Merchant: MY CABBAGES!!!!!

    • Anime Is lyfe
      Anime Is lyfe 9 hours ago

      Wyatt The Gryffindor erm when I reply to you it takes the name you put as your errrr yt account

    • Wyatt The Gryffindor
      Wyatt The Gryffindor 10 hours ago

      Anime Is lyfe Wyatt The Gryffindor???? I’m pipinpadsicopolipilus the THRID!!

    • Anime Is lyfe
      Anime Is lyfe 10 hours ago

      Wyatt The Gryffindor hahaahah I see what you did

  • master shooter64
    master shooter64 Day ago +1

    Umm.... matt? Are you ok there bud? Light travels the distance to anf from the moon in around 1 second and saitama does the same in 38 seconds so how can he be 67 times faster than light he can only be 38 times slower than light what happened to you matt?? You're doing you're calculations badly

    • Ky'sMovieMusic
      Ky'sMovieMusic Day ago +1

      I'm only in elementary school so I'm just gonna pretend I can understand everything you're saying.

  • Eamon Johnston
    Eamon Johnston Day ago

    This film theory is not correct the creator of one punch man said that sitamas strongest attack can with the air wuld destroy half of the universe so the inpackat is so hard that half of the universe wuld be destroyed but thats just my theory my film theory

  • Tom Tucker
    Tom Tucker Day ago

    His shield broke in game

  • Dahreeso666 dahreeso

    You mean superman is too powerfull she Lost saitama Many time

  • Dahreeso666 dahreeso

    Dc and Marvels are for Kids bruh

  • Myst-Wrecker
    Myst-Wrecker Day ago

    Oh when you think about it when saitama is on the moon he picks up a rock tosses it on the palm of his hand and then nods. To me it looked like he was trying to figure out how gravity worked on the moon so that he doesn't over shoot his jump and accidently destroy the earth...but that just a thought

  • tictacuser123 4
    tictacuser123 4 Day ago

    I think that he said million more than million times

    VELO DUNK Day ago

    uh matpat is wrng AGAIN. odeeen said Thor's hammr were forgd IN a dyng star. not FROM dying str

  • SkywalkerExpress
    SkywalkerExpress 2 days ago

    Saitama does 100 sit ups, push ups and squats after watching Chuck Norris aerobic tutorial video.

  • SmokeGoody247
    SmokeGoody247 2 days ago

    In avengers end game thanos broke the shield

  • Cloudram
    Cloudram 2 days ago

    If Thanos can break the shield... Saitama can. Also you do know that Saitama is nigh omnipotent and that he hasn't even shown a fraction of his strength as said by the editors. He's always gone easy on all of his opponents. Have you seen his feats especially against his near godly enemies? It's almost impossible to imagine how strong Saitama is if he hasn't tried yet. Do more research before you make this theory. If you want to talk about it, dm me

  • Abradolf Lincler
    Abradolf Lincler 2 days ago

    Well, thanos could BREAK captain’s shield with a few slashes.

  • The Jacob show !games toys and shows!


    Like really that’s why you look at other youtubers

  • Potato King
    Potato King 2 days ago

    thanos's sword can break through the shield so yea

  • Karl O
    Karl O 2 days ago

    Cap's shield is not full vibranium btw

  • M3iXin
    M3iXin 2 days ago

    I'm impressed by the intro and the pronounciation is on point.

  • julia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ
    julia ʕ•ᴥ•ʔ 2 days ago +2

    Saitama has been confirmed to be able to destroy half the universe in one punch

  • Mammoth Games
    Mammoth Games 2 days ago

    You have to see how thin it is as well

  • Moniqk
    Moniqk 2 days ago

    Like you said, sitama is unspeakably fast, wouldn't that mean sitama can deliver two punches at the vibranuim and run all the way back and punch the energy back 🤔🤕

  • hunter wilson
    hunter wilson 2 days ago


  • ThaBestAnimations
    ThaBestAnimations 2 days ago +7

    Ik this was made before endgame...but considering the fact thanos broke caps shield with a simple sword....

    *I think saitama wins*

    • Aidan Infinity
      Aidan Infinity 20 hours ago

      "Simple sword?"
      Remember, this is _Thanos'_ sword. You think that Thanos would just have some regular sword made of steel? Thanos has been alive for thousands of years. A war monger like him would obviously have a powerful weapon that has the ability to destroy metal (in this case, vibranium) on some molecular level. Against a shield that can stop countless gunfire, punches, explosions, fall damage, repulsor blasts, lasers, and hits from Thor's hammer, you think a "simple sword" can break it?

