Film Theory: Disney's Biggest Disasters! (Moana, Hercules, Lion King...)

  • Опубликовано: 3 янв 2019
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    What Disney movie will reign supreme? Today we are FINALLY crowning the victor of our deadly Disney movie bracket. Will it be the war in Mulan? The famine in Moana? All the dead souls in Hercules? Let's find out once and for all!
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    Twitter: @MatPatGT
    Editors: Marc Schneider, Matteo Adonis, Alexander "Sedge" Sedgwick, Chance Cole
    Writers: Stephanie Patrick
    Research and Fellow Death Counters: Zach Stewart
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  • Cole Schadel
    Cole Schadel 15 дней назад +30829

    *When you want to get the theory done before the end of 2018 but you spent hours looking and calculating Madagascar’s square miles to see how many lemurs would fit*

    • Happyfuz1 Hi!
      Happyfuz1 Hi! 2 дня назад


    • Giorno Giovanna
      Giorno Giovanna 3 дня назад

      Cole Schadel .....WHAT?????......

    • GameboyTaje
      GameboyTaje 4 дня назад

      +The Film Theorists ok ok

    • john klien
      john klien 4 дня назад

      How About Coco?

    • Meme Dogeman
      Meme Dogeman 4 дня назад

      And then he realized he missed a few movies (haunted mansion, pirates of the Caribbean, and all the star wars movies)

  • Ek Awesome
    Ek Awesome 19 часов назад

    I think it's gonna be Hercules

  • Soviet Box Man
    Soviet Box Man 19 часов назад

    Just saying the place you want is the eye of the Sahara desert

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green 20 часов назад

    Do all possible deaths by Disney (live action [including Marvel Studios and Fox], animation, Pixar, sequels, people in Disneyland, actors and crew dying on set, video games, etc.)

  • steelhead96
    steelhead96 20 часов назад

    I knew it was going to be Dinosaur by the end of part 1.
    Dinosaur is my favorite Disney movie.

  • Christopher Perez
    Christopher Perez 20 часов назад

    Yay I guest it right for the wrong reason

  • xxdex red
    xxdex red 20 часов назад

    mat pat is a comuniost comformed

  • Ethan Green
    Ethan Green 20 часов назад

    6:00, Meg is a Disney princess, making Hercules a princess movie by Disney's own standards

  • Tizflint Gliggilan
    Tizflint Gliggilan 20 часов назад

    hi my older brother owns this account so he was really upset when he found dinosaur was the deadliest because it was his favorite he watched it 70 TIMES

  • Maddy Churchill
    Maddy Churchill 20 часов назад

    Hercules is my pick!

  • Sean Pualic
    Sean Pualic 20 часов назад

    Luke killed 1.2 million on the Death Star in A New Hope. Let alone how many people were on Alderaan. 😕

  • Pierced_OW
    Pierced_OW 21 час назад

    Average of 5936 deaths per movie. Thanks Dinosaur!

  • Henry
    Henry 22 часа назад

    *Country* *roads* *plays*

  • maniacstreett
    maniacstreett 22 часа назад

    you should’ve counted the horses in mulan btw

  • ZitroKingCX
    ZitroKingCX 22 часа назад

    Do both 😍😭😁

  • LoMz
    LoMz 22 часа назад


  • Meghan Long
    Meghan Long 22 часа назад

    "Very respectable number."

  • Amelia Blaney
    Amelia Blaney 22 часа назад

    Do the kill count for UP. Cause you know when the ship with the old guy fell, like a bazillion dogs died sooo yeah. :3

  • Ryan Jameson
    Ryan Jameson 23 часа назад

    I just relized that disney named Maui, a polynesian, after a hawaiian island

  • Braedon Van Gorkom
    Braedon Van Gorkom 23 часа назад +1

    but lemurs wouldn't have evolved by then....

  • PinkGinRose •u-
    PinkGinRose •u- День назад

    You need to be a freaking history teacher

  • Alexandra Levy
    Alexandra Levy День назад +1

    I am the only one who realizes it would be Infinity Wars because it’s owned by Disney and it takes out half of the entire universe? Just me?

    LA BASURA День назад

    hehe he

  • I got skittles pox Oof
    I got skittles pox Oof День назад

    Dead meat is shooki

  • Carl Cremona
    Carl Cremona День назад

    We do now know where Atlantis according to Plato was. It's known as the Eye of Africa in the Saharan Desert. Dimensions and location fit perfectly.

