Milwaukee 8 PROBLEMS 2018

  • Published on Jul 25, 2018
  • The Milwaukee 8 engine came out in Harley Davidson Touring models in 2017. Now that it's also in the 2018 Softails, what are the problems??? The internet has asked, and I will answer! This is some of the issues that I've seen come from the newest engine that HD has put out!
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Comments • 1 271

  • Bryan Duncan
    Bryan Duncan 5 hours ago

    So let me get this straight - there’s nothing wrong with this bike, but I just happen to have a gearbox casing that’s bust, a gear cluster with a broken rear bearing and a clutch assembly that’s shot, but there’s nothing really wrong with this bike.............?

  • Pete Allen
    Pete Allen Day ago +1

    Time to goJAPANESE!

  • Melodicimpressions
    Melodicimpressions 2 days ago

    You have a good channel..I subscribed

  • Melodicimpressions
    Melodicimpressions 2 days ago

    I have a question.. In this video you are riding the middle of your lane. I was taught to ride the lane a car tire rides in . Why because the center of the road has oil from cars and it is slipperier than the tire lanes. My work is all about engines but diesel. So cars and emissions understood. Maybe today where in the lane you ride does not matter?.Thanks

  • steve smith
    steve smith 2 days ago

    Im running the 2017 Street Glide CVO 114" liquid cooled, Are there issues I should be concerned with...?

  • jackrider57
    jackrider57 2 days ago

    I think I'll stick to my 03 roadking.

  • Earls Pearl
    Earls Pearl 2 days ago +2

    if HD cant finally build a VTWIN after they have been at it for over 100 years . just use the VRod that's not really a Harley anyway and close down everything else . because they have shown themselves to be inept .nuffsed .

  • Nazaire Tetreault
    Nazaire Tetreault 4 days ago +1

    Ford calls them technical service bulletins

  • Imad Jubranimad
    Imad Jubranimad 4 days ago +1

    Harley Davidson are money pit,no more for me,going to the cheap reliable Japanese bike because I like to ride during the season ride for a month and let it set at the dealer for another month until they get to it!

  • christopher scafuri
    christopher scafuri 4 days ago +3

    Sorry John I have a 2019 street glide. Just did my 1k service and discovered that my transmission was almost dry maybe 8 to 10 oz of fluid in it. Removed the derby cover and oil was pouring out. To say the least it is very upsetting.

  • marvin R
    marvin R 4 days ago

    I have a 2002 Softail Duece withTC88 that I bought new in 2001 that has the stage one set-up and I beat the crap out of it every time I take it out of my Garage and I can say that its NEVER broken down Never gone back to the dealer to take care of anything under the extended warranty that I bought for it at the dealer ... what a waist that was. lol.
    The old TC88,96,103&107 I'd take one any day over the M8.. well till they get the Bugs out of it anyways.
    Good Job on the video as always John.

  • themaxrider
    themaxrider 5 days ago +3

    Yet another friend has his M8 fail for not the 1st, 2nd, but 3rd time! He's on engine number 4 folks! Good luck if yours works! But just in his area, he knows of 5 that went down.

  • Robert V
    Robert V 5 days ago +1

    I like twin cams

  • sithlord 1968
    sithlord 1968 5 days ago +1

    I have a 2019 street glide special...1,000 mile service was done by the dealership. At 3,800 miles (yesterday) I decided to change the oils before my trip to Sturgis. So I started with removing the primary derby cover and oil starts pouring out of the primary. I knew there ws an issue. I then pulled the trans dipstick and there was no oil on the dipstick. I drained the primary and refilled with 30oz. When I drained the trans only 9oz drained out. More than obvious oil migration. Called the dealer with luck they are getting me in on July 30th, 1 day before I leave for Sturgis to install a primary vent kit.

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  5 days ago

      I haven’t had any feedback from the vent kit, yet. It seems the 19s are worse off than the 17 and 18s!

  • Cosmic Charlie
    Cosmic Charlie 5 days ago

    Back when bikes had analog odometers, you could see how many miles were on them when they were parked. Harleys, not BMW were the mileage kings. Saw many with 200 to 300k on em.

  • william walker jr
    william walker jr 6 days ago +1

    i'll run my 98 evo dyna forever!!

  • Don S.
    Don S. 6 days ago

    I’ll keep my 07 Roadking. It’s got all the bugs worked out . Your videos are very informative . Thumbs up .

  • Dynamic Response
    Dynamic Response 6 days ago +2

    I have a 17 SG special 107 m8. With screaming eagle heavy breather. The heavy breather keeps leaking oil. Every ride I get leaking. It’s not a lot but enough to piss me off.
    Any ideas?