  • ChazzerMJazzer
    ChazzerMJazzer 2 days ago

    sorry but your standard form was incorrect as it has to be between 1-10 while 0.0042

  • Silver Eevee
    Silver Eevee 2 days ago

    This is why i watched opm

  • Spencer Hawley
    Spencer Hawley 2 days ago

    67 times the speed of light and it looked like he was doing a meh jump still like he was just should probably get back to earth I guess

  • Aziz Al Ameen
    Aziz Al Ameen 2 days ago

    Are you're an mathematician 😰😰😰😰😨😨😨😨

  • Garrett Walker
    Garrett Walker 2 days ago

    Seeing that thanks in endgame broke caps shield with a few hits with a sword then yeah since saitama is stronger than thanos he could break it easily

  • Jose Perez
    Jose Perez 3 days ago

    So unless your a plane or a explosion or some ice then you necessarily have to yield

  • TheUltimate NormalGamer

    Season 2 is awesome

  • PopFox
    PopFox 3 days ago

    16:19 thats two right hands

  • Kapital
    Kapital 3 days ago +23

    What about Saitamas “serious punch” when he was fighting lord boros

    • ShinøbiSlayer
      ShinøbiSlayer 6 hours ago

      @rednico5 he was not even trying at the end boros was like you weren't even trying

    • rednico5
      rednico5 Day ago +1

      Still, he was holding back. Plus I think it was just another normal punch of his.

  • yea
    yea 3 days ago


  • Kapital
    Kapital 3 days ago +1

    But thanos breaks captain America’s shield in endgame

  • Power Lord
    Power Lord 3 days ago

    dude even thanos can break it dzuh

  • IMPLODE345
    IMPLODE345 3 days ago +2

    Saitama cracked the moon by jumping

  • Leonardo Simulato
    Leonardo Simulato 3 days ago

    saitama vs tanos saitama win

  • Slimey
    Slimey 3 days ago


  • Jeff Cheese
    Jeff Cheese 3 days ago

    Everyone said oh yeah thanos break cap sheild But Tony Gave him a new one so it might not have vibranium

  • Santal
    Santal 3 days ago

    Saitama vs Koro-Sensei

  • ConCeen
    ConCeen 3 days ago

    Another debate with Saitama. Saitama is unbeatable to the most powerful of enemies. He is meant to be overpowered. He is so powerful that he has no limit to his power. This debate is stupid because Saitama is meant to destroy anything with one punch. And if the Vibranium doesn't break then he is probably holding back his limitless power.

  • FaKe Death
    FaKe Death 3 days ago

    How does his shield still last? How about saitamas death punch?

  • Caleb Arellano
    Caleb Arellano 3 days ago +5

    Just imagine how strong saitama would be if he hàd the gauntlet

    • Ariyan Singh
      Ariyan Singh 2 days ago

      Wouldn't make a difference other than he gains extra abilities, not strengh because his strength is already limitless

  • Anant Singh
    Anant Singh 3 days ago +1

    If thanos can break the shield , then saitama can definitely do it.

  • giovanni gio
    giovanni gio 3 days ago

    Vibranium is not the most strong in the marvel univers. But there is no point. One punc man is only there to make a joke of OP herous.

  • sTaTiiC Ryze
    sTaTiiC Ryze 3 days ago

    W H A T D O Y O U T H I N K ?!

  • SiasTic
    SiasTic 3 days ago +1

    Saitama can just bend it rather than giving it kinetic energy

  • Blue_Squirrel
    Blue_Squirrel 3 days ago

    Actually one punch man never punches anything he just almost punches something, but because he is so powerful and fast it creates a lot of wind which does most of the damage

  • insane
    insane 3 days ago


  • Julia Gibbons
    Julia Gibbons 4 days ago

    Why u keep putting all might's muscles on the vibranium?

  • Christopher Beltran
    Christopher Beltran 4 days ago

    16:38 haha he said unspeakable which is a RU-clipr btw😂

    • Sans
      Sans 3 days ago

      Christopher Beltran cool

    • Christopher Beltran
      Christopher Beltran 3 days ago

      Sans yeah but I’m a big fan of unspeakable

    • Sans
      Sans 3 days ago

      Christopher Beltran okay? so? it’s also a word?

  • Alan Larsen
    Alan Larsen 4 days ago

    Saitama would smash the fk out a dat shield...

  • L I L S L AY E R
    L I L S L AY E R 4 days ago

    Goku could just flick the shield and it would...

  • The Surfing Charmander
    The Surfing Charmander 4 days ago +3

    You should have used the moon called titan from Jupiter!!!!

  • CharivuP Gopalan Prasad

    Uru is a metal not neutron star matter.and thanos broke the shield in just several blows.saitama stomps

  • Iris Martinez
    Iris Martinez 4 days ago

    P how about one punch man v.s. thanos