  • Desean Martine
    Desean Martine День назад

    How about Pixar and Disney death count like both of them

  • Georgia Beal
    Georgia Beal День назад +1

    the 4917 people that unliked are disney fans arn't they

  • Rin bartlett
    Rin bartlett День назад

    Can you do something with inuyasha

  • Ahmera spencer
    Ahmera spencer День назад

    Matt should do which Marvel movie is the deadliest

  • Doomguy46
    Doomguy46 День назад

    Mat you fool, you silly silly man, you forgot something. The mouse owns Star Wars and Marvel. Good luck.

  • Fahd Abdullah
    Fahd Abdullah День назад

    Do it for Tom Cruise films

  • Todd Murray
    Todd Murray День назад +1

    You forgot Moana’s fathers friend who drowned on-screen in the flashback as to why they don’t go past the reef.

  • Kaya M-R
    Kaya M-R День назад

    Imo Atlantis is in the top 3 Disney movies 🤷🏽‍♀️

  • ALLnightALI
    ALLnightALI День назад

    In Mulan you counted horsemen but not horses?

  • Arthur-ities' Tea-bag
    Arthur-ities' Tea-bag День назад +1

    And to think it would be goddamned llamas

    Oh wait lemurs that look like llamas

  • Oliver Thomas
    Oliver Thomas День назад


  • gaming 1969
    gaming 1969 День назад

    I guess moana

  • Rachel K
    Rachel K День назад

    I KNEW IT!!!!!!!

  • ItsMehFlora
    ItsMehFlora День назад


  • Gaven Eleven
    Gaven Eleven День назад

    Hey why dont you make theory on the back story of bts k-pop band in there mv's plsss make it its to confusing.

  • Icee
    Icee День назад

    17:00 When you can't find the inside of Atlantis so you use Aquaman.

  • Myles Mashburn
    Myles Mashburn День назад +1

    344,031 commit *N E C C R O P P*

  • Myles Mashburn
    Myles Mashburn День назад +1

    Once we narrowed it down to part 3 I was able to guess it right lol.

  • what, why?
    what, why? День назад

    What a plot twist! Wow, I sure am gonna enjoy my bragging rights.

    VINESH NAIR День назад


  • Jammy.
    Jammy. День назад

    Thanos *snaps finger* we have a new deadliest disney movie

  • Ex Industries
    Ex Industries День назад

    Dinosaur was actually the one I had in mind to be the winner but I never officially called it. Well I missed that opportunity.

  • II Reza II
    II Reza II День назад

    I knew it

  • Awesome gaming Bro's
    Awesome gaming Bro's День назад

    Yesss I actually got it

  • Exo-Elite9999
    Exo-Elite9999 День назад


  • Literally Hitler
    Literally Hitler День назад

    It's not Madagascar. There is nothing tying lemurs exclusively to Madagascar at this point and it looks far too small. Bearing in mind Madagascar is larger than Britain.

  • Rica Yzaguinne
    Rica Yzaguinne День назад

    Next pixar movies like toy story and monsters. Inc etc etc

  • Josh V
    Josh V День назад

    Now that’s a lot of damage

  • Embernember
    Embernember День назад +1

    I completely agree with mat pat.
    *The land before time is far superior.*

  • TrialSuchi
    TrialSuchi День назад

    I need death in my movie... Who should I call

  • Lori Collum
    Lori Collum День назад

    this is a trip

  • Thadius Bendon
    Thadius Bendon День назад

    Do Pixar movies there so good

  • Nevan Leong
    Nevan Leong День назад

    Hercules is my bet cuz it happens in Greece which If history is correct would include dinosaur,mulan and Moana plus everyone that died before the end the Hercules movie or basically....... statement was very counter intuitive..... SOOOOOO.....yeaaaaaahhh....... cuzzzzzz.......yknow.......underworld thingy mebob

  • Amelia Phillips
    Amelia Phillips День назад

    Wait wait wait was that scene from aqua man

  • Dark Krafter
    Dark Krafter День назад

    i just realized the pickd ursulas death sean fron the story call of cthuhlu

  • Amelia Phillips
    Amelia Phillips День назад

    Collaboration with deadmeat’s kill count nice!

  • cole komanetsky
    cole komanetsky День назад

    Does anyone else notice the fact that the cause of the flood in the Atlantis movie is a 3 second clip of a nuke that went off in the backround?