  • raceboy1971
    raceboy1971 7 days ago

    Reading these comments just tells me people are uneducated when it comes to statistics and the law of large numbers and that they draw conclusions based on emotion rather than logic. Harley Davidson sold 130,000 bikes in the United States alone last year. The vast majority of people don't post online and just enjoy riding their bikes trouble-free and you never hear from them. On the other hand, those who have issues are the loudest internet voices, but in terms of what percentage of overall buyers they are, it's a tiny fraction but to the average person it gives them a false sense of the frequency of problems (this is true in every industry) as fear is a natural emotional response. These bikes, and every product under the sun, are made by men, not God. As such, there will always be some people who have problems. People in the comments saying these motors should be "bulletproof" are just just not living in reality. You can find the highest rated quality product from every product in every industry and a certain percentage of people will still get lemons. That's just mathematical reality people. Yes, I know it doesn't feel that way if you are one of the unlucky ones with a problem, but sometimes you just win the bad luck lottery. On my 5th Harley in 12 years with probably 100K miles and no issues. Also on my 4th Honda dirt bike in about the same time and never had a single issue there either until the most recent one, but I would still buy another Honda dirt bike without hesitation and just bought my wife her first bike, a Honda Rebel 500.

    • raceboy1971
      raceboy1971 5 days ago

      ​@Robert Conley LOL, my wife's Honda is made in Tailand.

    • Robert Conley
      Robert Conley 5 days ago

      Try an Indian by Polaris, better bike,I have nothing but Harleys until Chinese parts started showing up.

  • David Bierowski
    David Bierowski 7 days ago +4

    Statistics don’t lie. Harley’s break 3-4 times as often as their Japanese counterparts. I’ve owned 2. Wont buy another one. So if you like expensive, underpowered, unreliable, high maintenance bikes, buy a Harley. I do have a question though. How big does the engine have to be for a Harley to break 100hp? Or 100 mph? 200ci? The world may never know.

    • raceboy1971
      raceboy1971 5 days ago

      LOL 93.285% of statistics are made up on the spot and your post is no exception. In Consumer reports last motorcycle reliability study, the best brand was Yamaha and it still had a failure rate of 11% vs HD's 26 percent so not even reaching close to your 3X at 2.3 times and that's the BEST Japanese bike and Kawasaki was 1.7X or about half of the starting point of the stat you made up. 200 ci to go 100 mph? I have to assume based on the other numerical inaccuracies in your post that by "I've owned 2" Harleys the real number is zero. Statistics don't lie, but you did.

  • Deepdirty South
    Deepdirty South 8 days ago +1


  • Mike
    Mike 9 days ago +1

    Harley loves rebuilding their crappy motors

  • Donald Dee
    Donald Dee 9 days ago +1
    I do believe the internet has been a problem with many things not only Harley story's...
    I'm an older guy not really good with the darn internet and doing the search thing..
    BUT I have to say it's better than going to the library like we all did in the past..
    You open your videos saying your a well trained professional..
    You talk about how the internet users exaggerate you think the following RU-clip link falls in that category..???

  • Donald Dee
    Donald Dee 9 days ago +1

    I agree this guy is great BUT don't forget his check comes from Harley...
    I've had Harleys for many of my 67 years
    They all have had their problems..
    Of course he is going to down play..
    If not he might be working for Suzuki..
    Both my twin cams have had their faults
    Both have had the junk main drive bearings replaced at 25 grand using that same junk bearing...BUT I'll stay with my twin cams and I HAVE the money..!!
    Truthfully waiting for that Indian Scout motor to become bigger and fitted in the Indian Chieftain..

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  9 days ago +3

      I don’t work for the MoCo, so I can say anything I want. I have honestly seen very few of the issues that the internet has continued to exaggerate.
      I have begun to see more of the transfer issue, at greater that 5 oz of fluid, but it’s also been a year since this video was published.
      I do plan to remake this video for 2019, but I only put out what I believe, so I’m waiting to see if the new primary vent tube actually fixes anything.

  • jimthvac100
    jimthvac100 11 days ago +3

    HD should just have Honda start making their engines then they would have a trouble free long lasting bike.

    • jimthvac100
      jimthvac100 9 days ago +2

      @J X lol relax I am just joking. All manufacturers have there plusses and minuses. Regarding my bikes having a soul. I like a quality bike with minimal maintenance that is reliable and long lasting. I also like a Bike that is cost effective on repairs and parts. I recently bought a Honda VTX1800 love it. Also have a VT1100 very low maintenance and very high quality. When Harley starts making a bike with these qualities I will be happy to check them out. But I won't pay double for it over other bikes.

