Indian Breads (feat. Floyd Cardoz) | Basics with Babish

  • Published on Oct 10, 2019
  • Chef Floyd Cardoz joins me on Basics with Babish as we make 3 different Indian breads: naan, roti, and lachha paratha.
    Visit Floyd's restaurant:
    Ingredients & Shopping List:
    + For the naan:
    5 cups all purpose flour
    1 tsp active dry yeast (with a little warm water)
    1/2 Tbsp sugar (for yeast)
    1 tsp sugar
    1 tsp salt
    1 cup water (and more as needed)
    Vegetable oil
    Flaky sea salt
    + For the roti and lachha paratha:
    Whole wheat flour
    Oil or ghee
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    Music: Blue Wednesday "Sweet Berry Wine", "Middle School (feat. Magnus Klausen)", "Murmuration (feat. Shopan)"
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  • Binging with Babish
    Binging with Babish  Month ago +12823

    I finally found a man with a voice more soothing than mine.

    • Vasant Arul
      Vasant Arul 12 days ago

      I feel like my posture just became 10x better

    • Joshua Thompson
      Joshua Thompson 18 days ago

      Clearly you guys should collab on a second season of Bedtime

    • M
      M 19 days ago

      Not audible in mobile phone.

    • Pastel Dreams
      Pastel Dreams 26 days ago

      He spoke so softly I had trouble understanding what he was saying!

    • xarcaz
      xarcaz 29 days ago

      Get a damn lid for your bowl. Fuck single use plastics.

  • Tycoon Ruler
    Tycoon Ruler 23 minutes ago

    Who in their right mind adds salt after making a roti. 😪
    It has to be added to dough while making it.

  • Anil Mishra
    Anil Mishra 4 hours ago

    Roti wasn't well made

  • ulmmini
    ulmmini 9 hours ago

    paratha with achaar ( pickle) and chai on the side best combo

  • Eternity
    Eternity 11 hours ago

    Finally you found an indian commenting 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳

  • Omkar Wategaonkar
    Omkar Wategaonkar 18 hours ago

    Can hear Floyd run out of breath...As he kneads the dough 😋🤣😎

  • sweety sidhu
    sweety sidhu 21 hour ago

    I am offended by just look of the Roti. It is supposed to be smaller in size, soft and round. And putting oil or ghee in dough is not necessary for a soft roti.

  • Kunal Pattanayak
    Kunal Pattanayak 21 hour ago

    Babish: people are afraid of getting their hands dirty
    Floyd: ... (I won't glorify that with a response)

  • Riyona Christian

    floyd please make a youtube channel man

  • Nudedragon
    Nudedragon Day ago

    my fave thing abt indian food is how they always triple check that i actually want it hot

  • Urja Khandhediya

    Why am I so offened that they're calling roti a bread? If you really want to learn how to make Indian food, come to India and visit a dhaaba

  • Osma Dossani
    Osma Dossani Day ago +2

    Try as I might, my hands always get dirty when I cook, especially when bread is involved. I’m embracing it now. It’s actually really nice to see a chef embrace working with their hands. Mom used to make fresh roti all the time, and the recipe showcased here is similar, minus the buttering and salt. I saw you add salt and i was like 😧. You almost want your roti to be a bit bland-it’s your foil to a flavorful tikka or sabsi (although maybe I shouldn’t knock it till I try it). And true, parathas are great on their own, or with yogurt. I actually used to eat it with ketchup when i was younger. Anywho, this video has made me think of revisiting cooking Indian again, so many thanks for showcasing this!

  • Spiceonmywrist
    Spiceonmywrist Day ago

    Can’t beat a classic roti

  • saividhyakannan
    saividhyakannan Day ago

    You add salt after the roti is cooked? Interesting...

  • Danney Ocean
    Danney Ocean Day ago

    A nan doesn't have sugar in it. Maybe this chef had a way of making it with salt but an authentic nan doesn't have sugar at all, not even salt as a matter of fact. If not in tandoor it could be cooked on the flip side of indian-pan called tavaa. It's of iron. Roti is always made on open flame so there is nothing like your pan could not do it. Plus the rotis were not kept on flame or pan for sufficient time.

  • sachin vapilkar
    sachin vapilkar 2 days ago

    why i will like i listening porn

  • Julian Hunt
    Julian Hunt 2 days ago

    Please stop using plastic wrap, it is killing the planet. Damp towels work just as well.

  • treqqqq
    treqqqq 2 days ago

    If rotis are breads. Going forward, pieroggis and dumplings are samosas. Pizzas are parathas. Hot wraps are kathi rollis. Burgers are vada pavs. Crepes are sweet dosas.

  • Jake N
    Jake N 3 days ago

    Ew Indian people

  • Par M
    Par M 4 days ago

    "Eat it with Cheese"

    that's some shit my dad would say. The other day he put cheese into his paratha. That elavates the whole game, a hint of spices and boom.

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 5 days ago +1

    THIS WAS SO CUTE it was like watching a video of me trying to help my mum cook

  • Suzy Q
    Suzy Q 5 days ago +1

    there's something about hearing andrew say "lachha paratha" to himself @ 1:28 without butchering it 😍 he's not as "stark & pale" as he claims lmao

  • Leah Van Ert
    Leah Van Ert 5 days ago

    I've loved Floyd since I was first introduced to him on Top Chef Masters years ago! Excited to see you two cooking (baking, I guess?) together!