  • Caroline Potter
    Caroline Potter День назад


  • Consuelo Riesco
    Consuelo Riesco День назад

    I knew Atlantis was deadly but wow! I thought it was going to be #1 though.

  • Ramiro Linares
    Ramiro Linares День назад

    Next is pixar good luck

  • ツ
     День назад


  • Boi Boi
    Boi Boi День назад

    so Attila the Hun tried to takeover the whole of China with a few thousand men. and he was somehow winning. well.... wtf. China even then have population size more than 10 million and army sizes of around 1 million. ITs a reaalli small China.

  • Dinorex 109
    Dinorex 109 День назад

    Huh, I wonder what the deadliest children's movie ever was.

  • Cats r demons M
    Cats r demons M День назад

    Moana I guess

  • Dinorex 109
    Dinorex 109 День назад


  • Andrea loves Gachas
    Andrea loves Gachas День назад

    You forgot ponyo :c

  • Lincosother32
    Lincosother32 День назад


  • Ryan Way
    Ryan Way День назад

    what were the 58 movies in the list?

  • Robin Murphy
    Robin Murphy День назад

    Is it just me or is the part were it says “where in the world was the atlantean tsunami?” a reference to good mythical morning

  • Brendan Ziegler
    Brendan Ziegler День назад

    Mulan is honestly one of my favorite movies of all time

  • ConmanOfficial
    ConmanOfficial День назад +1


  • Jasty Poke'gamer
    Jasty Poke'gamer День назад

    I knew dinosaur was gonna win

  • Harry Shrimp
    Harry Shrimp День назад


  • The Insane Girl
    The Insane Girl День назад

    Pixar please do Pixar because I know that Pixar has a lot of deaths

  • Nadia Karamat
    Nadia Karamat День назад

    Weird that the deadliest movie is my brother’s favorite Disney movie

  • Arianna  what  happened  to  the  casal Garcia

    Dang Micky

    STOP IT get some milk 🥺

  • TheOrangeking 1
    TheOrangeking 1 День назад

    please please do that death counts for the other animating studios, that would be great. thank you

  • Joey Dominoes
    Joey Dominoes День назад


  • Madison Thornberg
    Madison Thornberg День назад

    Moana does sleep because of the nightmares she has so she does sleep in the movie on the boat

  • Kraemer Knight
    Kraemer Knight День назад

    My only critique is that mammals and dinosaurs lived and evolved together, the didn't show up at the end of the cretaceous.

  • path to science fantasy
    path to science fantasy День назад

    HA dud howl about anime. your stuff is so awesome =0

  • memeArEtHings
    memeArEtHings День назад

    i knew it dinos wont win my heart this time!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Madridsta 9
    Madridsta 9 День назад

    Bragging rights. It's about dinosaurs what did you epcet

  • Gremlin-Dragon
    Gremlin-Dragon День назад

    You forgot Hades death service counter when we first meet the fates!

  • Mike Clifford
    Mike Clifford День назад


  • Rebecca Toney
    Rebecca Toney День назад

    “Just death, death, and more death”
    (Please don’t judge me)

  • Supreme Cool Guy
    Supreme Cool Guy День назад

    Marvel death count right now or I’ll steal your crumpets

  • Melanie Alonzo
    Melanie Alonzo День назад

    HAPPY 2019!!!!!!!!
    hope you have a great year :D

  • DarkNight_Dragon
    DarkNight_Dragon День назад

    I like dinosaur and home on the range when I was younger. but I do like the idea of the kill count for DreamWorks.

  • Colin Finley
    Colin Finley День назад

    I have one thing to say


  • Casey Truss
    Casey Truss День назад


  • DerpyBearMan _PS4
    DerpyBearMan _PS4 День назад

    I remember dinosaurs me and my brother used to go to our grandma's and watch that, ahh memories

  • Norris Tracy
    Norris Tracy День назад

    24:35 really sad moment... unless your me cuz I have a hard time crying.

  • Jordan Rix
    Jordan Rix День назад


  • reckneya
    reckneya День назад

    You state in this video that research shows there is some effidence mammals and dinosaurs did overlap but that it was just a brief time during the end of the cretaceous period. Did you perhaps misspeak and meant to say leamers in stead of mammals? Mammals and dinosaurs both evolved in the triasic.
    Cool vids. I enjoyed this series way more than I should have. Cheers.