    • J X
      J X 10 days ago +1

      I'm buying a new FXDR tomorrow, just because of your comment! Hondas have no soul. Don't care how many Honda copies of a Harley I can buy for the price of an FXDR.

  • Sjors K
    Sjors K 11 days ago +7

    I've bougt a brand new M8 SGS 114" bj 2019 , in which "the oil transfer issue" occured ( and another member of our HD club has bought last year a M8 RK 107" bj 2018 , which is infected with that same "issue" as well .) please don't try to convince us that it is just "rare" , because it is not.
    Both of the bikes are under warrenty , and get an approved "fix" at the dealer ( but it is no guarantee that it will solve the problem for 100% ) ,
    So if it does , I'll let you know here .

  • Sjors K
    Sjors K 11 days ago +1

    Mr Chatter Hoochie Coochee , seem to be a friendly person , and I really believe you are , ....but you're not allowed to tell us about that serious M8 transmission OIL TRANSFER ISSUE , ...which is just very common , and that it is now known everywhere.
    It's not a matter of "rare" or "every now and then " ,...because ALL touring models with hydraulic operated clutches are infected !
    You're not allowed of the HD company to speak freely and indepently , so your report is politically correct dictated bij the HD company .

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  11 days ago

      Not exactly. The date of the video is right at a year old. I have seen quite a bit more than last year. I haven’t seen that every model is having issues. I do believe most models will end up with the vent tube, though.

  • Philip Roberts
    Philip Roberts 12 days ago +1

    Just dropped lots of money for a new 114 Fatboy,hope MoCo have got there shit together with these oil transfer issue as the forums are full of these issues with many dealers blowing customers out and saying these issues don't exist even though you have just shown that there is a genuine HD report on the subject.

  • David Baldwin
    David Baldwin 12 days ago +5

    Harley doesn't have recalls, but they will sell you an update kit! I'll keep my old iron.

    • David Baldwin
      David Baldwin 5 days ago +1

      @Brian Harris 96 evo springer! Been all over the west!

    • Brian Harris
      Brian Harris 5 days ago +2

      im still on my 95 evo no issues, just get on and ride, ride, and ride

  • Héctor Gomez
    Héctor Gomez 14 days ago

    Mochate con la grifa bro 😨

  • Kevin Vance
    Kevin Vance 14 days ago +4

    The worst thing about the M8 is it no longer sounds like a Harley. Literally sounds like a Japanese V-Twin

    • Pete Allen
      Pete Allen Day ago

      Kevin Vance Absoluteley! Better by design & build totally reliable. If you're into riding more than sitting on you're arse on the floor working on the bike it's the only way to go. HD should have stuck with the V-Rod and they would have stayed in the game. Fortunately we Brits don't have to stick to the one brand through misguided patriotism. Have a good day and stay rubber side down.👍🏻

    • Kevin Vance
      Kevin Vance Day ago

      @Pete Allen Good to know you're into basic generic engines.

    • Pete Allen
      Pete Allen Day ago

      Kevin Vance I would say that's a step in the right direction.

  • Jericho Bargas
    Jericho Bargas 14 days ago

    Spare us your stupid intro!

  • michael jackson
    michael jackson 15 days ago +2

    Call me old fashioned but old school bikes are easy to work on not the crap Harley Davidson putting out now

  • Jeremy Nesser
    Jeremy Nesser 15 days ago +1

    You failed to explain the reason why the fluid transfer is happing I'm guessing because you don't realy understand it but it a serious problem with harley big v twins and should be a factor recall on this problem if it calls for a full quart of oil then that's what it needs it don't say anywhere in the service manual if you have a half quart laying around put that in it will be fine

    • Jeremy Nesser
      Jeremy Nesser 15 days ago

      @John Maxwell I belive I understand what is happening with the transfer but what I don't understand is why harley davidson is not standing behind this i have a friend that's bought a 2017 with this problem when the problem was found the trany only had about 6 Oz of fluid left in it i belive harly told him to keep a eye on it he replied with that had to over heat the gears they said It only needs a few Oz REALY then why the hell do they say it requires a quart the trany with out less than a month later harley refused to fix it because he had a stage 2 put on the we both no that BULLSHIT and harley flaged the any warranty work on the bike so he fixed it sold it and just few months ago bought a brand new one rode to the fl keys and the same problem goldstar harley out of Festus mo is has replaced the trany just in the past couple off weeks it's real problem that should be recalled I have a 2017 road glide ultra I've been fortunate so far it's been to Milwaukee and back from St louis we leave for Sturgis in a few weeks so that will be a little longer stretch for it we will see

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  15 days ago +1

      At the date of this video I didn’t know the reason. I’ll update soon on the developments since I filmed this last summer.