  • rutvik patel
    rutvik patel 7 days ago

    Roti is included in everyday meal in India in almost all houses, it is not once in a week thing.
    In traditional way or the way we eat roti in India is we eat it with subji which can be a stir fry of vegetables or daal or curry, we don't add salt on top and we don't put jam and butter unless you're trying to make your kid eat roti😂.
    On the other hand naan and laccha paratha is something you will find in street food and restaurants.

  • Purva P
    Purva P 9 days ago

    India is a food heaven, especially for vegetarians!

  • Daniel
    Daniel 9 days ago

    wait so which part of the video was the naan cooked at?

  • William Lockhart Nelson

    When I was an under grad there was this amazing indian place next door that made a sweet Roti that was to die for. I am planning on making some next time I have guests over.

  • Chat2090
    Chat2090 10 days ago

    I love you floyd

  • zyxwvutsrqponmlkh
    zyxwvutsrqponmlkh 10 days ago

    No yogurt? This is not naan.

  • Whos Lord
    Whos Lord 10 days ago +1

    i can feel how breathy this conversation is in the beginning through my computer screen

  • arslan ahmed
    arslan ahmed 10 days ago

    U can eat any of the roti with any dish or salan actually

  • Ben Starzec
    Ben Starzec 11 days ago

    where is the sauces one?

  • alflurin
    alflurin 11 days ago

    Very interesting! And using your hands to mix and knead bread is therapeutical for me. Don't be afraid... but do wash your hands beforehand! :)

  • Siddharth Bose
    Siddharth Bose 12 days ago

    This isn’t an indian naan :(

  • The Sapphire Courier
    The Sapphire Courier 12 days ago

    Floyd looks like an Indian Sean Astin

  • Rj Peterson
    Rj Peterson 13 days ago +1

    I frisbee'd some flatbread at a coworker once. Told him I was just practicing naan violence.

  • Himanshu Jain
    Himanshu Jain 13 days ago

    how can you eat Naan/roti without curry...ugh disgusting.

  • Ramonna Bishundeo
    Ramonna Bishundeo 13 days ago

    My roti comes oval is that marriage material or not

  • G-Unit1111
    G-Unit1111 13 days ago

    I thought it was only real naan if it was baked in a Tandoori-certified oven, otherwise it was called something else. Am I wrong about that?

  • Syed Musa Raza
    Syed Musa Raza 13 days ago

    I love eating Roghni Naan with some Seekh kebabs and/or Tikkas. It tastes so good.
    Paratha tastes good with a lot of foods, but I personally like it with fried eggs and with Chicken tikkas.
    I personally hate Roti. It's been 8 years since I started eating it, and recently, I've hated it so much. It's dry and got everywhere in my braces. That's my personal opinion, I know a lot of people who like it (Like everyone in my family, besides me)

  • kartikeya krishna
    kartikeya krishna 13 days ago

    We just grow curry and pick naan who has time to cook

  • Harsh Gharlute
    Harsh Gharlute 14 days ago +4

    Roti is basically a whole wheat tortilla.
    ~Random Indian

    • Rajeswari Ghosh
      Rajeswari Ghosh 9 days ago

      They taste kinda different tho. They have a bit of sourness to them.

  • Aiden Lee
    Aiden Lee 14 days ago

    Indian curry basics video?

  • shadow ninja
    shadow ninja 14 days ago

    Ohhh so great now this video make me hungrey kek! The good crunchy taste and especially smell of fresh bread is just the best makes me feel alive. Only deltaparoel music can do the same to me. Sometime I combine the both of them, make me feel alive!

  • Mary Hinton
    Mary Hinton 14 days ago

    "Because it looks cool or because it does something?" 😂

  • prokiller grape
    prokiller grape 14 days ago

    Cool cool cool

  • Mehtap Fat
    Mehtap Fat 15 days ago

    Damn two holy men with voice richer than bill gates

  • Debo Datta
    Debo Datta 15 days ago +1

    *Northern Indian breads

  • Vaishnavi Ramesh
    Vaishnavi Ramesh 16 days ago

    Sigh, 1:20 is me explaining the nuances in Indian cuisine to my American friends :D

  • SANG
    SANG 17 days ago +1

    Please do more videos about Indian food. I fucking love that shit

  • kuroninjaofshadows
    kuroninjaofshadows 17 days ago

    Honestly, couldn't get through the video. He's not giving measurements on how much yeast from what I heard, isn't going through the recipe in a discernible way. He gets asked questions in the first part of the video and sort of just answers a question that wasn't asked. Idk, just me. 4:33 in, I'm out.

  • Tej Tandon
    Tej Tandon 17 days ago

    @binging with babish. The Bombay Canteen is an amazing restaurant, you have to try it if you ever get to Bombay

  • Cloud
    Cloud 17 days ago

    Is it just me or that Floyd sound like a UK native.

  • Shellnanigans
    Shellnanigans 18 days ago

    shouldnt you take your jewelry off while cooking?

  • Skand Sharma
    Skand Sharma 19 days ago +1

    That's not at all what a Naan looks like when you eat in here in India!!
    Naan is made in a Tandoor. It has charred edges and it is really crispy on the outside and soft on the inside!!

  • m0 tZz
    m0 tZz 19 days ago

    Indian panini

  • Catrina
    Catrina 19 days ago

    Is it possible to use gluten free substitutes to make these?

  • Dragonwarlord ❶
    Dragonwarlord ❶ 20 days ago

    Indians are Bitches

  • mitoboss
    mitoboss 20 days ago

    Okay there’s no fucking way that was one cup of water for the naan bread

  • Zenoch _
    Zenoch _ 20 days ago +1

    Everyone else: Basics with Babish: Indian Breads
    Me: *Basics Indian with Babish Breads*