  • Richard Bruce
    Richard Bruce 15 days ago

    I got the 2016 FatBoy S with the Screamin eagle 110B. What should I be most focused on as far as cooling and is there anything I need to know concerning this beautiful Blacked out stud. Thanks love your channel! Learned alot and will keep watching. You got a patreon yet?

  • Criss Cornia
    Criss Cornia 15 days ago +1

    FU HD.

  • TK1138
    TK1138 15 days ago +1

    Again, this dude's prolly a great mechanic, but I've rarely seen a more rambling, confusing style of "instruction" anywhere on RU-clip... at the end of his vids, I've literally learned nothing. John: if you're going to keep making vids, I strongly urge you to take a public speaking class at any local jr college. Not trying to be a dick, THEY WILL HELP YOU MAKE ALL THE KNOWLEDGE YOU HAVE UNDERSTANDABLE TO THE REST OF US. Thanks.

  • Leudwig vonshwartsenhelm

    How much money would it cost for a main bearing to be replaced in a 6 speed transmission?

  • rickstone1340
    rickstone1340 16 days ago +2

    How about the stage 4 valve spring problems? Really ran strong on my 17 but broke spring seized the motor. Has this been addressed?

    • rickstone1340
      rickstone1340 16 days ago

      @John Maxwell it did, and two dealers told me was a known issue

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  16 days ago

      I haven’t heard of that one. It must be pretty isolated. Warranty cover it?

  • kyle stewart
    kyle stewart 17 days ago +10

    My honda dealer told me to bring my bike back in 25years or 300,000 miles. which ever comes first.

  • Ed Dwiggins
    Ed Dwiggins 18 days ago +5

    Good old Harley.
    Selling half baked crap.
    It seems like since it's a very similar engine that's been made 100 years. It should be a perfect engine by now.
    My 103 has been a noisy POS since new.
    Harleys answer? "THEY ALL DO THAT.

  • Timothy Moes
    Timothy Moes 21 day ago

    lIke the video. Can't afford the 8 either.
    Totally separate....I have had a '94 Road King since new. Less than 18k miles. Need to seel it. Great shape. Runs like a charm. Showing some age. But where would I start with setting a price?
    Thanks man!

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  20 days ago +1

      I have no idea. Every bike is worth more to the owner than the buyer, and is really only worth what someone is willing to pay. You can check and craigslist, and come up with an in between number that someone will jump on!

  • RevelatorAlf
    RevelatorAlf 24 days ago

    Yep looking at getting an M8 myself. Just enjoy test riding a few just now

  • Keith Rathbun
    Keith Rathbun 24 days ago +2

    You should really go back and do an update video on the M8 motors. I’ve personally had two bikes sump on me. A 2017 cvo street glide that I trade in on 2018 cvo SG that is in the shop now for sumping. Harley knows they some Major issues were refusing to take care of it this will be my last Harley lost my ass on 17 Time start looking at some of the new Indian motorcycles

  • Daniel Morales
    Daniel Morales 26 days ago

    Do you know if it’ll fit a hardtail frame?

  • Greg Tyler
    Greg Tyler 27 days ago +2

    I was in Laconia for bike week 2019. Had an issue with my '17 Limited. Had no idea John would be the one looking at my bike. Great guy, took care of me really quickly and was awesome to talk with. I just wanted to thank you, John, for being there and taking care of my situation. Many thanks brother! Wish you great success in all you do! Greg

  • Rsl4Life
    Rsl4Life 28 days ago

    My 2018 FLSB had the rocker issue.
    And if anyone is gona scroll down and read the comments... let me translate the negative one for you right now.
    Negative Comment Translation: "I'm broke as fuck and can't afford anything pre 1999. So it automatically sucks and is inferior to my shit" End Translation.
    Look I'm broke as hell to. But still scrimp and Save to pay for my 18 FLSB. However before I had it. I didnt shit talk what other's had. Just Because i was a loser... stop being a suck.

  • Phil Abovethelaw
    Phil Abovethelaw 28 days ago +2

    Is the problem with touring models only or do softails have this Problem too?

  • Steve Preston
    Steve Preston 29 days ago +1

    My first brand new bike is a '19 Fat Boy 144. Only have a few hundred miles on it, but it seems to be very easy to lug the engine. To the point I downshift on slight hills, lugs...downshift again...lugs.. I'm thinking really??? It is fast and responsive enough. My right leg is never even slightly warm, either. But the idle is a little wobbly and that lugging drives me nuts. My buddy took the bike out, and I asked him later about it lugging so easily, and he said, "Yeah, I wasn't going to say anything, but even through town I found it wanting to be one gear lower than I'm used to." Idk. My 1200 Sporty and 103 Trike aren't like this at all. Maybe I'll get used to it.

  • christschool
    christschool Month ago +2

    So Harley's are shipped with recalls? LOL!

    • SRV1
      SRV1 28 days ago +1

      yep greed greed and more greed. hope they go out soon

  • wingsandstrings
    wingsandstrings Month ago +2

    That's why you don't buy things based on romanticism or the image it portrays. I've been in Harley dealerships where they act like they're doing you a favor. Fuck you. I don't need to embrace your biker persona . I ride a 2012 Bandit with over 80k miles on it. Never once stranded me and runs like it did when I bought it and it will smoke any Harley I know of .Keep your bullshit image.

  • Bob Johnson
    Bob Johnson Month ago

    The M8 is light years ahead of the Twin Cam. There are guys running 150hp 145ftlbs 128 big bore Kit's without any issues. I think Fuel Moto has 40K miles on one of their bikes.

  • 1980shovelhead80ci
    1980shovelhead80ci Month ago

    Harley hasn't made a descent bike since the shovel head way too much plastic might as well ride A Honda ! I've been riding for 47 years ( on the Road, 50 when you include dirt ) and the new rider make me ashamed it's all about little penises and flashy chrome now, brotherhood has died you millennials like everything Ruined it ! it started with chick riders when my crew go for A ride it's no women unless they are on the pad don't like it move your shit out of my house before i get home or it goes to the CURB ! New riders mostly posers and dipshits

  • Coifox1
    Coifox1 Month ago

    Love it man... don't change a thing...

  • daniel jaram
    daniel jaram Month ago

    John my new FLSB has had an issue since new that none of the local dealers have been able to fix. After the engine has warmed up. When coming to a stop, while in gear, just before coming to a complete stop the engine will rev up to 1500-1700 rpm. When the bike stops the idle drops down to a normal speed of around 960 rpm. The first dealer installed a Harley street tuner. No change. The next said it was a normal function. That’s BS. I’ve ridden other models. The third....he’s still thinking. HELP!!!

  • Riff raff Choppers
    Riff raff Choppers Month ago

    why does this dude always have a confused look on his face ha?

  • Shane Codman
    Shane Codman Month ago

    I love my sporty but Harley engineers are straight scandalous and retarded

  • Alex Spots Wood
    Alex Spots Wood Month ago +1

    We've already split a case and replaced the lower halves at my job. Check for oil leaks from the inner primary at the 7'oclock bolt. Harley already knew when we called to get the warranty approved

  • illuminated one
    illuminated one Month ago

    I’m real Leary of the twin cams to present I don’t trust these engines the evolution was a workhorse

    • Alex Spots Wood
      Alex Spots Wood Month ago +1

      Thats what everyone used to say about the shovelheads. Leary of Evo's and dynas and anything after shovelhead was shit... Everyone is the same, people dont like change so it takes them 20 years to accept something and then by then theres already been 2 new updates. Dont worry, the used market is still there.

  • cam gnilpe
    cam gnilpe Month ago +1

    typical H-D fucking bullshit! 21st century FUCKING JUNK!

  • Won Honglo
    Won Honglo Month ago

    Harley Davidson Sportster Roadster 1200R new in 2007 delivered without the rear spokes tightened, wheel needed to be replaced but not covered under the warranty because "it is a wearable part", rocker box gasket leak, solution Harley tech tightened bolts in the parking lot, exhaust, still leaks, exhaust catches your pants on fire, constant electrical problems, stator failed, ECM problems, fuel pump replaced, EFI doesn't work, and on, and on and on etc............ been sitting for a year because I can't keep up with the $$$$$.

  • Bobber Life
    Bobber Life Month ago


  • Neil Brown
    Neil Brown Month ago +24

    That's why you never buy the first year of anything the bugs aren't worked out yet...

    • Pete Allen
      Pete Allen Day ago

      Neil Brown Buy Japanese. Why don't people learn.

    • B. Chuchlucious
      B. Chuchlucious 6 days ago +1

      Exactly. Never fly the 'A' model of anything.

  • Donald Joseph Wood
    Donald Joseph Wood Month ago

    John, Harley Davidson should compensate you for what you do and the way you explain things. I purchased a used 2017 road glide with low mileage. At the time of purchase the levels were correct. I noticed an issue with the transmission after 600 miles. It started sounding clunkier and the ease of shifting into N hand gone away. When I check the tranny level there was nothing on the dipstick. I took it to my local dealer they decided to order a kit to vent the primary. It's still there waiting for install.

  • Ben Winslow
    Ben Winslow Month ago

    Any info on what Harley is doing for the sumping issue?

  • Dennis
    Dennis Month ago +4

    Harley problems ?!? lmao ....

  • gayrunnycumstain
    gayrunnycumstain Month ago +1

    fuck harley & fuck brand loyalty. maybe if everybody stopped buying ther trendy bullshit theyd actually stop & fix all ther beginner engine builder bullshit.

  • Lasse Ibsen
    Lasse Ibsen Month ago

    I think you should Contact the head directive of HD. Cause you are giving HD a lot of viewers, you does make super good and informative videos and it does deserve a a credit from the manufacture ;) Keep up the good work!

  • CaptainRon1913
    CaptainRon1913 Month ago +1

    So, 16 minutes of blah blah blah, and there are no problems. You just used a click bait title for views. Got it

  • Mrs. Waight
    Mrs. Waight Month ago +2

    This is why I stay metric......I don't like Yardly Davidson's. I like riding bikes, not working on them..You have to be a mechanic to own a Harldley Bike.. Loud junk

    • Len James
      Len James Month ago

      Haha.....really? I have many Harleys. Two of them have over 60k miles on them and hey guess what? Never worked on them except change oil. I love people like you who watch these you tube vids a then you think you can make an educated statement. Besides who's looking at a metric bike saying one

  • GaryLordsWayMinistry
    GaryLordsWayMinistry Month ago +5

    I think I'm switching to Indian 116.

  • Rocking in a free world

    Only one problem with a Harley Davidson . It’s a Harley Davidson.

  • Nunya Business
    Nunya Business Month ago +1

    It’s not that big of a concern, unless it’s your bike that’s broken. Glad to see this guy thinks it’s funny if you got a hunk of shit.

  • The Impaler
    The Impaler Month ago +1

    The old days; shit man, for some reason the engine oil ain't gettin to the primary.
    It's gonna fuck somethin up!
    Nowadays; shit man, for some reason I'm gettin oil in my primary from the engine.
    It's gonna fuck somethin up...........

  • Meteor Motorcycle
    Meteor Motorcycle Month ago

    Great video, recently purchased a slightly used 2016 Ultra Glide from dealer with warrantee, had a check oil light and info showed oil pressure ( as did fault code) turned out to be faulty sensor, which I see can be common on these models. Your explanation definitely clears up the oil pump (non) issue. M-8’s are fantastic, specially compared to my first Harley’s, an old iron head sporty in the 80’s and than a tc 88 in the 2000’s. Thanks for your channel. Keep up the good work and great videos,

  • Hippie Stereo
    Hippie Stereo Month ago

    Is the Evo motor better ?

  • M Walker
    M Walker Month ago

    Just found your page. Awesome video. I have a 66 harley m50. My first bike. Also a 76 Harley sportster with a Paco frame, 52 pan head tank, and so on. It only dose 1st and 2nd. Oh well. I am looking at a new Harley. Mainly for touring and Patriot Guard. What would be a good reliable ride?

  • Tim Northrup
    Tim Northrup Month ago

    Hey kiddo let's talk about oil seepage at. Oil lines on oil tank on softtail (2004).

    • Tim Northrup
      Tim Northrup Month ago

      I have to ride about 300 miles before they seep and would not consider i t leaking. LOL

    • Tim Northrup
      Tim Northrup Month ago

      And they seep at tank

    • Tim Northrup
      Tim Northrup Month ago

      I replaced tank for "crud" and rust; the steel lines going into tank seep

    • John Maxwell
      John Maxwell  Month ago

      Which lines? The metal ones on the front? Or the hoses on the back and underneath? There’s o rings for the from metal lines, but a lot of times the area is full of crud, so it needs to be cleaned. And the rubber hoses under and back side can (will need to be) replaced with new clamps to stop any leaks.

  • themaxrider
    themaxrider Month ago +2

    Tell tale dead giveaway that he's lying, is he itches the side of his nose. I've heard of several having these non-stop issues including one that is on his forth engine for the sumping issue. A friend had $30K in warranty work in 3 years on his CVO!
    Sooooo good luck telling that they don't have these issue..

  • Tom rizzo
    Tom rizzo Month ago +2

    Thanks to Harley for constantly trying to reinvent the wheel and . Managing to screw it up every time.... long live the evolution motor

  • bob saget
    bob saget Month ago

    "it won't actually fit all the way in there... back bearing is... it's fucked, guys"

  • ron brake
    ron brake Month ago

    John Maxwell
    Just find this video like your stuff but be cool I retired in mid 2017 from a H-D dealer in So Cal and by the time I got home I no longer had access to hdnet PS retirement rocks hang in there

  • Donald Remington
    Donald Remington Month ago

    If , heaven forbid , H D were to fail , the internet & FB in particular would play a huge part. Any idiot with a cell phone can express them selves , whether or not they rally have any idea what they are talking about. I have [currently ] a 2017 RKS with 25 it in less than 2 years. Zero issues . Perhaps 2 oz. of oil transfer , which is not an issue. Owners, are you checking trans. , with the bike upright ? That is what the owners manual specifies , & it makes a difference. I have owned & put many miles on HD's over the last 30 + years . [3 evo's , 5 Twin Cam, 1 M8 ] they get better all the time.

  • Robert from USA
    Robert from USA Month ago +1

    So what you are saying is... Harley-Davidson... an excellent company... responds pretty fast to researching and addressing issues...! Cool.

  • Cliff Sayko
    Cliff Sayko Month ago

    John.. my 2019 Ultra Trike developed a "clack" at 2500/2800 RPM' S that's driving me insane... service department says, "bike is working properly" but although they call the "clacking" excessive noise coming from the engine they do not know the cause... they asked Milwaukee and Milwaukee says if it ain't broke they can't fix it... I am a devoted follower of John Maxwell.. treat you like EF Hutton when you talk... please talk now if you get a minute...

    • benson420710
      benson420710 Month ago

      Brake it in hard, also try to use semi synthetic and not full synthetic for motor oil. When you take out the plugs are the cylinders still honed or can you see any piston/ring slap marks on the bore

  • Atomic Cichlids
    Atomic Cichlids 2 months ago

    People are way too sensitive to shut these days. I work on Airbus A 350’s and if the general public new how a brand new aircraft straight from the manufacturer broken they’ed never fly again. I find most people that take issue with Harley-Davidsons can’t figure out what end of a screw driver to use. I love the twincam but I take shit apart for fun.

  • BellsRidesMoto
    BellsRidesMoto 2 months ago

    Shocking how the good ol’innerwebs (yup real word you can find in the George Bush Dictionary) blows thing out of proportion. I absolutely Love my M8, runs like a raped ape.

  • Scott Peterson
    Scott Peterson 2 months ago +1

    I have a 2017 Road King. The valves seem to be much louder than they should be. Google search it looks like others complain about that as well on the M8. What are you thoughts on this?

    • snowlothar
      snowlothar 14 days ago

      My 2018 RK valve train is exceptionally loud too. Dealer said it was all good. Test road another one off the floor and it was silent - just exhaust. At least I have it documented so if something turns up down the road I will have a leg to stand on.

  • Rice Burnerbiker
    Rice Burnerbiker 2 months ago +6

    I got a used 2008 Suzuki C90T Boulevard!
    9600 miles on it
    Wanted a HD.
    For a 90 hp plus HD used
    $9K was the best I could find .
    I love HD, but there not twice the price of a Rice Burner.
    A 2008 Goldwing was $7.5-8k
    1836 cc
    Something is wrong with HD....
    The new Indian bikes
    The big hogs....
    Front tire was $500 plus installation.
    Buy a new Rice Burner,
    Save tons of money, and end up with the better ride over all.

    • Rice Burnerbiker
      Rice Burnerbiker Month ago

      Tena Heffernan my brother in law has a 2008 HD Heritage soft tail.
      He bought it new.
      You would think he would ride it a lot.
      MAYBE twice a year, were same age.. he’s in better shape then me.
      I ride his once ever ever three weeks or so.
      I ride my Suzuki 1500 three times a week or more.
      The HD is stronger over all.
      I’m used to the feel of mine.
      His is ok but he never washes it.. that’s what I’m for I
      I’m addicted to riding.
      I love a cool crisp sun up on a Sunday morning.
      I ride to either Galveston island or downtown Houston.
      See everything with no traffic...
      I ride to lake Charles Louisiana to gamble.
      Texas is scared of gambling and pot.
      The religious would lose a lot of free money if they legalized fun in Texas.
      I got my first bike license at 15 for a Honda XL 100
      In 1976..👁👁

    • Tena Heffernan
      Tena Heffernan Month ago

      I used to own a Suzuki Boulevard C50. Great bike. Nothing bad to say. However, if anyone thinks they are as nice as the bike they clone Heritage Softail, then they are fooling themselves. I will also say, I find used HDs are relatively more costly than a new one.

  • Randy Hules
    Randy Hules 2 months ago +2

    I've heard claims about the M8 engines having compression loss issues. A guy I know says he knows a guy who got one brand new and everything was great for a while then it felt underpowered and he found out the cylinders had nearly 46% compression loss. If that's true, can you confirm that it's possible? I don't know much about the newer engines. I heard the cylinders were "ceramic coated" which is what gets eaten away fast by the pistons. Like I said, this is all heresay. sounds a little farfetched to me that 46% compression was lost for no reason at all. I'm not saying one way or the other. Just curious if you have heard any of the same issues. If not, do you think the 107" is a significant power difference compared to the 103"? You seem to know your stuff, and I'm learning little by little and considering going to MMI for motorcycle mechanics. But I just want to squash this theory which sounds a bit ridiculous to me. Tell me I'm not crazy saying this guy has another issue which caused compression loss, and not because it's a newer engine.

  • mark westdyke
    mark westdyke 2 months ago

    I have always rode jape bikes
    I have a Yamaha Venture with 130000 miles on it.
    the m8 is the closest I can get to the performance of it
    But the handling of the Harley-Davidson is a little better in a slow speed!!!
    I Ride my Motorcycle’s likes they belong to someone else!!!
    and they break I fix it!!!
    Or as we say it’s paid for!!!
    Keep the orly side down
    And the shiny side up!!!
    Wear it out before you die!!!

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith 2 months ago +2

    Some people like to make an issue out of anything. Probably need their bowels open.

  • Miles Wagman
    Miles Wagman 2 months ago +2

    Thanks for the video brother. Been in a road glide group on Facebook after buying my 18 rgs and I’ve been nothing but nervous thinking this is going to happen to my bike. Much appreciated

  • Dawn IrishBOB
    Dawn IrishBOB 2 months ago +1

    Hey - that's my bike!! I have #855 of the 115th Anniversary Heritage Softail. Absolutely LOVE IT!!!! Thanks for sharing your thoughts - always appreciated 😁

  • Crypt Keeper
    Crypt Keeper 2 months ago

    I came upon John's videos last night just browsin thru some shit on youtube and am now addicted. Not only does this guy know his shit but he is just fricken hilarious to watch. Thanks for the vids man, you rock!
    I'm going to binge watch this shit! ;)

  • LuckyB
    LuckyB 2 months ago +1

    In short what your saying is DONT !!waste your time and money on the newer Jap-A-Davidson .. when Harley incorporated the Tranny into the motor cases .. I said fk that I owned on Jap bike in my 50 years of riding . And its been American ever since ..thanks for confirming my thoughts ..

  • Eric sharrock
    Eric sharrock 2 months ago +2

    Great video John. I bought my 2019 FLTRX on 4/6/19 had the 1000 mile service done at dealership at 991 miles and I verified oil levels before leaving dealership and all was good. Today 5/9/19 at 1850 miles checked transmission dipstick and it was dry. Added 10 ounces to bring to halfway mark on dipstick. Back to dealership tomorrow. I had hoped they would have this fixed by 2019 models. My bikes build date was 3/19/19 so it appears Harley Davidson has done nothing to fix this. Too bad as otherwise it's a great motorcycle.

    • Len James
      Len James Month ago

      Same here on my 2019 Road King Special. My dealer tells me they have a fix. I told him why would anything have to be fixed. This motor is plagued with problems. My bike now sits in the garage and I'm back riding my to other Twin Cam 110s...sad news

  • Greg
    Greg 2 months ago +3

    Harley Service has mastered the art of doubletalk if that fails,... have the customer ride the bike for 1000 miles. Genius! Maybe it'll fail somewhere else and they won't have to deal. Perfect!

    • William Barnes
      William Barnes 2 months ago

      It would still be a warranty claim, so your point is a bit lost on the fact you think it wouldn't be their problem. Still goes through Harley, still comes out of their pocket, but I guess when you work on things you probably just start replacing anything that sounds like a symptom and hope something sticks, or?

  • Buck Otte
    Buck Otte 2 months ago

    I thought I was told the 8 valve uses the Same ! fluids [oil] shared ! all cases. That is, the engine oil is also the transmission and primary oil. One fill opening. It's a relief, if the three areas use their own oils. Is that correct ? Three separate oils still used in 8 valve design ? Thanks.

  • Brian Medeiros
    Brian Medeiros 2 months ago

    You are awesome. Great video. Subscribed.